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  1. I've been here all along. Just had many family matters hit us over the last 5 years. But I think, (using that word carefully), that we are back to some form of stability. Just moved into a new house and there is this empty spot that I think a tank would fill nicely.
  2. Well well! After being gone for several years I see this place is still up, running, growing, and doing what it was suppose to do: help in sharing info & growing a better reef community!! I see some familiar names and A LOT of new ones! That's awesome! When I stepped down from being the Vendor Relations and needed to leave the site & hobby never thought I'd think of doing it again but...... One thing is for sure you all deserve a pat on the back for keeping this website/community up running & growing!! Thinking I might get back into the "tank" hobby in some form or another, (actually thinking Discus- but maybe SW), now that some of life as settled down. So I might be back around again. Never know, one thing I've learned is never say anything is 100% because life can really throw some curves your way. Just wanted to say "Hello" - "Nice job" - "I'll be back"!! (Maybe)
  3. If I stop it will be to visit only. No food needed.
  4. Hell might even stopby to see how things are going.
  5. Go see Garrett he just aquifers all of mine.
  6. I'll do my best to stay in touch with the club and everyone alike! Thanks everyone.
  7. Just wanted to post a little note about where I have been. Well life is taking more and more time from me which use to be used on my tank and the club job I hold. But family and their health issues- are now my main concern! So I will be stepping down from my duties here with the club. (assume Roy and the others will pick up the slack for me) I am also moving into a smaller house and will be going dry, (aka NO TANK), for awhile. So keep coming back and check out the classifieds as I will be posting up my leftover items for sale after I get settled! Give me 2-3 weeks (just in time for Xmas, (naughty) ,right)
  8. Pm returned. Family issues taking up aliterate of free time.
  9. Since it is later on a Saturday I might be able to make it. No promises.
  10. Very cool I'll check out their site! I love watching Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures! Would really like to get an EVP recorder and play with it! Wouldn't mind going on a 2 or ....!!
  11. I emailed Jaymee for more info. Below is her response. If you are interested in doing so contact her directly, using the info. below. Hi Mike, Thanks so much for responding to my request. I am working on this segment over the next couple of weeks so I'd like to get the process started right away. The process starts with a pre-interview, where I talk with people who are interested, answer their questions and hear their story. This is informal, not recorded and done over the phone. I take notes. Then if we both agree that it's a good fit for our show, we do a recorded interview in person, with questions very similar to those I ask during the preinterview. The show Destination DIY has been around for several years but started airing on Oregon Public Broadcasting in its current one-hour format last year. We're about to kick off our second season. The theme, DIY, lends itself to do-it-yourself concepts, not instructional crafts. In the past, we've explored topics such as DIY Representing Yourself, DIY Economies and DIY Rituals. You can take a listen to past episodes here: www.destinationdiy.org. The concept for this particular show is DIY Disasters, in which we're exploring situations where people tried to do something themselves but it went horribly—or hopefully, hilariously—wrong. We have a mix of serious and light stories. I'm envisioning this one as a good mix of humor and passion about the hobby. Please let me know if that answers your questions, or what else you might want to know. I can be easily reached at 503-830-4785 or jaymee@destinationdiy.org. Thanks again! --Jaymee
  12. How many GPH are you looking for? Might have something.
  13. Lots of good pictures!!! Looks like you have found a "new home" out in Ohio, (puke)
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