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  1. pcsdlszr

    PCI C-1000 Chiller

    You've got a reply.
  2. pcsdlszr

    PCI C-1000 Chiller

  3. pcsdlszr

    Frags for sale

    Thank you for some great looking frags!! Polyps were out the whole way home and in the tank. Thanks again!!(rock2)
  4. pcsdlszr

    Frags for sale

    I'll take the other frag of the tubs purple polyp pink birdsnest.
  5. pcsdlszr

    Moving to Fiji Sale

    PM you've got pm
  6. pcsdlszr

    PCI C-1000 Chiller

    Pacific Coast Imports c-1000 Chiller works great and comes with remote. $900 OBO. Here is a link I found for info. http://www.aquarium-supply.biz/Aquarium_Chiller_By_Size_1_HP_and_Larger_s/203.htm We were running it on our 120. Call Jason at 503-367-2454 AFTER 6pm or email/pm. Thanks.
  7. pcsdlszr

    ID Database - Link Updated

    Wow, that'll be awesome!(rock2)
  8. pcsdlszr

    I Got In To Vet School!!

    That's awesome!! Congrats! (clap)(rock2)
  9. pcsdlszr

    Question for the masses?

    We took our 120 down, picked up a bigger tank and plan to use the same stuff we had (most of it anyway) in favor of doing the same thing. Our livestock is sitting in a 100 gal stock tub we picked up at wilco in Silverton for 50ish. We have a very makeshift "light bar" that our halides are mounted to and 1 pump split to 1 sea swirl (with a really cool little gadget we picked up at Advanced on the end) and the skimmer. Everybody made the move to that ok, we're losing a couple small pieces only because our Allen's had decided he didn't like where we'd put things. This is the same stock tank we used when moving that tank up from eugene, we just popped everyone from that tank in there until their home was usable again.
  10. pcsdlszr

    Hybrid Vehicles

    First off.... I'm pretty sure you weren't behind us in the fast lane, not a fair label. The hubby likes to be able to go and getting a consistant 45mpg for interstate driving with his heavy foot is ALWAYS going to be a plus. Yes, we bought it for commuting purposes. Our 2005 Prius that we bought with 84 miles on the odometer is now reading at 85,000+ miles and still running great. I know that we didn't buy it for a family car, that's why we have our Audi wagon. But if it came down to having to travel a longer distance I would feel okay driving our Prius. It handles well for what it is and it's fairly roomy inside. (It's not the Audi but it'll do.) BTW I've been run off the road by a retarded SUV driver while I was driving our old SUV!! So even when you're driving something bigger they still don't see you.
  11. pcsdlszr

    Hybrid Vehicles

    We chose the Prius over the Escape, Accord and Civic. It had more room and fold down seat (the accord and civic didn't have that) More comfortable ride then the Civic. It fit our family needs. There are kits for the 100 mpg as well as body kits and turbo kits (for those that need a little more go) We're happy with ours the way it is and wouldn't mind getting another at some point. It uses so much less fuel then my grocery getter which actually stays parked more often.
  12. pcsdlszr

    Hybrid Vehicles

    We own a Prius. We LOVE it. Gotta love the mileage too. It does take sometime to get used to your engine shutting off when you're driving around.
  13. pcsdlszr

    What is this?

    It doesn't seem to have tentacles and it doesn't move around. It did shrink up when we touched it to take the rock out of the water (creepy feeling). It is really cool looking though and doesn't seem to be bugging anything else. Oh and we don't really want any majano thanks. But we know where we could get some if we did.
  14. pcsdlszr

    What is this?

    YES!!!! That's what we were hoping for!!!
  15. pcsdlszr

    What is this?

    Ok, so we were moving things from our 120 into the stock tank last night.... or this morning.... (scratch) anyway. We found this on one of the rocks that were in the back of the tank. Anyone have any idea as to what it might be? The brownish part under it is actually it's body and it stands off the rock about and inch to inch and a half off the rock. It's kinda cool looking.