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    Hello fellow PNWMAS forum members and friends, I thought i would share my story on how Paradise Coral came to be. As many of you know i am a coral addict ( zoanthids top my list by far ) and have been collecting, hoarding and propagating zoanthids and other corals for many years. Over the years as i travel around and do sales estimates i always look at anything for rent and say, "This would make a nice spot for a reef shop," but always just a fantasy and always just out of reach for whatever the reason. Well, i have been saying and repeating that pattern for over 10 years at least. This last December my wife and I were trying to buy our girls teddy bears to go with the Giant ones we got them at costco. We went to old downtown Hillsboro as they have a cool toy store there. It was closed so we were out-of-luck on the extra teddy bears and started walking down the street. As we're about to pass the building a few doors down....my wife notices a for rent sign and we stare through the windows for a bit and i have the over 10-year fantasy of opening a reef store to go along with my passion for it. After looking and talking i start to continue walking down the street and immediately a bird flies into the back of my head. Shocked, i turn around to see the culprit.....and it was my wife, lol. She slapped me on the back of the head and said " What the hell are you doing.. ?? CALL the Number !! Hmm, ok fine...I've done this before, the rent will be way to high, or something. So i called and left a message. Ended up finding out, hmm....i think i could make that work. So we kept going through the hurdles, getting excited....then crushed. Got turned down when i told him what i wanted to do. Older landlord guy, i think when he heard fish tank he pictured an old fresh water place with green tanks, bubblers and dead fish or something, he didn't want to have anything to do with me for a few weeks. Very depressed, life over. Closest i have ever gotten to my never ending dream. Over the next 2 days my wife won't let up.." Hunny come on, you can't give up, I just feel it, I have never felt it before but you are going to find a way to make this happen. " So i started perking back up and told myself i will find a way. Basically started living on the street for 2 weeks and made friends with every other business owner and told them what i was going to do for the street once i get in there and got all of them to help me in ways. Got the landlord personal email and cell phone from 1 of the other businesses and basically said i would not leave him alone until he met me face too face and gave me the chance to explain my vision. After getting that meeting and showing him pictures of my corals and a brief business model he was, "Excited and welcomed the opportunity." We had basically decided that we would risk everything, lose the house, go bankrupt if that's what was meant to happen, but we only live once. Sold every toy i own, sold most of my collection, coins, stamps, more coins, maxed every credit card we own and Wow! A lot of money disappeared and we still don't have things the way we want, but since our door signage had finally been put up and the neon sign my wife designed was finished early figured might as well take the paper off the windows and we will just grow our way to where we want to have the place. But Hey! I think we put a pretty good initial offering out and we will only get better with time as we recover from dropping everything we have into this place. Let me also say and point out that none of this would be possible without my lovely wife Naomi. We both have been putting our everything into this, but particular credit goes too her for doing our website front to back, my contribution was the pictures. The sea horse neon sign is her handy work, the name Paradise Coral was her come up with, the graphic work that was done and designed on our logo, the door signs, the colors on the walls, most things in the place that make you go..."Wow...that's cool. Where did you get those?!?" I'll start doing some other post and show what we have here and tell more about what we carry and plan to carry. Hopefully we will see some of you out this way in the future and for the couple of people that came out too visit this past weekend.....Thank you very much! It made for a fun first day. Any questions or curious about anything out here just shout. I'm excited to share my passion for the reefing hobby and will be working to give you a fun and exciting store to come visit and relax in
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    This is a private event sponsored by Golden Basket Reef. All cost absorbed by Golden Basket Reef. We have limited space in the shop to set up tables so we are not taking anymore vendors. No entry fee for attendees. There is always a talk about doing this kind of event in our area but many years passed by with nothing happening. So I just jump start it and do it myself which the support of local stores that has the same interest to participate. Let's put politic behind and have fun with our own ORE 2016 and meet fellow reefers from local and out of state.
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    Big thank you to Jorge and MrBret yesterday. 235gal rimless came in yesterday, was a beast getting it flip on its back, out the van, up a couple steps, through the doors, flip back and finally on the stand! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using Tapatalk
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    ...and the winner is...Gil&Fin. Give her a'round of applause.
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    Just wanted to let everyone know, the total raised for Tanks for Teachers is $1,195.63 A big thanks to everyone who helped out.
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    And lets not forget the speaker Colby. He came out to spend a bit of his time educating the group about caring for seahorses, disease treatment and prevention as well as some of the finer details that only a breeder would be able to elaborate on. Right outside the TPA is a small courtyard perfect for good weather meets like this. I feel like this would make a good spot for some future gatherings on nice days. Colby really emphasized captive bred seahorses of good health being key to long term success with the little critters and the TPA here in Willsonville and the TPA in Salem always try and have the captive breds in stock. Another point he made was that it is not too big of a problem keeping the Erectus seahorses in a higher flow environment and it is certainly possible to keeping many varieties of corals provided they are not full of larger nemotocysts. Last but not least a BIG Thank You to our host Erin at The Premium Aquarium Willsonville, Thanks for having us out, it was Fun. Your store is looking great and so is the livestock, appreciate all your assistance and nice corals. I will be seeing you and your crew in the not too distant future I am sure.
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    President - Emerald525 - Kim Vigil Vice President - badxgillen - Bert Gillen Secretary - milesmiles902 - Miles Taylor Treasurer - MrBret - Bret Ashley Vendor Relations - Mattv - Matt Van Devender Good luck to all. Nominations for Board of Directors will start today. Jay
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    Not the most recent but it'll have to do till I get around to snapping a new one.
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    I have to agree with everything that's already been said... I can break down my whole tank what I feed, when I feed it etc etc etc... Honestly it really means little to nothing because like most things in this hobby what works for me more than likely will not garner the same results for someone else. Everyone's tanks are different and we all have our individual husbandry styles, the things we all have in common is we stay within a range of acceptable water chemistry and we all try to keep things as stable as possible. Honestly I've seen tanks that look good with some of the most whacked out water chemistry and super dirty water ever... but one thing we all strive for is stability. I don't think that can't be stressed more. Chasing numbers will usually result in failure, everybody's tank will have a sweet spot and finding that sweet spot (the actual numbers) for one's individual tank is what you should strive for. As for my tank... I don't know all the numbers as far as water chemistry because I tweak my tank based on what I see it doing. (something you acquire when you've been doing this for like 20 some odd years lol). The only thing I test is my alk, cal and mag. I run an 8 bulb ATI powermodule for lighting, I'm fairly lazy when it comes to do any water changes and I run no GFO, 1 cup of carbon for 2-3 day every month or so the take any yellow out of the water passively in a bag. My tank is roughly 165 gallons of total water volume. I feed my fish Hakri Marine Plankton blend. My corals I feed the following twice per week. 10ml Oyster Feast 10ml Red Sea Reef Energy a&b 10ml Aquavitro Fuel I also add 12ml of Acro Power once per week, only at night. (I can explain this later if you're curious) I run filter socks I change once per week and I skim fairly heavy with a modified Reef Octopus XP-2000 with a DC pump and I have a Aquamaxx S-2 calcium reactor.
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    I have been checking out this site for a little while now after getting referred here by a guy I met. I am a rather shy person and don't tend to be very social which you might have noticed since we have only made one post since we signed up. To resolve any confusion my 11 year old son and I share this profile. But that post now has me reconsidering this club and looking for other options. We received a negative rep point for my post which I simply can't believe. I assume I know who it is as only one person made a semi-rude comment immediately after my post. I just find myself dumbfounded by the critical nature being displayed. I guess this is a pointless post but I thought it should be mentioned. It doesn't seem like a very family friendly place to be when an 11 year old gets dinged for asking a question. Maybe we should have posted an introduction thread before posting but I assure you he meant no harm. I apologize if this isn't the place for this thread or to be causing any problems. But can someone maybe refer me to a less critical forum for us beginners. I don't feel like being slammed everytime we ask a dumb question.
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    BIG Chalice sale tomorrow at Cuttlefish!!!
