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    If you haven't visited Woody's Seahorse in a while, make a trip and check it out! For a small shop Woody's daughter and son-in-law have a great selection of fish and corals at great prices. I was looking for a goby today. When I arrived they were courteous and asked about my setup. They then showed me a tank with 8-10 goby types to choose from! Wow.
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    Had for several years, love it’s motion. Oversized naso tail for scale 🤣
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    I broke mine doing maintenance. This part is low cost to print if you own a printer, and you can use it in 5 minutes. Not even Amazon is that fast https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4099425/files
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    I’m running out of room in my tank...
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    I like auto renewals. I know a couple people complained last time, but I think their complaints are unfounded. Everything is on auto these days and it's the most seamless way to do it. People should be capable of cancelling their own subscriptions. When I sign up for Pandora, do I complain to them when they take out my next payment even though I was "planning" on cancelling before the payment was due? Thanks for all the work, Chief! Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    I’ve got a portable air compressor with fitting to do this. I’ve done it through the years with my calcium reactor tubing. That’s my suggestion as well Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just in case you hadn't heard. CNC is having a sale on the $10-$40 frag tanks this weekend.💥Buy one get one of equal or lesser value. The frag tanks are packed with healthy and clean frags!🔥🔥🔥 See you tomorrow!✌
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    Maybe it's your toxic personality that awarded you the rank of zoanthid lol and your profile doesn't say you are a supporting member so pay up!
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    Cleaned my filter, took a cleaner shot
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    mine is just a simple green color....................but you can see why I like it................
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    I bought this pair of breeding clownfish about a year ago with the intent of trying my hand at raising babies, but life has gotten in the way and I have finally admitted to myself that it's not going to happen. They have been in their own tank ever since I've had them, and are very healthy. If there was anyway I could keep them in my DT I would, but the clownfish already in there would never have it. It breaks my heart a little to part with them, though. They are super-cute together in their little terracotta flower pot. See pics. $250 or possible trade for coral colony
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    I finally found a good spot for my pink goni where it seems happy. Thanks @Gil&Fin!!!
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    Every colony in this tank was grown from a frag of 1” or less. I believe in simple. I do use apex to monitor things, a nyos skimmer, a cheap dc return pump, 4 MP 40’s, twin 300 watt heaters, a GHL Doser (160 ml a day of CA and ALK) and the lighting is powered by 4 radion xr30 pros mounted in an Aquatic life fixture
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    That is right! We are all headed up north for our next meeting over to the reputable reefer Stylaster's house! If you have not seen his amazing setups then you are in for a treat, this guy has been doing this for a long time and he most certainly does it well! Just look at his custom made aquarium, It is a 312g with a 125g sump a 40g refugium and a 50g frag tank plumbed through into his garage, all full of corals. He also knows a thing or two about the hobby making him a very versed person to chat with about all things aquatic. So feel free to bring your questions as there will be a wealth of knowledge in several of the people attending this gathering, some real salty dogs if you know what I mean. And in addition to Stylaster opening his home for us to meet up at, we will have food, beverages, and raffles to participate in for those who attend. Being a little further up north it seems like a good time to do a little bit of a frag swap too so I will include the link to a trade thread here... http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/topic/46526-frag-swap-at-roys-house/ Where - 244 Sparks Drive, Kelso WA 98626 When - Saturday Febuary 1st 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM What - Food, friends, fun, and frags!!! So save the date and make the drive out, you won't want to miss it and we don't want to miss you!
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    I'm not certain if this will work for everyone, but here's how I looked up my membership:
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    Also I have turned back on renewals so we have expiration dates. Keep in mind if you choose to use renewals, then paypal will set up renewals and if you want to cancel, you will need to go into your paypal profile to turn it off. Jay
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    Had a couple of years, from aqua sd colors in pic are spot on
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    I have the perfect stand for this if anyone needs😁
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    Opening the door to my sump... via GIPHY
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    I can send you payment no problem... Been dealing with sone fish flakes lately I presume? I understand, I have been there before.
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    Nice save John 👍 I don’t want to be on the outlet side of the line when you fire up that compressor. Maybe you could get @pdxmonkeyboy to hold it for you.
