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    I was out in my driveway today filling a couple of empty Red Sea salt buckets with water from the garden hose to water some of my trees in my yard when a pickup truck drove by and then stopped and backed up, and this random stranger yelled out, "what size reef tank do you have?". It turns out he lives just down the street from me and has been reefing for 20 years and has a Reefer XL 750. We exchanged email addresses and will likely trade frags and I might help him with some Apex issues. I love the reefing community. Small world! 🙂
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    Ok my friends, it is finally happening. The ReefBox will be doing a soft opening August 2nd. Hours will be 11-7 and we will have a few door prizes and maybe some raffle prizes, this will be a soft opening and likely store will not be fully stocked yet but I promise to have a little of everything and some cool stuff too.
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    These are extraordinary times, which demand we be extraordinary to one another. We are reaching out to let you know that Cuttle Fish and Corals is making a commitment to be a leader in doing what’s right even when times are down. Cuttle Fish and Corals cares deeply for its community and its customers. We know that these times are putting a strain on everyone in a myriad of ways, including mentally and financially. To put our commitment into action, Cuttle Fish and Corals is taking steps to be here for you in whatever small way that we can. Starting this week, Cuttle Fish and Corals will start offering delivery of dry goods and livestock in the Portland area. If you are outside of the Portland area, please reach out to us, and we will see if we can accommodate your needs. We will also start packing your orders if you do not feel safe coming into the store and deliver them to your car. In addition to this, as long as we are able, Cuttle Fish and Corals will be offering some products, including certain dry goods, with no markup and at our cost to help with the financial strain that some of you may be experiencing. If you have ideas of how Cuttle Fish and Corals can help, please reach out. Thank you and Make Sure to Take Care of One Another. With Love, Cuttle Fish and Corals
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    This is the culmination of months of planning, months of waiting, and then several weeks of installation. Tale of the Tank: 360 gallon custom glass tank from Custom Aquariums. •8 feet long, 3 feet wide, and 2 feet tall •3 sides low-iron, high clarity •Dual external overflows by Modular Marine Stand is welded rolled steel and powder coated. Built by PNWMAS' own Spectra. Sump was built by Crystal Reef Aquatics. First up, pictures: Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    For our August meeting, we’re doing something a little different. @SuncrestReef, our resident Apex guru and newest board member, is opening up his house for a tour of his highly automated reef tank and a backyard BBQ. This will be chance to see some cool high-tech gear in action: Automated water changes, automated skimmer neck cleaner and smart skimmate locker, emergency backup battery power and generator, and of course the Trident! As an added bonus, @danlu_gt will present a demo of his amazing ReeFi DUO LED light fixtures, with a side-by-side comparison against SuncrestReef’s Radion XR30 Pro. As always there will be some cool raffle prizes, and tasty food. When: Saturday, August 24 at 1:00pm - 4:00pm Where: 19194 SW Suncrest Lane, Beaverton, OR 97007 View on map Parking: Driveway and on-street parking There’s only one rule: Cooper, the overly-friendly black lab, is on a very strict diet due to food allergies. Please don’t feed Cooper anything, no matter how much he acts like he’s starving. He’s had enough emergency vet visits and doesn’t need another one.
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    We have become a elite Waterbox dealer. We are setting up a 130 display and will be stocking most sizes. 4 gallon to 230 gallon tanks will be at the shop ready to pick up hopefully in a few days. If anyone is after a certain size let us know We are still very big fans of Red Sea but we are excited to offer our customer different options.
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    While I was in "time out" from PNWMAS, I made some serious headway on my 600. The tank is actually all the way full now and flowing with warm water, but here is what it looked like last weekend. You know you have a big tank when you dump an entire 60lb bag of salt in the system and it raises the salinity .05. So yeah..
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    I wanted to give everyone a heads up. After our first two successful frag festival. We are going to see if we can make the 3rd one the best yet. It will at the Boys and Girls in Vancouver October 5th Saturday. So save the date and your money. You can also go on nwfragfest.com for more info.
