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    SAVE THE DATE! The March meeting will be held at my house on Sunday, March 18, 2018 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. PM me for the address, or look on the PNWMAS Facebook page. There will be food, festivities, and fun! Badxgillen will be presenting Pests and Hitchhikers. Don't miss it!
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    As usual PNWMAS had an outstanding monthly meeting. Just In case you were not there or aware, this month one of our old school members that you all know as Stylaster opened up his home for the February 2018 gathering. Not only did he host the meet but he also put on a coral fragging demonstration for the club of two very different corals, a chalice and an acropora. But before I dive into the demo we should take a look at things from a proper order. Due to the distance and a couple small accidents causing traffic Miles and I were a tad late to the party, but its cool. The demo had yet to begin, people were just getting social, raffle tickets were getting sold, and there was plenty of shrimp on the platters for me to "sample". I have to give some credit to the hosts offerings and all who brought a food item, the appetizers put out were very tasty and much appreciated. So Yummy. After making some quick greetings I made my way around to snap some pictures of Stylaster's main tank, and let me tell you, shes a beauty thats for sure. Such nice dimensions and such clear acrylic, not sure how he keeps all that coraline algae at bay without scratching it all these years but he does and it is crisp! The dimensions make it necessary to take this shot in at least 3 parts. Each side being just as in depth and diverse as the other. These fish are really lucky to have made it into Roy's tank, they got it made in there. Once I got a number of pics of the display I made a dash to the garage...That is were the reefers were aggregating at, and I know why. This thing is a straight operation! Pacific Corals Is In The HOUSE!!! Actually I am in the house of Pacific Corals but you know, I just wanted to raise the roof on this one. Who wants some Corals!? Roy has got a Plethera hiding out in his frag tanks, a straight treasure trove i'm tellin ya. Better get those bone cutters out man, I am gonna need my Acro fix after seeing these colors pop.But I suppose thats enough of the marine systems for now, I will move onto some of the Human members who attended...Sorry Princeton and Max. OH SHOOT!!! The Frag Demo is about to begin. Gather round to see what Roy has in store for us. The club funded the purchase of two colonies for the meet with everyone attending getting one of each coral cut during the demonstration. How Freaking Cool is That!? Great idea Roy! Here are the pieces half cut, getting ready for their turn under the saw for division amongst the club. An interesting Chalice here with UFO ringed eyes And... This Crazy green tabling Acropora, I swear I saw something very similar at The Premium Aquarium a couple weeks ago. Good Stuff right here. Love this shot. Both of these guys are veterans to the reef hobby but Roy, right, being the owner of Pacific Corals was leading the demo for us today. And Roy is going to show us how its done! For the chalice he used an Inland diamond bladed band saw to make short work of the plating coral. Just so oyu know Inlands do not normally have that nifty light unit attached tot he side, that is Roy's idea...That I am going to use. Love the little improvements and tricks each ingenuitive reefer has to develop. You cannot tell by the picture but the band saw allows for very precise cuts even curved slices are able to be made. Something you can see in this picture though is to the bottom right is a HUGE thing of super glue. So many frags.. The acropora got its turn in the spotlight as well, Roy payed a special amount of attention here as some of the branches overlap making it harder to get the proper cuts. Right after the Chop! The fresh frags go into a bit of tank water with a few drops of Lugols Iodine in it, this helps prevent infection to the damaged tissue. These Bad Boys are now ready to be glued down or simply placed in the aquarium now to heal up. The whole process is actually rather quick, especially on a band saw. As usual it was super fun getting to see many familiar faces and a couple new ones from the North. The Clark here, he is kinda like super man, though he won't admit it. He is one of our IT Tech guys along with the Chief. He keeps the forum purring like a kitten, whenever there is trouble Clark and Chief are on the case. Good seeing you man, I am always glad to see you at a meeting. You always have some good ideas about reefer related equipment and have been a generous guy all around. Weather is warming up again so maybe we can work something out again ship wise. Oh, and I will be moving some GI Joes up in the tank for some higher PAR...Gonna BLAST em and see if I can get the effects you were talking about. OptimusPrime, I didn't know you were getting into SPS. I could have brought you some frags just to try out in your tank. If you ever have too much problem with some of your zoas trying to mess with your acro base feed em a little bit of kalkwasser