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  1. Sump is spoken for. Lowering the price of the T5 setup to $325. This is a brand new setup that would cost $400 new. I can also deliver to Portland area
  2. I have a 40g breeder frag tank for sale. Come with 40g drilled tank w/plumbing, nice black metal stand, custom frag rack, eshopp sump w/ socks, return pump and 3’ 4 bulb Teklight w/ extra bulbs. Great starter setup for someone. Asking $275 OBO
  3. R-3

    MACNA 2018 Las Vegas

    Bumpin this up! We are 1 month away.....everyone still going? Any new additions?
  4. Bump make an offer! I also will be selling a 40G breeder frag tank with stand, frag rack, Eshopp sump, return pump, and 3' 4 bulb teklight. Pm me if interested
  5. R-3

    3d Printable Nori Clip

    Yeah that would work. Probably better
  6. Couple things for sale. Gotta clean out the garage. I will have more to add to this so check back. Only trade I am looking for right now is a AI Prime HD Black. Trigger Systems Ruby Elite 30 Sump. Used but in good shape. Asking $200 OBO Heres a link to the specs - https://www.marinedepot.com/Trigger_Systems_Ruby_ELITE_Sump_30_inch_Complete_Aquarium_Sump_Units-Trigger_Systems_LLC-6E81641-FIFRBSCU-vi.html?utm_source=mdcsegooglebase2&utm_medium=cse&utm_campaign=mdcsegooglebase2&utm_content=6E81641&gclid=CjwKCAjwp7baBRBIEiwAPtjwxEPqQSrSA8scwz8-CKFnQyPfa-qJXGp3cAD4JAwqNWjmpzmBzOF0YRoC7SAQAvD_BwE Was gonna setup this up but decided I dont wanna hang anything above the tank. I like the tank mount LEDS on a rimless tank. Aquatic Life 48" T5 Hybrid fixture w/ 4 brand new Blue + bulbs. Asking $325 OBO https://www.marinedepot.com/Hybrid_T5_Light_48_Inch_Fixture_with_LED_Mounting_System_Aquatic_Life_High_Output_LED_Lighting-AquaticLife-AK01506-FILTHO-vi.html?utm_source=mdcsegooglebase2&utm_medium=cse&utm_campaign=mdcsegooglebase2&utm_content=AK01506&gclid=CjwKCAjwp7baBRBIEiwAPtjwxN0UEtuuRpz520-j9wv9dG7lUIdRjFDAfLygo3ic5nHNZ-czt3vWpRoCxC8QAvD_BwE https://www.marinedepot.com/ATI_Blue_Plus_T5HO_Fluorescent_Bulb_T5_Fluorescent_Light_Bulbs_for_Aquariums-ATI-UZ1109-FILTBUT5-vi.html
  7. R-3

    3d Printable Nori Clip

    Could you modify it to fit a rimless tank? Maybe another hook? That would be cool
  8. R-3

    Quinn's RSR 450 Build

    Little update: Test corals look good! Zoas, toadstool and GSP are all happy and open. This week I need to do a water change and figure out flow. Thinking of running my IceCap gyre on one end of the tank but not sure about the other. Here’s a pic
  9. R-3

    Trade in Albany

    Easiest solution if it’s a big deal would be to just move the thread the the WTB/Trade section
  10. R-3

    Quinn's RSR 450 Build

    Sorry guys been a little too busy to update this thread. Looks like I am fully cycled. Tank has been sitting for a couple weeks. Just been super busy and leaving last minute for Omaha last week put it off another week lol. Still haven’t figured out what I’m doing with lights yet. I bought that aquatic life hybrid fixture but really don’t want to have anything hanging above the tank I don’t think. Might just invest in a couple more and AI primes. Put a neon green toadstool today. If that is OK I plan on transferring everything else hopefully really soon.
  11. R-3

    Quinn's RSR 450 Build

    The spotlight thing is pretty cool. Might look a little weird with a ton of lights hangin around the tank lol