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    Another annual PNWMAS December holiday meeting success! This meeting we went with a change in venues and the decision to have it held at the Kennedy School was a good one. We rented out a class room for the club and provided some food and drinks, all which was staffed by the onsite restaurant. Very convenient. There were some interesting pizza choices here. There was the classic pepperoni as well as a zucchini broccoli pesto. Don't knock it until you've tried it. So many faces and so little time, you would think that 3 hours would be enough but it was not. after all the raffles, white elephant gift exchange, frag swap, food & drink, there was just enough time exchange words with a few people. If I didn't get to converse with you or snap a photo I apologize, there will be a next time I assure you that. That being said, here are some shots of some mighty fine folks... Our club treasurer and zoa collector Mr.Bret. He keeps our accounts in line and assists with obtaining and holding PNWMAS raffle prizes. Thank You Sir!...He is also the main man at Paradise Corals of Hillsboro, a collection of fine corals, fine art, and fine fishes..and lets not forget about the jellyfish and seahorses. Stylaster made it down from Washington and glad he did, he always brings some interesting conversation to the table. Another sponsor who has been apart of the PNWMAS for some time, Roy runs Pacific Corals in Long View Washington and brings in some island fire. Hope those little baby chalices work out for you, they are Sloooow growing, but beauties. And as you know, there will be more my friend. Glittering like priceless gems is FancyFins. Another valuable member of our Board Of Directors. You may have seen her and Albertareef doing an outstanding job on announcements and raffles, not to mention their valuable input behind the scenes. Thank You Cherany. Reefer madness playing with the PAR meter before it goes off to another set of hands. I got some montiporas you need to snag next time you run through Corvallis my friend. Make sure that urchin and cowrie stay in the sump though. Once the lights go out they will head towards your new frags like a heat seeking missile. Danlu here, this guy is one innovative reefer. He has made a few designs to improve his reefing game and has been employing his 3D printer in his aquatics related business Reefi Labs. He makes some very impressive, efficient, and powerful LED lighting that I know grows some very colorful corals. I hope all those acros work out for you, if they don't I will get you some more...If they do, I will get you some more. NRC enjoying the holiday cheer, there was certainly a festive cheer in the air making many people all around jolly. I wish I got to have some words with you but I made the mistake of divvying my time poorly. There will be another meeting next month so maybe I will se you then. Cheers my friend. SASQUATCH FOUND! Derek used to be a zoanthid hoarder but has since moved into the realm of gorgonians. If you ever get back into the colonial polyp coral game get ahold of me first, and I will give you many of them back. And don't be afraid to drop me a line if you head south through Corvallis yeah. Biochemrobyn, Congratulations!! And good luck with the move to Texas, it will be quite a change thats for sure. Hopefully you can find a reefer group as cool as ours here in the Pacific North West...Either way don't hesitate to drop in here once in a while and say whats up, most of us are not going anywhere soon. Gumby, on the left, also made a long trip from Washington to attend the get together. Very cool guy! He has helped us with the boys and girls club events we have held and he does some aquarium work for tanks for teachers in the Vancouver Washington area...Not to mention he has a vast coral collection that would have many of us in envy...Much like Gill&Fin to the right here. She has some of the most beautiful systems around, so neat and tidy. She does great work for our PNWMAS club here behind the scenes acting as an important member of the Board of Directors. Thank You Holly, Thank You Jim. On the far left we have Grassi, and on the far right we have Reefrun. I didn't get the chance to meet their son but I imagine we will cross paths again at a future meeting. Both very kind people who have a knack for reefing. If I had brought more cash I would have bought one of those corals you had but I spent my cash on food and raffle tickets. I need to get my priorities straight again. Youcalmenny and his family center of the picture. If I am not mistaken he just got done making a move into a house. This probably means some upgrading at some point yeah. I wanted to talk some with you about that but you know how that goes. I am sorry I didn't get back at you after you threw me that chalice but I will most certainly get you back