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  1. stuff

    I am out of town for the last 2 weeks. Will not be back til next tuesday. Sorry I have not responded sooner. I will look into this as soon as I get back. Sorry
  2. 30g Tank Auction

    Awesome auction. Thanks folks!!!!!
  3. Clackamas high school

    I still have a aqua pod ready for donation. Clackamas tank looks great. Once again thanks to everyone for the support.

    Thanks folks for all your help.

    Nice pics Matt
  6. Happy Bday Chief

    Hey Jay, happy birthday. You and Stacey need to make a drive to Salem and visit the store!!! Haven't seen you in awhile
  7. Check this out--> Specials!!

    I don't know about Garrett but I am always in a good mood. lol!!!!
  8. Tankerald's Ultimate Quarantine Tank Build!

    Nice job ladies and MattV. Glad the Premium Aquarium could help you out!!!! lol
  9. Get zoas Garrett!!!! lol
  10. Update for Pioneer School

    Why are your phone numbers x'd out. I had plans for them lol
  11. Cube for sale

    tank is sold. Thanks for all the support from these really valueable posts that you have made concerning my transaction. I really feel the love..........................
  12. Cube for sale

    Not an ice cube (lol) middle school humor. I have a 18 x 18 x 19 1/2 tall glass tank. It will cost $100 for this tank. (unless you have zoas that i don't have!!!) Zoas only don't try trading with me with other stuff!!!!
  13. More crap for sale

    Great prices Alterego!!!
  14. Anybody like Acans?

    Looks like you could use some frag plugs!!!! lol
  15. How's your temp doing

    frozen 2 liter bottles definitely the way to go. Also shorter mh light period.