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  1. Thanks Ron...just temporary
  2. Like the title says looking for a set of legs for the ocean revive lights. I think the specific model is the T247
  3. R-3

    FS Hydra 26 LED lights

    I’ll take these. Where are you located??
  4. I got a dual 400 w icecap setup with 15k xms
  5. R-3

    You know you're an addict when....

    I just called on way that Thursday and he said it was sold! You guys got a great deal! Let me know what size chillers come with it. Might need one for a garage frag setup
  6. R-3

    Deltec skimmer mod

    Man that looks good Brian! Great skimmer!
  7. R-3

    Black Eggcrate? Where to buy?

    Where is the better place to buy acrylic? Tell me your deepest secrets lol
  8. R-3

    Black Eggcrate? Where to buy?

    Sweet! Thanks Jorge
  9. Where do people buy black eggcrate? I found some on eplastics but would prefer to buy local....help!
  10. R-3

    Indo Opening Back Up

    Here's an article from Jake Adams https://reefbuilders.com/2018/10/03/indonesian-corals/
  11. R-3

    Indo Opening Back Up

    I didn’t see a date
  12. R-3

    Indo Opening Back Up

    Yep just read that also! Hey a little is better than nothing
  13. I snagged it guys! Props to Steve for pretty much having it broke down! Everything made the move and is looking good! Gonna keep most of the livestock. Might need to find a home for the gorgonians! They are huge!!
  14. R-3

    Potassium Chloride

    Hey Greg I will take a pound if you can spot me $5 and I’ll snag it from you soon. Can’t make it this weekend
  15. R-3

    Potassium Chloride

    Hey Jim what is the amount per gallon you mix up??