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  1. lazerbeam

    2011 mazdaspeed 3

    i have amazdaspeesd 3 for sale it has 360miles on it it has been stored most of the time i asking 22.000 firm for it this car is a steal
  2. lazerbeam

    saltwater fantasy

    is this place still open dont see it anywhere
  3. lazerbeam

    2010 mazda 3 5 door

    i have a brand new mazda 3 5 door for sale has a little over 1000 miles and has been stored since last oct this car is in mint shape do not need three vec still has two plus years warrenty on it plus hook up for radar stock rims double car alarm 20,000 firm it is red with copper mixed in 2.5 litter mike 503-659-7407
  4. lazerbeam

    ro unit

    i have a 3 unit ro system for sale it does 200 gal per day and evertthing is new filters are never been used i want 250 for this system this is a firm pricey you can contact me 503 659 7407 mike davis
  5. lazerbeam

    mag 2 and food for sale

    i have a mag 2 for sale and homemade food for sale mag-25$ firm food -30$ firm mike 503-659-7407
  6. lazerbeam

    WTB: Mag 2

    mag2 i have a mag 2 never been used i will sell it for25 bucks mike 659-7407
  7. lazerbeam

    mag pump2

    i have a mag pump 2 for sale this is like brand new 25$ firm mike
  8. lazerbeam

    WTS-Beautiful Powder Brown (whitecheek) Tang

    tang when you turn off the lights wait for an hour or two and then turn on the blue lights and he will still be asleep and all you have to is net him it has worked every time for me mike
  9. lazerbeam

    180 gal reef/price drop

    180 gal reef/sold this tank has been sold thanks mike
  10. lazerbeam

    180 gal reef/price drop

    180 gal reef this tank come with 8 5gal jugs 200lbs of tonga rock 25 wattuv lifegarud yellow tang bi color angel dessmeri tang majustic angel blenny 1 250 watt ballast 1 double 250 watt ballast 4 160 watt vho there is alot more stuff that is why i would like for phone calls so i can tell all of it thanks mike 503-659-7407 this tank has been running for 1 and a half years
  11. lazerbeam

    180 gal reef/price drop

    180 reef/price drop this is a steal for tis tank mike503-659-7407 there are pics on the other posting
  12. lazerbeam

    180 gal reef/price drop

    i am going to let this go for$1300 my wife is not happy about it but i want it gone this a great deal for someone there is another post on here that has the pic thanks mike 503-659-7407
  13. lazerbeam

    180 gal reef for sale

    180 reef/pics it is a closed loop system if you can call me i can tell you more about it thanks mike it is acrylic 5ft long by 24in high by 30 in deep 503-659-7407
  14. lazerbeam

    180 gal reef for sale

    180 reef for sale i hope this will work these are pics orf the tank if you would like to know more on the tank call me at 503-659-7407 i live in milw thanks mike the price for this is$1500 i am not going to part this out even get more doing it that way notice i have decide to drop the price to $1300 this is a super deal and my wife is mad as heck that i am doing it mike
  15. lazerbeam

    180 gal reef for sale

    yes this tank is still for sale i am having a real hard time posting pics i am still trying mike 503-659-7407 i live in the milw area