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    SAVE THE DATE! The March meeting will be held at my house on Sunday, March 18, 2018 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. PM me for the address, or look on the PNWMAS Facebook page. There will be food, festivities, and fun! Badxgillen will be presenting Pests and Hitchhikers. Don't miss it!
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    The March meeting at Holly's was - a - BLAST!!! Frag Swaps, Coral Sales, and Reef Talk! Good Company, Fine Food, and Great Raffles! I was a great day for sure! The people who have seen Holly's setups know that there is plenty to admire and look at, she does a fantastic job at keeping things nice and proper, but for those who did not make it to the meet or have never been over, here are a few shots of part of her systems. This display is crisp and clean, full of beautiful colors and motion. The Hammer forest and Fungia patch are pretty impressive. And I would say these frag racks are stocked and loaded, there is much to be had here but I know how things go fast so save me one for later yeah. The club was generous enough to provide sandwiches, chips, and drinks to All who attended. It's really nice to just have all the refreshments and finger foods available, cause when I look at coral, I can get pretty hungry, and there as alot of coral. Thank you Albertareef and Gil&Fin for making that all happen, I know there is always some foot work involved in making accommodations for the club. When I got to Holly's I was a little early for presentation setup, but Emerald and Albertareef were already there getting the raffles ready to go. What A Team. These two are very organized and on top of their game, like pros. Get your name tag and raffle ON here!.. And speaking of raffles. LewisFisherman knows whats up! Even wearing the proper attire for the raffle at hand. We had some very nice prizes here. PIA git certificates, Sea Horse Exchange Gift certificate, TPA $50 certificate,Rod's Food pack, an Echotech MP 40, and a BRS dosing system with chemicals. Hot Dam! OptimusPrime coming in and getting those tickets in, MP40 my friend, or the certificates? Love the shirt by the way, I have some VW Zoas, good guy... Prime and Vance. The room for the presentation was great, we filled it with chairs on the sides and there was actually a raised area overlooking the room that I am standing in taking this picture. Lexinverts helped me with some pointers on my presentation and got the system connected and running on the display. Thank you very much man, I would not say I am a computer savvy individual and you just run through it... Meanwhile, downstairs where the tanks are located... So many faces I had not seen upstairs yet, the downstairs was Hoppin! I even think I see DarkAngel and Cuttlefishandcorals in back there. Kai, how you doing guy? Whatcha all Lookin at there Tesch!? Oh, that's right, the $10 coral rack is Loaded! Might want to take a step back and a deep breath...and get the cooler, there is some nice stuff in there. Lotsa of familiar faces and a few new ones too. Stylaster and Carissa came down from Washington to the meeting, happy you two could make it, good company here. I have a frag rack I am going to setup just for you Roy, get a couple chalices healed up for you, always nice to be in good with the man who runs Pacific Corals. And speaking of the Man, Jeff from Cuttlefish And Corals was in the House! Awesome guy with and awesome shop. I hear we will all be seeing you soon my friend, so maybe I can catch up with you then, I only got a few sentences in with you before I got caught up in something else again. Looking forward to seeing what you have in stock, always a treat. And in the same room I got to meet Kevin and his family. It was great talking with you, sounds like you have a good sized system coming along. If you are not too far off of the path one day I can come by and pay you and your tank a visit. Always like seeing other systems. FlashyFins in the bright and vivid colors we find some of our favorite exotic wrasses in. A member of our BOD who does her part in the behind the scenes work here at the club. Lexinverts left and Danlu right. Lex is our Vendor Relations Officer here at PNWMAS and an avid reefer. Danlu is a sponsor of the clubs with his Reefi light and is coming up with a few new product lines here in the near future. Keep us posted Daniel. HigherThinking sporting the black and orange, yeah yeah. Looking forward to a much needed hang out session, I bet the house and tank are looking good. Thanks for the frag too man, You know I will return the favor yeah. Here we have PDXMonkey left, one of the DIY guys that's good at what he does. And then another generous builder,Spectra on the right. Scott is also good in his trade, currently spending some of his free time making a light rack for a Tanks For Teachers tank, what a guy. And yet another cool shirt, Old School man. Exodus has been putting together a top notch system and from what I have seen the results are already showing. Looking forward to coming by and seeing the tank all maturing and growing. Center in this picture putting smiles