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  1. That is why you are awesome Holly!! Good luck everyone. I heard Scott might be packing this time in case his frags "mysteriously" disappear again LOL!!
  2. R-3

    One year anniversary

    Dude looking good! Its be sweet to see your progress, keep up the good work.
  3. Thanks! It will be soon
  4. R-3

    93g acrylic complete setup $300

    Just messing with ya! If you hate that orange acan send it my way lol
  5. R-3

    93g acrylic complete setup $300

    Sold? LOL Or Pending? LOL
  6. A little over a year. Where are you at? I can be convinced to travel. I’m running a pair of Hydra 26s for a little bit on my Red Sea 450. Will be selling that soon to setup a Red Sea Peninsula 650. Remodeling downstairs then the 650 comes in. Going to use the new Noopsyche fixtures with a T5 retro most likely over the 650 once setup.
  7. I have 3 AI Prime HD w/gooseneck in black for sale. All three are in good shape and were just pulled off of my tank. Also went through and verified that each channel works and has no burned out LEDs. No director is needed and these are super easy to setup with the app. Ready to go on your tank. Asking $160 each or all 3 for $450. I’m located in Albany
  8. Same issue with the Aquatic Life version.
  9. R-3

    New Tunze refugium light review

    What was the cost of the light?
  10. R-3

    New Tunze refugium light review

    That’s a pretty awesome light. Tunze has always made great products. Been around a long time making quality goods
  11. R-3

    Ocean Revive

    Gonna stick with the Ocean Revives. Already have two on my frag tank just looking for a third. Thanks for the info though
  12. R-3

    WTB: Neptune EB8

    @Ron You got one?