when your ready for a frag or two...Just give me the word. Kai and his family also made it out to our little shindig. As far as the corals we were talking about Kai, you may need to dip them every few days for a couple weeks or get a wrasse who is hungry for small crustaceans and other inverts. Sometimes even beneficial copopods can bloom to such populations that they actually irritate the polyps themselves causing the retraction and irritation. Throw up a thread if you have any more questions yeah. nd good seeing you man. FishoutofWater, another member who has been around for a little while. Here he is getting in on some of that raffle action we all love so much.Which to choose, which to choose? Ad as usual, there is no wrong choice, it's ALL good. Kknight far right and her husband sitting at the cool kids table, as usual. Karen is our Head of the Tanks for Teachers and leads the way for several participants in the program. Without her help there would be alot less marine activity in those kids classrooms. Thanks Karen. OH! And I barely missed that Fireball on the table, by a smidgen. Things were starting to get hot in here, a white elephant gift no doubt. It's Christmas early my friends. From left to right people waiting for their number to be called it's Rick, Reefer Madness, his wife , JFry, and HigherThinking. There was so much loot in the raffles and so many participants in the gift exchange it wouldn't surprise me if almost everyone's number was called at some point...Okay, not everyone's, and not Andrew's, he isn't feeling that lucky streak. Just Joshin you Andrew. say hi to Lauren for us. Or maybe it just has to do with that gift exchange?...Like DejaVu, this singing is ringing in my ears. Don't worry, this is one Bieber you would let near your mouth...Maybe? Spectra didn't make a showing so it had to go home with someone, hope he is alright with that. Kelly Limpet on the left and OptimusPrime on the right.Dodge has some pretty nice zoas just growing awayin his tanks. If that Shazam doesn't work out for you let me know and I iwll get you another one. They are finicky at first but once they get growing it is pretty productive. Kelly here had the most amazing shirt I had seen all day, well next to Cherany's. He has a custom PNWMAS shirt that had me envious as soon as I saw it. I just love the back, so I took a picture. Funny thing is, as I read this I heard it at the same time in Don knotts's voice...Does that mean I am old or just well versed? This picture came out Amazingly good, like it needs some Christmas reef around the edges and a bow. Just look at . Emerald, CuttlefishndCorals, Kknight, and Sirena all in on the group hug. Kim is ourr fearles president who helps keep the ball rolling here at PNWMAS, we appreciate your hard work Kim. Then Jeff in the center is a helluva team player here at PNWMAS, providing massive discounts for or Tanks For Teachers program along with finding us the best raffle prizes he can when we ask. He also happens to be one of our fine sponsors running the amazing Cuttlefish and Corals found in Portland Oregon. If your around the area you need to stop in his shop, there is a little bit of everything, you are sure to find something you want and need there. Karen as you know is our Tanks For Teachers leader and has served on the Board of Directors for quite a while now, thanks again Karen. Bottom we have the first lady, Sirena. She has done an astounding job contributing in all sorts of our PNWMAS affairs when she can. From planning and cooking to setup and logistics. We all are greatfull for those hours you put in to our club that go without being seen. Your Awesome! Some of these next pictures are from when we handed out the quizzes...That's right, we made reef quizzes for all the attendees and we even had prizes for the top scores. We had three categories containing what we Thought were appropriate questions for the three different difficulty levels, novice, intermediate, and advanced. If you see someone in one of these pictures Teed off, it is probably my fault. Trailerman isn't afraid here, he has his thinking cap on and is doing just fine. There is alot to learn in this hobby and each category had some easy questions and some rather difficult ones. Even the beginner test had a couple ones that made you think. Super Fun! Left is Sharklover and next to him is Ken. Both are getting busy on the quiz. These two are pretty trustowrthy guys. I don't have t worry about them using the cell phone or sharing answers. Let us know when you got your setups running and then maybe we can trade some frags. I Also love this picture. They are clearly frustrated with yours truly. Who Writes this Stuff!? Far left is Paratore. He runs West Coast Corals, in Monmouth Oregon, and does a great job. He has some high end pieces for sure, better grab those sunglasses if your going to see those anemones