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  1. I'm looking for some very easy coral for my daughters nano. I would prefer some pom pom xenias but would take any kind. I would also take some gsp. Bring on the weeds! I live in the south portland area. Greg
  2. lol. My bad. Its Herbie not Bernie. The video: The Reefcentral Thread: "NEW plumbing method for an ULTRA QUIET REEF TANK!!!! LONG !!!!"
  3. Did you not have a emergency pipe?I capped on of my returnes and watched it for a while to make sure it would keep up. One of the 1.5" returns can keep up with my dart running at full power. I will find the article on reefcentral and post a link later for the people who haven't heard of it. Bulk reef supply did a YouTube video on a silent overflow which originally pointed me to it.
  4. Re: Durso Stand Pipe - Help! Roll with the Bernie method. I just changed mine overset night. It's so quiet keep thinking the power has tripped.
  5. Re: Great video on activated carbon! That was a cool video.
  6. I took a little video while I was there today picking up some goodies. Very nice setup.
  7. Over the past few years I have observed the following: (my opinion) Kent - Did ok but always mixed funny (took a long time and cloudy) Instant Ocean - Mix good but Calcium and Mag were usually low. Oceanpure - horrible. very random levels of everything. Coralife Salt - Never had any issues Pacific Coast Marine Mix - it has been consistently mixing with very low PH. I would not recommend. It seems to be cheap for a reason. I have a few buckets of Reef Crystals on the way to try out. I have heard good things about Tropic Marin and Seachem but have not tried them. The one thing I have learned is that every company seems to mix a few bad batches now and then. Watch your tank and see how things look after your water changes. If you notice odd behavior from your tank its time to break out the test kits.
  8. Does anyone have a newer Neptune DC8 laying around? PM me if you do.
  9. I'm looking for a Tunze 6100 or 6200 transformer. Anyone have one they want to get rid of? Greg
  10. I can provide temporary housing until Nyles can come up and get him. I work in Oregon city and should be able to stop by and pick him up. Send me a pm or email with the details. Greg
  11. I didn't get a chance to respond before the thread was closed. For what its worth I have used the white silica sand you get at HD or lowes for a couple years and have not noticed any problems. It 8-10 bucks for 100lbs. It is very fine and likes to blow around so that can be a problem if you have high flow areas down low by the sand. I have tested for silica before and after installation of the sand and didn't see any difference.
  12. I did a major cleanup of all the tanks last weekend. I had a large amount of macro algae growing in the Clown and frag tanks. The frag tank is totally clean and ready for a new start as soon as I build some new frag stands. The clown tank is looking good again. As I was cleaning I found a baby brittle star! He is probably about 2-3 inches across. He was cruising and didn't seem to like me cleaning the tank.
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