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    The board and officers have been working really hard to bring you a frag show! I wanted to get the word out because you don't want to miss this! We will have several vendors with their choice corals to sell you! We will have a Macna level guest speaker that we will be flying out all the way from Australia to do a talk! You thought we had good raffles at our meeting , the raffles will be bigger and better! The show will be at the Boys and Girls Club in Vancouver Washington and the proceeds will go to Tanks for Teacher. We want to replace the tank they have and also get new livestock as they lost most of their coral and fish due to the school closing due to inclement weather! There will be food provided by the excellent culinary services known as Sirena. You had her ribs , you won't want to miss what she has in store for you! The DATE is Saturday October 14 !! Save the date! This will be a blast! This will be like a regular meeting on steroids! Some of the coolest corals I have had are from these type shows as the vendors bring their best! More details coming! Just wanted to get the word out so you can take the time from work , cancel your other vacation plans to come to this show!!
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    ...and the winner is...Gil&Fin. Give her a'round of applause.
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    Sorry about the delay in the post, just got my son moved into his dorm and got to spend yesterday having lunch, packing some of his things, and hanging out. Right after seeing him off, and eating dinner, I got to starting this thread. As you all know, or now will know, the September meeting at All Things Aquarium was a Hoot! The place was loaded with SPS, LPS, and softy corals not to mention fish of all sorts. Everything was nice and clean, several of the tanks looked amazing! spot on. Look at this frag forest! I missed out on a red/orange centered green yuma, we left a little early and I completely forgot to snag one! Bummed, guess I better sneak back to ATA. In between the store and the adjacent building there is a very nice courtyard area that facilitates gatherings like this splendidly. You might be able to see in the background there, Zoolander lent his skills to the grill and did a great job, thanks a ton man. And speaking of the grill man, here he is on the left, thinking ahead of time with those shades, it was such a beautiful day. And speaking of generous guys, Bicycle Bill here on the right came in handing out coral frags like it was trick or treat candy...He is such a nice person, generous with the corals and good advice, Bill is one of the good ones. Here is another of the good old boys. The main man at the ATA store, Erin. He opened up his store for all of us to come in and have our meeting, BBQ, and raffle at. He has a wealth of knowledge and seems to have a knack for the aquatics, I know I will be back to pick his brain and aquariums sooner than later. Thank you my friend. Two of our awesome sponsors here in one shot, Stylaster left and Mr Bret on the right. Both have contributed quite a bit of their time over the years both off and on the BOD and office, Cheers to you two...And Thanks a ton for the frags Roy, I will return the favor. Highschool Reefer, eyeballing the store goods no doubt. I forgot to mention I had a few things I could throw you for your new tank setup and a few pointers on keeping macro algae trimmed back. Maybe I will see you next month though. Jfry here. This guy is in my line of work, aquatics maintenance, and I love talking about others setups and tanks with this guy. He has some good stories and is getting seasoned thats for sure. You all know you have to come up with a lot of different solutions to strange problems in the reefing world. Kai made it out to another meet, very nice guy. Hope that zoanthid pack you won is doing well, there were some lookers in there, blues, reds, and a little yellow. Should ease into the new tank just fine. Gill&Fin center and DJ right. I meant to ask you on some QT questions Holly. Maybe I can still get some info out of you and see if you get file fish in frequently? And sorry I did not have time to swing by DJ, believe me I have plans on it in the near future. Youcallmenny on the left and Albertareef on the right. With the good people that will give you a hand with the move you should be just fine getting into your new place, sounded like you have it pretty well planned out now. Reefer Madness left and Daniel right. Daniel makes the Reefi lighting system and is a working on a couple other products as well. He also has a killer tank setup. Reefer Madness, let me know when your going on that crabbing trip, I love dungenous. And I will keep my eyes peeled for a cowrie. Lex inverts chatting with Mr Bret. I have always liked this guy, he tells it like it is...And Also has a few very nice setups. He bred some seahorses too not too long ago.Now that I think about it I think Bret has some baby seahorses right now. Whop whoop!!! I got this pic of Paul here winning the gift certificate to All Things Aquarium. He is totally stoked! I would be too, so much there to grab, I bet that certificate never left the store. Grand Prize Vortech went to Albertareef! Way to go man, nice score! I love these raffles that are equal tickets equal chances. Although I wouldn't mind buying more tickets on certain items, it is a refreshing change once in a while to just take a true shot at chance. A major highlight of this meet was the presentation given by Miles about fluorescent pigment proteins. He explained a number of things on the subject such as tracking/monitoring cell functions, mutations, calcium and photo reactions...It was wild. I can elaborate a little more when I get back from work but for now just enjoy these shots of Mils slides. He did a great job and was very informative, answering all of Andy's questions But really Miles, Thank You, it was awesome. A slide miles had showing the cell internal structure and Florescent Proteins that assist in research. Lined up were a number of people who wanted to get a more in depth knowledge of the mysterious GFPs. You can see all the way down on the left had side there is a junior member getting his first reef class sessions in. . OptimusPrime taking addvantage of the black light LED flashlight. I wish I could take those, inject them into my montis, and make a new variety of "tie dye" coral. OH and th e obligatory coral shots here and there. Miles brought some samples of the Florescent Proteins, both natural and man made. Not too sure where he gets all these but I wouldn't mind a few for this upcoming Halloween...How many corals would you say is in one of those little bottles Miles?
