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  1. I wish my 150 was up and running!!
  2. Good call! As I read this I could picture it in my head
  3. Couldn't find any cable ties small enough. Improvised and used some 1/8" roll pins. Did the trick! Just cut, slid on and crimped
  4. I need to shorten the cables on my ocean revives. Does any know where I can find these little end clamps?? I need them to be able to clamp the ends off once I cut them
  5. Well answered my own question! You can do it from your phone!
  6. What is everyone using for uploading photos since Photobucket seems to really suck now? Thanks in advance
  7. Shout out to Sirena Long the Taco Lady

    Any leftovers? 😂
  8. Ati 36 inch 4 bulb sunpower

    I wish you had two of these lol. Would work great over 150 deep dimension
  9. WTB 75 to 110g complete setup

    Talk to Ron...he's a horder
  10. 20 Nuvo

    I think Randall was actually looking for one
  11. 55G Acrylic DT, and 20G Long Sump Build

    Ha ha thanks Wanareef for digging this one up lol
  12. 55G Acrylic DT, and 20G Long Sump Build

    I have a HOB Eshopp overflow that would work you could have you like $20. I think this is it http://www.eshopps.com/products/overflowboxes/pf300/