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  1. WAVES

    live stock for sale

    Tangs are sold?
  2. If you used good, old, cured live rock a few months of fine. If it was dry or baserock you should wait.
  3. It’s nearly as big as this one when opened. It is a clone of this one too
  4. The photo doesn’t do this justice, it’s a clone of the “Good photo” and nearly as big. $50 OBO located in Salmon creek, which is northern Vancouver. 10minutes from Jansen beach. five oh three 757-6700 -text or call
  5. Come get it today, all this is free except I'm keeping the garbage can. bring a box or Tupperware or something. If you have an SPS FRAG to donate that'd be dope but not required. Im in salmon creek in N Vancouver text five oh three 757- sixty seven hundred
  6. WAVES

    Reef Brite 48" Blue Tech Strip

    Will ship free if needed!
  7. One without package is sold!
  8. WAVES

    Reef Brite 48" Blue Tech Strip

    Forgot to mention I am in Salmon Creek Vancouver
  9. Flipper MAX for up to 1" thick tanks. Its this guy: https://www.amazon.com/Flipper-Max-Magnet-Cleaner-1-Inch/dp/B00MZCU0P6/ref=sr_1_1?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1496263280&sr=1-1&keywords=flipper+max $80 retail I have 1 brand new still in the package for $60 I have 1 brand new without a package for $50 Located in Salmon creek Vancouver Shoot me a text Five O 3 - 757- Sixty Seven Hundred Joel
  10. WAVES

    Eheim dual feeder

    I have this dual Eheim feeder available: https://www.amazon.com/EHEIM-Automatic-Feeder-Battery-Operation/dp/B000O3BCUA Retail is $55 on amazon It is used, but in excellent condition (I went to the apex feeder). Sale price $30 Located in Salmon Creek Vancouver Shoot me a text: five O 3 -757-Sixty Seven Hundred joel
  11. I have a new Reef Brite 48" Tech Strip LED light that is up for grabs. The light has been open and reviewed, but never used on a tank. Still in original packaging. MSRP is $234.78 Sale price $175 Shoot me a text five o 3 757-sixty seven hundred joel
  12. Tank and Vortech Sold! Reef Brite still available
  13. I have the following: 18" cube tank- rimless, drilled, bulkheads included $60 MP40 Quiet Drive Vortech -2 days old, used only at MACNA $295 48" Blue ReefBrite Tech Strip - Brand new $175 I'm in Salmon Creek Vancouver. Available most of the time since I work from home. Joel 503-757- Sixty seven hundred Text or call