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    I slowly worked on stuff underneath the tank and on 12/12 I finally got the time to hard plumb in the vectra m1 and convert the stock ato into a fuge. It was almost midnight when i turned everything back on. Still need to get some chaeto for the fuge and hookup the reactor back up.
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    Oh do you now.............. Actually he likes anything from a peppermint shrimp to a chromis but he does love a clown goby though.......... This is Qbert...............thread is gone so lets have some fun
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    Qbert eh? I think I know who that is 👀. Hopefully they aren’t part of his regular diet.
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    Wow! Great looking build and very thoughtful layout. I love the custom controls mounting board... that is awesome. I will say, that is a pretty high "gear to tank volume" ratio but it is packed into a super clean package! I say that just because I'm jealous of course... Congrats on getting "the one that got away" back!
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    thanks! yeah the length of this tank is the one thing i'll miss if it does sell. thanks, i'll need all the luck i can get to sell this. also thanks for the help moving it in. i'll let you know when i need help moving it out. i'm not surprised but i haven't had any response to this yet. if anyone has interest in this tank make an offer. don't worry about insulting me with a low ball offer. i'll just say no if it's too low...won't hurt my feelings. i know this is a pretty unique tank with how long it is but tangs really do love it. i'll also consider store credit if any stores are interested in this and read this thread.
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    Here is some of the details. More specials will be added as they come in. Free raffle entry with any purchase Prizes include: -Aqua Illumination Hydra 26 HD LED Light -Innovative Marine 14 gallon peninsula aquarium -2 $100 gift cards -Ultra high end SPS frag pack -Biota Tank Bred Mandarin Dragonet Specials: -Spend $100 get $20 gift card to use after the holidays -Buy 3 get one free on all livestock -BOGO SPS frags - buy one get one free -$29 Ultra Rock Flower Anemones - Some of the best we have ever had -$20 mystery coral grab bags These won't be your normal $20 frags. We will be including Jawbreaker mushrooms, Walt Disney acros, amazing zoas, rainbow acans, and tons more high end frags. We will have over 100 made up and are limiting people to 5 per family. We will have they divided up into sps or lps/softy. We encourage people to share and have fun with this special. Please hold off opening the bag before while still in the store. Stay tuned for more specials and tons of pictures!
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    Thank you! He’s hiding still but I can see him. [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My little acro destroyer has found a new home. Thanks @Lovesalt