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    BIG Chalice sale tomorrow at Cuttlefish!!!
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    A friend of mine sent me this: Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
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    The Bob Moore Frag Swap was a blast! Next year you should all try to come it's worth the drive! Special shout out to a few very generous members who donated some higher end frags for the club!! Tom aka Caolewis ! Donated over 20 higher end frags we made a couple hundred dollars on his! Like Peter Pan! Wolverine! Rainbow in Spain! He owns UCHU restaraunt and has a 1000 gallon tank. You should check it out ! Thank you Holly aka Gil&Fin for getting Toms frags holding them and supplying the plugs!! Holly also bought food for all of our local sponsors and for us working the table! Most of you know Holly and her generosity but you don't know how much and how far it really goes! Scott aka spectra! Donated some higher end Zoas like hallucination and utter chaos! Scott I love you!! Always one of the first ones to step up and volunteer! MrBret for fragging these. Sorry you couldn't make it! All your treasurer skills are much appreciated! Dayze 9 aka Matt a new member donated an Oregon blue tort , frogskin and branching cyphastrea! It's truly amazing that a brand new member would donate so much! Badxgillen aka Bert also donated many frags and supplied some of the things we needed for the club tank! Sirena who helped set up and drove and stayed at the booth most of the day! Cuttlefish and coral aka Jeff also donated a few choice frags to the club even though he had his own booth! Jeff as you know has been a constant supporter of this club! Thanks to Karen aka kknight for manning the booth and the delicious cookies and the sps donations! Thanks to miles for manning the booth and forcing pnwmas fliers on everyone!! Thanks to you all!! It was a lot of fun and we made a lot of connections and met a lot of members and potential new members and sponsors!
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    Cuttle Fish & Corals proudly announces its partnership with Saltwater Harmony to offer pre-quarantined fish. Saltwater Harmony acclimates and preventatively treats each fish for the most common diseases and parasites such as ich, velvet, and flukes. When you purchase a fish, you will receive a Quarantine Summary, which explains the procedures used, medications and dates administered, types of food given, salinity, and temperature information. Come into Cuttle Fish & Corals to see the currently available pre-quarantined fish, or order a fish to be quarantined and pick up at a later date (usually 4-6 weeks). For more information, including currently available fish, go to www.saltwaterharmony.com.
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    We just got here today. Staying at a beach house that is pretty amazing! We are on the northern end of Oahu. Scuba certification starts tomorrow, but I snapped some video from snorkeling in the back yard. Definitely a lot of sediment floating around so it kind of cuts the visibility down. Hopefully the pictures and videos are fun to watch. A lot are pretty repeative, but hey! Its awesomeseeing all this in the wild. A lot of tangs around here. And then a bunch of other fish that I can't personally identify. Maybe some of you can. And make sure you see the video with the giant turtle, that thing had a shell about 4 feet! Anyway, here ya go!!
