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    The May Meeting is over but I wanted to acknowledge some great members and sponsors ! @goldenbasketreef for being such a gracious host and taking the time to share your expertise on sps. Thanks for all the great coral donations as well as pitching in for the grand prize and getting the lights. I wanted those. @Sirena for helping with signs , running around the day before to get the slushie machine , spending hours planning and prepping the food and setting up. @spectra for all your time as well with providing the food. You two could go in business together catering. Totally professional job! @badxgillen for preparing for the talk and always being my go to guy for helping to clean up. @albertareef for bringing the sound system and always stepping in wherever help is needed. @lewisriverfisherman for stepping up and helping with directing parking without being asked. @Gil&Fin for taking charge of the group buys , dropping off all the tables and also in general just stepping up where you are needed. @eclipse522 for getting there early and helping me set up the raffles. The cookies were delicious ! @Exodus @R-3 and all the other members who stuck around and helped us clean up and pack every thing back up. Sorry I didn’t catch everyone who helped it was a big blur of hard working people ! Also sorry for those I forgot to mention there were so many of you offering to help ! Thanks to these sponsors for also donating raffle items! Think of these companies when you purchase because without them the club would not be as successful: Red Sea @marine depot @UPSCALES MACNA It has been a great run and I know Stylaster will do a great job taking on the president role next year! It’s been a great run!
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    Thanks for organizing Kim! That was another fantastic, fun, informative meeting that took a lot of work to put together so kudos to you, Sirena, Scott, Bert, Holly and Rudy (and anyone else I forgot) for all your work on this one. Sorry I was late to the party 🙁but you all had it well in hand! The last couple of meetings have set a pretty high bar for the club but I'm sure the new set of officers and board members will do their best to keep things rolling. It is still hard to believe, however, that you won't be there to keep us on on task. Thanks again for everything you have done for the club as President - you have most definitely set the tone for engaged and committed leadership and left us in great position for success in the future. Hopefully you will come back with renewed energy and enthusiasm when life permits. Cheers! Sean
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    Thank you all for coming, it has been my pleasure to house the club meeting. It was super fun, good companies and good food and good drink. Till next time, stay reefing!
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    Thanks @Higher Thinkingfor this tricolor spa from awhile back. It started color up nicely. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
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    No point dosing potassium nitrate if you're running GFO and carbon. GFO will just strip out the potassium until GFO is depleted. I suggest removing GFO and carbon reactors. If nitrate and potassium are still zero after a week or so, reduce cheato photo period.
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    Kim, ....Thanks for all the work you do on these meetings. I especially enjoyed the question/answer on SPS and such. Some interesting information from both. Scott outdid himself at the grill once again,..... great food and the drinks were perfect for a sunny day! Of course we cannot forget to thank Rudy who invited us to his business. My wife and I are looking into a trip to the MACNA convention in Vegas next September after a lucky raffle draw. A great excuse for the trip! Thanks all!
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    I was riding my motorcycle and my alarm went off.. [language filter]?... oh its the "acan auction alarm". Pull over, win acan, complete my ride to crown point with big smile. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    you can find a good article that explains imbalances and how to correct them here
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    Happy mother's day to you and yours
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    Thank you for hosting Rudy! Always a pleasure to visit your operation, learn more about successful coral husbandry and pick out some treasures to bring home. Looking forward to next time!
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    Scott and Sirena do make quite the team.
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    I have just gotta say, those taco's were SUPER yummy!
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    Yeah going home sucked................I needed that margarita machine in the back of my truck Sun comes out and people cant drive..........I saw 3 wrecks on the way home a emergency vehicles heading up 205......... But was a good meeting !!!!!
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    Had fun at meeting learned some stuff met new folks an purchased some coral. Trip from Wa. Always worth it thanks again
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    If you are not a member, get with it and get a free working washer and dryer from a member of the best club on the left coast!
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    Sirena’s daughter would like them. She’s not a member but Sirena is and we set up a tank for her kids is that close enough. 😀
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    I have bought amphipods from both aquariumdepot and royalreefs. I was equally happy with both sources. My rule is only buy when theyre buy one get one free, both sites do this periodically. I buy them in lots of 1000 and keep them in plastic jars with airstones, near my phytoplankton cultures. I feed them crumbled up dried nori, and change water once a week. They last as long as I choose to keep taking care of them and remain too numerous to count. When I've tried starting cultures with the small 15-30 packs that some places sell, they never grew into the large colonies I want as a food supply. But both of the above sources sell big fat bags of 1000 amphipods.
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    Thanks @youcallmenny for the suggestion! To add a build thread link, just go to your profile and choose 'Edit Profile'. Paste a link to your build thread. Others will be able to see it and browse to it when viewing your profile
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    I included some new pictures of the tank someone else took. You can see my zoa frag between the two scolia in the first shot.
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    Sigs are very web 1.0. I'm just doing my part to prevent another geocities or angelfire from happening! 😊
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    Thanks to everyone who helped put on the event. This was event my wife and I attended, we were happy we went. Food was great, people were cool, Rudy's and his family were awesome, good info on SPS ... and of course the raffle! I'm looking forward to the next meeting, thanks again!
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    I just wanted to say again a huge thanks once again to Rudy "and wait! His wife, she works just as hard!" and the whole of the PNWMAS community and board for making these things happen. This was my first meeting so i just kinda sat back and watched how things work and WOW! there's a lot going on. Also wanted to share my Torch and see if others might want to share theirs as well. Very happy! I'd love to see that black torch!? I'm not sure how i got lucky once again but it appear i chose a torch that had 3 heads, (noticed when dipping and changing plugs) but i'm def no pro at analyzing coral skeletons Maybe it just looked that way with how they grow. VID_20180513_133528378.mp4.24809462491acc706f8380c44ef80b51 (2).mp4 Anyone notice that purple torch? Some of you may remember this thread/pic
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    This coral is pretty awesome. Excited to share it with the group
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    Ok a few more..................am done till the morning...............time to go to the garage and play with the motorcycle corn salsa and rice and beans tomorrow........... See everyone tomorrow.......going to be a great day!