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  1. Only paid members can hold office or vote. Now is a great time to start your membership. This club needs volunteers to keep it running. Be a part of something great. Good luck to all of the nominees.
  2. Looks like it is about $150/yr with godaddy
  3. Kyle is at 14% and should be able to receive xmas is over their limit
  4. G4’s are sold out everywhere. After doing more research I think I’m sold on AI Hydra 32HD’s. Honestly I don’t think I can go too wrong with AI, Kessil, Or Ecotech.
  5. Now I’m thinking 4 radion XR15w G4 Pro’s. I will probably add some t5’s also. I’m not keeping sps currently. If I did they would go directly under the lights. I would probably add another in the future.
  6. Unfortunately even though it is a great deal, my wife would kill me if I spent $2600 on lights. That is the struggle of a large tank. I am leaning towards the reefbreeders if I can find them in stock.
  7. Ok I’m calling on all the experts. I’m looking to upgrade the lighting on my 8x2x2 240 gallon mixed reef. I’m current running 4 reef star leds that are on their last legs. Some of the lights I have been looking at: cheaper: 5 ocean revive, 5 Noopsyche k7 pro mid range: 2 reefbreeder photon v2+ 48 upper range: 3 kessil A360x or 2 ap700 I’m open to suggestions. My budget isn’t unlimited but I want the most bang for my buck. I like the reefi but they are probably out of my price range for an 8 foot tank.
  8. I’m a grocery store manager. Let me tell you what a little slice of hell this is. Unlike medical workers, we have little to no PPE and get to see hundreds of people a day. Full families still coming in with kids touching everything. Stores are a social hotspot. Here in Lane County, people don’t get it. I see some people every day, some several times a day. People are pushy, unapologetic and demanding. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great people out there looking out for our well being, but there are a large quantity of people that need to wake up and realize that this is not a vacation. The first weekend of the shutdown we had a massive amount of people headed to the coast. This is going to get worse before it gets better. Please when you go out, be respectful to your retail workers who are just trying to get through the day as safely as possible.
  9. Ok the transition is completed. There might be a couple of one offs, but everything should be cleaned up now. The new subscription software is working very well. Jay
  10. Also I have turned back on renewals so we have expiration dates. Keep in mind if you choose to use renewals, then paypal will set up renewals and if you want to cancel, you will need to go into your paypal profile to turn it off. Jay
  11. So I spent the time pruning all of the users that should not be supporting members and then did the converstion to the new subscribtion software. The conversion reverted all the changes I made so I will have to go in and do it again. Oh well at least the new software is more organized and easier to spot the ones I need to revert. That is a job for tomorrow night. Jay
  12. We are cleaning up our membership file. It has come to our attention that a large number of members are listed as supporting members that have not paid their dues. A little history. When we set up the paid membership program, it asked every member if they would like to set up autorenewals. We thought this was a great idea that our members could stop when ever they wanted to. What we found out is that even though a member would opt out of autorenewals on our site, paypal would still pay the autorenewal. It was up to each member to go into paypal to cancel the autorenewal. We turned off autorewals at this site so this would not happen. Inadvertantly this turned off the expiration dates of our supporting members. They would not revert back to regular members after their supporting member status was over. So now I am cleaning that up and we will be starting a new subscription system once it is cleaned up. If you feel that you have been removed in error, please PM me and I will get this fixed. Jay
  13. Regular members are reminded by the fact that they will no longer see the members sections. Unfortunately, board members supersede the system. I will see what we can do about that. Jay
  14. @shaywood Your membership is good until 3/19/2020. Jay
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