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  2. inkto

    Yikes! Nitrite!

    It may simply be die off from the filter itself... If the bio-load on the filter drops when you move it from your main tank to the QT the bacteria level will adjust to the new level of 'food' it has. Keep in mind that the tank is always cycling to some extent... bacterial levels are always rising and falling (dying off) and that may have caused a small spike... ? Ben
  3. inkto

    Computer security ?

    I'll second that. Grisoft has excellent products...I use it on every machine I build. free.grisoft.com gets you to the free stuff.
  4. inkto

    1,200.00 for a relatively small skimmer...

    Doesn't look like anything new to me... slight twist on what has already been done. It's a nice compact design, however. http://www.korallen-zucht.de/en/shop/products-technology/skimmers/index.html
  5. inkto

    Drain Question

    Are you testing with fresh water or salt? Salt water behaves much differently than fresh due to the density, surface tension, etc... You will get a lot more noise with fresh water. I learned that the hard way
  6. I'm glad it worked out for you. Sorry I couldn't be there... Ben
  7. inkto

    Topoff help.

    Well I know what Krux would say if he was here... get a Liter Meter III! I finally listened to him and it's probably the best thing I've added to my system. I rarely touch the thing and my water level is always spot on... mine is pulling water up one story from a 55 gallon drum in the basement then pushing through the kalk reactor and then to the sump. Besides, it's more fun to throw money at a problem instead of fixing it.
  8. If you want to swing by Beaverton you're welcome to it... no biggie... just a spare I have laying around.
  9. Have you checked Lowes? I may have picked one up from them in the past... in the section with the flexible tubing and John Guest fittings... Or here maybe: http://www.marinedepot.com/aquarium_reverse-osmosis-deionization_jaco_fittings.asp#tube If you get stuck I've got one that would probably work for you.. Ben
  10. inkto

    Topoff help.

    I agree with you, Ryan. It would remove a "Murphy's law" failure point also... I would be afraid of coming home one day to find 40 gallons of fresh water had drained in to the tank (and with my luck it would happen when I was on vacation. DOH! ) Still, the water is finding a path from the rubbermaid to the tank when the peristaltic pump should be stopping it. I would still check the pump for a worn out hose or a broken roller or something... Ben
  11. inkto

    Computer Help?

    You need to delete forms in the Autocomplete area.. The location depends on the version of IE. IE7 has it under the Tools...Delete browsing history. IE6 is buried under the Content tab in Internet options... or something like that
  12. inkto

    Topoff help.

    How old is the hose in the peristaltic pump? If water is getting past the rollers the tube in the pump may need to be replaced. If it's in good shape there should never be an "open circuit" through the system as you describe it... The hose in the pump is always pinched off at one point or another. The hose for my Liter Meter III is around $15. Ben
  13. That was quite enjoyable. Good link. But don't forget this one... Scam of 'The Global Warming Swindle' It's not nearly as entertaining as the 'documentaries' on global warming (those in favor or against the mainstream beliefs.) It does, however, remind you that any demonstration, documentary or lecture with a budget behind it is intended to convey a specific message of who is right and who is wrong. The actual science is far too complex to express in political and/or activist driven agendas.
  14. inkto

    Crab molt

    Here is a molt of my emerald... don't panic yet