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    I am excited to announce the June meeting will be in Salem at The Premium Aquarium! This is a great shop and Garrett always has great deals! We will have a frag swap as always! Garrett has a grill and the one and only first lady Sirena will be doing the grilling! You will be in for a treat as she makes her food with love and it is delicious! When: Saturday June 24 2 to 4pm Where: Premium Aquarium 1875 25th Street SE Salem, OR 97302 What: Frag swap and barbecue and deals on coral !! Keep posted as we will have some sweet raffle prizes!!!
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    Don't know if this counts but here it is.
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    This was the first time since I have been a member here that there was no elections needed. That's usually a good sign that people are pretty pleased with how things have been going. I have to admit we have a really good group who works hard and well together and have a nice mix of personalities but all with the same passion for this hobby! Your current officers are: President Emerald (Kim) Vice President BadxGillen (Bert or Robert) Treasurer MrBret (Bret) Secretary Milesmiles (Miles) Vendor relations Lexinverts (Andy) Your new board members are: Holly (Gil&Fin) Cherany (Flashyfins) Our newest additions are! Albertareef (Sean) Zoolander (Richard) and last but certainly not least, Cuttlfishandcoral (Jeff) Congratulations and I'm looking forward to an exciting year! We have some big things planned for you all!
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    Still my favorite Saturday Morning cartoon [emoji2] Tanks grown a little. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Did you guys see Good Day Oregon this morning? They did a spotlight on Cuttle Fish and Corals! Here's the link: http://www.kptv.com/story/34278083/make-a-splash-at-cuttle-fish-and-corals The Fox 12 crew came to the store and interviewed Jeff, who showcased the fish and coral we love, and also talked about sustainability, engaging the kids, and the fun of reefing in general. Great job Jeff, and congratulations!
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    Thank you everyone! Mom and baby are doing well. We were a little worried when he haven't pooped since we were released from the hospital. Well, he pooped last night and OMG, I didn't think anything could be more gross than cleaning skimmates. I stand corrected. Haha Here are some pics of the little one. Napping by the fish tank. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
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    In an effort to reduce a cluttered thread of various coral pictures I decided to start separate threads for particular subject matter. The topic I have at hand today is the amazing Mirulinidae coral genuses of Echinophyllia, Echinopora, Echinomorpha, Mycedium, Oxypora, Pectinia, Ect. I like the idea of having something to reference the coloration changes and growth patterns of various chalice corals over time. So I will be posting images of different specimens, some of the same genetic lineage but in different systems and some that are simply updates of a coral cutting but over a period of time. We feed the corals once to twice a week and all of these corals get a mix of various foods including, but not limited too, cyclopeeze, brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, coral gumbo, reef chili, and reef roids. These scleractinia, as with most LPS Stony corals, prefer consistent parameters.provided quality water and lighting you can shoot for a number between these general levels and keep it there. calcium of around 400-500 and alkalinity level of between 7-10. Mag as usual should be in ratio with your calcium at around 1100-1600 Many of these corals are tolerant of some nitrates .008-20PPM as well as temperature ranges from 72F-82F. I would say that many of these Chalice corals are not appreciative of high light or flow but there are some exceptions to this rule. As a rule of thumb I like to try out my chalices very low in the tank and move them up very slowly over time to allow for sufficient adjustment to the PAR levels of your lighting. Once you light "burn" a chalice it may take months to recover or instead it may just simply bleach, get infected, and perish...So take it slow. If you have questions regarding the corals presented in the thread you can ask me, I don't mind a Private Message now and then. Well then, lets get this started shall we? The first Chalice Coral up is Chalice # 1 OG Alien Eye Chalice Here is an in tank specimen with flash on. As you can see it generally takes on the standard plating shape. This one has medium sized mouths or "eye"s and does not mound up as much as some of the other chalices can. Tends to not have as long sweepers either but is a powerful contender when contact with another corals is made. Here is a picture taken outside under the full sun, gorgeous blue, grays, and green are vividly present. Same coral under actinics, this thing looks like it is radioactive and is going to burn through the Tupperware. This picture gives a "shining" example of the sheen than can be obtained in this coral provided it is healthy and shaded from direct bright lighting. Like many of its brother and sister chalices it does not like much light or flow. The original mother of this colony is well over 12 years old and came from MVP aquatics before they closed