paste and they will go away right quick. In coral wars someone always loses, it is neveer fun but sometimes you have to pick a side. I will also see about getting you a frag of the Chongs Bongs and something else different. Looking forward to seeing your tank in the near future man. Got to formally meet Lewisfisherman, left under the 460 nanometer LEDs. Hope you like the frags I brought over, the zoas are bright and beautiful and so is the yuma...But be careful, as that Ricordea will get pretty good size when it is happy and will win many coral to coral confrontations. Hit me up if you need a few more flavors at some point yeah. Gumby on the right is another Outstanding member who lends a helping hand when he can in addition to doing a bit of behind the scenes work for the club here and there, he actually helped land the Fragfest Venue for us...What a guy. He is another person who also has some pretty intense corals in his system. With his connects in Washington it is not uncommon for Gumby to have something special on his frag rack. Here we have Karen, our head of the Tanks For Teachers program and a great member of our PNWMAS BOD. We really didn't get to chat much this time around Karen, sorry about that.Don't forget though, if you want a coral or two for a TFT tank give me a shout out and I will see if I can get something your way. I always have something I can trim back or rehome. And apologies on the photo, I had very few pictures of her this time around so I apologize about the slight blur. Apparently I need to take more pictures, who would have guessed? Now I know this is a saltwater reefer forum here but I thought that this picture of FlashyFins and the Carissa with their canine kin was too cool to not post up. They were both such well behaved animals...Cherany on the other hand!.. Just kidding, I kid, I kid. FlashyFins , left, does a great job sitting on our PNWMAS Board Of Directors making great use of her abilities in organization and enthusiasm. She did much of the coordination with Roy to make this meeting a success.Thank you Cherany, and thank you Roy and Carissa. Well, instead of being redundant with some of the pictures taken I decide that some of the raffle photos could serve as some "profile" shots as well. We had an impressive number of sponsor gift certificates to be had, as well as some killer door prizes given out by Pacific Corals. Upscales!, Barrier Reef!, Pacific Corals!, Seahorse Aquarium!, and some of my favortie frozen foods Rod's fish food! Some of the ORA posters were Great! I scored one for myself but there were so many kinds it was a hard decision on which one to choose. Now I gotta collect a few more and get them laminated, they need to be in a fish room or by an aquarium. A funny pic here of AlbertaReef far right, enthused about his raffle win! You can practically hear him sayin, YES!!! Middle is The Clark, and Far left is Stylaster. Look at that blue background glow, like our own kind of Party lighting for a reefer atmosphere. MilesMiles won in the ORA drawing and snagged this Sweet coral poster, way to go Miles! This is another member of our PNWMASS officers always trying to do his part for the team, good man. What a good looking bunch right here. Danlu and family made it out to the meeting, as you can see Daniel took home the ORA Tridacnid clam poster. And you can also see that his son doesn't need no regular blue, he wants a nice black and gold striped Maxima. He knows whats up. Always fun to watch the next gen reefers grow up. Before I say thank you I have to apologize on not getting everyone picture in here, as well as not having all the raffle shots. I was having some technical difficulties with my camera battery dying and am now ordering a brand new one, I think the existing one is no longer holding a charge. Who knows how many photos I have taken with it though so it is what it is. To those I did not have in here, please forgive me, maybe Cherany or someone else had a few pictures to share with us that will have a different set of faces in it or another vantage point. And at last I must say a BIG Thank You to all those who made this possible. Thank you to the Officers of PNWMAS and to the Board Of Directors for keeping this whole Marine Aquarium Society thing running, it is no easy task that no one person could do. All of your selfless participation means everything to the club. So Keep up the good work! And a BIG Thank You t the club members to whom without there would be no club at all, thank you all for being who you are, considerate, conscientious and thoughtful reefers. Thats what we all try and promote here. Thank you to all that is PNWMAS!
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    It was another killer meeting for the PNWMAS, Miles and I carpooled and got home rather late from the long drive around 8. For me it was dinner and acclimating corals...Actually, scratch that, it was the other way around. Then a little work this morning, attending a birthday party, meeting up with a few of our local members, and am now going through the pictures I took yesterday. Bear with me and I will have some good ones to share with you all. Thanks Roy! Thanks PNWMAS's killer Officers and Great BOD! And thanks to all who attended. It was awesome!
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    @Brian Tesch deserves credit for this one as he's the one who tipped me off but I think this vendor deserves to be shown off in the club. You can custom order just about any macro from them. They offer different types of coralline algae and snails. Most importantly to me, they offer half a dozen beautiful gorgonian specimens. The icing on the cake is they also sell different types of sponges like ear/finger/ball. Items come in and out of stock almost daily. If it's not in stock, it will be shortly from what I've observed in the last couple weeks. That's all well and good but here's the real reason I'm so excited to share it: they're dirt cheap, ship super fast and sell gigantic specimens. I love my sps but sea fans and sponges fascinate me but they're not the easiest things to source. Anyways, hope this doesn't violate any rules but I'm not affiliated in any way, just wanted to make some people aware that they are a legit option for these things. Enjoy! https://www.live-plants.com/index.htm edit: Forgot one thing, they actually ship gorgonians in drilled frag plugs which is really handy. These things slough flesh off so keeping them glued or attached to anything can be a nightmare if they're not prepared this way. Thoughtful!
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    I love seeing photos from our meetings; it feels like we're have the fun all over again! I took a few pictures at this one, as well. Bert is such a dedicated documenter, he rarely ends in the pics, so I made sure to remedy that as soon as he walked in the door! Our club VP and overall terrific guy, badxgillen joined me in adding a splash of color to the group! Groovy tie dye, dude. Is it just me, or is Sean giving a look of, "WHY would you take my photo?!" Well, I did, and I'm posting it here! Gotcha! His lovely wife Darcy put up with our club shenanigans rather well. Lewisfisherman & theclark, labeling themselves and eyeing the tasty selection of appetizers. Miles here, doing a bit of socializing with dog and baby, reefers by association. Our gracious host, Stylaster, standing by to control the amount of drool falling into his frag tank as members came through to eye up the goods. Dodge & Jeremy, checking out the display tank of wonder: 312 gallons of colors and textures galore! How does the lemonpeel hybrid do with all these corals? Well, there's your answer! Black Lemon didn't wait for Roy to tell his business to anyone; he just showed us! Apparently, this is the only fish in the tank who cannot be tricked into a trap. The tangs will be feasting away and having a grand time in it, while the angel looks on all-knowing and wisely stays out. Who can blame him for wanting to leave such a rich buffet? He probably has it better in this tank than he did on the reef in the wild! Look at those beggars! Always at the front of the tank wanting more food, despite being incredibly well fed. Vlamingi enjoying a bit of personal attention from his human. Ahhh, yeah, that's the spot! Scratch right there! Impossible to view without a sense of calm washing over. At least until the envy sets in! Time for some fragging! I joked the loser of the raffle would get this frag of putty being sawed off, but there ended up being enough of each coral that everyone went home with a frag of each! (Except for Beth, who left without taking hers. If you're reading this, let us know! She couldn't remember her username at the meeting, so we don't know who to contact.) Intense concentration from these guys! If you enjoy playing Where's Waldo?, you can play Where's Bert? and Where's Karen? in this photo! Old Man Max checking in on how the fragging demo is going. He's thinking of starting a tank now that he's reached retirement age. Miles getting in a bit of bonding time with my 14-year-old fur monster. Big thanks to Roy for welcoming Princeton to the party! Yours truly, happy to have spent the afternoon with fine friends of the reef keeping variety! See you at the next one!
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    Its cool to get to know what people do!! I received a wildlife science degree from OSU and then 3 years in the peace corps primarily working with the EU on getting new national parks off the ground and lots of environmental education and alternative livelihood projects. Upon returning to the US I spent a little over a decade as a wetland biologist/restoration ecologist and had projects all over the west coast. I got tired of consulting and about 5 years ago decided to grow marijuana full time. So now i own and manage a 7,000 sq ft production facility in NE portland. So now I am part engineer, part electrician, part permit cordinator, part botanist and full time baby sitter. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Wow, I’m embarrassed to say that today was the day that I learned that pvc glue doesn’t have to be blue. After skimping with application of the blue stuff to avoid poor aesthetics, I had leaks. Needless to say, my new plumbing project with clear cement looks very clean! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm super excited about this new ReeFi product line. I've finished designing the prototype board and have send it off to get it made. Once testing is completed, I will work with manufactures to get it mass produced. No more sweat shop from my garage. haha Here are some sneak preview on specs... More unique spectrums - same old favorites plus new requests. Every spectrum diodes can be controlled, no more grouping color spectrums. WiFi controlled and possibly Bluetooth as well. Either regular display or touch display. More max power for larger and deeper tanks. Multiple light sources to combat shadowing. Modern sleek look. Sensors to notify when it's time to clean off the fan dust for optimal performance. http://www.reefi-lab.com/index.php/2018/02/16/new-reefi-led-products-design-completed-prototyping-and-testing-now/
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    I work as a biopharmaceutical manufacturing technician, we make the drugs and fill them into vials (liquids not pills) used to treat many different things. At the site i work we focus on a drug for breast cancer, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and other types of cancer.
