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  1. rainbow acan's/goldeneyes

    Weird! I'll look into that. Making Jay give you a jingle. (Five minutes later...) Fixed the PM issue, don't know why I had it turned off.
  2. rainbow acan's/goldeneyes

    Ditto! Since Chief isn't on, I'll pester you for a frag!
  3. Guess I gotta be a Beaver Fan now!!!

    (laugh) You're probably right!
  4. Guess I gotta be a Beaver Fan now!!!

    You know, you could just hang up all your gear and stop watching sports. (naughty) It's not a new job, it's a transfer within the grocery company he's been working for. He hated the store he was transferred to after the Grove store closed down, so he opted for the one hour commute rather than stay in Pleasant Hill. Or maybe the reason he gave was an excuse... maybe he wanted to get away from the nagging wife! (wife)
  5. How do I become a shark?

    I'll toss you around like an old rag, Blaine. Dang it, I need a spanking smilie! (naughty)
  6. Spankings for Spayne!!

    I can't believe my "loving" husband gave me grief about my age! (wife) Course, R-3 was kind enough to bring up the copious amounts of gray hair I have. Ryan, you sure do know how to charm the ladies! (laugh) I have my cube... I'm just waiting for Master Payne to get his nitrate problem under control in my 350 gallon sump so I can have my zoa garden again. Sadly, I think I'll be starting my collection over from scratch thanks to the tank crashing on him. (sad)
  7. World of Warcraft

    So I finally got Jay to start playing. We're so nerdy, we have two accounts! So if any of you are still actively playing and feel like rolling another toon... do it on Shandris on the horde side. Yes, I have horde characters now. (laugh) Jay is Draakos and I am either Kalgaar or Kalmoira. He's an orc rogue, Kalgaar is an undead warlock and Kalmoira is a troll hunter. And if I can score 7 more sigs "The Army of Darkness" can go live. I tried bribing the lowbies with silver with no luck. I can't believe the name wasn't taken as it is one of the best horror/comedy movies ever! (clap) So help an undead chick out, eh? (naughty)
  8. Spankings for Spayne!!

    rofl Don't give Jay any ideas with the spankings! (laugh)
  9. Moderator question

    Just PM one of those three profiles, the profiles will be checked daily for PMs.
  10. One of many great ideas

    rofl That's right, you get too close to me and I'll bite the heck out of you! Don't invade my territory! (laugh) I, for one, would pay to see our fearless leader dressed up in clown finery! (drooler)
  11. Its about time!!!! SC2!!

    That would be a great idea... you need to email Blizzard! And tell them to give a family rate for multiple accounts, too! (laugh)
  12. Its about time!!!! SC2!!

    No monthly fee for SC? Well, heck! That would be great! I can't believe how much Blizzard is raking it in with WoW. You, sir, sway me to give it a go! (laugh)
  13. What's this?

    I hear you, sister! We don't like polyp devouring tank plagues! rofl
  14. Its about time!!!! SC2!!

    I'll admit, SCII looks pretty sweet! I used to play RTS quite a bit before I discovered RPGs. Maybe, if they have a trial, I'll give it a spin to see what it's like. Wait, I did that with WoW and I got sucked into it's sticky, sweet lair. I need to stay the heck away! rofl
  15. What's this?

    Sometimes I would have algae growth in my zoanthids. I would blow them off with a turkey baster and get as much off as I could. Do it in a separate bowl though so you're not blowing algae all through your tank. If that's what it even is. I'm sure someone else has a better idea than myself though!
  16. Props and Kudos section.

    I just modified the "Vendor Experiences" to "Member/Vendor Feedback." So now you can talk about purchases, trades and your experiences with whomever you want, whether they be a vendor or a club member. Let the kudos fly! (clap)
  17. Props and Kudos section.

    You should totally sing praises of anyone who does good by you! There is a reputation thing... it's the scales icon under the member name. Kinda in the area of the LPP messenger. I've actually thought of renaming "Vendor Experiences" to just "Experiences" because we do trade and such with fellow members and giving someone an "atta boy" would certainly fit in there! What do you guys think? Great idea, geeker! (clap)
  18. World of Warcraft

    I think I lasted on the trial account for one day... they disable a lot of stuff to basically force you into getting a full account. You're right about the walking, that's one of the things that Jay doesn't like about it... all the walking. And sometimes riding a gryph from one location to another takes a ridiculously long time. I don't know why Blizzard doesn't speed that up more. It's long enough that I alt+tab out of WoW and cruise the internet. There is certainly a lot of help on the internet. I know I go to Thottbot constantly to figure out where I need to go for quests so I'm not just walking around aimlessly. But you know what? You're one of the lucky ones that didn't like the game and didn't get sucked into it! (laugh)
  19. have you seen this

    Let's be careful here... I don't want this thread to turn into a flame fest against Borneman. Discuss the topic, but no pot shots. We are NOT that kind of club or forum!
  20. What Would You Do

    I'm going to be doing a cube, but I'm going with the 45 degree approach. Sol had a great idea with the pentagon tank though. I was looking into getting one of those until Jay found a great deal on the cube. You can also get the corner tanks with the bowed glass, but for me, I'm not a fan of bow fronts. It distorts my view of the lovely tank inhabitants and it makes for challenging picture taking.
  21. Zoos!!!

    I lost you at "whip," didn't I? rofl
  22. Zoos!!!

  23. Resigning as your Vice President

    (laugh) What can I say? Holly, he'll still be helpful and nice... he'll just be outspoken like he used to be. I think Bob, just as I did, found that being an officer or board member put a very effective gag in our mouths. I personally can't wait to pass all the secretarial duties off onto Brandy so I can speak my mind without worrying about the ramifications! Not that I was ever a trouble-maker by any means. That was Bob's job! Mwah ha ha ha!