on peoples faces, is Gumby. I wanted to chat with you, Roy, and Cherany about the upcoming fragfest but I found myself bouncing all over at this meeting. There will be a nest time though, be sure, and I still need to come by and see your display one day. Here is Ron and the wee one, getting another generation interested early is never a bad idea. Maybe I can make it a "Tank Tour" in Albany when I come by and chat with Nick and Brian here soon, get to come say hello. Zoorreeef, left, chatting it up with Lexinverts. Super happy to hear you are back in the game man, can't stay away too long right!? I know it was super weird that I didn't show up with coral to trade this meet but be sure I will have some next time man, so Save me an eclectic shroom yeah. Looks like he knew I had my camera out, Jack the Reefer here.I almost wanted to roll up on the pico contest, but I am out of counter space of my own at home...Maybe I can convince the misses to start one up. Anyhow, it was nice seeing you, it had been a while. Flash and family here. Everyone was so nice and well mannered... And thanks a bunch for helping with some of the presentation aftermath/breakdown, every hand is appreciated, were glad you're part of the club Whoa, Whats That President!? Presentation time and then Raffles!? They are on it! Our Team is Amazing! Getting all this in order is no easy task, Emerald here just KILLs it! Everyone getting ready for that sweet raffle, PetVet, right, has tickets in hand like a pro. I try and remember my beginning and end numbers but it never works and I have to look anyways. Eventually the doser and the pico went into the lucky hands of... NewReefer!!! Yeah BUDDY! What a score! You thinking about getting in on that Pico Competition? It was nice meeting you, we hope to see you at future meets yeah. Had to include one of the many laughing pics I captured. Youcallmenny center right and Lewisfisherman far right just having fun and Albertareef front trying not to laugh while working. Love IT! Just the act of the raffle causes explosive Cheer! And Finally, the suspense of the final draw is thick, I want an MP40 but so does everyone else. Gill&Fin was hoping to be holding the winning ticket but... OOOOHHHH!!!! UUUUNNGH!!! MP40 for Paratore! Congratulations Man, I know you got a spot for that beast. Very Cool! That thing will put some wind in your sail that's for sure. Traler man left, and Kai were close in the raffle, but no cigar. Me either, but it was fun yeah. Now Obviously I wasn't able to take a picture of my own presentation but I plan on revising it and making it available for everyone. This is a picture of everyone starting to gather, after this I had to put my camera down but imagine there were other folks taking pictures so I am hoping they share some here at some point. Thank you to those who attended the presentation I did, hopefully it wasn't all old news to you and the end impact of everyone doing their part in prevention went home with you. Thank You for having me out, it was fun. Now, Kinda off topic but... And earlier I mentioned the upcoming Pico Contest so I felt it was relevant to post this little pico I saw at Holly's house.... Isn't it "Cute'? I actually like the protruded rock face, it reminds me of that Iwagumi style. And another couple of cool off topic shots I caught. Look at Daniels son working those crawling and climbing muscles, welcome to the club buddy...Where's your name tag little man? Not sure if this was when Cody won the MP40 or when Newreefer won the pico tank...Or if it was just kids being kids. Darcy left sees something going on to so I guess I just missed it myself. If anyone else out there was taking photos and has some good ones, I encourage you to share them here on this thread or in another. I can't be everywhere all the time so I know I missed out on tons of stuff. Please and Thank You in advance. And now my usual final message of THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much for opening your home o the club Holly, you are an amazing host and your layout fit the meets needs so well, it was truly wonderful. Thank You to the Officers and Board Of Directors who put all those unpaid hours into behind the scenes work making the events happen. And Thank You to the club members, whom without there would be no group we love and call PNWMAS. You All Rock, Reef On!!!
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    My Emperor and Regal don't really interact together or cross paths much. So hard to get a pic with both of them. This is the best I got after stalking them for 30min.
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    Here's mine.. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
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    I'm a really good listener. I'm great at listening to people talk about things they're great at! I'm listening..
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    I don’t dare say what I do. I know I am the minority and people don’t normally care for people in my profession until they need us.i get to drive fast, give advice, play with cool toys and occasionally get to mix it up if you know what I mean!!!’
