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  1. Potential Suplier for Coral Frag Plugs

    That would be awesome! Do you have different molds? I know some people have even done black plugs that look sweet. Here’s an example of a guy up in the Seattle area https://www.inlandcorals.com/ceramics
  2. May Meeting Save the Date!!

    Sweet! I might be recovered from Cinco De Mayo by then
  3. Yeah hit up Cody. Maybe it’s time for another sale....cough cough
  4. Another Albany guy! Man we might hit double digits soon lol. A lot of those pop up from time to time on here. I have some of those but I just got frags so it will be awhile till they grow out.
  5. Back at it... RSR 170

    Lil Wayne...lol!
  6. Ha ha @Emerald525 no problem! I was honestly amazed how smoothly everything went for as much that was going on. Great job everyone involved!
  7. Hello there Everyone

    Welcome! Good looking tank
  8. Noob here, but not a Noober

    Welcome to the forum Hunter! I think we talked in Facebook awhile back. Great to see another Albany Reefer! You should definetly make the meeting! I would offer to drive you up but I’m gonna be running a little behind on Sunday
  9. April 15 Grand prize!!!!!

    The problem is when I win this is....i have to buy another to match lol
  10. April 15 Grand prize!!!!!

    Man we are becoming spoiled! Thanks a lot to everyone involved
  11. C&R 400 gallon

    Putting that sump to good use!
  12. April meeting at cuttlefish and corals

    Wow that’s very generous!
  13. Welcome man! I am just coming back from a small hiatus. 20 years though, wow! I thought a lot changed from when I was in it a few years ago, but 20 has to be like night and day. Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting