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    TLDR; Topped her off If bored, rest of the story below pic: Two big CR changes tonight: 1- Moved the Co2 tank about 50' away and 1 story below (to the reef room) This allowed change 2 - Switched to a 50lb Co2 tank (thanks @CrabbyCrabs) The big tank should need replacing about once a year, instead of every 2 months or less. Also, it is 1/3rd the price per lb to fill. Suprise Change 3 - Refill media However, during the switch over, noticed the reactor was only about 25% full. Yikes! Cleaned it out and filled her up. Was shocked how much media it took, guessing about 3 gallons. Back up and running, monitoring for leaks. Also raised the reactor PH up about .1 since there is allot more media / water ratio now. Thinking alk will kick up, gotta monitor... Nice to spend a night on the tank, been a while...
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    I'm currently in the planning stages to add an additional room onto my house and want to include space for a dedicated fish room. My current design has room for a long narrow fish room (4'6" x 13') with a new 6' peninsula display tank just outside the fish room, so basically the fish room and display tank will be a long divider between my current living room and the new addition. I'm looking for ideas on how to best utilize the fish room space. My current ideas include: keep the existing mixing station tanks and RO/DI in the garage and run tubing to the fish room long countertop & cabinets along one wall sink sump plumbed through wall to display tank frag tank QT tank storage cabinets for all aquarium related supplies desk space for microscope and test kits tiled floor with drain If anyone has a cool fish room set up, I'd love to see photos or hear what works and doesn't work for you, or things you would do differently next time. Current floor plan: New floor plan:
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    Here's the view from the new addition, with the fish room behind the wall with the TV: Current exterior: New exterior:
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    The reason I want a peninsula sticking out from that wall is so I can see the whole tank from both the kitchen/living room side and from the new billiards/bar room.
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    Congrats, looks fun! Yes, putting that tank along the wall might look nice, its all aesthetics though which vary by person. So, this video has some good info for a reef room:
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    Most of the LEDs I'm using are Cree XP-E2. These are 20+% brighter than Cree XP-E that I used in ReeFi LED Pendant (first gen) at same power level. I can't wait till I get these over my own tank!
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    A nation wide Black Storm is taking place, lol. 2 competing hatcheries are duking it out........the result Black Storms price cut in half ! If you cant find them at your nearest reef shop be sure to call around as PNWMAS has a lot of great ones. Erin at All Things Aquariums had 8 last I talked with him, we have 6 un spoken for and Jeff has 2 left last I read. If you have been waiting to get your hands on these adorable fish ( Ya feel weird calling them adorable, but they are! ) nows your chance.
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    I like it but it'd be even cooler if that tank was turned 90 degrees and in that wall labeled 'Fish Room'! Totally unsolicited opinion but it'd be easier to work on the tank from inside the room maybe.
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    Here's a rendering of the new floorplan looking from the kitchen into the new addition, with the peninsula tank and fish room as a divider into the bar and billiards room:
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    I am making 2 models for now. Top of the line (deluxe) will have 72 LED diodes over 9 different spectrum that you can control individually. The standard model will have 48 diodes over 9 different spectrum but 6 channels (similar spectrum will be grouped). As a comparison, top of the line Eco Marine only has 46 LED diodes. Even with the trade war tariff of 25%, I think I can still price way below the competition with much better specs. As for tank coverage, I purposely reduce the spread to 80degs because I like to hang my lights up high and I don't like light bleed into my living room when I watch TV. Tank coverage will depends on what you like to keep. For SPS, with 2 separate main light source per unit, it should help with self-shadowing. Die-hard SPS growers will still want to pack in as many light they can depending on how dense they like to grow the SPS. For LPS and Softies tank, one unit will be more than enough. If your tank is big, just hang the lights higher. I still need to spend some time thinking of marketing names for the different models.. I don't know if I like deluxe and standard.... Maybe ReeFi Gen2 and ReeFi Gen2 Extreme.
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    Wow, that's a decent savings per lbs co2. I know the exchange price of 20lbs and 50lbs is almost the same, or used to be when I was going through them weekly.
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    Great! They still work great but I'm switching to T5 LED DIY combo and don't need these two. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fish Flakes indeed! We should start a database of flagged flake users to avoid in the future. I’ve struggled with selling things on PNWMAS, even for ridiculously cheap. Of the couple frag sales I’ve made, I’ve probably gathered 15-20% return on what I paid. So if I shopped for a month, found rare amazing sales, spend $100, brought them home and grew them out to 400% original size, I would suspect I might get $20-40 total in return. My corals have been fairly entry level I’ll admit, and I try and pass the savings on to new reefers whose ambition surpasses their budget. Ive had many no call no shows. I’ve actually started to reply to the people online and via text and ask if plans changed or what gives. Never any responses though. That’s why it might be good to add their names to a fish flake database. Im in Salem and don’t have as big of a market as Portland. I went to the Christmas gathering in Salem and had better luck with buying and selling/trading than I did online.