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  1. I have a few rainbows available if I can motivate myself to get them off the rocks. I also need to get the baby one out from under the big ones to get some light.
  2. The easiest way to automate your RO/DI is to get this https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/auto-shut-off-kit-for-reverse-osmosis-systems.html
  3. The flow restrictor is required for your RO to work properly. Looking at the pictures, it looks like you hooked it up incorrectly. If I’m not mistaken the clear line coming out of the RO canister is your waste line. Not sure where you got the clear tubing, but there should have been yellow (waste line) and black (inlet line from water source). On your model, the flow restrictor is inside the yellow tubing. It looks like you used the yellow tubing as the inlet instead of the waste line. There should have been a plastic piece like this stuck inside one end of the yellow tubing https://www.purewaterproducts.com/img/fr100.jpg
  4. Still available. Waiting on a pm reply from one other person first
  5. Have a bunch of old rock from when I hastily tore down my system 6 years. Enough to fill a 32 gal trash can. Asking $100 or equivalent trade in corals.
  6. This afternoon my yellow tang starting swimming erratically in circles. From a quick google search it seems to be whirling disease? Anyone delt with this and was able to cure it?
  7. I’m sure I’ll have some available then if you’re still interested. I’m thinking of setting up an anemone tank too. I have 6 in my display and it really limits space for other corals
  8. Went from 1 to 5 anemones in 6 months. Looking to trade for other anemones and corals. Not looking for anything specific just trying to add color and variety. Last pic is the original rainbow that split, second pic is the result of a second split left in a neglected tank that I haven’t taken down yet, and the first pic that looks like 1 rainbow is actually 2 that resulted from a third split.
  9. Just curious if anyone knows what region the torches are from. Also interesting how differently they react. My purple one has just recently started opening up in the last month or so while my green one has tripled in size
  10. Hi is the fish still available? I may be interested in it. Also, how much for the sunnyD’s? Any chance you could meet on Sunday halfway, around Woodburn or so?
  11. Sorry, I plan on keeping the fish in the tank. Seems like I hit the jackpot and don’t want to take any chances. Also, it’s very skittish and doubt I’d be able to catch him. I’m assuming the majano and aptasia are never fully gone and the filefish nibbles any that dare to expose themselves. If it helps, I believe it’s a female bristle tail I bought at Upscales.
  12. My file fish ate all my majano and aptasia, so no need for this. Asking $50 or trade for corals?
  13. These fish are great for majano as well. Cleared out my 150 gal tank in about 3 weeks
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