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    Hello fellow PNWMAS forum members and friends, I thought i would share my story on how Paradise Coral came to be. As many of you know i am a coral addict ( zoanthids top my list by far ) and have been collecting, hoarding and propagating zoanthids and other corals for many years. Over the years as i travel around and do sales estimates i always look at anything for rent and say, "This would make a nice spot for a reef shop," but always just a fantasy and always just out of reach for whatever the reason. Well, i have been saying and repeating that pattern for over 10 years at least. This last December my wife and I were trying to buy our girls teddy bears to go with the Giant ones we got them at costco. We went to old downtown Hillsboro as they have a cool toy store there. It was closed so we were out-of-luck on the extra teddy bears and started walking down the street. As we're about to pass the building a few doors down....my wife notices a for rent sign and we stare through the windows for a bit and i have the over 10-year fantasy of opening a reef store to go along with my passion for it. After looking and talking i start to continue walking down the street and immediately a bird flies into the back of my head. Shocked, i turn around to see the culprit.....and it was my wife, lol. She slapped me on the back of the head and said " What the hell are you doing.. ?? CALL the Number !! Hmm, ok fine...I've done this before, the rent will be way to high, or something. So i called and left a message. Ended up finding out, hmm....i think i could make that work. So we kept going through the hurdles, getting excited....then crushed. Got turned down when i told him what i wanted to do. Older landlord guy, i think when he heard fish tank he pictured an old fresh water place with green tanks, bubblers and dead fish or something, he didn't want to have anything to do with me for a few weeks. Very depressed, life over. Closest i have ever gotten to my never ending dream. Over the next 2 days my wife won't let up.." Hunny come on, you can't give up, I just feel it, I have never felt it before but you are going to find a way to make this happen. " So i started perking back up and told myself i will find a way. Basically started living on the street for 2 weeks and made friends with every other business owner and told them what i was going to do for the street once i get in there and got all of them to help me in ways. Got the landlord personal email and cell phone from 1 of the other businesses and basically said i would not leave him alone until he met me face too face and gave me the chance to explain my vision. After getting that meeting and showing him pictures of my corals and a brief business model he was, "Excited and welcomed the opportunity." We had basically decided that we would risk everything, lose the house, go bankrupt if that's what was meant to happen, but we only live once. Sold every toy i own, sold most of my collection, coins, stamps, more coins, maxed every credit card we own and Wow! A lot of money disappeared and we still don't have things the way we want, but since our door signage had finally been put up and the neon sign my wife designed was finished early figured might as well take the paper off the windows and we will just grow our way to where we want to have the place. But Hey! I think we put a pretty good initial offering out and we will only get better with time as we recover from dropping everything we have into this place. Let me also say and point out that none of this would be possible without my lovely wife Naomi. We both have been putting our everything into this, but particular credit goes too her for doing our website front to back, my contribution was the pictures. The sea horse neon sign is her handy work, the name Paradise Coral was her come up with, the graphic work that was done and designed on our logo, the door signs, the colors on the walls, most things in the place that make you go..."Wow...that's cool. Where did you get those?!?" I'll start doing some other post and show what we have here and tell more about what we carry and plan to carry. Hopefully we will see some of you out this way in the future and for the couple of people that came out too visit this past weekend.....Thank you very much! It made for a fun first day. Any questions or curious about anything out here just shout. I'm excited to share my passion for the reefing hobby and will be working to give you a fun and exciting store to come visit and relax in
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    After years of insane prices, the market is hopefully heading for a huge correction. Now that indo finally opened up, corals that were previously outrageously priced are now available to the average hobbyist. To celebrate the new “normal” that will hopefully go on for decades, we are doing indo gold torch heads for $50. We are limiting these to one per customer. Limited to the first 20 customers. Some might be two head frags This is a special we are only offering pnwmas. We don’t forget who has supported us over the years!
