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  1. Those SWC skimmers rock! I love my old one. As long as the pumps would start you were golden
  2. Make offers guys! Wanna get this stuff moved
  3. You guys continue to amaze me with all of this DIY 3d stuff. Nice work
  4. Thats awesome Nate! Very impressive work
  5. That was the Neptune display tank at Macna 2018. It’s awesome
  6. Just saw this on SaltwaterAquarium.com that Planet Aquarium is selling prebuilt setups similar to Red Sea, Waterbox etc..... To me this is an absolute gamechanger. They even offer custom alterations on the website. Not sure of the price but the standard setups are priced competitively with Trigger sumps! https://www.saltwateraquarium.com/aquariums/planet/?sort=pricedesc
  7. Eggcrate, Gyre and dosing pump sold, Thanks Kyle!
  8. Looks like some of the mari-cultured stuff from Indo is back shipping really soon! That is a step in the right direction. Hopefully the wild opens up after that. https://reefbuilders.com/2020/01/09/indonesian-cultured-corals-are-back/?fbclid=IwAR0LJjcIGk4ZvLNUYyqktgbowkwJEhR2Mic7GyMY2YNhgtOfP8GZnRKr8IY
  9. BRS Chemicals- Soda Ash, Calcium, GFO probably 1/5 full buckets and 2lbs ofGFO- $10 each bucket and $20 for the GFO BRS Dosing pump brand new in box $40 Tons of Seachem Chemicals most new some have been opened a sparingly used. All these came with a tank setup I bought. Prices will mostly be a couple bucks to maybe $10 for the big unopened bottles.
  10. Got some stuff for sale! Here’s the list Jebao DCT8000 Pump. Brand new in box. $90 2 Standard Hydra 26’s (Non HD) 1 works fully and the other doesn’t have any whites. $150 for both. I also have two different tank mounts available. These will also need an AI director for custom settings. The mounts and the director will be extra but I can make a good deal for all.
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