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  1. loke


    beautiful, too bad my tank is too small I would love one >.
  2. Moonlights The hermits are now cruzing around in shells i got from the craft store lol Hitchhiker: Sponge or encrusting sps of some sorts, it glows neon under the moonlights I had lots of hitchikers, some good some bad... plan to eradicate the baddies before adding the big guns (fish/coral)
  3. single clownfish or mated pair, royal gramma, and maybe a blenny. As far as corals, not sure yet.
  4. Filled the biocube with water today. Waiting for it to settle.(whistle) Sorry, nothing exciting inside yet! Day 1! Still murky! I wanted the tank in the kitchen, but was too big. Settled for the end table in the living room. Somewhere there is live rock and sand in there. Side view
  5. loke

    New Yuma

    beautiful i love yumas, that one is amazing
  6. loke


    ain't that the truth =P heh, ya my neighbors downstairs got rained on, DOH! love the aquascaping emerald
  7. loke


    Oops, not in Beaverton anymore, updated! Thanks for the tips! Never heard of West side Aquarium before, will have to check em out. Upscales too, it was one of my favorites.
  8. loke


    Hello everyone, My name is Tami. I'm reintroducing myself to the hobby. I used to be a reefer a few years back, but economy, bills, ect, ect, long story short~ left the hobby. Well, I went snorkeling over a coral reef over the winter break, and the reef bug bit. I thought it was kind of nutz that I could name ALL the fish, and inverts passing by. I gave in and bought an Oceanic Nano/biocube tonight ~haven't filled it up yet. Going to take things slowwww. I plan on putting it on my kitchen counter. My only concern is, the last time I had aquariums, the surface that it rests on usually suffers from salt/water damage. I can't afford to ruin the counter top, I'm a renter! One question, do any of the LFS sell premade saltwater? I threw out my de-ionizer filter and I hated making water (always scared of leaving the water running~ had a small flood once, was embarrasing) See ya around
  9. loke

    My zoas are finally offical!!

    I like the name! nice looking zoas
  10. loke

    Wicks Furniture?

    My couches are from there. I remember it was on backorder for 5 or 6 months. The quality is decent though.
  11. loke

    Fraggle Reef?

    it was growing like a weed but I lost it last month or so during a hot week :(
  12. loke

    LOGO design Contest - ReOpened

    fun! when is the due date?
  13. loke

    Fraggle Reef?

    They shiped me some blue xenia and a red yuma once and both were super healthy on delivery.
  14. loke

    Starfish and a Clam

    I like fromia stars. It's the starfish in the pnwmas banner above.