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    I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started reefing! Saltwater reef keeping isn’t an easy task and I have gone down a bumpy road and made several mistakes but luckily I survived first year without crashing my tank, with the help and valuable advice from you guys. I am truly grateful! [emoji56] http:// Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Rock and a little sand are in the tank! What do you think?? Front Left side Right side Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    After the countless hours and days thinking what our daughter would like for her bday...we asked her. She says something nature and green. I said oh I know what that means to an 8yr old. She is not a toy kid. She loves her pets and is spoiled! So so here’s the new additions to our Zoo. Yellow Black and A Blue Black. If anyone has information or tips please share.
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    They will be sleeker flat design. Personally, I like the pendant look when hanging my lights above the tank without canopy. As Dodge mentioned, I will have a couple different new models. I would like the largest model to have 3 sections which could be expandable but I'm a bit worry about wear and tear of the electrical cables when forced in a confine space. I will release the fixed models first then spend time finding materials and testing cable harness.
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    Hi, I'm Jeff, I've been around PNWMAS for years now mostly as a lurker. I'm ex-military and have been doing programming, mainly web development for the last 16+ years. I work mainly on very large scale, high-profile web properties and government sites. I'm terrible at aquascape despite also have a degree in art and design, so if anyone is open to giving tips on how to better arrange the random rocks in my tank, shoot me a message.
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    Welp.. I am a railroader. I worked for BNSF for a number of years maintaining railroad in montana, idaho, Washington, oregon and California. Now i work for a shortline railroad close to home in Washington. Was a police officer for a couple years until i decided it was not for me. I was also in a semi successful rock band for over a decade, playing tours accross the country. But now im a family man/home body. Lol getting older changes things Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    I am an OSU graduate with a degree in zoology. I worked with animals and owned my own aquarium maintenance business for years. I have since sold my business, and now work as a firefighter/paramedic.
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    Looks like I will be rolling out to the OSU Corvallis screening, it is only a few blocks from my house.
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    I normally just use salt creep to stop all my leaks so this whole thread has been informative.
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    @marine depot it is really nice how you read and respond to posts. Thanks for participating and sharing info. @xmas_one, thanks for sharing your experience too, good stuff to be aware of!
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    I'm an Independent Financial Advisor with 19 years experience...my advice to the board....this hobby is one of the worst risk to reward financial investments you can make, but dang, it sure is fun! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Does it count if they are floating in cocktail sauce? Asking for a friend...
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    Day after St. Pattys.....I might be a little hungover but I plan on being there!
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    Rock work is almost done! 3 days, 5 packs of IC-Gel and 2 tubes of Epoxy later. I’m in love. So much open space and hiding places. If you couldn’t tell, I decided not to use the Tonga branch. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cannot say enough how much we all appreciate you @badxgillen. Generous guy in every way with frags. Combined with years and years of documented meetings. It was really nice to have the opportunity to make a meeting and geek out reef-style. Thanks also to the board, Roy and everyone else who helped out including but not limited to @albertareef and @Flashy Fins and @kknight.
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    It’s legal! It’s socially acceptable ! And cheaper and safer than crack cocaine ...
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    Thanks guys! Love the hobby an all the cool people I've had the pleasure of meeting in it!.
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    Agree I’ve been FB-less for over 3 years and Love it! Rudy post on the Club Forum Please!
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    i say black market because I used to grow "medical" weed and there were times when someone would show up, take 60lbs of "medicine" and hand my two shoe boxes full of cash. (yes, those were fun times). Rec growers like myself have to account where everything is. Every single plant and every gram of weed is tracked with bar coded tags. Every single one. I can't do anything without telling the cannabis tracking system (cts) what is going on. Want to give a friend who smokes a joint... have to go into CTS and subtract 2 grams from a harvest lot for "in house testing". 90 days of stored HD footage of every inch of the facility. Companies that enrich plutonium are not as heavily regulated as we are. anyways.. just boring work crap. But yeah, those dudes are most likely selling out of state. There is a reason Oregon weed is famous.. and it aint because people on facebook are talking about it. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Acan sale! We have some of the nicest Acans we have ever had. This weekend they are all buy one get one free! Amazing rainbows included! The shop is loaded with amazing livestock. Here is a few highlights ready to be taken home.
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    Anyone thinking of going to MACNA 2018 in Vegas?? Just wondering. Got a couple reefing buddies in the Las Vegas area And I think I’m gonna head down
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    Haha, not a chance. That anemone hosts a female orange and a male black and white ocellaris clown fish that have laid eggs every two weeks for the last 9 years and has survived several crashes that have killed off most other livestock. It has actually kept me from leaving the hobby several times.
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    Everything at TPA is for sale for the right price Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    I picked some of the mesh screen from BRS and bought the screen kit from Home Depot.
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    i have "the frat house" which is a 240g african cichlid tank and the wife has a 10 gallon pea puffer tank. i used to have plants in the frat house but just like a frat house, they destroyed them so I took them out. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    I have a 75 gal planted, pressurized CO2 setup. It's been going for just over 7 years. I've had all the same fish for just as long. It's survived three moves. I don't really do anything to it except dump some fertilizer in there every so often when the thought crosses my mind. 50 percent water change every couple months. It's mostly an overgrown jungle of low light plants these days. I have used some of the same bulbs in my T8 and T5 fixtures for like 5 years, maybe more. Haha. I have like 3 square feet of Anubias and a bunch of dwarf sag. A few other things I'm sure. As much as my reef tank dominates my attention, I'd be devastated if something happened to the fresh water. What's crazy is I've used the exact same Hydor inline heater for these 7 years. It hasn't missed a beat. I'm a little nervous it'll cook my fish one day when it goes. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    I did! I bred banggai cardinals for awhile. I also bred dart frogs, I had a few different kinds. I currently have no frogs or fish. Dog and wifeys 2 cats. I miss it but it's nice at the same time. I still like to lurk the forum, keeps me up to date haha
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    I concur! Holly has an amazing fish room, very clean and neato looking! Also, serves adult beverages, too[emoji41]! Looking forward to hear the presentation from@badxgillen, as well! Sent from my man cave while drinking Coors light! [emoji481]
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    I won't miss this one...looking forward to it
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    Holly's place is always a good time! Those who haven't been, she has an AMAZING fish room! There will also be some good raffles.
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    Stuff is slowly getting moved inside! The stand is almost done being painted. Just the final touches and she will be done Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I would be interested to see what can survive in the tidal zone area. I don't think you need two pumps. I would install a 2 pipe overflow at the drop off a portion of the main overflow. Dial in pipe #1 so that it creates a siphon and handles say 95% of the flow. The second pipe handles the 5% difference. Simple when you want the tank to fill back up you simply close the valve, maybe get a sprinkler valve. Then that 5% flow will slowly fill the tank till it reaches the top overflow. Then when you reopen the small pipe #2 it will drain back down. If you have pipe number 2 constricted you could have a really nice smooth and slow fill-up and drain system based on just opening and closing a valve on #2 not a lot to go wrong and actually fairly simple.
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    lol. yeah 8 out of 15. my phos has stopped jumping around which is nice. Need to work on tearing down my frag tank and plumbing it into the system. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    I recently obtained a 95-gallon cube display tank, after my brand new 75-gallon exploded while drilling the drain hole. Anyways, I finished setting up the new tank build this evening and wanted to share it with you all. The stand measures at 40x31x37 and was constructed out of fir. I also used deck screws all around and metal supports at the corners for stability. Soon I'll go around the outsides with a nice cedar trim, and put curtains on the sides that I left open for sump access. For now, since the majority of the stand is complete, all I need to do is finish adding water, and then wait for the s*** and sand to settle. Then I'll be taking pictures of what really matters! Cheers! Michael
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    I registered for a free ticket and received this additional info: 6 p.m. Doors and table exhibits open 7 p.m. SNEAK PREVIEW: Saving Atlantis – a feature length film by Oregon State University 8:30 p.m. Panel discussion/Q&A with Saving Atlantis film makers and OSU Researchers I wonder what the table exhibits are? Probably fundraising for a save the reefs cause. I would say I’ll be there early to check that out, but there’s laughter in my head at the mere suggestion of being early for anything.
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    I’m a pulm & critical care doc...basically the last doc you ever want to see
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