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    I’m a recent OSU graduate with a degree in Business Administrations! I recently started up West Coast Corals as a side business and love it. My main job is helping my family run our nursery! Need some plants??? We’ve got you covered. [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ooh i have thousands of clam pictures... so hard to choose! Here is picture in tonga of ones i brought back
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    This is a fun thread! I love to see what others do in their day jobs. I was a trial lawyer for a number of years before being appointed as a judge for the State of Oregon in 2003. I only hear workers' compensation cases, so if you get a speeding ticket I can't help you. If you fall off a ladder at work, I'm your man.
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    Just wanted to give a shout out to some team members that are a part of the pnwmas family. bubbles aka Kai is rocking the social media/auctions/web and is an amazing employee jorge, rocking it big time. Wouldn’t know what to do without u. Reefnjunkie, my rock. Jack the Reefer, super excited to have u starting full-time next week. Holly, I thank my lucky stars every day for having u part of my life. Shane and Micahai aren't on here but they are much appreciated as well. A lot of other members that are amazing ambassadors that I’m lucky enough to call friends. 6 years after our original store opening and we are getting better every day. Thanks, everyone!
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    Here we go! The thing that got me back into this hobby 6 years ago was a contest very similar to this one. I didn't participate, but I loved following the builds and seeing what was possible in small tanks. The goal of this is to see how creative people can get with their builds. It's really fun to take something that was definitely not designed to be used as a reef tank, and figuring out how to make it work. I'm only going to put 2 strict rules on this: 1- Total volume must stay under 5 gallons. This is the total system volume. No, plumbing a .5 gallon cube into your established 10,000 gallon system doesn't count. 2- The budget is 100$ or less for the equipment. This is going to force you to get creative. You can use anything you already have on hand, or borrow from a friend who hoards supplies. - Other than that, everything is fair game. The budget applies to equipment only. If you want to keep a 1000$ trachy in your Cuisinart mixer reef, you win. If you want to play, all you need to do is make your first post by next Saturday (3/17). Your first post simply needs to be an equipment list, along with pictures and a cost breakdown. After that, you'll just have to post a tank update, with a full tank shot, every two weeks. So, posts are due by 5pm on 3/17, 3/31, 4/14, 4/28, 5/12, and 5/26. If you miss any of these, you'll be publicly shamed, and removed from the contest. The final posts will be due on June 2 at 5pm. I'll post the final pictures and throw it out there for the community to vote on. I want to start by giving a huge thank you to Saltwater Harmony (Holly), and Cuttle Fish and Corals (Jeff), who have paired up to donate a pico appropriate prize for the winner. The winner will get a pre-quarantined yasha goby and pistol shrimp pair. Finally, I'm going to be playing along, but I want everyone to know that I'm not going to be in the running for the actual contest. Weird pico tanks are kind of my jam and I really just want to help everybody else see how much fun these can be. If you have any questions or need advice, don't hesitate to pm me. Also, this is my first attempt at running a contest, so go easy on me.
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    The kids wanted to thank everyone for their tank and also for their tank they will be getting.
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    As most know I sold off my big display tank and frag system. I am building new house and with comes new tank and goodies....well not with but new builds!!! I asked awhile back for a baby sitter or temp tank for some stuff I was keeping and Jeremy. Aka The Clark stepped right up and had tank stand and sump to lend me until new house was done and tanks up and running. well I made the drive and picked it all up today. You can’t find a better guy and just wanted to give big shout out and say THANKS!!!’n
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    Happy New Years Everyone!!! 2018 is here, and that means another awesome year ahead of us here in the North West. As far as your favorite local club we have a great year opening meeting planned for January at the Salem Premium Aquarium! Be assured there will be plenty of good people with good conversation on the tons of subject matter at the Salem shop, they have a huge variety in salt water stock and that's no joke. And don,t worry if you end up being famished from the drive to Salem, there will be pizza and beverages provided for our club members, but feel free to bring a dish or sweets if you would like too. Variety is the spice of life right. So make plans to save the date, we always have fun when re roll out to Salem. When?---Saturday, January 27th, at 1:00PM - 4:00PM. Where?---1875 25th St SE, Salem, OR 97302 For those of you who have not been to a meeting at the TPA you are in for a good time. The crew there make great hosts and the selection of livestock and goods is always impressive. Stay tuned for more info as it comes in on possible raffles and other specials.
