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  1. Well everyone time to reveal my little tank setup. With remodeling my house piece by piece I wanted something that I could move super easy! I settled on a 14G IM Peninsula a couple months ago. These are a sweet little tank btw! After selling off most of what was left in my 60G frag setup I broke it down and moved the rest over. Everything is kinda thrown in there right not but with some downtime this week I hope to get some fragging of some of the zoas and some aquascaping done. For lighting I am using a Kessil A80 which seems to be doing the trick. For flow I bought a Jebao SLW-10. That little pump is by far the best Jebao product I have ever owned. Great flow and quiet. For filtration I am using a InTank media basket with some filter floss and ChemiPure Blue for nanos. Its a mixed tank with several zoas, few neon green toadstools, few frogspawn, 2 RBTAS, and a few different shrooms. Only fish right now is my snowflake clown I've had for a couple years. I plan to add a six line and a smaller gobie sometime soon.
  2. Really cool of you to do this John! Good looking duncan
  3. Completely agree. Water change will give you more than a skimmer on those tanks
  4. How long have you owned it and have you ever cleaned it?
  5. Nice work Nate!! I'll have to swing by one of these days and check this thing out in action
  6. Heres a better price https://www.fishtanksdirect.com/coralvue-icecap-36xl-reef-sump.aspx?gclid=Cj0KCQiA1-3yBRCmARIsAN7B4H36CLefK4qkFhlW3z4vdyDvIzfBTJLjO3b8W2hML4mtUtfuQl6ofrUaArLDEALw_wcB
  7. These are as close as I can find to your dimensions on a readily available sump https://www.coralvue.com/icecap-36xl-reef-sump. Why were you thinking 23" high? Thats a pretty tall sump.
  8. I agree with Brian, this is what local clubs are about! I'll be out of town next weekend so I cant make it up there but make sure to reach out in the future to all of us on PNWMAS! Everyone needs reefing buddies!
  9. It says 2 days for me..Primetime Ron!
  10. R-3

    What The ID

    Cant remember what its called but I had one in my sump years ago. If I remember right they are no bueno...
  11. Congrats! Looks like it will be very impressive. Good luck with everything
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