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  1. Is this a Yuma?

    Bought this rock and found this hiding under some green mushrooms. Did I get lucky? Should the mouth be closed up more?
  2. It was a great day

    The name’s Joe. It was nice meeting you and thank you for delivering from way down south!
  3. BRS RO System & BRS Reactor

    How much for just the reactor?
  4. I have some individual glass panes for sale. Enough to make a cube approximately 24". An additional 3 rear panes with overflow cut out, and some smaller pieces that could be used to build an overflow. 2 of the panes to build the tank are starfire, as are the smaller pieces. I believe the thickness is 5/8. Take it all for $250.
  5. Build your own 24" cube~ $250

    Priced reduced. $200
  6. Build your own 24" cube~ $250

    Sorry, I was mistaken! It is 3/8. I was still planning on making it rimless. And yes, no scratches. Just very dusty.
  7. Large Cylinder Tank

    My friend's sister is trying to get rid of a 72x24 half inch acrylic cylinder tank, and I was wondering approximately what it's worth. Thanks.
  8. Large Cylinder Tank

    24 diameter is surprisingly big. I'm 200lbs and I could crawl inside no problem.
  9. Large Cylinder Tank

    Ok, here's a picture of it next to a door for reference.
  10. Large Cylinder Tank

    Thanks for all the replies. It's 6 feet tall and 2 feet wide. It's just a plain cylinder inset into a 2 inch thick acrylic base that's about an inch wider. there are 3 holes drilled near the bottom. Not sure what I want to keep it or sell it. Seems like a cool project tank, but just don't know what I would set up. As far as space is concerned, it's actually easy to set up since it only takes up 2 square feet of floor space.
  11. Disassemble??

    When deciding dimensions, keep in mind that you'll need at least 2 inches to make a clean break
  12. Hi, I purchased some glass from Joel, but need to get them cut to the right size. I asked one company, but they said the cut I wanted was too small for them to do manually. Anyone know of a company here that has a jet cutter that is willing to make a few cuts? Thanks
  13. I have 7 frags that are healed and have been growing for a while. The head is a little smaller than a half golfball when the polyps are expanded. $20/each or offer me a trade for something Thanks.
  14. FS: Neon green toadstool frags

    No pics right now, but here's a link to where I originally got it from. http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/showthread.php?t=7550
  15. FS: Neon green toadstool frags

    Those are all I have that are worth trading. Hoping my large RBTA will split, if not, I may need to do some surgery.
  16. FS: Neon green toadstool frags

    I'm right near cybertron actually I'm located in SE Portland near the Ross Island Bridge
  17. FS: Neon green toadstool frags

    Some corals I'm interested in Any mushrooms (Esp blue, red, purple colors) frogspawn or hammer (prefer neon green or purple) Neon Candycane G.B.T.A. Neon GSP Xenia Red brain Anything else colorful or wavey
  18. Tyree LE Toadstool

    How's that frag I gave you? Is the color any different than the ones you have? The RBTA had a rough start, I swear my clown bit off the tentacles. came home to find just the body, and tiny nubs. moved it to a different tank, and it's growning nicely now, and nice and bubbly .
  19. How/what do I feed this?

    One day my entire tank started crashing for some unknown reason, and mine looked almost exactly like that in the end. It even had algae growing on several parts of the bare skeleton. Now, it's back healthier than ever. I would try to isolate it so it's not being disturbed at all, and try target feeding something like reefchili, or even crushed flake food.
  20. My (our) 55g home reef

    What's your plan with the 55 you got from me? BTW, the eel and star polyps are doing great!
  21. I got this from JasonH last year. The original is about 2.5 inches across with the polyps, and a piece that pinched off has attached to a rock, and is about 1.5 inches across now. They look almost identical to the pics in Jason's original thread http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/showthread.php?t=7550 Willing to trade one or the other depending on what's for trade. I'm interested mostly in the following: rose bubble tip anemone, pink tipped frogspawn, red brain, colorful mushrooms, GSP, neon green candycane, just about anything brightly colored that's not SPS. Thanks
  22. FT: green polyp toadstool

    You have a pic of the RBTA? how big is it? Are you willing to trade it for my smaller frag? thanks. I'm in portland
  23. if you're interested, I many have an AGA 55gal megaflow available. I should know by tomorrow night.
  24. FS Large Maroon Gold Stripe Clown

    I'll take it. Even if it doesn't get along with my other one, I have another tank I can add it to.
  25. FT: Red mushrooms

    I have several red mushrooms I would like to trade. looking for other mushrooms, zoas, frogspawn, gsp, and just about anything i don't have. You can see them in the back. Looking to trade individual polyps, not the whole rock. Thanks.