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    We have become a elite Waterbox dealer. We are setting up a 130 display and will be stocking most sizes. 4 gallon to 230 gallon tanks will be at the shop ready to pick up hopefully in a few days. If anyone is after a certain size let us know We are still very big fans of Red Sea but we are excited to offer our customer different options.
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    We come from all sorts of different backgrounds and beliefs. We don’t always agree but we are united in our passion of the reefing hobby. Many of our outside friends and family think we are crazy . They think we are strange with our obsession over coral and fish but here we all have found a home where it’s normal to want 5 tanks and to upgrade to a 1000 gallon fish room. Where we love to visit our LFS several times a week. Where we can talk for hours about lighting , flow, and skimmers as well as the newest coral. This is a place where I can trade equipoment for a bottle of vodka (true story ) I have met so many kind and good hearted people who have helped me and I know in an emergency there would be ten more willing to help. I hope you all have s great time with friends and family but know that this is your home too. You belong here and if you need help there are so many willing to give you a hand including myself . Happy Thanksgivings!
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    I am sure this has been done several times before but I had to commend Cuttlefish on their great customer service. Since getting back into the hobby, after about a 9 year hiatus, I have been to C&C twice. On both occasions Jeff has gone out of his way to get me set up with what I need, even when what I was looking for was old technology..lol. He is knowledgeable and the tanks and livestock looks awesome. By far one of the more professional, customer service oriented LFS I have been too. They have certainly earned my business and I would recommend them to anyone from beginner to experienced reefer. Thanks again Jeff. I will see you next time! Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Picked up a new puppy yesterday, she’s a fox red lab, 8 weeks old.
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    Oh Wow! the meeting at Mr.Bret's shop was Great, we all had a wonderful time out in Hillsboro that's for sure. Why don't you let me tell you about it. As you know, Paradise Corals was very gracious and opened their store front doors for the PNWMAS March club meeting, setting aside a couple group buys for the club and a putting together an attractive spread of coral deals. First thing walking in you just have to notice the clean cut reef aquariums, the open floors, and the attractive art decor. The shop has evolved since i had last been in and is looking sharp. Some of the tanks had some rather creative aquascaping going on along with some very colorful and vibrant animals within. I normally don't like black sand, but this tank was sporting it pretty well, making that Huge Helio Fungia just pop! After taking in some of the stores decor and aqua life I got right into greeting some familiar faces that started to arrive. HigherThinking and Vance talking tank. I wish I had more time to swing by your pad, I didn't know you lived relatively close to here and I don't get this way very often. Now that I know there are friends out that way I might just make a trip out of it sometime just to visit. NateDawg rolling up on some nice "Designer" Zoanthids. You got some good taste in corals but some of those are too rich for my blood man. Did you find your Stratocaster? TrailerMan got to get a refreshing talk on camera work and is now hopefully giving aquarium photography another go. A little know how and a lot of practice can make all the difference in the world. Gumby with his eagle eyes has spotted another exceptional piece. I know he walked away with a nice chunk of that steaming Unicorn Poop. And that tank tour you were talking about sounded intriguing, it has been a while since we have had one of those. Jeremevans, our club treasurer, talking with Higherthinking about tanks. Apparently HigherThinking is working on a new 360 gallon build. 8 foot by 3 foot is going to be one swell of a centerpiece my friend. BicycleBill giving some solid advice to a fellow reefer in the store. A seasoned veteran that knows a few tips and tricks of the trade. Last time I saw his tank it was so full of coral colonies I am not sure how he could add any more to the system. SuncrestReef came with not only his camera gear, but his laptop which contained the programs he used for his photography work. He had several amazing shots from around the store and I was hoping that maybe he will be so kind as to post up a few of those up on the forum at some point. In fact I would love to see some of the pictures people were able to get after a few of those pointers we got from the talk. Here we have the host Mr.Bret in his natural habitat, creeping amongst the corals. Actually, this was one of the nice raffle prizes presented by Paradise Corals and the PNWMAS club....And speaking of raffles. When it came time for drawing the winning tickets our outstanding Board Of Directors member AlbertaReef got things underway, with the assistance of Mrs.Bret to make things kosher. On the far right ZorroReef is hoping for his shot at the Paradise Corals Zoanthid Frag Pack...Me too buddy, me too. W-T-F snagging the 1K Gyre circulation pump. Sounds like you have a spot for it in a new frag tank? Would have loved to stop by to see your aquarium like I had wanted to but I had to make the trip back to Corvallis earlier than expected due to babysitter/children complications. I will make sure to keep in touch for the next time I head North and see if we can touch bases again. Terik hit it big when he got his