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    We come from all sorts of different backgrounds and beliefs. We don’t always agree but we are united in our passion of the reefing hobby. Many of our outside friends and family think we are crazy . They think we are strange with our obsession over coral and fish but here we all have found a home where it’s normal to want 5 tanks and to upgrade to a 1000 gallon fish room. Where we love to visit our LFS several times a week. Where we can talk for hours about lighting , flow, and skimmers as well as the newest coral. This is a place where I can trade equipoment for a bottle of vodka (true story ) I have met so many kind and good hearted people who have helped me and I know in an emergency there would be ten more willing to help. I hope you all have s great time with friends and family but know that this is your home too. You belong here and if you need help there are so many willing to give you a hand including myself . Happy Thanksgivings!
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    SAVE THE DATE! The March meeting will be held at my house on Sunday, March 18, 2018 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. PM me for the address, or look on the PNWMAS Facebook page. There will be food, festivities, and fun! Badxgillen will be presenting Pests and Hitchhikers. Don't miss it!
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    Can't wait for everything to grow in!
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    What I love about our community is the willingness to give and teach. My daughter’s and grandkids tank needed a new light because theirs died last night. I texted a few people late last night and of course there were willing participants! Well then I messaged Jeff at Cuttlefish and he had the same light we had so we went in today and had lunch and chatted and well not only did we get a light to save the day... but now the kids have a much larger tank!! Whoa. From a 25 gallon to a 60 [emoji15][emoji2962][emoji848]. Needless to say I dropped it off and all the kids are super excited. Will be starting the cycle in about 2 weeks. Although seriously considering having someone drill it (ehhh hmmm Scott) so I can put in a sump [emoji2374] Thanks Jeff for making the kids day.... 2 of the 3 have birthdays coming up so this was perfect. We will have to come pick out some super amazing coral though... soooo much more room!!! New to us light to save the day on the old tank Temporary home on the garage till I can get some more sand and rock. So much room for a sump!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cuttlefish Jeff sent this to me today. I am still laughing. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Picked up a new puppy yesterday, she’s a fox red lab, 8 weeks old.
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    I am sure this has been done several times before but I had to commend Cuttlefish on their great customer service. Since getting back into the hobby, after about a 9 year hiatus, I have been to C&C twice. On both occasions Jeff has gone out of his way to get me set up with what I need, even when what I was looking for was old technology..lol. He is knowledgeable and the tanks and livestock looks awesome. By far one of the more professional, customer service oriented LFS I have been too. They have certainly earned my business and I would recommend them to anyone from beginner to experienced reefer. Thanks again Jeff. I will see you next time! Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    I don’t dare say what I do. I know I am the minority and people don’t normally care for people in my profession until they need us.i get to drive fast, give advice, play with cool toys and occasionally get to mix it up if you know what I mean!!!’
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    This is a private event sponsored by Golden Basket Reef. All cost absorbed by Golden Basket Reef. We have limited space in the shop to set up tables so we are not taking anymore vendors. No entry fee for attendees. There is always a talk about doing this kind of event in our area but many years passed by with nothing happening. So I just jump start it and do it myself which the support of local stores that has the same interest to participate. Let's put politic behind and have fun with our own ORE 2016 and meet fellow reefers from local and out of state.
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    There would be no Paradise Coral without this beautiful lady here. Were celebrating 20 years of marriage and doing a 20% of Everything sale this weekend. If you have had your eye on something this is the weekend to come get it
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    I'm working on a series of Apex programming tutorials. Starting this Monday, I'll be posting one tutorial per day on the following topics: Monday - Timers: OSC, If Time, DOW, Defer, When, and Min Time Tuesday - ATK programming and troubleshooting Wednesday - Power Monitoring Thursday - Virtual Outputs Friday - Alarms Saturday - Feed Cycles Sunday - Lunar Schedule and Lighting Profiles After this series, if there are any specific topics you'd like covered, let me know.
