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  1. parvo99

    WTT big momma Clarkii Clown

    Hi is the fish still available? I may be interested in it. Also, how much for the sunnyD’s? Any chance you could meet on Sunday halfway, around Woodburn or so?
  2. parvo99

    Majano Wand fs or trade $50

    Sorry, I plan on keeping the fish in the tank. Seems like I hit the jackpot and don’t want to take any chances. Also, it’s very skittish and doubt I’d be able to catch him. I’m assuming the majano and aptasia are never fully gone and the filefish nibbles any that dare to expose themselves. If it helps, I believe it’s a female bristle tail I bought at Upscales.
  3. My file fish ate all my majano and aptasia, so no need for this. Asking $50 or trade for corals?
  4. parvo99

    Free file fish.

    These fish are great for majano as well. Cleared out my 150 gal tank in about 3 weeks
  5. Looking to expand my anemone collection. Anyone have a green bta they’d like to trade for a rainbow or red?
  6. parvo99

    Clown trigger & Aussie Tusk For Sale

    I’d be interested in the harlequin tusk.
  7. parvo99

    Mechanical sump options

    1. Sump water volume: remember, the max water height as shown is 9”. So your actual volume is about 50gal 2. I’m assuming you use an ato? The smaller the return chamber is, the less that needs to evaporate to activate the ato. Although, with the total volume of your system it probably doesn’t make a huge difference. 3. I prefer a separate chamber for the skimmer so that the water level never changes. I like to turn off my return pump when feeding so none of the food goes into the overflows. When I had my skimmer in the return chamber, it kept overflowing when I turned off my return pump.
  8. parvo99

    Bicolor angel for trade

    I have a bicolor angel that’s been nipping at my corals and banished to the sump. Anyone with a FOWLR interested in trading for a reef safe fish or corals? About 4”, fat and healthy.
  9. parvo99

    Anyone need to prune their Chaeto?

    Thanks! Unfortunately, I have to work but I’ll be there briefly around 4:00 to pick up my torch corals. I’ll be the bald Asian guy 😅
  10. Looking for some chaeto to add to my Refugium. If anyone is about to dump some I’d love to get a handful. I’ll be at the meeting tomorrow for a short time if you’re coming. Thanks!
  11. Payment sent for 2!
  12. Purchased a 150gal fully stocked tank and, unfortunately, the seller said he could get some guys to help, but now he can’t. Anyone available this Sunday? Mostly just need some muscle to move the DT. Located in Tigard. Of course food and drink provided Also, is it possible to move the tank with just the sand left in the tank or will it be too heavy? How bad of a cycle will I get? Here’s my plan of action please give any suggestions Remove corals and rock and place in a temporary 55 gal with existing water Catch fish and place in 55 syphon rest of water and save as much as possible in buckets move tank with sand, or remove sand and move tank set up tank and add rock and livestock right away or wait and check cycle? Also, approximately how many hours will it take? Should I start in the morning or can I start in the afternoon?
  13. parvo99

    CNC Auction 3-8

    I tried to bid $32 last second but alephnull bid the same amount before me so he won. I should have refreshed before placing my bid 😋
  14. parvo99

    CNC Auction 3-10

    He’ll probably fix it when he sees it. Same thing happened on my bid (except I lost in the correction). I think he quickly looked at the last bid based on time stamp instead of who bid the highest.