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  1. Macroalgae

    I had my refugium filled with Codium. I traded it all to "All Things Aquarium", (formally Premium Aquarium in Wilsonville). You should be able to purchase some there. Codium makes a great hitching post for seahorses! http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/forum/126-all-things-aquariums/ https://www.facebook.com/allthingsaquariums/
  2. Reef humor

  3. Reef humor

  4. any lfs around me?

    Fish Stores in Bellevue Washington http://www.lfslocator.com/city.asp?st=WA&city=Bellevue&statename=Washington
  5. Wanted: Stomatella, BrittleStars, Limpets

    Possibly Burrow's Chiton (Cryptoplax larvaeformis) http://www.wetwebmedia.com/chitonidf.htm
  6. Wanted: Stomatella, BrittleStars, Limpets

    Message me if you are still looking for Stomatella & limpets.
  7. Guest speaker ideas?

    Ron Shimek has always given great presentations. http://www.ronshimek.com/reef_aquaria.html
  8. MACNA Speakers

    MACNA 2017 will be in New Orleans this year. Here is the updated MACNA link! http://macnaconference.org/2017/
  9. MACNA Speakers

    MACNA Speakers http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/video/video-category/macna-speakers
  10. New Gorgonian For the Seahorse Tank!

    The following thread from nano-reef is very informative. Best of luck! https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/336008-blueberry-gorgonian-acalycigorgia-care-and-culture/
  11. Harlequin shrimp vs asterina stars.

    I saw "feeder" Linckia stars once offered for sale. They were drab in coloration, and way cheaper than the Blue Linckias. Perhaps asking some of our PNWMAS Sponsor stores if these are available. .
  12. https://reefbuilders.com/2013/04/01/coralline-clam-cryptic-giant-clam-species-perfect-coralline-algae-mimic/ The Coralline Clam is a new species of Tridacna giant clam has been found living in plain sight on the shallow reefs of the Solomon Islands. The very unusual clam species was discovered by Julian Sprung on some recent shallow diving when he noticed some abnormal movements of ‘coralline algae’. Upon closer inspection Mr. Sprung was surprised to see that the coralline algae was actually the mantle of a giant clam which was almost perfectly camouflaged to look like the pink stuff. Not since Tridacna costata have we seen a new species of giant clam discovered, but it’s understandable how this one went unnoticed for so long. Although it seems that most new reef species being discovered these days come from deeper waters or remote unexplored regions, the new ‘Coralline Clam’ is specially adapted to live in very shallow water, in areas which are often too turbulent and wave-pounded for any divers or boats to approach. On the Solomon Island expedition Julian only found three specimens of the Coralline Clam, one of which he was able to bring back alive while the other two were preserved for use in the holotype and paratypes in describing the new giant clam species. The Coralline Clam seems to be particularly rare in the Solomon Islands and further exploration is needed to determine the species’ exact geographic distribution.
  13. What medicine so I use for clownfish

    The dark spots on clowns (Hyper-Melanization) are known to be caused by them being kept with corals as hosts. Other than the color change, it does not seem to be problem for the fish.