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    Well Folks, it seems to be an end to the summer and the beginning of fall, September is here! And it looks like we have lined up one last meeting before the end of the year's December gathering, and right before the Annual October Frag Festival. And Great News! We will be having the September meeting at the Seahorse Aquarium Supply in Portland. When?: September 22nd Sunday 1:00 - 4:00 Where?: 106 NE Russet St, Portland, OR 97211 What?: A gathering of your favorite PNWMAS people at a long time sponsors establishment, including food, raffles, and great deals on some very nice livestock. So come on out and hang out with some of your fellow club members, see whats been brewing at the Seahorse Aquarium, and maybe get the skinny on the upcoming North West Frag Festival.
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    Summer is here!!! And with it road trips, BBQs, and fresh new sights. Put all these things together and you have yourself a nice recipe for a good shindig, and that is what we have going on right here. The July PNWMAS meeting will be held in Wilsonville Oregon at the All Things Aquarium store. Another one of those gem of a sponsors tucked away up in the northern part of our Oregon state, ATA has been part of the PNWMAS club for a few years now and has always been a gracious host for our fellow members and I am sure that this go around will be no exception. There is always a large selection of fish and corals to tantalize our aquatic tastes as well as a nice little courtyard area to get outside and do some socializing while grabbing a bite to eat. When? Sunday, July 21st, 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Where? All Things Aquarium, 30789 SW Boones Ferry Rd, Wilsonville, OR 97070 What? Another awesome meeting from the PNWMAS crew and sponsor ATA with raffles, food, and fun!..And rumor has it there may be a guest speaker to give us some insight to our marine hobby. Instead of clamming up on a summer Sunday, come and join us in Wilsonville for another one of our great gatherings! Stay tuned for additional details.
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    UPDATE!! Sounds like I will finally have keys in the next two weeks. They have given me the OK to come in and paint as well as get a few other things done that will give me a head start. The delay has been the occupancy permit with the City of Vancouver, but I’m told this is resolved. I am hoping to be open (soft open) after July 4th. This will all depend on how systems cycle and I how long it takes me to set up I want personally and publicly says thanks to a few people here for the encouragement and support to move forward. Jeff@cuttlefish Rudy@goldenbasket patrick@saltwater obsessions Erin@all things aquarium danik DJ The support and offers to help out have been amazing. This is truly an amazing community and I promise to do my best. I could not have been able to do this without the support of the people I mentioned and all of you that offered to help in some way or another!!!
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    I've mentioned it to a few of y'all, but I got a new tank in the works. Custom sump and tank are still a couple weeks away, but I got the stand today. So I figured I may as well show that thing off. Stand was built by forum member Scott (@Spectra). He did an amazing job on it. It's 2" rolled steel. Welds and seams look immaculate. I went with a 40 inch height because I like to make life hard on myself as I reach around inside the tank [emoji3][emoji3] Seriously though, I really like the taller appearance and it'll make the tank sit at a better height for viewing. Stand is 97" x 37" (tank is 96x36 not including trim). Tank will be 24" tall for a total of 360 gallons. It is being built by Custom Aquariums out of Wisconsin. Shout out to Jeff at CNC for helping see that order through. Sump is being built by Crystal Reef Aquatics. It will be 60 x 22 x 16 for max capacity of 85 gallons. Probably operate with a third of that, of course. I will create a thread for the tank and sump once they arrive, but for now here's some stand pictures. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Oh Wow! the meeting at Mr.Bret's shop was Great, we all had a wonderful time out in Hillsboro that's for sure. Why don't you let me tell you about it. As you know, Paradise Corals was very gracious and opened their store front doors for the PNWMAS March club meeting, setting aside a couple group buys for the club and a putting together an attractive spread of coral deals. First thing walking in you just have to notice the clean cut reef aquariums, the open floors, and the attractive art decor. The shop has evolved since i had last been in and is looking sharp. Some of the tanks had some rather creative aquascaping going on along with some very colorful and vibrant animals within. I normally don't like black sand, but this tank was sporting it pretty well, making that Huge Helio Fungia just pop! After taking in some of the stores decor and aqua life I got right into greeting some familiar faces that started to arrive. HigherThinking and Vance talking tank. I wish I had more time to