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  1. Mr S


    I am out of town for the last 2 weeks. Will not be back til next tuesday. Sorry I have not responded sooner. I will look into this as soon as I get back. Sorry
  2. Mr S

    30g Tank Auction

    Awesome auction. Thanks folks!!!!!
  3. Mr S

    Clackamas high school

    I still have a aqua pod ready for donation. Clackamas tank looks great. Once again thanks to everyone for the support.
  4. Mr S


    Thanks folks for all your help.
  5. Mr S


    Nice pics Matt
  6. Mr S

    Happy Bday Chief

    Hey Jay, happy birthday. You and Stacey need to make a drive to Salem and visit the store!!! Haven't seen you in awhile
  7. Mr S

    Check this out--> Specials!!

    I don't know about Garrett but I am always in a good mood. lol!!!!
  8. Mr S

    Tankerald's Ultimate Quarantine Tank Build!

    Nice job ladies and MattV. Glad the Premium Aquarium could help you out!!!! lol
  9. Get zoas Garrett!!!! lol
  10. Mr S

    Update for Pioneer School

    Why are your phone numbers x'd out. I had plans for them lol
  11. Mr S

    Cube for sale

    tank is sold. Thanks for all the support from these really valueable posts that you have made concerning my transaction. I really feel the love..........................
  12. Mr S

    Cube for sale

    Not an ice cube (lol) middle school humor. I have a 18 x 18 x 19 1/2 tall glass tank. It will cost $100 for this tank. (unless you have zoas that i don't have!!!) Zoas only don't try trading with me with other stuff!!!!
  13. Mr S

    More crap for sale

    Great prices Alterego!!!
  14. Mr S

    Anybody like Acans?

    Looks like you could use some frag plugs!!!! lol
  15. Mr S

    How's your temp doing

    frozen 2 liter bottles definitely the way to go. Also shorter mh light period.