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    Well, I hate to take you up on that offer since @pdxmonkeyboy challenged my manhood for not owning an air compressor (though I did own a large compressor in the past when I had a full 2-car-garage-sized woodshop with several air powered tools), but if you don't mind I'd appreciate it. 🤓
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    welcome nice to meet you
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    Can you tell me why I even bought the LR! [emoji1787] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Welcome Merkey! Always glad to have more participants from north of the river - glad you found us. We are actually having our next meeting in WA (granted farther south) but maybe you can make a field trip. If you take a look at the member map feature, you might find some other folk closer by as well. I did move this to the "Introduce Yourself" thread as it seemed more appropriate.
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    This is fertile ground for commentary but no... As Manny mentioned, the fact that you do not see "supporting member" under your profile pic suggests that your membership has lapsed but you may want to wait until Chief confirms that he is done with his corrections. Suncrest's suggestion would be another way to try and verify if your last payment was more than a year ago (assuming you paid through the site). As for the zoanthid part - those headings are driven by post count if I'm not mistake - hence Kim (Emerald) has the "Top Poster" moniker. Can't recall if I have ever seen a list of those names/post count assignments though.
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    No sympathy, just envy.
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    looks like that blue clove polyp is trapped and can't spread out 😃
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    I'm happy to adopt any orphans 😀 Definitely first world coral problems...
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    For those concerned about aesthetics, Geo is now offering custom color combinations. This would match my Apex and plumbing nicely....🤓
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    metering co2 is how deltec and dastaco are set up as well skip to 12:00 for an explanation
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    Poletti jawbreakers first sale Momma (NFS) has a ton of reds and even greens. It came from golden basket reef (you can see it in the top left corner and circled in red) 18 month old Babies (Circled in yellow) have some nice red streaks, some purple but no green yet. They are all grown up and about 2-2.5” in diameter when fully open $250 obo each also willing to trade (gold torch or OG bounce)
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    You guys continue to amaze me with all of this DIY 3d stuff. Nice work
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    Thanks!, I don't think I could go back to not having one, it does take some practice but it can sure pay off sometimes. Now I just have to wait and see if its sealed enough to be usable in an aquarium environment.
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    Was it just me or was the guy making the video kind of obnoxious? I felt like he kept interrupting the guy and getting his own knowledge of the production out there whenever possible. I kept thinking, Hey man, that dude is the mastermind. Let him talk, not you. That's definitely a solid point. Although BRS sells their pumps for like $100, right? And those things seem to always be a go-to item. Dropping a little more flow to do everything these do doesn't seem that unreasonable if you're spending $100 on the BRS pumps. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    It looks pretty cool for auto water changes, auto topoff, and Ca reactors, but I'm not sure about for dosing smaller quantities from multiple channels. It would be $600 for 4 channels of dosing. And I thought my 4 channel GHL doser was expensive!
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    Intrigued! Thanks for sharing! Maybe I don't have to build my own from scratch now 🤣
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    I can babysit them for you Holly. Just bring them over...
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    Just went to cuttlefish, very nice store. They're holding a leopard wrasse for me. Tomorrow we'll check out woody's!
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    @albertareef You read my mind! Here's the LFS map at a glance:
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    If you look at the members map there is a option to show the location of the LFS which might help. Agree on CnC and Seahorse. If you happen to be out Hillsboro then Paradise is well worth a visit.
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    Fantastic! Looks great, John. I love that little pink goni. I'm glad you have a piece of it. Thanks for the Shout Out.
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    If you don’t find anyone here with tanks for sale, check out Green Concepts in Gresham. They have a huge selection. See their ads on Craigslist: https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/bfd/d/portland-tank-super-store-full-line-of/7049805634.html
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    I have a small green bubble tip you can have and some dragons breath macro algae. Im in hillsboro
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    I can donate a couple large grape Montipora corals if you want them. They are very easy and can adapt to wide lighting conditions. They could be a good test before getting an anemone. Daniel Sent from my SM-N975U1 using Tapatalk
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    FYI the January meeting will be at my place Saturday Jan 21. I have a few sps frags that I will donate to the cause.
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    Its spoken for at this point. responding to PMs this AM
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    @obrien.david.j I left my Walt Disney at the top where it wasn't doing too well, then went out of town over the holidays. It didn't survive. How did yours do after moving it? I waited too long to take action. 😔
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    I just removed it from the map. Sad day. 😥
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