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  1. Good luck man! Someone sell their tank to Randall!
  2. Found one! This thread can be removed. Thanks @Silentjay
  3. I’ll take it text me at (541) 990-0420
  4. Does it come with a stand? Is it the sump version or the all in one
  5. Im already home Scott....lol
  6. Ha ha! I moved one of those tanks before....twice...never again lol
  7. Looking to upgrade from my 14G nano....What's out there? Looking for Red Sea, Water box, or Nuvo. Tank size up to 50G?
  8. What size MH? I got a 400w setup you could have. Would be a little overkill for a 40B lol
  9. These are sweet fish! Too bad I already got a snowflake! GLWS!
  10. Bump it up! Make offers or I could possibly trade for non reef stuff!
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