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    New stand is 36” tall, vs the 31” of my 90g. It’s incredible how different that is! I now need a small stool to put my arms in the tank. The 6” deeper front to back is so awesome! I so wish I would have just gone 120g 10 years ago. But the extra 12” width makes this feel like a monster of a tank in my living room! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The SPS I got from Jim (Gumby) are so healthy. Look at the polyps our on this WD! Beautiful stuff, and be sure to get a piece of his Jimbo Mojo 🙌 IMG_8584.m4v IMG_8584.m4v
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    I don't think so, considering where those things have been. Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
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    Bleach is a good idea but I have found that muriatic acid is faster and more efficient. Acid bath and then rinse. The real plus is that it dissolves the outer skin of the rock and gets ALL the grime off. You add the acid to the water and the foam that rises up... yuck! Just don't get it on your skin. Many ways to skin this cat. That is just what I do.
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    Nice! Nothing like a dirty skimmer neck! Swabbie for me too! And maybe once a year clean the swabbie itself as it gets dirty. My skimmers dump to a 5 gallon bucket. This bucket has a solenoid that empties the 5 gallon bucket twice a week into the septic system. Yeah... I hate cleaning skimmers
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    Well I got my new system up and running this weekend. Good lord that’s a lot of work. It’s been 10 years that I’ve have that 90 running. First few pics are the tank fro SC Aquarium. Beautiful tank with zero flaws. Crazy good pricing. 60 x 24 x24 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finished my plumbing today. Leak test tomorrow after work.
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    I don’t think there was one I’m believing if I had feelings that post would more than likely make me feel remorse/bad/evil/hateful Glad I don’t In all honesty you’re killin it and I don’t mean in the literal sense, whatever has caused you trouble in the past seems to have met it’s match Juat keeping a maricultured piece living can be a feat in itself- great work on the growth, best I’ve seen! All hail the Acro Queen
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    Update on the tank. I’m the one that Jack sold this little setup. Tank is doing good I’m going to put an ato on it, a gravity one to keep the sump level on top off water. Every thing is growing.
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    Looks good! But a couple of questions: 1. Why do you have a valve on one side of your return pipes, but not the other? 2. Why do you have a union on one side of your return pipes, but not the other?
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    Hey Scott! Hope all is well man!!! They are doing really well. I have a few new 900g poly setups that I installed windows in for some of the larger pairs and left the acrylic setups for the smaller species. Since you were last over I’m working with the smallest known freshwater species to try and make available to the US market. Will hopefully have pups in the next 6-12 months.
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    So with Coral Reef Tankers going from 5 to 10 polyps and Snappy growing 6 from 3 means we have two contestants who made a doubling growth rate for their frag. Basically we have two winners and I cannot think of a tie breaker, so... Prize corals for all! I will see what frag packs we can offer these Acan Farmers here. You two have preferences between SPS, LPS, Zoas, or softies, maybe an assortment?
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    I did the bleach bath on some old rock that had been outside for months in someone’s yard. Came out great and stripped everything off. I have it cooking in the garage after dechlorination for the last couple of months and change the water weekly using the water I drain from my display tank during water changes. Probably overkill on the additional soak/cure time but I am in no big rush. May add it to the DT this weekend.
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    I got the stand put together. Mine has a door on the right and left sides. Found out today that this is a new stand that IM hasn’t even announced yet and is a $250 upgrade. Guess I got lucky.
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    swabbie here as well. Keeps the neck clean. But prepare yourself when you decide it is a good day to clean the swabbie off.... #gag_reflex.