and corals. Middle is R-3. As I have said a few times already, let me know when you want a couple corals for your newe setup and I will grab you something nice. Maybe some time I can come by and check things out. I love seeing other setups. Same goes for you Exodus, on the right. That is, if your still down. I got some frags for your new setup anyhow. Higher Thinking, Emerald, and Sirena laughing it up. These people all have some very good energy to them. Just enjoying themselves at another PNWMAS event. Almost as much as this guy. Sharklover takes home the Gold...Apex that is. When I spoke with him it sounded like it is going to some good use. Congratulations. Rick snagged the Vortech! OH, I think I actually wanted that one. As long as it is going to be used to grow coral I am happy I suppose. But really, congratulations as well. Whoa, its the rare and elusive Badxgillen , looks like I am getting that winter coat for hibernation. Raffle wise I actually snagged myself a gift card for the Salem Oregon Premium Aquarium. Yet another amazing store full of goodness. Talk about a good excuse to go to Salem! Who want to roll with!? And speaking of laughter, look at these three! I don't know whats making them laugh but I know that they crack me up. What a team we all make, its always a good time with the right chemistry of people. you probably know the people to right and to the left but in the middle we have Albertareef, a great asset to our club who rightfully sits on our PNWMAS Board Of Directors. Thank You Shaun. Well folks, thats about it for my brief recollections. I do want to make my usual thanks to all the office members, the Board Of Directors, the Sponsors, and all the PNWMAS crew that make all this possible. Most of you know it but some of you don't, and some just need a reminder, I Love you ALL. Much appreciated..Until next time... I hope you all enjoyed the party.
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    It was so fun seeing everyone! And yes, I do love playing Price Is Right model with those raffle items, can't deny it! I'll toss another picture into the mix. This is Zoolander, myself, and Albertareef, clearly all quite pleased with the shindig! Maybe it was my big lotto win that had me so excited! (For those not there, I scored lottery tickets in the white elephant exchange. Thought I won $5, but I actually won $9! I will soon forget all your names now that I'm a bigshot lotto winner!)
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    5th annual anniversary sale 12-16 and 12-17! Can’t believe it’s been 5 years and we are going to party. Everything in store will be at the lowest prices of the year. Salt, corals, fish, tanks will all be on sale. We will also be doing grab bags, raffles, free gift cards and many other things. Stay tuned for details.
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    Our lavender tang 😬 finally got a good shot!
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    Old pic when I had my 300. My Red Sea Sailfin :).
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    Hey all, found out about pnwmas via a facebook post from Paradise Corals and after talking to Bret decided to join about a month ago and then forgot I joined. Good to see that most the shops I frequent are sponsors on here. My grandmother used to breed freshwater fish so I have always had a tank as long as I can remember. I decided to make the jump to marine life a few years ago after we remodeled our living room and my 125 gallon cichlid tank no longer fit. I replaced it with a 60 gallon cube which I have been running as a mixed reef. I also had a 40 gallon breeder I recently setup in my sons playroom. My wife bought me a reefer 350 for my birthday in October with the stipulation that i consolidate tanks since maintaining 2 marine tanks took a lot of time in addition to the 3 freshwater tanks we have. So i have since broken down both tanks and have transferred over the livestock and rehomed a few. I realized I usually only take full tank shots when i first setup tanks and don't take many after that because they always are washed but I will try to stop being lazy and blow the dust off my dslr and take some progress pics with this tank. Attached is a pic of the 60 gallon being drained and the 350 being put in its place. I am still waiting on a few plumbing pieces to get here to hard plumb the return but once i get it 100% setup I will try to post some updated pics.
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    I was pretty sure I was going to lose the green trachy in the water change mixup. It spent 3 days with one of its mouths gaping open spewing brown stuff. Luckily it seems to be doing much better today. I just picked up the purple one from Randall this week. It was too good a deal to pass up. I think I'm going to have to send him a check once it fully colors up.
