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  1. A nice torch..lol! I’m not good at all the names but I’m sure someone will chime in. I think it’s time to frag it 😋
  2. Why are you wanting to upgrade?? Corals look happy!
  3. From the pics it looks like all the SPS I can see are maintaining color, polyp extension and growth. Have you been using a prime all along? What light did you use before?
  4. What if I have 3 2' tanks? Just kidding...this is a sick light! That combo grows anything. GLWS
  5. Thats legit!! Someone get on this ASAP
  6. Nice pics! Tanks looking good
  7. Oh sorry guys this has sold
  8. Wow suprised no one up north came and snagged it!
  9. All heaters are junk lol
  10. Thanks! Snagged a few backups
  11. You might check with Daniel but I think 2 would do the trick Greg
  12. Sweet! I missed out on seeing these at the BBQ on your tank. I guess they will be there to see at a “future” meeting hopefully
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