ticket pulled to win the MP10 Quite Drive pump. I am sure you are going to love the different modes and flow power control. Definitely a new and improved model over the original releases. And Trailerman takes home the digital salinity and temperture gauge, one I had been wanting to test myself. You will have to let us know how well it holds up over time, I test salinity countless times in a week and often worry about accuracy. One of the additional perks to attending is that W-T-F was kind enough to share his extensive knowledge on photography in a talk focusing on getting quality reef tank pictures. I found his speech to be rather informative and at the same time straight forward, which I like. He even went through a step by step demonstration right there in the shop, and afterwards answered an onslaught of questions. Thank You Very much Damien, the club and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have some video but without a tripod and proper microphone it was poorly shot, barely viable. But I definitely got a few pointers to now make my future movie captures in better quality. Here is a small recap of some things he had to say. W-T-F started the presentation with some personal background on his previous occupations as a photographer as well as his popular YouTube channel about reef related subjects. Like many of us he enjoys the various hobbies found within the reefing hobby. He instantly grabbed our attention with this great analogy that us reefers would understand. Where having a successful reef aquarium is the art of maintaining water, photography is essentially the art of maintaining light. Here he talked about the "Gear", and had a list of what he felt were subjects needing further attention. Top of the list was your lens matters the most, with some explanations of macro and zoom vs prime. Next on this list was information about megapixel count, post editing, and cell phones being good assets with the recent technology that has improved their cameras quality. Having a larger pixel count, and shooting in RAW picture format allows for a lot more wiggle room when it comes to cropping and post editing a photo. Talk about a pretty comprehensive list of things to go through to get that clean clear shot. I am sometimes in such a hurry to get a pic that I forget that there can be some very helpful adjustments that I can make when I am in my own tanks at home for much better results. And here patience is a very good thing. In this shot he is walking everybody through a real time photo shoot on some corals in the shop, then telling us the relation of the ISO and F stop. It was really nice watching someone else do the camera work in real life while seeing it blown up on the big screen at the same time. The end was a short walk through of some of the post editing software he likes to use and ways to make a photo to more closely resemble what our eyes have captured. Then is was onto many a questions, which I must say thank you again for answering. SuncrestReef on the right getting a head start on setup and execution, these two are much better camera men than I. I see quite a few members watching the talk on this side, Mrs.Bret,Kevin, ZorroReef, Gumby, Vance, Albertareef, and Kireek hiding off to the right. Clockwise in this frame we have NateDawg, Brian, and JTarmitage lending their ear to the speech. I didn't catch the name of the gentleman in the striped shirt though. Again screen names from left to right, Trailerman, Suellen?, SuncrestReef, And HigherThinking. This particular talk drew a number of people in and kept their attention there. Apparently there are a number of folks like me who wouldn't mind brushing up on their camera skills. Since it was a reef shop, and a photography talk, I figured a few gratuitous photos would not be too much to add into the mix.... Who doesn't like to see a Top Down shot? The store's collection was looking very nice and healthy. Taking home a few things today that's for sure. There were a few of the mini jellyfish aquariums on display showing off the color changing display and the delicate creatures within. Maybe I should have waited for W-T-F's talk before I took some of my photos and then I might have had a better representation of these little guys. They can be somewhat mesmerizing. As usual, the store had some amazing realistic paintings that really stood out. I am thinking I need to make sure I have a few extra dollars next time I come out this way so I can walk home with a nice piece of art as well. They cost as much as a couple frags really, and you don't have to find sponges to feed these nudibranchs. The corals probably still need good light to look their best though. Well folks, you know my usual wrap up here at the end of the meeting threads. I apologize if I didn't get your picture in here, even though I take a number of photos I can be in the wrong place at the wrong time as often as I am in the right one. If you all have some pictures to add of the things I missed that would be Great. And now a Big Thank you to MrBret, Mrs.Bret, and the Paradise Coral crew! You had a crisp and clean store, wonderful foods, great service and corals, and were excellent hosts. We loved the group buys too. Thank You W-T-F for coming out and being so generous with your time and knowledge, we really appreciate it. I took away quite a bit to help me hone my beginner photography skills. Thank You to the Officers and Board Of Directors that work behind the scenes making efforts to be of service to the club, bringing everything together. And last but not least I would like to thank the people of the club itself, to whom without, there would be no PNWMAS, Thank you all. REEF ON!!! Sorry, just had to end the thread with a shot of Mr.Bret's custom frag tank stand's angry octopus. Haven't seen that in action since the Frag Expo a while back. Very Cool indeed.
