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    First Rics

    I only wish I was that smart... lol.
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    A work in progress

    180, you could get an acrylic or glass aquarium (or any food grade water resevoir) and modify it to become a sump... It's not to difficult, depending on what you would like to do? I know someone who was setting up his large tank with a 55 gallon acrylic tank as a sump. He picked up the tank used. The price was even reasonable, if I remember correctly. If the tank or soon to be sump has a few scratches it really isn't a big deal. Do you have pictures of your limitted space that the sump is going into, so we can help? What are you planning on putting in your sump? skimmer, and etc... What ever sump you get/build I think it is a good idea for it to accomodate any and all water from the tank when the tank is turned off or the power goes out. Here is a sump volume calculator for you to play around with:http://reefcentral.com/calc/sump.php Have fun!
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    Nice pictures & and couple of nice corals there, lol.
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    Coral Fraggin'

    reefgeek, I am not sure why/where your above comment is coming from??? My previous post was attempting to clarify something in regards to Nyles quote, and my first post was just me conveying that I couldn't find any plastic tees on the site listed. Thanks, Neil
  5. Victor, The Seattle Aquarium has been selling water for years (5 cents per gallon *). If I am not mistaken a LFS up there use to use it in there tanks. Here is the link: http://saltaquarium.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm?zi=1/XJ&sdn=saltaquarium&zu=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.seattleaquarium.org%2F Then go to about us and then saltwater sales If anyone could provide a direct link that would be great? Neil
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    Coral Fraggin'

    I performed a search in there site for plastic: and this is what I came up with: Markersred200 200 Plastic Ball Markers Red $7.99 Markersred300 300 Plastic Ball Markers Red $10.99 Markersred500 500 Plastic Ball Markers Red $17.99 Markersred1000 1,000 Plastic Ball Markers Red $27.99 Markersred5000 5,000 Plastic Ball Markers Red $128.00 Divottoolwhite200 200 Divot Repair Tool White $49.99 Divottoolblack200 200 Divot Repair Tool Black $49.99 Divottoolred200 200 Divot Repair Tool Red $49.99 Divottoolyellow200 200 Divot Repair Tool Yellow $49.99 Divottoolwhite300 300 Divot Repair Tool White $69.99 Divottoolwhite500 500 Divot Repair Tool White $109.99 Divottoolblack300 300 Divot Repair Tool Black $69.99 Divottoolblack500 500 Divot Repair Tool Black $109.99 divottoolred300 300 Divot Repair Tool Red $69.99 Divottoolred500 500 Divot Repair Tool Red $109.99 Divottoolyellow300 300 Divot Repair Tool Yellow $69.99 Divottoolyellow500 500 Divot Repair Tool Yellow $109.99 Divottoolwhite100 100 Divot Repair Tool White $29.99 Divottoolblack100 100 Divot Repair Tool Black $29.99 Divottoolred100 100 Divot Repair Tool Red $29.99 Divottoolyellow100 100 Divot Repair Tool Yellow $29.99 Divottoolwhite50 50 Divot Repair Tool White $14.99 Divottoolblack50 50 Divot Repair Tool Black $14.99 Divottoolred50 50 Divot Repair Tool Red $14.99 Divottoolyellow50 50 Divot Repair Tool Yellow $14.99 Divottoolwhite20 20 Divot Repair Tool White $5.99 Divottoolyellow20 20 Divot Repair Tool Yellow $5.99 Divottoolred20 20 Divot Repair Tool Red $5.99 Divottoolblack20 20 Divot Repair Tool Black $5.99 Aren't the tees they have available wood tees? I may have missed the plastic ones... Neil
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    Asterinas Eat Coral

    Here is an article from garf.org about them: Go to: WWW.Garf.org , Then to "Aquarium Pests" , then to "SPS Eating Starfish" , there is also an "update" Neil Sorry, I was not able to make a direct link.
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    settin' up a school tank

    Off Topic: jmudrup, what grade do you teach?
  9. NeilsReef

    Locline-is there a trick?

    For putting the Loc-Line together I would say the tool (Loc-Line pliers) has some value. For taking the lovely stuff apart I have normally used a little bit of muscle.
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    Very nice pictures! Oh by the way, it was nice to meet you. Neil
  11. NeilsReef

    settin' up a school tank

    #3 or #7, but if I was a kid again, I think I would have preferred #3!
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    Big props to my favorite LFS!

    Those are amazing!
  13. NeilsReef

    Inwall Setup ?

    http://oregonreef.com/sub_access.htm http://oregonreef.com/sub_tank.htm