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  1. Tapatalk?

    Logged out and back in again.
  2. Tapatalk?

    Weird. Posting from Tapatalk now.
  3. Looking for a large pump

    Full disclosure. The pump is probably 5 years old. It ran my closed loop 24/7 and I never had any problems with it. I finally bought a gyre and retired the Barracuda. This is not a nearly new pump. I am willing to go down to $150 if you still want it.
  4. Looking for a large pump

    I have Sunday and Tuesday off next week. I haven't been to Portland in a while. We could meet up.
  5. Looking for a large pump

    Creswell. 5 miles south of Eugene off I5.
  6. Looking for a large pump

    The Barracuda™ is our energy efficient entry-level pump for applications requiring moderate head pressure and high flow rates. Ideal applications for this unit are 180-350 gallon tanks with sump return systems requiring a minimum of 10 feet static head. This unit is rated for a maximum flow rate of 4500gph, a shut off head of 20 feet, and maximum wattage of 325/ 2 amps. Using a ¼ horsepower Baldor® TEFC Motor manufactured in the USA. Features: Quiet operation Minimal heat transfer Units are pre-wired with an 8ft cord and molded 115V plug Low Speed Low Wattage Flow-biased pump Fan-cooled motor Specifications: Maximum Flow Rate: 4300gph Maximum Shut-Off Head: 20` Maximum Wattage: 253W Average Wattage: 234W Inlet/Outlet: 1.5" FNPT / 1.5" FNPT Dimensions (L x W x H): 12.86" x 8.33" x 7.54" I would let it go for $200. Jay
  7. Looking for a large pump

    I have a reeflo barracuda I'm not using.
  8. We're back up!

    Thank you Jeremy for taking care of this. I thought I was going to get 5 minutes to fix it this morning but this is my busiest week of the year. I put in 70 hours this week. Gotta love the country fair. Today was a 12 hour day. All thanks go to Jeremy who was able to take the time to fix this. Sorry you had to do this while on vacation.
  9. Gyre Pump Considerations

    I love my Maxspect 250 on my 8X4X2 240 gallon. I only have it on 50% right now. I took off my Reeflo Barracuda closed loop. So much more flow with the Gyre. I am going to slowly ramp up the flow from here. I am amazed how it keeps the circular flow on an 8 foot tank. I may add a second 250 in the lower opposite corner for a more even flow. I don't miss my closed loop. The power savings is incredible.
  10. Paid membership link?

    I have no problem getting to the store. It looks like you are not signed in looking at the example above.
  11. Northwest Aquatics meeting

    Next time I'll try to get around the room more. I've been around so long I don't know anyone anymore. Time to make new connections.
  12. That is correct. I have now shut off reoccurring payments on our side. Everyone should check their PayPal accounts if you do not want your payment to reoccur each year.
  13. Join me in congratulating our 2017-2018 PNWMAS Officers. President Emerald525 Vice President. badxgillen Secretary. milesmiles902 Treasurer. MrBret Vendor Relatons. Lexinverts Congratulaions Kim, Bert, Miles, Bret, and Andrew.
  14. I plan of being there. I haven't been to a meeting in a while.
  15. anemone removal??????

    Just me. I've seen many come and go. It's good to see that this forum is still alive and kicking. It takes a lot of great people to keep it moving. Many forums fail after a few years. This one is getting stronger.