their doors so this one has been around a while. Next Up Chalice # 2 JNS Cotton Candy In this close up you can see some of the very small eyes and its almost "Oozing" growth structure. This piece shows the more plastic formation taken on under different lighting and flow patterns. Much like the previous chalice when this one is under good conditions and lower lighting it will develop a green under sheen to the flesh wich is most exquisite, something that looks better in person than camera as it is almost translucent. A side note about this coral is that similar to the Alien Eye or Water Mellon there are a number of chalices with the name Cotton Candy each with their own name brand attached. I wish they simply went a little more unique with the name, but as we all know there is no rule book on the old name game. Chalice # 3 Crimson Tide Bluish green base with bright red freckled peaks on the face of these coral with nice Orangish red little eyes across the surface. A very slow grower this one is, this little piece is about a year old. Even the little feeder/sweeper tentacles are a transparent orangish color wich is very cool, some intense color contrasting going on here. Here is a little frag side profile shot under actinic lighting demonstrating the shorter reach these guys have unlike some of the other Echinoporas out there. I have seen "stunners" with quite a bit more reach to them resulting in a bit more real estate taken up by those other chalices. I will "catch up" on this thread off and on so expect to see updates on some of the existing chalices here in the future and other chalices added to my list here as well. Just a personal reference thread so it will be a long work in progress.
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    New Red Sea peninsula is up and running at the shop. It's the p650 model. Can't wait to stock it. Loving it so far. Come by and take a look!
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    Finally got around to taking some video of my dwarf cuttlefish and thought I'd share. I've had the tank running about 6 months, the cuttlefish themselves are about 3 months old now. The display tank is a 29 gal with macroalgae and soft corals. It drains to a 20 long sump + macroalgal refugium, and the return pump also feeds a 20 long shrimp refugium. I have very light skimming (a skimmer from an old biocube) but all this live rock and macroalgae keeps the nutrients in check so far. /crosses fingers Here are pictures of the cuttlefish a few days after hatching. (eggs from bluezooaquatics) Currently I have 4 of these, plan to thin down to 3 as they grow. Here they are now, at about 3 months old They share the tank with macro algae, soft corals, and the few inverts they wont eat A video of the cuttlefish from a week or so ago A video of the cuttlefish feeding, today Here are the display tank, shrimp refugium, and sump/macro refugium. Return pump in sump feeds both the DT and shrimp tanks, and these both drain back to macro refrugium/sump.
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    There was the 280, the 180, and now meet the 90
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    When? Saturday, September 23, 2017, 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. Where? All Things Aquarium, 30789 SW Boones Ferry Rd, Wilsonville, OR 97070 What? Food, fish, and fun! We're lucky to get club member milesmiles902, who is a graduate researcher in physical chemistry at OSU, to do an "enlightening" presentation on florescent proteins. Hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, and drinks will be provided. Feel free to bring a side or dessert to share, but it's not required. Everyone will get a free raffle ticket (one per family, please), and supporting club members will get two. There will be no ticket sales, so everyone who attends gets a chance to win! Looking forward to seeing everyone!
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    Our oldest son got out his DSLR camera and got way better shots than my terrible cell phone pictures. All in all it was a great day. I didn't see a whole lot different going on in the tanks but maybe we were preoccupied with the eclipse.
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    Ok here it is not one not two and well not even three...........................I have four corals going in this thread all you do is say what one you like and I will do a random number on Friday Junbe 30th...............or so Number one.........................say a 2x3 chunk of forest fire digi fragged by accident.... Number two................I did it again a week later.........this ones even bigger say 3x3 or even bigger. Number three is a classic acro everyone needs..................green slimmer.............I am going to cut the big arm off of it in the front as it needs a trimming.........I may even get 2 frags if it breaks when I cut it Number four is some branching GSP..........I need to trim the monster........... Oh and if anyone is interested I have some xenia I will toss in for free So that's it for now............make your vote and hopefully you get a nice coral and once again all four corals will go so there will be four winners..........you only get one vote now so vote for the one you want
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    Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful fathers out there. I hope you have a nice day and you realize how special you are to your children.
