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  1. Thank you! Glad they were happy
  2. this one was easier to get a pic of since its closer to the glass, but it will need to be broken off that frag holder I have pink lemonade left but just had the 1 pacman frag sorry I can do the pink lemonade and pink zoas but the other 2 are all gone sorry. Let me know
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone, I have someone coming by tonight to get several items so I will update what should be left: 3 Pink lemonade 1 sunset monti 1 purple digi pink zoas
  4. Ponape birdsnest - $10 Green birdsnest - $10 Pink lemonade - $20 i have 3 of them Purple monti digi - $5 i have several Sunset monti - $10 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v292/impur/20150304_175304_zpsowynvplg.jpg Tyree Mr. Pacman - $20 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v292/impur/20150304_133303_zps607uf9ql.jpg Gray/blue zoas 40+ polyps - $15 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v292/impur/20150304_175219_zps5elrydap.jpg Pink zoas 20-30 polyps frags $10 I have 3 or 4 of this sized frag http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v292/impur/20150304_175243_zps7w0ebeym.jpg Open to reasonable offers
  5. Sorry I already have something worked out for both of them. I do have another frag that will be ready soon, i will PM you when its ready
  6. Thanks Omar. We need to get together, brew something up. I'm doing an Octoberfest in a couple weeks Both frags are pending thanks.
  7. Its not in the plans, but there are always folks going up and down I5 that could possible transport....
  8. I have these 2 frags for sale $15 each
  9. If they can be filtered down to Roger, i can get them from Roger and John can get his from me.
  10. Bumpity. Great light for a nano!! Only $40!!
  11. impur

    polyps issue

    What fish do you have?
  12. impur

    SE MH Glass Needed?

    The UV shield is in the glass on SE bulbs, so you don't need the glass on the fixture
  13. impur


    I am using 2 on my cube and I think its 1/2", but it could be only 3/8" I will measure it when i get home tonight and let ya know. Either way, i had to use the cord holders that come with them, and kind of hang the dry side where i wanted them to be. Without the cord holders, they would slide down to the bottom. But they have been running strong this way for over a year now.
  14. Very cool, i like that it comes with unions on the input and output. Now THAT is handy!
  15. I no longer need this great little MH setup. This worked great on my older frag tanks as well as QT tanks. Comes with pretty much brand new 20k bulb $40
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