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  1. They are all standards
  2. We could help you move stuff around to make room lol!!
  3. R-3

    Bowtie blaster zoas

    Or is it Scott Baio??
  4. This is why this forum needs to stick around! People helping other people. Love it!
  5. R-3

    Bowtie blaster zoas

    Man those are nice 👍🏿
  6. R-3

    Hello, again!

    Holy [language filter] Rich! Welcome back. I got some zoas and random softies and Lps I could hook you up with
  7. R-3

    Winter Reef gargae clean-up

    Still got this stuff. Make an offer
  8. R-3

    Aiptasia Laser

    Kick me if its a dumb question. Will this damage glass?
  9. R-3

    3100W intverter generator FS $350

    Steve’s in Woodland but I think works in Vancouver
  10. R-3

    3100W intverter generator FS $350

    I can’t take it anymore. Can someone snag this for me if I PayPal Steve????
  11. R-3

    Black Friday/Small Business Saturday Sale!

    Looks like great stuff! Keep up the good work
  12. That mushroom rock is sweet! Good luck with your sale
  13. Thanks 🙏 man! PM sent