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    Sorry, I haven't keep you guys updated for awhile. I'm in Dongguan China now behind the great firewall. Hehe A bit rewarding to see my hours of CAD work design becoming a real thing. I'm using over 20 vendors to make custom parts. Inspecting and testing the parts that have arrived. Still waiting for a few more vendors to deliver. A bit of production delay is expected on first run. Hopefully, I'll be getting everything in next week in time before Chinese New Year holiday. Daniel Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
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    Good timing on the thread! I just found out that my blue Merle corgi was born just 2 days ago and will be getting her in May!!
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    Exploring more eco-friendly packaging, trying to eliminate styrofoam. Survived several drop tests at 4ft. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
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    We are having a party!!! Save the date you won’t want to miss this !! Sirena and I miss you all and we miss throwing a good party !! When: Sunday May 5 2 to 5 pm Where: Cuttle Fish and Corals What : Street tacos and all sorts of Mexican fare provided by our own skilled chefs Sirena and Scott There will be group buys , there will be raffles , there will be deals!! Holly will be there with ten dollar frags! More to come!!!
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    Got my coral magazine today and guess who is featured in an article about that classic LPS the micromussa ! Way to go Jeff !! Representing PDX!!
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    After 74 long days... yes, I know, supposed to be 76 but I had a broken canister filter and my hippo got MHLLE and I just said I am done!! All my fish are back from QT and my fallow period is OVER!! yeah!!! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    UPDATE!! Sounds like I will finally have keys in the next two weeks. They have given me the OK to come in and paint as well as get a few other things done that will give me a head start. The delay has been the occupancy permit with the City of Vancouver, but I’m told this is resolved. I am hoping to be open (soft open) after July 4th. This will all depend on how systems cycle and I how long it takes me to set up I want personally and publicly says thanks to a few people here for the encouragement and support to move forward. Jeff@cuttlefish Rudy@goldenbasket patrick@saltwater obsessions Erin@all things aquarium danik DJ The support and offers to help out have been amazing. This is truly an amazing community and I promise to do my best. I could not have been able to do this without the support of the people I mentioned and all of you that offered to help in some way or another!!!
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    What a great time ! So many amazing people ! It’s so nice to see the community come together ! Thanks all of you who came and spent money on raffles , coral and just were so kind and positive. The friendly vibe was in the air! We made 4822.84 for Sexual Assault Resource Center (SARC) Special thanks to Jeff for donating all the proceeds for the group buy , all the food , getting the raffle items and the beer ! Thanks to Scott and Sirena and Jonas for spending hours making all the delicious food. Holly aka saltwater harmony for being my right hand woman with all the signs , lists and working on the details! Thanks to the volunteers who helped with set up , bagging group buys , distributing them , and organizing the raffles and collecting money! Flash Sean Kate Lexinverts Badxgillen Stylaster Jeremyevans Derbird Gumby Also shout out to Jeff’s workers including Kristen, Jack , and Brad ! I am exhausted but energized by everyone’s positive energy and generosity. So many people were willlng to help ! I missed all of you and it makes me want to set up a tank again! What a great community we have ! I hope you enjoyed the food ! All the great raffle prizes and all the great coral from Saltwater Harmony and Cuttlefish Who wants to do this again next year ??!!
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    Special thanks to all the sponsors who have donated raffles! I personally take notice of companies so quick and willing to donate to a good cause ! All proceeds go to the Sexual Assault Resource Center (SARC) So even if you don’t win your money is going to a great cause to help victims and their families . Special thanks to Cuttlefish aka Jeff- not only has he been generous with his group buys . He is donating a gift certificate and reached out to all these companies Thanks to the following companies : Waterbox Sea Dwelling Aquatic Life Sera Dr. Tim’s Caribsea LRS Sea and Reef Aqua Illumination
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    Hey reefers I've been out of the hobby for over 15 years and now back in. It's one of those hobbies that's always been in the forefront but I've had to sacrifice a lot of time and energy in the last do many years raising kids and now grandkids. Anyways glad to be back in the hobby. Scored a great deal on my 60 gal. Cube with stand and rodi 5 stage filter plus heater, power heads and other equipment from a local reefer in pdx. Got a somatic 60 sump and the somatic 60 skimmer which is a great match for this setup. First nice score was from cuttlefish in the form of a mated pair of true perc clowns that I just love! Most beautiful pair of clowns I've ever seen.
