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  1. I have a number of Sunlight E-ballasts, will sell CHEAP if wanted.
  2. I have one of these which might be great for a breeder tank. https://www.hawthornegc.com/shop/product/duralastics-reservoirs?categoryId=grow-systems-trays-reservoirs# Its roughly 48x48x12 and 100gallons. $75 and its yours. - Im in vancouver, headed to salem this saturday however, could meet on 5.
  3. Everything gone! If you see something you like, go visit Cuttlefish as I just traded it all to Jeff. I have one more piece of sponge I missed, I'll put that in its own thread.
  4. Still need a home for the wrasse?
  5. I had a request for a better Zoa photo. I can’t do top down there is too much flow. this is the best i have for now, would likely need to move them somewhere else to do better. This is under very white light, I’m not a “windex reef” kind of guy.
  6. Yep that’s me, don’t spend much time on this forum but I am still in the business. what is your name Alberta? Would I remember you?
  7. about the size of making an "O" with both hands, maybe 5-6" across
  8. I am in northern vancouver, near where I5 and 205 come together. The area is called Salmon Creek. IMO, nothing is better than a pH adjusted freshwater dip for zoas. They can easily handle it for 10m and nothing else can. You may not know I had a store in PDX for a number of years about a decade ago, this was how I treated all incoming zoas.
  9. If you don't keep zoas, how do you keep anything? They are IMO the easiest coral? Not to be a jerk just trying to understand. Perhaps you had zoa eating nudies and didn't know it? You may be fine now if you have been without them for a stretch of time and you treat any new ones. (freshwater dip, not coral dip) Honestly I don't want them because they are a pest to me, they grow too fast and grow over better corals. That's why I want to get rid of these ones, they grew enough they are getting close to the rock, if they make it to the rock its game over. A zoa tank is another story... I used to spend 10-15m every week scrape them off my SPS years ago and vowed never to have them again. These ones were given to me.
  10. These zoanthids. Supposed to be something fancy but I’m not a Zoa guy so I don’t know. $50 for all, or happy to Frag it.
  11. This is the parent colony of the favia. I think they call it Poker Star
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