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    Here's mine. Ooohhh I hope I win
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    I am Madden Hell who knows what I do..................been in construction for over 30 years...............am half owner in a fab shop and now do anything with metal if its possible for me. Have built a few stands for members over the years and also a local shop........ I look at it this way I have enough knowledge in my small brain to get me in trouble being around construction for so long I have seen it all electrical, plumbing, finish work and a whole lot of other stuff.......... I have the ultimate set of tools
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    Great thread Roy! It's nice to see what people spend the majority of their life doing. I am a pediatrician by trade so if you have any questions about kids I can probably help you. As far as usefulness in this hobby, I hate plumbing, electrical work, handy work in general lol so that's why I am a big part of this forum and I greatly appreciate those of you who are good at it. I know I have sought out help many times and always appreciate it. I believe in sticking with what you know. I am great at organizing large scale and smaller scale events and finding the right people for all the roles that are needed. And if you are in search of sarcasm I am there! (again not sure what this guy is doing but I like him ) I do have a knack for knowing what a high end coral looks like and identifying many zoas. I also was the one who actually discovered the Oregon Tort and the MattV Orange Envy ( disclaimer... I'm totally lying about the Oregon Tort and the MattV Orange envy! )
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    Since we have such a great group of people here i thought it would be nice to know what you do and what you can help your fellow hobbyists with. Im a network admin and im happy to provide computer support for ya! Im also handy at doing plumbing and aquascaping.
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    When: Sunday April 15 Time: 3 to 6 pm Where: Cuttlefish and Corals 6363 SW Capitol Highway Portland, OR What: BBQ and potluck!!Group buys galore ! Growout contest! Great raffles! We are having us a party!! We are breaking out the bbq grill and will be cooking up some burgers! Bring a side dish! Lots of great food! We have lots of great deals on group buys and you can find the links to them here ! There will be more and something for everyone ! There will also be a sps growout contest and you will pick up your frags this day! You know Jeff is going to be bringing in boxes of cherry picked corals with great deals for all of us!! He also has an amazing supply of fish and inverts! And as always we will have great raffle items!! Keep posted for more details !! This will be a blast !!!
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    Okay, here is my build, It's a 3.7 gallon custom built drop-off reef. Equipment: 1) Custom tank and Birch stand- I had the clear acrylic and I had to buy the black- $15.75 and I had the Birch. 2) Marine-land maxi-jet 1200 - $27.99 3) Aqueon 7.5watt heater - $10.99 4) Evergrow led light - Borrowed from friend. Filtration: 1) Bag of chemi-pure blue - Had on hand Grand Total $54.73 Here is a video of it when I was testing with fresh water. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Set up this new Red Sea Reefer 750XXL on Jan 1, 2018. My last tank sprung a leak[emoji15]. I LOVE this tank! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The count is now up to 4. I'm guessing the are more yet to be spotted. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I’m an Amazon image manager/photo editor with previous experience as a content writer (product descriptions). Amazon is not my employer; they are the client of the small sales rep company I work for. We’re not 3rd party sellers. If you have a stellar product line you want Amazon to buy (storing it in their warehouse, selling it and shipping it to the end customer), that’s where we come in. Before Amazon, I made my living selling new clothing and toys on eBay most of the year and at Georgia flea markets during the summer months when people get off their computers and out of their houses. There are some parallels between eBay and Amazon, but I enjoy having paid vacation time now and no longer having to haul carloads of merchandise around to flea markets in 120 degree Atlanta heat. (It doesn’t actually get to 120 there, but it feels like it with the humidity. 105 here feels the same as 85 there.) In terms of what I can help you with... I can assure you that your collection of prized possessions is not worth what you think it is on eBay. I can also photoshop that honker of a nose you’ve got down to a reasonable size bump. Kidding aside, if you really do have a company with cool products you’re interested in selling to Amazon, show me sometime. I can put you in touch with my boss, who can assess whether you’re better off trying to do that on your own or whether you should hire us. She is honest about that stuff, because if we can’t improve your sales, it’s going to be a waste of time for everyone. In many cases, we can help.