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    Duckie girl and goose at 6 yrs old
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    Many of you know Roy here on the forumn and how much of a stand up guy he is. Always willing to help a fellow reefer out and donate his time. Today he graciously held my raffle ticket stub as I had to go to work and said “yours will be in my left pocket” I get a text message at 3:08 says “dude you won the Apex”. He puked have easily kept it for himself and no one but him would ever know. This is the definition of INTEGRITY. ThAnks Toy for being such an awesome, honest and just plain good friend!!
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    After a couple days of skittish behavior, everyone seems to be getting along nicely. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    It was a very close election! Welcome your new 2018/2019 PNWMAS Board! @albertareef @Flash21 @lewisriverfisherman @youcallmenny @Paratore Congratulations !
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    Well folks, the club has been looking into some upcoming meetings and do we have some great news for You! Coming up in the roster for the month of April is another one of our amazing sponsors, Salem Oregon's The Premium Aquarium!!! When - Sunday April 28th 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Where - 1875 25th St SE, Salem, OR 97302 What - A friendly gathering for us salt water reefer including food, raffles, and great deals on some nice TPA livestock. Now we hope your ready to Party, because Garret always throws a fantastic shindig at his fine establishment. We are also finalizing a guest speaker to add to the merriments, but I am going to keep that as a bit of a mystery for now. I also hear that the PNWMAS club and Garret at The Premium Aquarium are going to be bringing you a stellar line up of raffle prizes to peak your interests. And don't forget the ever changing smorgasbord of beautiful corals and fish the shop has to offer. I know I say this much too often but, this is going to be a good one for sure! So, as usual, stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming event.
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    This new arrival could be one of the coolest creatures I’ve ever seen.
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    This is the official post--all you need to know! ***You won't believe what Cuttle Fish has in store*** Amazing Raffles! Fantastic Food! Fish and Corals Galore! Group Buys! Hundreds of Holly's $10 frags! ALL RAFFLE PROCEEDS AND A PORTION OF FISH/CORAL SALES GO TO THE OREGON SEXUAL ASSAULT RESOURCE CENTER! Where? Cuttle Fish and Corals (duh) 6363 SW Capitol Hwy Portland, OR 97239 When? Sunday, May 5, 2019 (again, duh) 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Raffle Prizes include: Aquatic Life 24” hybrid light fixture Waterbox 20 gallon AIO aquarium Waterbox 4 gallon AIO aquarium Bucket of Red Sea Coral Pro salt Bucket of Red Sea salt Aqua Illumination Nero 5 Wave Maker Sera assorted saltwater package $250 gift card to Cuttle Fish and Corals High end SPS frag pack High end LPS frag pack High end zoa frag pack Aqua Illumination Hydra 26HD LOTS MORE TO COME! *Tickets will be $5 each or $20 for 5 tickets *You must be present to win, but we are having two drawing times--3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. All raffle proceeds will be benefiting the Sexual Assault Resource Center Food Sirena, Scott, and Jonas are preparing street tacos and all sorts of Mexican fare! Delicioso! Fish and Corals! Jeff is getting in an amazing shipment especially for the Celebration! Group Buys Jeff has some amazing pieces set aside, and Kim is organizing. More details to come! Holly's $10 frags Jeff is setting aside a whole frag tank for my Famous $10 corals. Everything from blastos to gonis, stylos to birdsnests, monti caps to digis, zoas to toadstools...and you know I always have some gems hidden in the mix. You'll find even more details about the event on the Cuttle Fish Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cuttlefishandcorals/ Hasta pronto mis amigos! Settings Holly Somers hollysomers@yahoo.com (503) 348-4333
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    Together as a community we were able to raise $4822.84 for the sexual assault resource center of Oregon today! What a great event. Special thanks go out to all the sponsors, volunteers, employees, raffle donors, and most of all to everyone that came out! It’s only with everyone’s generosity and hard work that this amazing feat was possible!
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    I've been keeping a spreadsheet of every coral I purchase. It's interesting to see how many came from @CuttleFishandCoral: And a shout out to @Gil&Fin for being the runner up!
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    Couple shots of my Red Sea Reefer 450. AI Hydra 26HD on full spectrum.
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    Here's our new puppy. 90lbs. Yes, he's still a puppy. Rescued a few weeks ago from horrible owners, he's been through a few homes. Is a handful as he's had no training it seems. Our half acre is not enough for him.
