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    Under duress!!! LOL Thanks though, you reminded me I need to start a thread about how much I hate cuttlefish. Do you realize how much better off I would be financially if you just sold boring corals like most stores?? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    like the title says I have a Kessil A160 Tuna Blue for sale. works great I used it for probably 6 months lets go with 120. im in Oregon City.
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    Ok ok I told myself and perhaps others I would not start a build thread...after putting some thought into it I will. As this will be a review on WaterBox as well. Tank 50.3 WaterBox. 24” T-5 4 bulb, Lighting will be a loaner thanks to Scott! Stand will be built out of Maple Ply with rough oak barn door and 4” lip around tank. Built by ME (I may revise) I will upgrade Return Pump...it came with a aquatop 470 gph. I was thinking to try out IM new mighty jet any thought or recommendations? I will also have to buy 20lbs more of sand or so. What is your favorite sand?! I was thinking the Bimini Sand ?!? My Waterbox came today. First thoughts after unboxing was holy crap the Sump portion is HUGE. The finish on the silicon is different then the IM and no corner bead like I’m use to! I couldn’t get over how big the sump area is! After my friend came over to help me bring it upstairs. We had set it next to the IM 25 lagoon...this is when I realized I love the tank! A tank on the floor in the garage just didn’t do justice for me at all. For a AIO tank having that big of sump area gives a lot of options for extra equipment! I can see that in the near future I’ll add a doser and perhaps a skimmer. This weekend I will post some stand pics.
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    That really impresses the lady eels. 😀
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    Off topic (sorry Ron) but did you really disinvest from the business? Will need to catch up on the story behind that some time.. Now - back to what an awesome tank this is (really) and how someone on here needs to buy it!
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    We offer financing with Affirm or PayPal if you would like more time to pay. More ReefWeeds art will be available at @marine depot in the near future. Not sure of pricing yet, but my hunch is it will run the gamut. Jeff @ Marine Depot
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    I can’t beleive this isnt gone!if i was gonna do a new build this would be in my house already! Somone buy this sexy tank! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💦💦💦💦💦👌🏻👍🏻
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    We have plenty at the shop brotha!
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    Today was tank moving day.. A couple weeks ago we decided to close down the 75 gal tank and dust off the old 32g cube again. Tasks accomplished 1. Hauled the cube in from the shop storage and cleaned the spiders out. 2. gutted the Nanobox retro kit out of my 14g cube, threw in a spare led puck and built myself a Duo retro kit. 3. drilled the tank return for 3/4" lock line and mounted a Cobalt MJ1200 return pump, heaters and a few Koralia pumps I removed from the 75g. 4. filled 1/2 way with fresh salt mix and let it be for a few days. 5. caught the one little Royal Dottyback we had left in the 75 and gave him to the LFS. He ate my entire clean up crew and had to go. 6. Move live rock and top the cube off with water from the 75.
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    I really do appreciate your guys' feedback and will definitely consider it. I will consider parting it all out if that gets it gone. I just want to make a little money and have everything go to a good home. I get its only 65g but its not necessarily the tank they are paying for, which is why I said I would consider offers. Somebody could buy it all and part it out and make some $$$ themselves...LOL. Thank you guys for all your support and constructive criticism! If you guys want something out of it, shoot me a text and an offer for what your wanting and we can go from there.
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    They're home and happy- hope they stay that way!
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    Not the greatest photo, but how about a hitchhiking hitchhiker?