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    There’s no easy or elegant way to do this in Apex programming other than a series of virtual outputs each with different Defer timers with one triggering the next: Timer1 = 60 minutes Timer2 = 30 minutes Timer3 = 5 minutes Timer4 = 10 minutes Timer5 = 5 minutes [Timer1] Set OFF If Swx11_2 CLOSED Then ON Min Time 060:00 Then ON [Timer2] Set OFF If Output Timer1 = ON Then ON Defer 030:00 Then ON [Timer3] Set OFF If Output Timer2 = ON Then ON Defer 005:00 Then ON [Timer4] Set OFF If Output Timer3 = ON Then ON Defer 010:00 Then ON [Timer5] Set OFF If Output Timer4 = ON Then ON Defer 005:00 Then ON [PUMP_FRAG] Fallback ON Set ON If Output Timer1 = ON Then OFF [MP40_FRAGE_L] Fallback ON Set ON If Output Timer1 = ON Then OFF If Output Timer2 = ON Then ON If Output Timer3 = ON Then OFF If Output Timer4 = ON Then ON If Output Timer5 = ON Then OFF [MP40_FRAGE_R] Fallback ON Set ON If Output Timer1 = ON Then OFF If Output Timer2 = ON Then ON If Output Timer3 = ON Then OFF If Output Timer4 = ON Then ON If Output Timer5 = ON Then OFF All 5 of these virtual outputs must be set to AUTO, but you can then remove them from your dashboard to avoid all the clutter if you choose. (sorry for taking this thread off topic...I can move this post to the Equipment forum if requested)
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    Looking to find a home for my clown.. not in any rush either, will be in a nano so something small (but large enough to host) I don't have anything specific in mind but looking for a rock dweller.
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    Just curious...will you be running any aquarium controller system, or doing it old school?
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    I’d be interested and you can even keep the remote May even have some corals to trade if there is any interest. PM on its way
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    I'm pretty sure there was a compliment somewhere buried in all those insults, so I'm just going to say "Thank you, Brad." 🙃 Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
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    I am indebted to Scott...or I will be. Sowie.
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    Went minimalist rock work compared to last system, with open back wall. Holy cow, I just dug out the old sand from that tank tonight. It was 6”+ in some areas and layered with black nastiness. No wonder I couldn’t conquer that green turf algae problem. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here’s the stand my brother and I built. Birch plywood, and pretty hell for stout. I was getting all stressed out seeing the 2x4 stand concepts all over the other forums, but as an engineer I could see how insanely overbuilt they are. I’m very confident in this design. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If these are available later this week I would definitely take them.
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    FYI, Home Depot sells blue pvc online and it’s cheaper than anywhere else. Two pack of 5’ tubes Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So my clowns finally laid egg's! Been waiting for quite some time now. This is their first little clutch of eggs and my first attempt to raise them. I have about 8 or 9 babies that have made it to day 8 now. Fingers crossed. Pictures are hard to get and my photo skills aren't the greatest.but here is one of the babies and mom and dad.
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    I like the floor trim, give the setup a really clean look.
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    I just got done setting up my tank with all new live rock, I’ve got (2) 20 gallon totes full of now dead rock if you want to come by and look through it take your pick let me know Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yessir! That’s the matching 600 to mine. That pair of rays (Potamotrygon leopoldi) is pair I used to have back around 2014 and they recently bred too! Small world
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    Okay Losers! It's that time again, and it's the halfway mark. Let's see 'em! Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
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    Sold. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You can also use vinegar. I think it all depends to on what type of rock................I had pukani years ago and a day in vinegar took off a good layer of it............then off to a SW bath for a few months in a brute............it all worked out great.
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    Those my friend are red zoas, yellow zoas, and green zoas. Your welcome
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    Not sure if I'm understanding this correctly but the rock you have is dry, not live so you can't use it to seed other rock. Also, while cleaning it in acid or bleach and drying it in the sun is a great idea, those vermited snails and other pests are dead and won't be introduced into you tank.
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    Definitely not going to hurt the rock. Great plan in my book. I'd probably give it some time in RODI (a few days) to lift some TDS from the tap before I wasted salt on it, but you're all good. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    I am in McMinnville, so not to far. I could definitely help.
