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  1. Price dropped to $200. Definitely not reefsafe. Started munching on my hammers. If the price is out of line please let me know. From the little information I could find, they were going for around $300 and are no longer available due to a ban in the Solomon Islands where they are found.
  2. Selling for a friend. Beautiful solid black. It’s about 6”. He’s had it for a couple years. Asking $200obo
  3. Hi, are the fish still available? I’m available to pick them up tonight around 8:30
  4. Most of this is the rock I got from you 15 years ago. $80 for all of it or you can pick and chose what you need and we can decide on a price
  5. I have a dual 175w electronic ballast box if interested.
  6. Have one more that decided to go for a stroll. Have him attached to a new rock and ready to go. Cash only on this one.
  7. The neon tips are no exaggeration. Very bright neon green.
  8. I dislike designer names but if I had to describe the coloration, best I could find is a dragon soul. Been growing well for 2 years. I have 2 frags with splitting heads. Based on recent posts in euphillia groups they seem to be going for $150-300 a head. Asking $200 a frag.
  9. Asking $20. Or a frag of something. New pump (sedra 5000) is around $100.
  10. I have a couple left. Pm me for an address.
  11. Nems are crazy. Hard to see, but this nem squeezed itself through a 1/8 inch slot that holds a trim piece in my fish trap and is hanging out in a 1/4 inch gap between the trap and tank glass 🤦‍♂️
  12. I might have one available in a few weeks. After stressing it yesterday while removing the other nems, it split last night 😅
  13. Sorry it’s not. In a year and a half, the thing just keeps growing without splitting
  14. No thank you. I have plenty of green.
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