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    Picked this little guy up from the shop a few days ago. I couldn't help it. Now it's time to start training it to non live food.
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    As expected, my Hollywood Stunner is growing like a weed. Here are some before and after shots: Macro shots:
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    My new bulbs came in yesterday 🙂. Over the weekend we stopped by Jeff’s to pick up a mystery wrasse.
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    Maybe the new water pump from AI? Gyre. Kessil 360 and 160. AI hydra 26, or a prime? Fancy sump(trigger or Skimz). Simplicity skimmer. Coral packs. Calcium reactor set up. Just a couple things I would want Sent while trying to get my next coral fix.....
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    Tampico Coral Farms Tampico Coral Farms is a family run coral farm founded by Kyle Woekel in 2007. We grow tropical corals in a green house in Monmouth, Oregon. At Tampico Coral Farms, we pride ourselves in providing top quality corals grown in our state-of-the-art facility and we stand behind our work. We are wholesale to the trade selling primarily to Pet Stores and Distributors nationwide. Feel free to contact us to find out where you can buy our corals in your area. Industry folks Contact us today set up an account and get on our mailing list or to just say Hi. Regarding corals that I grow and will be at the show. I literally grow ALL of them but I have a soft spot for Acro's, Montis and LPS. At the show expect to see Nice Acro's and Monti's (both named and un-named), Zoanthids of all types. High end Chalice, Acans, Flowerpots, and just about every other type of frag around. I will also be bringing some High end LPS Colonies, Like Trachyphyllia and Scolymia. Thank you Kyle.
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    Hey everyone! I hope everyone is excited for the show! We are going to have a great speaker in Mark Callahan (Mr. Saltwater Guy). We will also have many great prizes for our raffle, but the bread and butter to our Fragfest are our Vendors. Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to list a little blurb on each one, so you have a little background on them over the next couple of weeks. Also each Vendor will have vouchers for free raffle tickets for buying corals from them. For each individual Vendor that you spend $50 you get 1 free raffle ticket, $100/3 free tickets, $150/5 tickets and $200/8 tickets.
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    fish flakes is a great term too lol
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    Thanks for the bump up and patience while we fight this. No new updates are available, but @Chief and I are chasing one more lead.
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    If you are happy with your purchase then it’s totally worth the $150. Happy reefing
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    Definitely will. I've been through this before. I'll probably post a tutorial on how to train them to eat frozen foods of it works again.
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    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07B4H7HPD/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 There are a few pretty good youtube videos reviewing this light. Just set one up on my fuge and it works great. My new clump of cheato has doubled in a week.
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    I did some major electrical and other contracting to make my man cave "safe" for the reef. Changed out the wood flooring for ceramic tiles, and re-routed many electrical circuits and upgraded and moved the panels in the garage. Then I added a cut off to switch critical circuits over to a generator when the power goes off. This was one big step short of a whole house set up. This hobby is way more expensive than I expected. Yes, you all warned me, but I did not listen.
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    All good stuff. I think we had both MP-40 and MP-10 last year. Might be nice to include a Gyre as well depending on where we land with the light and the DC return pumps are always popular. Flow seems to be a universal need...
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    Suggestions from the board were LED light, DC pump, MP-#, RO/DI, & doser. If something on the list jumps out at you, give a shout! Other items, let us know.
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    Owner: Rudy Batara Business location: Tigard, OR Golden Basket Reef Premium Service + Quality Coral Frags = A worry free buying experience A formula that defines the shopping experience at Golden Basket Reef, a brand established as the hottest, quality, parasite free, live corals available to the reefing community since the 90’s. All our corals are carefully monitored as they grow-at our facility. Whether you just started collecting or are a long-time reefer, we can build you the coral collection of your dreams! Sustainability We acquire only select premium mother colonies and propagate them in-house. We believe this is the best way to bring rare, vibrant corals - sustainably into the reefing community. A love for corals and their reefs drives our sustainability goals, sustained us for over 25 years of business, and is what brought the Golden Basket brand to where it is today. Over the years, our business model has evolved. At first, we found our footing importing colonies of regular stock, wild and mariculture, corals. Later, we transitioned to importing of select premium mother colonies with the goal of in-house propagation to grow captive grown/aquaculture coral frags. We also continually acquire aquaculture frags from proven domestic growers expanding our grow out varieties. Some of our most recognized corals are the Krakatoa line of Zoa’s, GB Emperor Zoa’s, the GB Avatar Chalice, the GB Thunder & Lightning Chalice, and GB Burning Candle Acropora. What inspired you Rudy to start the hobby? Watching intricate detail, asst colors, and coral movement attracted me into the hobby long ago. Gave me pleasing and calm feeling. What are your favorite corals? The Burning Candle Acro and the original Krakatoa R.I.P. What corals will we will see at your booth on the Saturday Oct. 27th? You will see a lot of zoa, lps, mushrooms, and sps that I prepare for the show. Those of you that don't Rudy well known among the reefer community. He has been around the U.S. to shows year round. We are fortunate and excited to have him. Stop by and check out his amazing corals.
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    Online coral sales are tough. We do the best we can. Kinda of a cheap shot at lfs stores if u ask me.
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    Glad the spectrum police left and we can share a few pics of this awsome peice! Looks good btw rudy!
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    Picture of the BigR Freak Nasty Monti under royal blue at my tank can be check out in person So without photoshop it is that bright
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    Nice shots! Look like hydroids to me. In the temperate marine world, several nudibranchs mow down hydroids like grass. I wonder if Berghia would take a shine to these things? Crustaceans might enjoy munching 'em down, too. Dunno for sure but the Peppermint is probably worth a try as long as there isn't anyone in the system that might fancy eating a fancy shrimp.
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    leaky canister filter. 8 salt water soaked towels in washer. hours of solid sleep logged last night 4.75. happiness is getting woken up at 5 am... hey there is water all over the basement.. what's leaking? Is it cheeses tank? Could it be the big black tank? should I get some towels? are you going to look? GEEEZUZ.. LET ME GET OUT OF BED FIRST!! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    It's well-stocked for sure, hehe.