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  1. Ok the transition is completed. There might be a couple of one offs, but everything should be cleaned up now. The new subscription software is working very well. Jay
  2. Also I have turned back on renewals so we have expiration dates. Keep in mind if you choose to use renewals, then paypal will set up renewals and if you want to cancel, you will need to go into your paypal profile to turn it off. Jay
  3. So I spent the time pruning all of the users that should not be supporting members and then did the converstion to the new subscribtion software. The conversion reverted all the changes I made so I will have to go in and do it again. Oh well at least the new software is more organized and easier to spot the ones I need to revert. That is a job for tomorrow night. Jay
  4. We are cleaning up our membership file. It has come to our attention that a large number of members are listed as supporting members that have not paid their dues. A little history. When we set up the paid membership program, it asked every member if they would like to set up autorenewals. We thought this was a great idea that our members could stop when ever they wanted to. What we found out is that even though a member would opt out of autorenewals on our site, paypal would still pay the autorenewal. It was up to each member to go into paypal to cancel the autorenewal. We turned off autorewals at this site so this would not happen. Inadvertantly this turned off the expiration dates of our supporting members. They would not revert back to regular members after their supporting member status was over. So now I am cleaning that up and we will be starting a new subscription system once it is cleaned up. If you feel that you have been removed in error, please PM me and I will get this fixed. Jay
  5. Regular members are reminded by the fact that they will no longer see the members sections. Unfortunately, board members supersede the system. I will see what we can do about that. Jay
  6. @shaywood Your membership is good until 3/19/2020. Jay
  7. Very busy with the holidays. Christmas Day is my only day off for 2 weeks. I’ll get to it as soon as possible.
  8. Would you be willing to ship it. I’m just south of Eugene.
  9. I manage a Grocery Store. Been working for the same company for 25 years.
  10. Weird. I didn’t know you could log in with an email.
  11. It was called Flashchat. It’s still around, but I don’t think it is an option for us. We don’t own our server space anymore. Since the migration to Invision Power Board, we trade amazing stability for limited customization. There are some great add-ons out there. I will do some digging and see if there is a chat add-on that could work for us.
  12. Oh yeah. R2R2’s shop in Salem was Advanced Aquarium. What an amazing and knowledgeable guy.
  13. So glad Ryan aka R1 aka krux was able to fill in some of the time before I came on board. Ryan and James were a big influence on me in the beginning. They had a vision for the club that was amazing. I wanted to see it grow. I’ve been in the background for a while now. I can’t believe I’ve held out for this long. I came in at the end of undergravel filters. I’ve seen lights go from metal halide to t5’s to leds. Skimmers go from air stones to beckets to recirc to cones. I got in when closed loops were a thing. I can’t wait to see where this hobby goes in the future. How will the club transform. I hope it does not go to Facebook, the way other clubs have gone. I hope we always have volunteers that want to take up the thankless jobs as officers and bod. I know I appreciate each and every one of them. Past and present.
  14. Same here Jeremy. I’m on IOS and it is pretty peppy. Not slow at all.
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