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    A friend of mine sent me this: Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
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    The Bob Moore Frag Swap was a blast! Next year you should all try to come it's worth the drive! Special shout out to a few very generous members who donated some higher end frags for the club!! Tom aka Caolewis ! Donated over 20 higher end frags we made a couple hundred dollars on his! Like Peter Pan! Wolverine! Rainbow in Spain! He owns UCHU restaraunt and has a 1000 gallon tank. You should check it out ! Thank you Holly aka Gil&Fin for getting Toms frags holding them and supplying the plugs!! Holly also bought food for all of our local sponsors and for us working the table! Most of you know Holly and her generosity but you don't know how much and how far it really goes! Scott aka spectra! Donated some higher end Zoas like hallucination and utter chaos! Scott I love you!! Always one of the first ones to step up and volunteer! MrBret for fragging these. Sorry you couldn't make it! All your treasurer skills are much appreciated! Dayze 9 aka Matt a new member donated an Oregon blue tort , frogskin and branching cyphastrea! It's truly amazing that a brand new member would donate so much! Badxgillen aka Bert also donated many frags and supplied some of the things we needed for the club tank! Sirena who helped set up and drove and stayed at the booth most of the day! Cuttlefish and coral aka Jeff also donated a few choice frags to the club even though he had his own booth! Jeff as you know has been a constant supporter of this club! Thanks to Karen aka kknight for manning the booth and the delicious cookies and the sps donations! Thanks to miles for manning the booth and forcing pnwmas fliers on everyone!! Thanks to you all!! It was a lot of fun and we made a lot of connections and met a lot of members and potential new members and sponsors!
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    I loved that old tank but here we are today.
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    Marked your calendar for this exciting event coming up at Golden Basket Reef. Meet Jason Fox, The Coral God in person.
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    Did you guys see Good Day Oregon this morning? They did a spotlight on Cuttle Fish and Corals! Here's the link: http://www.kptv.com/story/34278083/make-a-splash-at-cuttle-fish-and-corals The Fox 12 crew came to the store and interviewed Jeff, who showcased the fish and coral we love, and also talked about sustainability, engaging the kids, and the fun of reefing in general. Great job Jeff, and congratulations!
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    Thank you everyone! Mom and baby are doing well. We were a little worried when he haven't pooped since we were released from the hospital. Well, he pooped last night and OMG, I didn't think anything could be more gross than cleaning skimmates. I stand corrected. Haha Here are some pics of the little one. Napping by the fish tank. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
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    In an effort to reduce a cluttered thread of various coral pictures I decided to start separate threads for particular subject matter. The topic I have at hand today is the amazing Mirulinidae coral genuses of Echinophyllia, Echinopora, Echinomorpha, Mycedium, Oxypora, Pectinia, Ect. I like the idea of having something to reference the coloration changes and growth patterns of various chalice corals over time. So I will be posting images of different specimens, some of the same genetic lineage but in different systems and some that are simply updates of a coral cutting but over a period of time. We feed the corals once to twice a week and all of these corals get a mix of various foods including, but not limited too, cyclopeeze, brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, coral gumbo, reef chili, and reef roids. These scleractinia, as with most LPS Stony corals, prefer consistent parameters.provided quality water and lighting you can shoot for a number between these general levels and keep it there. calcium of around 400-500 and alkalinity level of between 7-10. Mag as usual should be in ratio with your calcium at around 1100-1600 Many of these corals are tolerant of some nitrates .008-20PPM as well as temperature ranges from 72F-82F. I would say that many of these Chalice corals are not appreciative of high light or flow but there are some exceptions to this rule. As a rule of thumb I like to try out my chalices very low in the tank and move them up very slowly over time to allow for sufficient adjustment to the PAR levels of your lighting. Once you light "burn" a chalice it may take months to recover or instead it may just simply bleach, get infected, and perish...So take it slow. If you have questions regarding the corals presented in the thread you can ask me, I don't mind a Private Message now and then. Well then, lets get this started shall we? The first Chalice Coral up is Chalice # 1 OG Alien Eye Chalice Here is an in tank specimen with flash on. As you can see it generally