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    My acan colony is doing really well, with great coloration and polyp extension. Take a look at how it moves in the water flow:
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    Doing my weekly water change yesterday and all is going great until I try to fire up my return pump....notta. Nothing. Not even a tiny little hum of the motor trying to get going. So that's not good. Luckily, about two years ago I bought a backup and had it stored in the garage just waiting. Thirty minutes of minor plumbing and back in business. Just lucky though. Having to find a new internal pump at 1.5in output etc....under pressure to get everything going again - would've been stressful. SO - buy that backup pump now everyone. I already ordered a new backup. Related - it's a Jebao 12000. When I bought it, I wasn't really sure what kind of quality to expect. Well - it had been up running for about 40 months with MINIMAL routine cleaning. I mean minimal - like - just cleaning out the pre-filter. Quiet and moves a ton of water.
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    Quick update... Looks like one of our killer admins has found a location based member mapping app for our platform that may do a lot of what we want plus some other things. Stay tuned as this will require some discussion about how it could be incorporated if we go that direction - currently under discussion in the officer/board forum. Just to clarify, this is actually a plug in for the existing site... don't want to offend our tech guys by mischaracterizing it!
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    Can we have a "Location" stick thread or forum to find hobbiests in a more localized area? Example; Southwest, northwest, southeast, northeast regions of each state in the Pacific Northwest? Would make it easier for locals to meet up for local trades, sales, tank help, etc.. Or at least experiment with the idea? I live in Napavine, Washington and its hard to find users in this area. Maybe its a horrible idea, but worth a shot. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Well Scott, I have grown out that green slimer into several nice sized pieces so when you are ready I will hook you back up!... and also you get a mega bonus zoa pack as well seeing as the first one was "accidentally" taken home by someone (insert your a bad karma piece of shiet emoji here)
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    Would there be any public interest in having a microscope available at the meeting? I'd be happy to bring my microscope and clean slides if anyone has something they're trying to ID. Diatoms, dinoflagellates, ich, pods, and many other things are easy to ID under magnification. This microscope can view samples at 40x, 80x, 100x, 200x, 400x, 800x, 1000x, or 2000x. The view can also be recorded on video on your own smartphone since I have a universal adapter to hold a phone up to the eyepiece. Let me know if anyone is interested.
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    i did mine, it is stupid easy. the include a device to measure the center of a circle. It literally took 20 minutes to drill, wire and install it. I went with the monkeyboy skim jug 2000. lasts about 3 weeks before it needs emptying. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    So move is almost here!! With that brings a new build. Shout out to crystal reef aquatics, spectra and my good friend Serge. More info to come
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    I have a vertex upgraded to 5 stage 150gpd with pressure pump (and a back up pump). Also have all nee membrane and filters! $250 for everything! Im in se portland 5037348103
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    So awesome, great reminder to all! Spares make so much sense, highly encourage it. My last return pump went out while boarding an airplane. Tough for my dad to swap out, but he pulled it off. Based on that, I made some changes. Here is my latest setup. Instead of running active/passive (a backup pump), I run active/active. What?? Basically it means instead of one return pump and having a spare (active/passive), I run two (active/active). One to each seaswirl. Both running at 50%. If a pump goes out, the overflow start to make noise as it is draining faster than a single return pump can supply (great clue). Then one can just turn up the other pump to 100% and things are back up and running. If I am home, then the failure can be diagnosed and replaced, resetting back to 50%. If I am travelling, then it can wait, one pump can do the job. Thing is, the jebaos are rock stars, been waiting a long time for one to go out! But I have tested this setup, simulating power failure. Works great! FWIW...
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    Thanks for the link @SuncrestReef I haven't been paying much attention to this product since I don't currently have an Apex but another brand of controller so it was interesting to get some additional details re design. Things I like: Titration vs. colorimetric assays (speaks to my lab bench days) Simplification of reagents - 3 for 3 different assays is actually pretty impressive (would be interested in the chemistry of this) Relatively small volume required (although 25 mls total per test cycle still feels high considering stand alone tests) Potential for some fairly smart feedback integration for dosers (seems like they put some thought into the logic for this Logic based warnings for reagent use and waste fill up Don't like: Tied to a 4:2:2 test ratio (for very vague reasons) - just don't see that such frequent testing of Ca/Mg is necessary unless you are actively dialing in some dosing. Dependent on set length of tubing runs could limit placement (probably related to automation of line flushing etc.) Overall definitely worth a look and something I would certainly consider if I was running a dosing based setup and would still potentially be interested in regardless depending on price point (assuming I had an Apex)
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    Love this piece! Super happy it went to a good home and is being enjoyed.
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    Someone is volunteering themselves for a classification talk at an upcoming meeting 😄
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    Well considering how mine is growing and the fact I have a nano I’ll probably do some trimming later in the year and I would be happy to share this piece with the collective. I feel like it’s my duty to kick back some frags considering this was a freebie given to me at my first meetup.
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    Surely OCD. But I love it That’s never a bad thing!!
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    I often wonder if me and HexaReef are the only ones in lewis county 🤔
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    I probably went a bit overboard, but I bought spares for most of the critical parts for my system, including my return pump, powerheads, and utility pumps. Rather than just keeping the spares on a shelf, I rotate them each time I do maintenance. This allows me to just swap out a pump quickly and then take my time cleaning the removed pump. i still need to get a spare Apex 2016 though. I’ve been hoping to find a used one.
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    I got the stand started yesterday. I still need to get some trim on it and clean it up before painting, but I'm getting there. It's in two pieces so I can just pull the front section off to get to the sump.
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    So glad Ryan aka R1 aka krux was able to fill in some of the time before I came on board. Ryan and James were a big influence on me in the beginning. They had a vision for the club that was amazing. I wanted to see it grow. I’ve been in the background for a while now. I can’t believe I’ve held out for this long. I came in at the end of undergravel filters. I’ve seen lights go from metal halide to t5’s to leds. Skimmers go from air stones to beckets to recirc to cones. I got in when closed loops were a thing. I can’t wait to see where this hobby goes in the future. How will the club transform. I hope it does not go to Facebook, the way other clubs have gone. I hope we always have volunteers that want to take up the thankless jobs as officers and bod. I know I appreciate each and every one of them. Past and present.
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    Hadron Collider
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    I've been redesigning to make it more slim which require custom heatsink cooling solution. At the same time, hard to keep the cost down with custom parts. These couple months, I've been redesigning over and over again to keep cost down and keep the profile slim. I've gone through 5 completely different PCB designs and several heat solution designs. I think I'm getting close. What do you guys think of plastic enclosure with full glass bottom? This would be closest to MacBook/Surface Pro look with uni-body. I play with the idea of uni-body aluminum but the cost is way too prohibiting. Other option is to use metal enclosure but will have exposed screws and seams. Also, what are you guys take on light spillage? Personal, I hate light spillage but I also like to hang my lights high up for easier access to inside the tank. I've design a parabola lens for each individual LEDs but this will increase the overall height by 10-12mm. This is my latest mock up. Daniel
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    Who the hell is that guy Looks good though...……..you need to fix the auto correct on your phone I think Looks pretty close to...…...Twins maybe ? Trim was not on in the pic but you get the idea from Brians tank.....
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    Reboot! Sorry, it sure seems to happen to all of us at some point.