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  1. ARM media more than coral skeleton... ARM is aragonite, which is fossilized ancient coral reef material which has been mined from a terrestrial site. As you can imagine, there are several points in the evolution of this substance which could add excess PO4. Some folks drip the outflow through Phosban to eliminate PO4. Ryan
  2. I wish to thank Mike for a great transaction brokered through these pages. He was prompt and responsive, cooperated with bringing a timely conclusion to the deal. He was a quality buyer to deal with. Thanks again Mike. Ryan
  3. R2R2

    Frag Tank for sale

    Thanks The frag tank has sold, thanks for your interest. Ryan
  4. R2R2

    Need Advice On skimmer overflow

    skim with care... The medication/chemical you used has changed the surface tension of the water which in turn alters the shape and density of the bubbles in the skimmer. Not only will your skimmer pull out excessive amounts of water(wet foam) but it may also pull out solids with high saturation levels like Mg, Ca, and pH/alk buffers. Watch closely for this. With the risk of upsetting the "chemical balance", and the inexpensive, positive effects of waterchanges, I have to say that small serial waterchanges seem like a good solution to me. Ryan
  5. R2R2

    Everyone - Please read

    Black Hole that sucks in time, life, everything... Being an officer in a club is one of the most thankless jobs around! (my hobby is taking a bunch of crap off of everyone in my club!) There are 2 kinds of people that seek office in a club: those that seek power and fame through intrigue, and the others that selflessly try to make the club a better place for their friends and peers. Jay(and Stacy), thanks for being the latter. We need to keep these facts in mind when dealing with our club officers; their only purpose is to help the rest of us. Ryan
  6. R2R2

    Frag Tank for sale

    Thanks Thank-you for including the picture. Ryan
  7. R2R2

    Frag Tank for sale

    I have the 5ft long, 1" thick acrylic frag display tank I used at last years coral farmers market for sale. I don't have a picture handy but I bet somebody does. It was made for the event by James at Envision and comes with stand, marine scene skirt, and a pair of skilter 400's for filtration/gas exchange/current. The set-up is in excellent condition and I believe was the best looking display at last years event. For sale at less than the cost of the acrylic to make it. $350 Ryan
  8. R2R2

    Local Source of Pickling Lime

    The kalk that Joel has available at Waves should be the best quality available and at a fair "bulk" price. If you were to buy an animal or 2 at the same time, Joel might even see his way clear to offer you a "good-guy deal" on the kalk as a reward for your patronage. Often, it is easier for the lfs to make good deals on the second or third item of a purchase. Good luck.
  9. R2R2

    New Fish room with inwall setup.

    Looks great Rich. See ya 'round the hospital. Ryan
  10. R2R2

    AQUA C EV120 VS PAcific Cost RPS 1000

    Beckett skimmers don't suck, they blow!!! Many folks have moved away from the big downdraft and high pressure venturi type skimmers as they take up lots of room, require big pumps, are usually expensive, and dump lots of bubbles back into your sump. I used to have some big PM skimmers that dumped more bubbles back into the sump than most other skimmers made! They were noisey and required lots of flow, pressure, and maintenance, but were the most efficient and powerful skimmers I have ever seen. Love'em or hate'em, but you just can't beat'em. Ryan
  11. R2R2

    Ant known troubles with Octopus pumps?

    There have been a few problems with these pumps on certain devices(like the rps skimmers) where the pump would build a static bubble around the venturi/pump head after a power outage, but these have been few. There may seem like many due to the great number of these units sold and in use in our area. The fix is usually just replacing the impellar which is simple. The pumps on the ca and kalk reactors are in harsh environments and slight user error can cause the bushing inside the magnet to ride unevenly on the shaft, which quickly will wear the bushing "out-of-round". Again, the fix is usually as simple as a new impellar and care to reduce the solids going through the pump head. Pleasantly working with PCI will most likely result in solution of your problems. As for some of the other feedback you have been given, I can only suggest that you not be overly concerned by their inflammatory advice, as it might be more a feature of the author than the subject. Ryan
  12. I would like to start this with a big thank-you to PFO for the lighting, Envision Acrylics for the tank, Pacific Coast Imports for the goods and support, and my Mom for the really nifty skirt around the base of the frag tank stand. I needed all the help I could get with this one. Also, a special thanks to Mike Wilson for giving me all the assistance he had to offer and then some. I should also thank SPAYNE for stepping in to write invoices for my sales. Thanks to all. We had a good show, selling about $1700 of mostly coral. I was telling folks we about broke even, but as it turns out, we did a little better than that. Words of wisdom: keep it simple! I tried to take on too much in the time we had. Less is more. I would have done just as much(if not more) if set-up was complete by starting time. The other vendors had many fewer corals, nothing very run-of-the-mill, but small and expensive. We tried to have large frags at a reasonable price. Perhaps this is not as important in a frag show as it is in the store. Finally I would thank Steve Tyree and his host of assistants for their efforts to make the show happen. Ryan
  13. R2R2

    Mag Flake

    I'm gonna be buying a bunch of chemicals in the next week if anybody needs any kalk, CaCl, or MgCl.
  14. R2R2

    Mag Flake

  15. R2R2

    Kalk question

    Oh ya Joel, well,... we hear you use all kinds of "stuff" at home that the rest of us might not want to get into...((chuckle)R2