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    A new school year and new students at McBride this a 3 grade classroom so some students remain. The tank went thru a rough patch. I wasn’t doing water changes enough and the light was set for to long and to intense. We are back on track. I did add a small yellow tang to eat hair algae. The kids know he is just visiting. When new fish are added I do it during class time and the kids love helping a acclimate. If there are 8 kids the fish gets really acclimated, because I let each kid add a scoop of water. I asked the teachers to write an update on the kids daily reactions to the tank. During writing time she had the kids write letter !!! They are so precious
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    Looks like you all had too much fun, maybe next year I can figure out a way to wander over for this
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    Bert as always excellent job on the pictures and narration... You are truly one of the greatest assets to this club and judging from those RIDICULOUS advanced questions (this was my actual face taking those questions) you are also a wealth of knowledge Thanks Holly , Flashy (who lived up to her name at the event) and Bert for coming up with the quiz questions Thanks Sean and Flashy for running the raffle Thanks again MrBret for getting us the good deals on the raffle items and really having a lot to do with the idea of getting some of these high dollar raffle items! Thanks Sean for finding the venue for the part. Kennedy school is awesome and I received lots of comments of how fancy and nice it was! Would love to have another event here. Oh and I think I was laughing so hard when Cherany said that all the winners of the brain quiz should meet her in the corner for a prize.... It was a great time! Thanks everyone for coming!
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    The international forum Reef2Reef, has begun it's annual Toys for Kids campaign.Please consider a donation to help this wonderful community share the love this season.Have a Happy Holiday!-Keli https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/toys-for-kids-2017-the-kids-win-and-you-could-win-big-as-well.340246/
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    Looking to go to a glass tank cause i'm sick of acrylic. Probably a Marineland 300 since there is a good deal for one on the forums right now. just need to figure out how to make a 6' tank look good in a space made for a 10' tank. 400g tank dimensions are 120" long x 32" wide x 24" tall. Tank was purchased the summer of 2008 and setup the fall of 2008. obviously will need to be buffed out. Asking $1500.
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    It’s crazy to think where I started from to where I’m at today.
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    Well as some of you know I stacked the Paradise Corals bag and won gift certificates to Paradise Corals! Sirena and I stopped by last night. They are open late for First Tuesday so there was food , and free wine, and a band! He has a great selection of mushrooms and some nice zoas and I picked up a really nice Intrastellar mushroom and a no named but nice Hawaiian zoa. Sorry no pictures as it was late when I got home but I will post pictures up later when I get a chance. I don't make it out to Bret's very often because it's over an hour drive from my work but Sirena and I definitely want to come back and see him particularly on First Tuesday (which is the first Tuesday of the month) because it was a blast!
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    And in a school, too! Guess it's detention for me!
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    So bummed out that I missed this, had a sick kiddo, probably best since I was planning on wearing that same sparkle shindig as Cherany. Hahaha. Looks like you guys had a blast! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    I am leaving him out of the contest since he won in 2014. But here is the pic for old time's sake!
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    On Thursday last week I noticed that my corals were all looking pretty sad and I couldn't figure out why. I was also having a small red algae bloom and lost two snails. Turns out, my water buckets had gotten filled up incorrectly, and I did a 25% water change with fresh water. The salinity was 1.021 on Thursday when I checked it. I'm not sure how low it dropped right after the water change, but I had been topping off with salt water which must have bumped it up a little. Fortunately, it looks like a couple of turbo snails are going to be the only casualties. I don't know how I for lucky and didn't lose all my corals. A huge thank you to Matty for being amazing as always and letting me come over at night and get some salt. I bumped it up to 1.024 that night, then let it slowly come back up to 1.026 as water evaporated. Moral of the story? Don't overlook the simplest problem. And I'll always be tasting my water before I add it from now on.
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    I want the 30" Garf that's one hell of a frag Will take some eggs is any left and also the oxides..........sent you a text also.
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    Nanoreefer stopped by and we did some trades but he also brought us camera. Most of these pictures are just raw shots but he did tweak the pictures of Ollie! Thanks again the great pictures alone were worth the trade!
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    I've started the plumbing, but working 6 days a week for UPS through the end of the year. Will need to find a regular job in January, but making money and losing weight at the same time is good 😂 as for the plumbing, doing a little each day before work. The drains are all but done, so will be working on the CL, returns and manifold next, and the wife has decided furniture needs rearranging...