takes on the standard plating shape. This one has medium sized mouths or "eye"s and does not mound up as much as some of the other chalices can. Tends to not have as long sweepers either but is a powerful contender when contact with another corals is made. Here is a picture taken outside under the full sun, gorgeous blue, grays, and green are vividly present. Same coral under actinics, this thing looks like it is radioactive and is going to burn through the Tupperware. This picture gives a "shining" example of the sheen than can be obtained in this coral provided it is healthy and shaded from direct bright lighting. Like many of its brother and sister chalices it does not like much light or flow. The original mother of this colony is well over 12 years old and came from MVP aquatics before they closed their doors so this one has been around a while. Next Up Chalice # 2 JNS Cotton Candy In this close up you can see some of the very small eyes and its almost "Oozing" growth structure. This piece shows the more plastic formation taken on under different lighting and flow patterns. Much like the previous chalice when this one is under good conditions and lower lighting it will develop a green under sheen to the flesh wich is most exquisite, something that looks better in person than camera as it is almost translucent. A side note about this coral is that similar to the Alien Eye or Water Mellon there are a number of chalices with the name Cotton Candy each with their own name brand attached. I wish they simply went a little more unique with the name, but as we all know there is no rule book on the old name game. Chalice # 3 Crimson Tide Bluish green base with bright red freckled peaks on the face of these coral with nice Orangish red little eyes across the surface. A very slow grower this one is, this little piece is about a year old. Even the little feeder/sweeper tentacles are a transparent orangish color wich is very cool, some intense color contrasting going on here. Here is a little frag side profile shot under actinic lighting demonstrating the shorter reach these guys have unlike some of the other Echinoporas out there. I have seen "stunners" with quite a bit more reach to them resulting in a bit more real estate taken up by those other chalices. I will "catch up" on this thread off and on so expect to see updates on some of the existing chalices here in the future and other chalices added to my list here as well. Just a personal reference thread so it will be a long work in progress.
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    Today I had the honor of meeting Mr. Bett at his coral hoarder cave and gazing upon his field of zoas. The pic in no way does the collection any justice. Mr. Brett allowed me to cherry pick a few frags and offered them at incredibly humble prices. His hospitality and willingness to answer questions makes 2 hours feel like 15 minutes. If anybody has the chance to visit and/or buy a couple frags, I highly recommend it. I have battled some significant outbreaks from buying "dirty frags" in the past so I am always a bit nervous every time I purchase something, whether it be from an online vender or a forum member. The first thing I did when I got home was dip the frags. While all the frags soaked I individual inspect each colony for eggs, zoa pox, ZE nudibranchs, flatworms and any other unwanted hitchhikers. With Mr. Brets frags, I found none. All I found at the bottom of the dip was a couple copepods and a baby Stomatella snail. I would not hesitate to purchase again in the future. Out of habit, I always transfer frags to new plugs that are seasoned in my sump so I might loose a couple heads, but that is a result of my own hyper vigilance and no indication on the health and quality of Mr. Brets frags. I am super happy with my frags, Thanks Bret!
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    I just need to say this club is like family. I had a major disaster today and so many people stepped up to help in some way or another. I want to take a minute to thank a few very special people that dropped what thy were doing and help make this terrible day end faster and knowing that all my stuff is in good hands. Jorge Roy (Stylaster) and his wife Jim (gumby) Scott (spectra) Jeff (cuttlefish and corals) These 6 did not hesitate to come to my rescue. Hillsboro, Beaverton, kelso.....they came! Tank was down in about two hours and now they are home still workings at putting corals away. Words cannot express my how thankful I am to be apart of this family. To those.i did not list you are not forgotten, just too many. So to all that offered, or sent a kind message.....thank you from the bottom of my heart, As far as the tank goes, Mike from OBD assured me he will make good by this tragedy and I belief him. So to those that have tanks by him......rest well knowing he has integrity, honesty and will do the right thing.
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    Went down to visit Jeff for his sale. There were some awesome pieces. I scored a sweet anemone for an even better price. I stole the photo from his FB page as it's still in the bag Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk