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  1. I am moving to my new house and don't want to take everything with me. I have lots of stuff including a 92 gallon corner bow, and a 3 ft long 90 gallon tank. I also have live rock for $2 a pound, protein skimmers, and all sorts of other stuff. I can accept credit and debit cards. Come keep me from having to pack all this stuff to my new house. 2559 Moon Mountain Dr. Eugene 97403 from 11 AM - 5 PM
  2. I have a lot of overflow boxes. What size return pump are you looking for? submersible or external?
  3. Sent you an email since there have been problems with the site.
  4. Yes Ryan I do have the 240 and I am getting ready to set that bad boy up within the next couple of months. I am getting ready to order all the rock for it. Clay I might give you a call later today.
  5. Thank you for the offers. If I make it up your direction I will definitely take you up on your offers if I haven't found any locally. I picked up some from Garrett the other day. It is nice and healthy, but does not pulse as fast as I would like. Yes Ryan I am alive and well. Just got burnt out on trying to make a living out of the hobby. I am working my way back into it for the enjoyment of it again.
  6. I am looking for some pulsing xenia. What I am really looking for is the stuff that pulses very quickly. Let me know if you have any. Prefer local to Eugene area, but I might be able to pick some up on my next road trip.
  7. I have this skimmer that I was running for awhile and it works great, but I am going to be building a 240 and this is not big enough. I am looking for $125 for the skimmer. I don't have a pump for it at this time. I will be in Salem 2/18 in the morning time if anyone would like to meet up then to get it.
  8. Have you added water or changed the flow in your tank recently? Sometimes water will seep over the top rim as most companies don't seal the top of the aquarium. I have an aquarium set up right now in my living room that is 15 years old and has never been resealed. Not all tank companies are created equal, but most seals will last a long time. I think my oldest tank right now is around 20 years and I will have no hesitation that it will hold water when I fill it back up and these aquariums have been carted over 2000 miles.
  9. No worries. Yeah they are hard to come by and that is why I am pretty firm on the price. I don't really want to get rid of it but it has been sitting around in my garage so long and I don't know for sure when I will get around to setting it up. It will make a great tank for someone or me eventually.
  10. Actually Oxx155 this tank is not the one you used to have. I bought it from someone up in Portland more than 2 years ago.
  11. What you really have to look at is keeping your temperature up. I am assuming you don't have heat without power so your water temperature will be dropping and you will only make it drop faster by agitating the surface of the water so you don't want to do it too often. As the water temperature drops the ability of the water to hold oxygen increases so basically the farther your temperature falls the less you should mess with your tank. Oxygen is easy to add to the tank even without power heat is not.
  12. Unless he has been very busy lately I would say that it is probably not open yet. When I was up the other day there wasn't any water in those tanks that he wants me to take off his hands lol.
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