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  1. What bulbs are in it??
  2. That’s a really nice skimmer! Great deal too
  3. Thanks guys! Had a lot of fun this weekend with family and friends
  4. What water park? Im thinking club meeting in July? LOL
  5. @Flash21
  6. Good deal! I would totally take the sump if you were closer! Good luck with your sale
  7. What a great deal! That’s awesome of you
  8. Tank is sold. Still have pump and skimmer
  9. I don’t have any extra dumps but I have a brand new 20 long if you can’t find anything $20
  10. This is what I rewrote lol. Does the wet dry have a return pump? You Should be able to use it
  11. I’d go with first one. Would be easier to mount lights and also looks a lot better. You can totally gut that wet dry too. You can get a return pump for the 50 bucks you save too.
  12. To me it looks like what you are saying is the overflow box is like a CPR hang on refugium. I could be wrong but I agree why drill all those holes and not one for an overflow. There are two white pieces of pvc sticking up in the back. Those look like silencer tops for an overflow. Im thinking as weird as it sounds that the grey pipe must be used as an overflow? Is there holes in it?
  13. Here’s some pics of the interior of the cabinet.
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