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    Have you tried finding them on this resource? (I haven't tried to match your pictures up, just providing the reference) https://www.reeflex.net/kategorie/61.html
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    @obrien.david.j Yes, you figured it out properly. Your spreadsheet lays it out nicely, and that’s how I see it in my head. (actually, it’s more like this:)
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    And Now, my implementation and validation details. I did it, and it works. I changed the names of Virtual outlets ("timer" --> "FeedStorm"), and added Test-Switch, Test-Pump, and Test-MP40s to allow me prototype in isolation. First, it took me reading the code three times to understand how it worked. And THEN i mocked it up in excel to just watch the timeline by by. FeedStorm1 = 60 minutes -- Main Pump & MP40s OFF @ 0s FeedStorm2 = 30 minutes -- turn MP40s ON @ 30mins FeedStorm3 = 5 minutes -- turn MP40s OFF @ 35mins FeedStorm4 = 10 minutes -- turn MP40s ON @ 45mins FeedStorm5 = 5 minutes -- turn MP40s OFF @ 50mins (and then Timer1 Expires), Main Pump & MP40s ON @ 60mins The Code: --> Testing Code: [FeedStorm1] Set OFF If Swx13_1 CLOSED Then ON If Outlet Test-Switch = ON Then ON Min Time 060:00 Then ON [FeedStorm2] Set OFF If Output FeedStorm1 = ON Then ON Defer 030:00 Then ON [FeedStorm3] Set OFF If Output FeedStorm2 = ON Then ON Defer 005:00 Then ON [FeedStorm4] Set OFF If Output FeedStorm3 = ON Then ON Defer 010:00 Then ON [FeedStorm5] Set OFF If Output FeedStorm4 = ON Then ON Defer 005:00 Then ON [PUMP_FRAG] & [Test-Pump] Fallback ON Set ON If Output Timer1 = ON Then OFF MP40_FRAGE_L] & [Test-MP40s] Fallback ON Set ON If Output Timer1 = ON Then OFF If Output Timer2 = ON Then ON If Output Timer3 = ON Then OFF If Output Timer4 = ON Then ON If Output Timer5 = ON Then OFF [MP40_FRAGE_R] --> (Same Code as MP40_FRAGE_R)
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    Will they eat frozen asterinas? I could start freezing them and I know someone with a lot of them I can ask too, though usually I only see about a dozen as I tend to remove them. I think they ate a bunch of my coral so I got kinda harsh on them.
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    I am interested in the entire setup! Tried to PM u but it says u can't accept messages. I will be near Canby tomorrow morning for work and would love to come see the tank. Please let me know Thanks
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    Holy smokes, you weren't kidding. It took me three tries to make sure I followed this flow. Ya, no one said Apex programming was straight forward. Such lack of basics. Thanks for the help. Punch Line - I'm going to try it!
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    Thanks! Gone, like Elvis and his Mom....
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    This sounds like awesome automation for Apex to help with. I'll press a button, all pumps off. Slurry Feed every head as you describe. Then walk away. automation will handle the re-mixing, and then going back to normal. @SuncrestReef, can you turn this into a program, that I can trigger with one of my external push buttons? Input push button is Swx11_2 Pump outlet is PUMP_FRAG Fallback ON Set ON If Swx11_2 CLOSED Then OFF <<-- turn this into Off for 60 minutes please Powerheads (MP40s) are MP40_FRAGE_L and MP40_FRAGE_R After Swx11_2 CLOSED, needs off for 30 minutes. Then ON 5 minutes, OFF 10 minutes, ON 5 minutes, OFF 5 minutes. Then back to normal programming. (which would be some kind of ON)
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    The tank has arrived!
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    Been cooking this a while...
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    I will be going over this thread soon. I'll update with a list of those still in the competition and those that are not.
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    It took a lot of convincing to get my wife to agree to me drilling a hole through the wall for my garage mixing station. Unfortunately that hole is only big enough for the 1/4" poly tubing, so I'd need to drill larger holes for a remote sump. Since I'm already working on her to agree to building a large addition on the house with a dedicated fish room, I'm going to keep working that angle. The last thing I want is to compromise on a remote sump and lose the fish room battle. 🤣
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