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    We just got done remodeling our house, which meant that we had to live in the garage and bedrooms for 6 weeks! That's a lot of microwaved meals... The happy end of this trying experience came when my wife said that the old tank look would look too small in reference to our now over-sized contemporary kitchen decor. Whoa, I thought, I'd better strike while the iron was hot and sent @CuttleFishandCoral a text message. A week later I was unwrapping this bad boy. Thanks Jeff!!! One thing that I have discovered about big tanks is that it does take forever to fill them..... Sheesh
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    Sorry about the suspense people, after some communication and some coordination with our PNWMAS team, we have some great news! The 2019 March meeting will be held at one of our awesome sponsors, Paradise Corals in Hillsboro. Not only is he opening up the floor in his shop for us to come in to meet and greet, but our PNWMAS member WhatTheFrag will be giving a talk and demonstration on reef tank photography! This will be a great time to learn a few thing, aska c ouple questions, and maybe just fine tune some oh those photography skills of yours... I don't know about you, but I know I need all the help I can get. Where - Paradise Coral 229 E Main St, Hillsboro, OR 97123 When - 1:00 Saturday March 30th What - Bring your camera if you have one and get a few pointers from some of our photo experienced members...AND, Bring your coolers to keep some corals in cause Mr Bret has some very nice pieces in his shop. This is gonna be another fun one for sure, so save the date and don't miss out on this informative event. And as usual, stay tuned for more details about the upcoming shindig.
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    Enjoying some sunshine yesterday out in the garden. Attempting to enter the wide smile contest.
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    @MrBret Here are some of the macro photos I shot in your tanks after the photography session:
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    Here’s Cooper, our English lab, at 8 weeks old: and here he is now at 4 years old:
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    Here's a quick preview, set to barely on to show off all the color diodes. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
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    Watch Nassarius snails lay these today. Curious how long and how the look of the eggs change over time. Pretty cool design they made......I see some guy in a hat reeling in a fish, lol.
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    I had a great time today! Brian's tanks are beautiful. Even the snobbiest of saltwater aficionados were drooling over the cichlid tanks. Well at least I was. Brian was practically giving frags away--nice ones too. Not the kind you find at those tacky $10 frag sales. Brian was a fab host and there were a ton of friendly faces. I'm sure Bert will give us the recap. Bert brought some amazing frags as always, and I snuck away with one of his amazing frag packs that he donated for tank for teachers. Thanks Bert! Thanks to all of our officers and board members for another great meeting. I know a lot of work goes into it, and this one came off flawlessly. And a special shout-out to Brian for opening up his beautiful home for the meeting.
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    Happy New Year!!! To kick things off in 2019 we are going to be taking a trip to one of the most old school salt water shops around, Upscales. Known for their killer salt water fish, amazing corals, and exotic reptiles, Upscales has a little something for everyone. Join us at the end of the month for a meet and greet at one of our oldest sponsors to get your reef on. I still have my Oregon Tort and my Upscales Microlados but I am sure Travis and his crew will have a plethora of other must have corals in stock that I will be tempted to walk away with, gotta hit up those buy one get another coral half off deals. And they always have nice clams and anemones to choose from as well. Here are the basic details below. Time---Sunday January the 27th at 1:00PM Address---19295 SW Martinazzi Ave, Tualatin, OR 97062 Stay tuned for updates on the event as they roll in, there is always something brewing here in the PNWMAS club.
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    Merry Christmas to all my fellow reefers! Wishing you and your families a very Merry day! Today is a day to celebrate, with friends and family and be thankful for all that we have. Merry Christmas everyone!!
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    The Boys and Girls Club would to thank everyone who donated at the last Fragfest for their new aquarium. It is now located in their new Teen area. The kids are very excited to be able to vote on some of the fish. Right now it is cycling. They would love you to support this year's Fragfest also. Oct 27th.
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    I give it until Mid February (16) until he puts up another tank. By then Jorge will be selling his and upgrading to a bigger tank. Ron will have accumulated 6 new tanks and sold 2 and traded one for a limited edition JF hype acro. R-3 will also be getting out of the hobby only to return 2 weeks later when he stops at Cuttlefish for the deal of a lifetime and Jorge and Shane do another BOGO sale. Stay tuned until next week on As The Reef Tank Turns.
