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  1. Lowman

    selling the rest of my coral

    after further research the blue hornets are actually purple hornets
  2. Lowman

    TFT is welcome to anything I have left.

    I have room to store whatever you are giving them Doug. I can pick it up this evening
  3. Lowman

    selling the rest of my coral

    I really want to sell them in one package. I am breaking down my little 30 gallon and then waiting until this fall to set up my newest project. My camera is broken, so I really don't have any pics to share.
  4. I have red hornets purple hornets Hawaiian Velvets PurplePeople eaters Duncans, TECO Sunburst Monti Blue and red acans Green polyped toadstool (like the tyree one, though not sure if it is from them) Several other surprises Asking $150 for all
  5. Lowman

    Start of a Permanent Reef

    outline Here it is after the first session
  6. Lowman

    Start of a Permanent Reef

    I will get pics for sure. next time you are in there, ask Austin to see my plan, it is a half sleeve. He'll know who you are talking about.....
  7. Lowman

    Thanks Lowman

    Alex, sorry I miised you man. The new place looks great. It was nice to see Jamie and the little one too!!! I have the same chest issues. Mine is attributed to anxiety and stress. I hope you get feeling better...
  8. Lowman

    Start of a Permanent Reef

    I am going to Adorn this Thursday to start my reef sleeve. Austin is doing it....
  9. Lowman

    60# live rock

    cleared it out. Live rock is gone...still have the other stuff from the first post
  10. Austin at Adorn is great also.
  11. Lowman

    60# live rock

    I still have 60# of live rock available. REALLY nice pieces. I'm asking $100 for it. 4 large pieces
  12. Lowman

    Getting out of it for a while

    Frag tank is sold
  13. Lowman

    Is there a chance of survival??

    If any do survive acclimate them very slowly, and dont put them into your water until you open the bags. Some plastic bags are breathable and putting them in the water first will smother the corals. This really sucks and hopefully you talk to the post master at your post office about this carrier and his/her lack of concern for your mail.
  14. Lowman

    Getting out of it for a while

    inch and a half
  15. Lowman

    Getting out of it for a while

    They are drilled on the side, close to the top.