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    Stopped by Paradise Corals today and was not planning on getting a fish but Bret happened to have another of my top 10 fish a Sunburst Anthia and I figured with Sirena's heavy feeding she would do fine in the seahorse tank! Welcome Cindy Lou!
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    Toxic Hammer from Rudy @goldenbasketreef
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    One of 20 or so in the USA, does it count as rare enough?
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    @Bicyclebill, where is your tank thread?! I went digging like a creeper trying to find it, but no luck. The world deserves updated shots of your tank, and I'm providing them. I regret not noticing the reflection of the lamp when I took this picture (would've turned it off and snapped again), but you can certainly get an idea of how lush everything is! So much coral; so many colors! Note the gorgeous blueface angel playing peekaboo on the left. Many of the fish hid when I walked up, even though Bill says they're normally all out. I was a flashy intruder, not to be trusted on the spot! Stranger danger! Some of them warmed up and came out to say hello once Bill started messing around in the tank. If the guy who feeds is around, must be safe, right? A few of the bolder fishes willing to have their photo taken: Next time (look at me, inviting myself!), I'll aim for some close-ups of his many wrasses, including the largest Lubbock's I've ever seen.
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    I have thanked all the stores and I think all our officers and board members who helped but I also want to make sure a few others who are not in official roles get a shout out particularly Sirena: She does a lot of behind the scenes work and hours that none of you even know about. She coordinated the pink party bus and made the countless phone calls back and forth to find us something short notice during prom week! After a long week at work she stopped twice at Costco and then was up at 5 am making the delicious breakfast burritos. She made them with love and you could sure feel it. I can't get her to go to the gym for me but she got up exhausted to make sure the food was just right! She also arranged for the order and delivery of the food from Baja Fresh and did most of the set up and clean up. Zoolander met us at 9am at Cuttlefish and provided us with free premixed high end alcohol. He followed us a long and was very professional. Very honest hard working guy. He's very professional and I would definitely use him for any party planning, promotional , or designing needs including logo designs. He's also just a fun guy to hang out with! He also provided the waivers I used and made a Tropic Thunder reference I didn't understand.. Check out his website: https://www.facebook.com/RineauMarketing/ Finally Albertareef aka Sean also met us at 9am so that he could deliver the IM Nuvo tank and food as it would not fit on the party bus over to Upscales. Sirena was going to have to do this and I didn't think it was right that she was not riding on it as she did all of the planning and coordinating of the party bus. Thanks Sean for always being willing to help in a pinch. I hope to see you running for the board. I get lots of ideas for meetings but they would never come to light without the help of many so thank you. The April meeting was a blast and things like this can only come together with the support of all of you and all of our officers board members and official first lady Sirena!
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    Crab is out again tonight! Must be a hungry little bugger - hungry for fame, that is!
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    ...and she drops the microphone...
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    Hi All Im Roy Seine the proprietor of Pacific Corals. I have been in the hobby now for over 25 years and have decided to start selling my corals locally to the Pacific Northwest! I am more then happy to have customers over by appointment. Im located in Kelso WA, which is about an hours drive north of Portland. I stock mostly coral, SPS, LPS, Zoas and softies. I do on occasion bring in large shipments of clams when i can. Stay tuned for more as i get things going!
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    Rasta zoanthid, photo taken with a Moto X cell phone with a rubber band macro, exposure -2.0.
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    Came back from a 3 week trip and the corals are growing out of the water!
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    Hey folks! Thanks for the kind words, Robert, but I must clarify one thing: I'm not the director of the facility but I am the director of the Aquatic Animal Teaching Lab, which we call the West Wing. I am planning on sedating at least two animals and performing a basic health work-up for you guys to observe and maybe participate in, if you like. Along with a colleague, we will show everybody how to perform a few health mgmt./diagnostic techniques, along with the resources we use to develop a health mgmt. plan for different conditions. Have not yet heard whether or not Dr. Tim will be able to join us but his default setting for such things is that he wants to come and participate whenever his schedule allows. I am looking forward to reconnecting with some familiar faces and, as always, meeting some new ones, as this is an uncommonly cool group of fish- and coralheads. I have requested and confirmed the use of the courtyard on campus for the BBQ portion of this month's meeting, which will make everything easier for the generous souls who go above and beyond to organize and prepare food for us. Looking very much forward to seeing you folks again and see you soon!