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    Just Some bored Photography, lol Enjoy
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    Wasn't sure as to where to properly place this thread but as it seemed to be an event of sorts I placed it here...We can move it later if it seems wrongly placed. Recently our adored president had some very serious medical complications which forced him into a position of resignation. In a Board of Directors and Officers meeting this last weekend we decided to make it official that myself acting as Vice President will now be placed into the position as the current president. I know, I know...Don't be too disappointed, we still aim to keep things running as smoothly as possible during this slight transition. We have a very capable team/staff on the PNWMAS crew so you can still look forward to the upcoming events that were planned before his absence. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause to any members or vendors, please be understanding about the situation at hand, we all wish Stylaster well and hopefully a speedy recovery. Thank you all for being so understanding.
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    Over 250 new colonies came in this week to the shop! Some stunners!
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    I just learned my tank has been featured on R2R's Reef Tank 365! https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/reef-tank-365-featuring-suncrestreefs-rsr-425xl.578550/#post-5894725 Not sure I can handle the new found fame. 🤣
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    Hi guys! Things are really coming along in the classroom tank! Massive thanks to @Flashy Fins and @Gumby for coming out this weekend to help set up the RODI and bring us some super cool corals! The boys also chose some fish this week and I made a trip into the big city to get them- here is a pic of the crew: So far, so good, all the inhabitants seem to be getting along. The firefish is afraid of the current from the powerheads and only comes out when they are turned off, but the clowns have been very sociable. We also got a cleaner shrimp and peppermint shrimp, and the boys made quick work of naming everyone. They are super stoked about the tank, and will sit in front of it for great lengths of time "tank gazing" and arguing over who gets to feed the fish. As soon as I get more confident with the tank's maintenance, the real lessons will begin and the guys will learn about the tank ecosystem and take over its maintenance. So many thanks to all the club members who have supported Tanks for Teachers in one way or another, your generosity is inspiring the reefers of the future!
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    Working over the weekend, trying the assembly line work myself before I train workers coming Monday. Here's UV gluing rare earth magnets to glass panels. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
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    Hot Dam!!! The February meeting at PDXMonkeyboys house was a good one, Brian opened up his home to the club for one helluva PNWMAS gathering and Frag Swap. Brian and his wife have a beautiful home, some stellar fish tanks, and made for a knowledgeable and hilarious hosts. When I got to see the well thought of aquariums and life support systems I was very impressed, this guy has got his systems pretty dialed in. Here I included a picture of his vibrant African Cichlid tank, it was also a well put together biotope that made me reconsider getting back into that part of the hobby again....If I didn't already have south Americans I would be on the Lake Tanganyika fish hunt right now. Speaking of those South Americans! Jaggy here was the star fish in his own South American Cichlid tank. I had to squeeze a picture of this guy in because he had so much character. That's what I love about those cichlids, so much personality there. Speaking of personalities, here we have the host with the most, PDXMonkeyboy. So kind of you to have us all over, and thank yo so much for the frags! From what I heard you were cutting club members killer deals left and right just sharing the love. Not to mention you had quite a bit of insight on the salt water hobby. A shout out to our own OptimusPrime, this guy is a hoot! I am hoping next time I head north I can stop by your pad to say whats up, hang out, and see your setup man. You know I am always down to talk reef. And now look who we have here. Left we have BicycleBil, middle is Mark, and to the right enjoying the front row aquarium view is Albertareef. All these guys are seasoned and experienced reefers who are great to have a chat with and make for good company. In this picture we have starting clockwise from the left is, Gill&Fin talking with Willapa, PDXMonkeyboy, and SunCrestReef. Another circle of intelligent reef minded peoples, so many good conversations and so little time. This time we will start counter clock wise and go from Brian on the far right, middle is MarvkV again, center left is Our ex Prez Stylaster, and the far left is one of our BOD members Lewisfisherman. And we can't forget about another of our outstanding BOD Members Gumby center. A few folks made their way down from Washington for the event which I think is very cool, I know all about making a long drive just to hang out with other fellow hobbyist..Let me tell you, these two guys are worth a drive to hang out with. Gill&Fin and DarkAngel enjoying the meet and greet atmosphere, it is nice to see so many smiling friendly faces here. Scenes like this become almost contagious. Sharklover made an appearance as well, sounds like I need to head your way when I am in that neck of the woods again. Always seems like you have a cool