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  1. Are the ppm numbers you posted correct? If your di is before your RO membrane, it doesn’t make sense that it’s only 2 out of the di but goes up to 7 out of the RO, unless there’s something in the RO membrane that needs to be flushed out, or you took the RO reading after the DI was exhausted. Also, if you just replaced the RO membrane as well, I would double check that it’s installed the right way, and seated properly. Even without the DI, you should only be reading maximum 1 or 2 ppm
  2. I meant, in the picture it looks like he has the di right after the carbon. The RO membrane should be right after the carbon, and the DI should be after the RO membrane. Although, his tds numbers would indicate that the filters are in the correct order. The biggest issue I see is that his 23ppm Tap is only down to 7ppm after the RO. It should be near 0
  3. Ok, so just to be clear, it should go sediment, carbon, RO, DI. The RO should drop your TDS down to almost 0 before going through the DI as the last step, otherwise you’re going to fly through the DI. Looking at your picture, it should be 2 sediment and a carbon, or 1 sediment and 2 carbon. The DI should be in a separate canister after going through the RO membrane
  4. What water supply is it connected to? If it’s a dedicated water line, orange sediment filter could be excess rust that flushed off the pipes with the extra water flow when refilling the canisters? The tds on your RO seems high compared to your tap. That’s only a 70% rejection rate. And it’s hard to tell from the picture, but is your di connected after the carbon, or after the RO membrane? It should be connected after the RO membrane
  5. As far as the benefits go, a lot of people see it as a sign of a stable growing tank , but other than making the rock prettier, I would think the whole point of “live rock” would be diminished if it was completely covered in coraline. It would defeat the purpose of reef rock being porous for bacterial colonization. And, once it starts growing, don’t get lazy with keeping your glass clean. Once it takes hold, magnetic algae scrapers won’t work. As you can see, I gave up on my side panes 😅.
  6. You can have all of mine as well. Self service. 😅
  7. I have a Clarkii clown, gsp, Kenya tree, Xenia, green toadstool. Located in tigard on 99w
  8. Mine was wide open and happy from day 1 and then a torch got knocked over and fell on it 😞.
  9. So, I got in on the red Goni group buy and was wondering if they prefer the rocks or sand? The skeleton is very thick. Will it slowly encrust onto a rock, or does it grow freestanding in sand?
  10. Will it be a 1 hour payment window for each alternate? I might need to take a nap and wake back up at midnight 😅
  11. yay, now I'm first......on the alternate, alternate list 😕
  12. Weird. Ascorbic acids post didn’t show up for me until now
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