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    Look what popped up on our Hallucination zoa! Started as a super tiny baby polyp from the PNWMAS booth at the Bob Moore swap [emoji7] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Caught this coral feeding. Believe it or not, color is pretty close.
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    I didn't take many pictures, but this is what I got Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    My girl don't take no crap from nobody. Vlamingii tang--Pow! Purple tang--Whack! Rhomboid wrasse--Zap! Tomini, Two-Bar rabbit, Blue tang--Boom! https://goo.gl/photos/14hj8rDqbc83xQ678 Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
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    I'm super-excited to be hosting our January meeting! Here are the details: What: Fun, Food, Fish, and Fotography! Minh (Rolekii) is going to a reef photography demonstration so don't forget to bring your cameras. When: Sunday, January 29, 2017, 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM Where: Holly's house in SW Portland near Washington Square. Message me for the address!
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    Over the last few months, there has been a small surge in the number of sea urchins brought back to my Hospital with suspected Bald Urchin Disease. I saw my first case a year ago last summer. This disease usually begins with some type of insult that penetrates the skin and exposes the test. Opportunistic bacteria, (appears to be mostly Vibrio spp. so far) set up shop and create a lesion that slowly grows in size and also penetrates the test of the animal, adding osmoregulatory stress to the mix and further taxing its immune system. When I first worked this animal up, I found tons of different bacteria and ciliates swarming at the site, Working with Dr. Tim, I implemented a series of 10 medicated baths over that many days to nuke the ciliates and the bacteria and give the critter's immunocompetence a chance to turn the corner on the infection but it still wouldn't eat and the lesion did not respond well. Note the size of the original infection in the middle of the side in this shot: I then began treating it with a topical antiseptic and a medicated cream that I have used successfully in combination for years (the whitish looking stuff is the remnants of the cream.) Please bear in mind that invertebrate medicine is still very experimental in a lot of ways and sometimes you get unexpected results. The antiseptic, which was diluted by 50%, caused a reaction on the skin on the animal, causing a type of burn that exposed a lot more of the test. This was most unexpected and appalled me and the vet student I was working with that day. Dorsal view. Note the anus, or vent, in the middle. Ventral view. Note the animal's Aristotle's lantern, or mouth, in the center there. Everywhere the antiseptic went, there was near-complete loss of epithelial tissue, spines, tube feet and pedicellariae. I worked on this animal for weeks, trying to get some healing at the margins and reduce the osmoregulatory distress but to no avail. It reacted to food and stimuli but would not eat and eventually I determined that euthanasia was the right thing to do. Because this is such an interesting case, I conducted a necropsy after the animal expired and prepared it for submission to an aquatic animal pathology lab here in the NW. I thought you guys might find the post-mortem images interesting. You can see the initial infection site on the left there. You can also see that the infection totally penetrated through the test, making it very thin and brittle. Note the shrunken appearance of the organs. The infection and the additional loss of epithelial tissue made it impossible for this animal to osmoregulate, causing these tissues to lose water and basically preventing them from functioning. No wonder the animal did not want to eat. Check out the internal structure of the Aristotle's lantern. Notice the delicate musculature. Looks like the muscles are constantly pulling against each other as they control the 5 plates that rasp algae and other food off rocks. The esophagus and stomach are at the 10 o'clock position. Ordinarily, they would point straight up to the vent. This case was difficult, as we are accustomed to routine success with med cases, even when the treatment is experimental. However, this story does have a bit of an upside: I am caring for four more urchins that have/had these lesions. With the lessons learned on this case, I have changed my approach and the lesions on all but one have closed completely. The other, a large Red Urchin, is healing well, with the lesion growing smaller by the day. The treatment was experimental on these animals also and three of them will be ready to go back on exhibit soon.
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    I took over 300 pictures yesterday, got it down to around 100, been cropping the most relevant of the lot. Uploading to photobucket now, so should have some recap by later today. It was a wonderful time.
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    Morning all! I was sitting here this morning having coffee with the tank... as I often do . And thinking about how thankful I am to have some amazing people in my life. I've got some pretty cool stuff in my tank that I wouldn't be able to enjoy without you. Have a great Sunday all [emoji8] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk