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    I’ve heard mixed on it and figured I would give it a shot, partially because I see people dosing that along with some other stuff and seem to have way better growth then me so just trying something new
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    So im gonna start dosing Acropower in the tank and was gonna set it up with a dosing pump, but was concerned because it says to shake well before each use. So my question is has anyone done this? Is there any concern with setting it up with a dosing pump and not shaking the bottle each time prior to dosing? If set up with a dosing pump how did you keep it mixed if it needed it? Also was curious as to any brightwell aquatic products? I was thinking about the zooplankton but wasnt sure which ones would be good to dose, I have a scallop, SPS, LPS, zoas, and some softies.
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    It works through the power of strongly believing it will work... magic stuff.
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    Ya that’s one thing I thought about was the refrigeration but both zooplankton by brightwell and the acropower both said they don’t need refrigeration.
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    Alright, looks like I have a little bit of branching and 1/4” increase in length. I’m including the original photo from the beginning of the contest first.
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    Check out this gorgonian from Rocknreefs we just bought! It's just beautiful. When I mentioned we were having a saltwater meeting soon at our store they sent us an extra gorgonian to giveaway during the meeting! ♡♡♡
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    Never mind, just went to look at the frag to see if it is feeling photogenic, noticed some stn on it (for a third time) and checked alk which is down 2 points again. Here we go with another 1/2" of reverse growout! At this point I am unsure how I am losing over a point a day with just a few frags in the tank... top theory in our hose is that our dog is going down there while we are at work and is somehow extracting alk in an effort to grow taller so he can pee higher on the tree. It has been his dream to be top dog for over a decade, and he probably realizes it is now or never. On the up side, finally got un-lazy and set up the DOS again which has been offline for a month, so that should help. Maybe this needs to be a one year grow out competition?
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