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  1. Nice pics! Tanks looking good
  2. Oh sorry guys this has sold
  3. Wow suprised no one up north came and snagged it!
  4. All heaters are junk lol
  5. Thanks! Snagged a few backups
  6. You might check with Daniel but I think 2 would do the trick Greg
  7. Sweet! I missed out on seeing these at the BBQ on your tank. I guess they will be there to see at a “future” meeting hopefully
  8. R-3


    Your tank always looks amazing! Crazy camera skills to boot.
  9. Will trade for a Xbox One or PS4
  10. I don’t have the original lighting. I do have a original Hydra 26 I could sell on top of it. The glass has some really fine scratches but I didn’t notice once filled up.
  11. I got this guy. Make me an offer
  12. Absolutely! Would love to check them out
  13. No SPS here. Leathers, LPS, Euphyllias, etc...easy stuff lol. Light looks promising
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