project going on and I want to hear more about it. Meanwhile, in the basement.... Just look at this setup for his sump area! It is located bellow his display tank upstairs. Everything is in its right place and easily accessible. So Jealous of this efficient setup. I will have to take some notes for sure. And his frag tank...It was packed full of healthy colorful corals and I could't leave without snagging a couple frags to take home. Thank You sir may I have another!? Jeff from Cuttlefish and Corals on the left and Lewisfisherman on the right of the massive RODI and water mixing station. Snappy having a good time and picking up some nice coral frags. Thanks for the TFT purchases man, everything helps. Now here is a group of happy faces getting their frag on! Going clockwise again from far left we have our PNWMAS treasurer Jeremevans, BOD Albertareef, Brian, Willapa, BicycleBil, PDXMonkeyboy, and ZorroReef. In addition to the frag tank that PDXMonkeyboy had in his basement, he was kind enough to let the club use his coral QT for a Tanks For Teachers sale. We took donations from myself and other fellow hobbyists and sold them for proceeds to the TFT program! We pulled in a nice chunk of change thanks to the participants, you know who you are and we love you all. And we still have a number of pieces that we can work into a future TFT sale for sure. Finally, I would like to take a moment to thank all of those responsible for making the event a complete success! PDXMonkeyboy for being such a fantastic host and being generous with his time, corals, and knowledge. Our outstanding PNWMAS Board of Directors and Officers who work behind the scenes to bring you the forum and events that make us the reefing presence that we are. and lastly but not leastly, our PNWMAS club members as a whole...To whom without, there would not be the same local camaraderie that we get from sharing this group. Thank You All!!! Reef On!!! And PS, I was all over the place and was unable to get photos of everyone so all apologies if I missed your shot in the thread. If anyone has some pics to add to the this one that would be great. There was a good crowd for sure.
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    So for those that didn't attend Macna this year, I'm sure you have been caught up with the latest news from Neptune, EcoTech, etc. As it has been broadcasted everywhere. I just figured I would make a few honorable mentions for things I found to be interesting at the show, that others might have liked to see. JBJ Many of you are already familiar with this company, for their AIO tanks and a few other miscellaneous products. JBJ is actually a decent brand for what they are but has been a bit behind lately as the last thing that caught attention was the RL series of tanks. In the upcoming months they will be releasing 2 new DC Pumps (A smaller & larger one) So whats the big deal there? Well the smaller one looked to be of excellent quality and best of all it fits into the back of the AIO tanks! So those of you relying on Cobalt's Mj1200 pumps and such wanting DC with no options, the possibility is on the Horizon. The other big news is a new 65G Tank by JBJ that appears to have the same tank & Stand Design as the RSR & Cad-lights, very sleek looking, and you know it will have a lower price point. Nyos Currently being distributed by EcoTech in the US, the last big thing Nyos brought us was the Quantum Skimmers, things have been quite since then. If you were wondering what was next; it is a Reactor known as "TORQ". Opposed to most reactors on the market being a simple chamber with an input, outputs, and a pump of your choosing to regulate the flow, this Reactor includes a Dock that keeps that flow consistent that either of the 3 sizes of chambers easily slide into and can quickly be removed for maintenance. So will it be all that revolutionary? I have no clue, but As many know Nyos is a solid well built product, I thought it was worth a mention. The other big news from Nyos was their debut of a new System, you can see a photo of this @R-3 post at the end of the Macna 2018 post (It is the white Stand Rimless tank that Has a purple Nyos bag sitting on the ground next to it) Dubbed the "OPUS" ekoral A new controller company based out of Taiwan is entering the market of controllers. This controller still has a long road ahead if they plan to compete with the likes of Neptune, and with a questionable starting price tag of $900, the odds are most likely stacked against them. Though it's not the controller itself that interested me but rather 1 particular component of the controller. This particular component is known as the "eK Level Sensor", So when we think of ATO we think of float valves, Optical Sensors, Temp Sensors, or Pressure Sensors but unlike most styles on the market this new eK sensor uses "Sonar!" while it just may just be my inner nerd and love of robots that has me excited for the re purposing for this dated technology, I also can see the awesome benefits of no moving parts, no need to clean or worry about snails, calcium deposits or other crap as it won't even be in the water. Though regardless it will be cool to see if Sonar takes a foothold in the industry with ATO and begin getting an idea of pros and cons when people start using them. Reef Kinetics So another project that has been around for a couple years slated to release in November is is the Reef Kinetics Automated Tester. This particular product starting out with an Arduino and Raspberry Pi had my inner nerd redlining, its obviously home grown, tech, automated, DIY turned into a refined product. The idea is to add your own test kit titrations to the bottles provided, program what bottles contain what, and what test kits are being used, and how often you