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    You guys are soooo funny! LOL
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    That looks familiar! Great little tank! Those of you who are about lineage... I bought it from R-3(because if you are paying attention R-3 likes to put up tanks and take them down and then put up another one ). It had several nice modifications including the built in power strip. It sat in my shed for a few months. I realized yet again I didn't need to put up another tank no matter how cool it so I sold it to Ocboat. So if you buy this tank you are also buying a little bit of forum history.
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    Okay not the best pictures as I took them as the lights were going off.
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    I have to give you props to you for having the most organized sale thread ever!
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    Thanks Albertareef, Flashyfins, Emerald525 and all the others I am sure I missed. It was a great event. I'm looking forward to the next one. Nate
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    Here is my entry. An old picture of the hippo tang when he was little. Nowadays he is a mack truck...
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    Vlamingii Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
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    I'm a self-proclaimed Quarantine Queen , but I mostly get weird reactions from people when I talk about it. Those people tend to have larger tanks with better filtration than I do, so they can get away with more and tend to go the dump and pray route. Eventually, it bites some of them, but enough get away with it that it continues to be standard practice. I have a 20 gallon tank with no skimmer and water changes as my only method of nutrient export, so I have no room for error. Any parasite or other nasty that gets in can overwhelm the tank in no time, so I refuse to let them in. Fish When I first get a fish (assuming it's not a delicate species I need to wean onto prepared foods, another matter entirely), I put it through the Tank Transfer Method. This is a series of 4 transfers over 12 days (3 days each) into new water each time, designed to outrun the life cycle of ich. The idea is that ich falls off the fish, reproduces, swims around looking to infect again, but cannot do so due to the fish having packed its bags and left Ich City. I use buckets for single fish under 3", but you'd obviously use proper tanks for larger fish or multiple fish. All equipment is sterilized between transfers. Feeding schedule, I decide based on species, but for most, I feed on the 3rd day of each transfer and add in Prime to ensure I'm not creating an ammonia spike. When the ich-be-gone transfers are complete, I move the fish into a clean, cycled QT tank to watch for other problems and fatten them up. I treat with 2 rounds of Prazi Pro for flukes and internal problems they may have going on. As long as I don't see stringy white poop, I don't worry any more about that. If I do see such a thing, I treat with Metroplex in the food. The fish I've found the hardest to treat for worms are anthias, because they tend to reinfect themselves constantly by eating the poop. Bacterial infections are less common, but if they do pop up, treat with antibiotics chosen according to the species and particular problem. Reef2reef is an excellent source of help from experts who haven't let their status go to their heads/turn them into jerks like that other forum. After 4 weeks in the QT tank (nearly 6 weeks total since acquiring the fish), if no problems have presented themselves or have been completely cleared and the fish is eating with gusto, into the display he goes! Corals & Inverts Non-fish livestock cannot be infected by ich, but they absolutely can carry it into your tank. More than a few people have been burned by not QT'ing anemones only to transfer velvet into their system. Plenty of coral pests end up in tanks this way. In short, there's a long list of things that can go wrong from not QT'ing all things wet. There is excellent info here about how to determine time frames for QT. I personally go 8 weeks, because encysted ich is not jumping from one rock to another; it is staying put until it bursts and goes on a hunt for fish to infect, which it will not find in my coral/invert QT. My coral dipping procedures are sufficient to eliminate any free swimming ich coming in through store/fellow reefer tank water, so even if I dropped new corals in 4 weeks ago, the ones that have been in QT 8 weeks are ready to go into the display. I don't chance it if I've added anything in the last 4 weeks, but that's due to coral pests rather than ich concerns. If I added a coral yesterday, I'm not going to take a chance that a pest didn't crawl from it to another overnight. If I were QT'ing a lot of SPS (rare for me), I would likely be more stringent, but that's something you have to determine for yourself based on what you keep, which pests are likely, how much damage they can do and how fast, and how easy or difficult they are to control or eradicate. When I bring home a coral, I first dip using Coral Rx (10 minutes for most corals, but some don't like it and I stop at 5). I have no experience using anything else, except maybe ME dip once or twice when I had a free sample. Plenty of people use Bayer and can offer advice there. I use a 50/50 mix of source water and my QT water to get the acclimation going. After the dip (assuming nothing nasty came off), I thoroughly rinse with new QT water in a separate container, then move the coral into a third container for a 30-minute dip in a heavy overdose of Flatform Exit (longer/again if I find any). I'll add 10 drops or more in a pint-size container. I also do this with any live rock I bring in. I've never experienced any problems doing this, although sometimes I'll see brittle stars and copepods going through a rough time. The stars, I'll grab if I can and toss into my coral QT so I don't have to watch them die a painful death. The pods don't get rescued. If you start seeing a lot of flatworms die off, you will need to periodically change out water and re-dose the dip, so you don't end up with toxin overload in the container. I've never had that happen, thankfully. Before developing this step of my incoming rock/coral routine, I did end up with red planaria in my coral QT. Once eradicated, I vowed I wasn't letting those bugs in again. Much easier to keep them out of the QT entirely, so I can make sure none ever make it into my display. I know there are worse pests for SPS lovers, but for the corals I keep, not so much. I might be forgetting some things, so feel free to ask questions. I might also be boring people to tears, but those people likely didn't make it this far, so advice to look away is useless.
