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  1. Gealth LED fullspec 90w

    Looks pretty similar to an Ocean Revive
  2. WTB Dry Rock

    If you order online I really like Billy Reef Connection. Great dude, solid product and great price. You can even let him know what you are looking for and he works with ya. https://billysreefconnection.com/22-dry-rock
  3. 100 micron mesh filter socks.

    Anyone in the Albany/Corvallis/ Salem let me know if you want some!
  4. frozen fish food for sale

    Where are you located?
  5. 100 micron mesh filter socks.

    Would you ship down to Albany? I’ll buy the rest and disperse to the peeps down south
  6. 100 micron mesh filter socks.

    How have they been with micro bubbles??
  7. If someone is interested in just the RoDi I would be possibly interested in the booster pump
  8. 2 MP40’s OGs $150

    Albany. I would ship though
  9. Ocean Revive SO26 or T247

    Hey Brad I have two that I could trade I’m very interested in in an ati 8 bulb fixture
  10. For sale is two MP 40s. They are complete with power supplies and drivers. They are old. One works but is noisy to me. The other works intermittently. Decided to go a completely different route $150 or best offer for both.
  11. Ryan’s 150G DD Marineland Build

    Yeah it worked good, thanks again! It’s been a fun build so far definitely.
  12. Ricordea ID?

    Man! Those are sweet