want the tests performed. You can then check the results via smartphone app keeping track of your parameters and alarmed when things go south. The final product drops the arduino in favor of their own board but keeps the pi 3 for obvious pricing reasons. The price tag is a steep $900 giving little incentive over Neptune's Triton and has several cons that simply position it less than practical for many. Those cons include - Only liquid based titration tests (No Powder form such as Salifert Magnesium) - $900 is more than Triton and similar products on the market - Need an intake of Water from the Tank, RODI Water from a Reservoir (For Cleaning) and a Waste Output making the placement of this particular device difficult for those with limited space, don't forget the extra reservoir for additional mixed salt! Taking tests all day will throw off your salinity if your not replacing it. Though if the price were to come down quite a bit, I can see the product being worth it. MindStream Continuing the topic of testing, many here already know of the 5 year long mindtream project as it has even been brought up on the forums a few times in the past. To those wanting to know whats currently going on, I spotted 2 working demos at Macna this year 1 being on the Demo tank fully loaded with the software running real time, and another on a tank in the CoralVue booth. The project is currently on Beta 4 and slated to release this "Fall" (Heard that before right?) If my memory serves me right the device is an initial $300, the "test cartridges" have slightly changed since the last time we saw an internal cartridge, as to date the cartridge is just the circular face of the mindstream that pops off for easy replacement. They are set on a subscription service in which you will start off with 2 cartridges, 1 to shelve and one to use, every month a new cartridge will be sent to put back on the shelf after you replace your current one. The subscription service is $20/month. With this type of pricing it will be less than 3 years before you have spent over $1k on testing, how many people have spent that on salifert test? Then on the other hand more macro elements are provided for a smaller cost than the triton. Kolar Labs This company is new to me , and had me excited for additional options at a good price point for filter and reactor media, opposed to just BRS. Kolar provides their own brand of GFO, Bio Pellets, DI Resin, and their most popular product Carbon. What stood out to me the most was the representatives interest in our local reef club. They stated they were extremely interested in sponsoring active reef clubs and would love to contribute to club raffles and promotions. The media looks to be of great quality and any additional opportunities for the club is always a positive. Hanna Hanna brought in their "Copper" Checker, promoting that it does in fact work with Marine Tanks, this may not in fact be the news to many but for those not aware of the fact, it may provide to be a valuable tool to those treating fish. In other news I did in fact ask the Representative about the "Magnesium checker" who's development was announced a few years back, and the short answer is "They have no idea as to when or if that will happen" So sorry to all those who are still waiting for it, I'm a bit disappointed myself. Ming Trading You can't have a trade show without the Chinese Imports now can you? Ming Trading most well known for bringing us the Waterproof Zetlight LED, had a wide variety of cheaper Chinese import products. What stood out to me though was an interesting little product branded by Coral Box called the "Magnet Clean Explorer" While obviously not cutting edge by any sense, for those of us with tanks too high of the ground to float a coral viewer or overhead fixtures hanging in the way it makes for great viewing of corals from the side of the tank. I wouldn't put too much hope in the "Cleaning" aspect as its just strong magnets with an inner Velcro side like a mag-float, but the magnifying window actually gives a nice view of your corals. Maintaining Alkalinity Throughout the vendor floor, and within conferences and workshops ICP testing was a big topic (easily understandably so) but also maintaining alkalinity levels consistently at all times. This lead to many criticisms towards Neptunes trident for not having the ability to dose based on regular calculations with the expectation that it also act as an alkalinity monitor. Regardless how individuals may feel about this aspect of reefing, it appears to be headed in that direction. Many of you probably know of if not have heard of GHL a company that has been over seas providing high end controllers for a number of years now but has recently arrived state side. This year at Macna along with their newest controller set they brought with them what they call "KH Director" a fully programmable Alkalinity controller. The product looks well built, is already on the market, and has similar pricing for refills as the trident. If you are in the market for one it certainly starts out at much lower cost than other alternatives out there. As mentioned at the beginning this list does not represent a review on Macna or all the products coming to the market, nor even a quarter but rather a few things that stood out to me personally. If your interested in seeing what else happened at the show including video taped Speeches, there is an abundance of information on youtube, these were just a few of the lesser mentioned things going on.
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    I just received the latest issue of Coral magazine and saw a picture of the gorgeous "CNC Splatterpaint Fungia". Awesome coral Jeff. Congratulations! Mark
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