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  1. Asking $20. Or a frag of something. New pump (sedra 5000) is around $100.
  2. I have a couple left. Pm me for an address.
  3. Nems are crazy. Hard to see, but this nem squeezed itself through a 1/8 inch slot that holds a trim piece in my fish trap and is hanging out in a 1/4 inch gap between the trap and tank glass 🤦‍♂️
  4. I might have one available in a few weeks. After stressing it yesterday while removing the other nems, it split last night 😅
  5. Sorry it’s not. In a year and a half, the thing just keeps growing without splitting
  6. No thank you. I have plenty of green.
  7. I have more Rainbow BTA’s than I thought (13). Asking $30 each or equivalent in trade for colorful softies or Lps (mushrooms, Duncan’s, octospawns
  8. Have this old pump laying around. Free pickup in Tigard. It’s an external pump. It runs, but can’t guarantee that it doesn’t leak. Last time I used it was around 15 years ago 😅. Figured I’d post it on here before tossing it.
  9. Like Micah said, in the future I would suggest something like this. That way you don’t have the ro/di line constantly hanging off your faucet.
  10. Used asm g3 protein skimmer that needs a new pump ($113 Sedra 5000). Possibly just needs a new impeller ($50). The impeller magnet swelled up and is stuck. Asking $40.
  11. Can’t tell if it’s a shadow, or the metal is broken.
  12. Hard to tell, but something doesn’t look right on the upper right side of the picture under the rubber washer.
  13. Might be overkill but I have a lightly used fluval fx6 for $250
  14. Any chance someone has an extra power supply for this wave maker? Thought I’d check here first before ordering one
  15. Mine found half a silverside
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