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    Very well said and as a biologist i can certainly see your point. I mean, if you look at countries like japan that are complete germaphobes (anti bacterial clothing, etc), they have are more susceptible to infections because there immune systems are compromised as they are not as robust as someone exposed to lots of germs. So in this sense, it seems logical that not going overboard on QT would not make sense because if fish or corals are healthy, they can thrive despite the presence of pathogens. On the other hand.. one doesn't contract a mild case of AIDS, or don't sweat it, its just a little HSV2.. It seems to me that there are certain things you can roll the dice with.. velvet, ich. And certain things that once you get, it will systematically crush your tank over time. red bugs, acro spiders, AEFW. It seems at the very least, everyone keeping sps should have a 15x hand loop and a dipping regime. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Nice picture of the clown and mandarin I picked up a couple weeks ago at cuttlefish. Made themselves right at home!
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    Congrats to the 5 years! I also miss the old place. Something about trying to find a parking spot then the walk
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    I’m planning on being there I will see you then You got it and you get a discount!!
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    I'll buy the cat hahaha great pics wanna be my wedding photographer?
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    Lol. Well, I did blow the budget of course. Spent more on lighting than I'd planned, but hard to resist 50% off 😁
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    I was lucky enough to get a piece of this and will just add that the pic doesn't even do it justice (sorry Roy) - this is a super cool coral that show a range of fluorescent pink/orange/red coloration with the small blue polyps to accent them. Highly recommend if you are interested in a showpiece monti. I promise Roy did not pay me to make this endorsement... just a big fan of this coral
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    Jeff at cuttle fish has been awesome but I’ve also been at pretty much all the LFS within a 20 mile radius numerous times i’m pretty sure I have a coral, fish or snail from all those places. Can’t wait to get more
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    Thanks to all who put the party on. Very well done and it was a lot of fun with good food. Nice job Bret for the nice write up and pictures. Kennedy center was great location. Thanks again everyone.
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    I always enjoy seeing the photos from our meetings. Thank you Bert! What a great turnout. Great location too.
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    Glad you and the family made it up. Sorry we didn’t have more time to talk about the new build - raffle tickets were too popular! Nice that you got to enjoy the venue a bit outside the meeting - definitely one of their more whimsical locations.
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    Sorry to hear your little one was sick. Would have loved to catch up on the new tank. Hopefully next month.
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    Big thanks to Bert for always taking pics at the meetings! Your posts are great even for those of us who were there, because it helps put names to faces after we're home and realize we forgot to catch names while chatting with people. Congratulations to Roy & Jim for being the top scoring members of Bert's super advanced trivia quiz! Those guys both scored 80%, if I recall correctly. Couple of smarty pants in the house!
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    Running the 100g myself, Beautiful tanks. Good deal, would look good next to mine as a full sps tank 😊
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    My tangs, purple, blue, yellow, scopas, and sailfin. sorry for the dirty glass, when a photo op strikes, you gotta take it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk