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  1. Congratulations Roy - stylaster President Bert - badxgillen VP Cherany - Flashy Fins Secretary Jereme - jeremevans Treasurer Andy - Lexinverts Vendor Relations
  2. Chief

    Received Renewal Notice for $0.01?

    I caught this problem sometime last summer. Now manual member do not renew. There are a few that will. I can’t stop it. I will cancel them if I see them pending in the future.
  3. Chief

    Received Renewal Notice for $0.01?

    Weird. Manual memberships should never be renewable. That had to be an admin mistake. I’ll look into it when I get a chance.
  4. Ok. I wasn't sure. I checked websites of places I was unsure of but some did not say.
  5. For now I have some Shop Local banners on the local sites. I would like to have a mapquest link for each sight up with a general area description like NE Portland etc. More to come Jay
  6. This is doable. I'll start working on it
  7. Chief

    How many f you have one of these?

    I believe I still have one.
  8. Chief


    Logged out and back in again.
  9. Chief


    Weird. Posting from Tapatalk now.
  10. Chief

    Looking for a large pump

    Full disclosure. The pump is probably 5 years old. It ran my closed loop 24/7 and I never had any problems with it. I finally bought a gyre and retired the Barracuda. This is not a nearly new pump. I am willing to go down to $150 if you still want it.
  11. Chief

    Looking for a large pump

    I have Sunday and Tuesday off next week. I haven't been to Portland in a while. We could meet up.
  12. Chief

    Looking for a large pump

    Creswell. 5 miles south of Eugene off I5.
  13. Chief

    Looking for a large pump

    The Barracuda™ is our energy efficient entry-level pump for applications requiring moderate head pressure and high flow rates. Ideal applications for this unit are 180-350 gallon tanks with sump return systems requiring a minimum of 10 feet static head. This unit is rated for a maximum flow rate of 4500gph, a shut off head of 20 feet, and maximum wattage of 325/ 2 amps. Using a ¼ horsepower Baldor® TEFC Motor manufactured in the USA. Features: Quiet operation Minimal heat transfer Units are pre-wired with an 8ft cord and molded 115V plug Low Speed Low Wattage Flow-biased pump Fan-cooled motor Specifications: Maximum Flow Rate: 4300gph Maximum Shut-Off Head: 20` Maximum Wattage: 253W Average Wattage: 234W Inlet/Outlet: 1.5" FNPT / 1.5" FNPT Dimensions (L x W x H): 12.86" x 8.33" x 7.54" I would let it go for $200. Jay
  14. Chief

    Looking for a large pump

    I have a reeflo barracuda I'm not using.
  15. Chief

    We're back up!

    Thank you Jeremy for taking care of this. I thought I was going to get 5 minutes to fix it this morning but this is my busiest week of the year. I put in 70 hours this week. Gotta love the country fair. Today was a 12 hour day. All thanks go to Jeremy who was able to take the time to fix this. Sorry you had to do this while on vacation.