swing by your pad, I didn't know you lived relatively close to here and I don't get this way very often. Now that I know there are friends out that way I might just make a trip out of it sometime just to visit. NateDawg rolling up on some nice "Designer" Zoanthids. You got some good taste in corals but some of those are too rich for my blood man. Did you find your Stratocaster? TrailerMan got to get a refreshing talk on camera work and is now hopefully giving aquarium photography another go. A little know how and a lot of practice can make all the difference in the world. Gumby with his eagle eyes has spotted another exceptional piece. I know he walked away with a nice chunk of that steaming Unicorn Poop. And that tank tour you were talking about sounded intriguing, it has been a while since we have had one of those. Jeremevans, our club treasurer, talking with Higherthinking about tanks. Apparently HigherThinking is working on a new 360 gallon build. 8 foot by 3 foot is going to be one swell of a centerpiece my friend. BicycleBill giving some solid advice to a fellow reefer in the store. A seasoned veteran that knows a few tips and tricks of the trade. Last time I saw his tank it was so full of coral colonies I am not sure how he could add any more to the system. SuncrestReef came with not only his camera gear, but his laptop which contained the programs he used for his photography work. He had several amazing shots from around the store and I was hoping that maybe he will be so kind as to post up a few of those up on the forum at some point. In fact I would love to see some of the pictures people were able to get after a few of those pointers we got from the talk. Here we have the host Mr.Bret in his natural habitat, creeping amongst the corals. Actually, this was one of the nice raffle prizes presented by Paradise Corals and the PNWMAS club....And speaking of raffles. When it came time for drawing the winning tickets our outstanding Board Of Directors member AlbertaReef got things underway, with the assistance of Mrs.Bret to make things kosher. On the far right ZorroReef is hoping for his shot at the Paradise Corals Zoanthid Frag Pack...Me too buddy, me too. W-T-F snagging the 1K Gyre circulation pump. Sounds like you have a spot for it in a new frag tank? Would have loved to stop by to see your aquarium like I had wanted to but I had to make the trip back to Corvallis earlier than expected due to babysitter/children complications. I will make sure to keep in touch for the next time I head North and see if we can touch bases again. Terik hit it big when he got his ticket pulled to win the MP10 Quite Drive pump. I am sure you are going to love the different modes and flow power control. Definitely a new and improved model over the original releases. And Trailerman takes home the digital salinity and temperture gauge, one I had been wanting to test myself. You will have to let us know how well it holds up over time, I test salinity countless times in a week and often worry about accuracy. One of the additional perks to attending is that W-T-F was kind enough to share his extensive knowledge on photography in a talk focusing on getting quality reef tank pictures. I found his speech to be rather informative and at the same time straight forward, which I like. He even went through a step by step demonstration right there in the shop, and afterwards answered an onslaught of questions. Thank You Very much Damien, the club and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have some video but without a tripod and proper microphone it was poorly shot, barely viable. But I definitely got a few pointers to now make my future movie captures in better quality. Here is a small recap of some things he had to say. W-T-F started the presentation with some personal background on his previous occupations as a photographer as well as his popular YouTube channel about reef related subjects. Like many of us he enjoys the various hobbies found within the reefing hobby. He instantly grabbed our attention with this great analogy that us reefers would understand. Where having a successful reef aquarium is the art of maintaining water, photography is essentially the art of maintaining light. Here he talked about the "Gear", and had a list of what he felt were subjects needing further attention. Top of the list was your lens matters the most, with some explanations of macro and zoom vs prime. Next on this list was information about megapixel count, post editing, and cell phones being good assets with the recent technology that has improved their cameras quality. Having a larger pixel count, and shooting in RAW picture format allows for a lot more wiggle room when it comes to cropping and post editing a photo. Talk about a pretty comprehensive list of things to go through to get that clean clear shot. I am sometimes in such a hurry to get a pic that I forget that there can be some very helpful adjustments that I can make when I am in my own tanks at home for much better results. And here patience is a very good thing. In this shot he is walking everybody through a real time photo shoot on some corals in the shop, then telling us the relation of the ISO and F stop. It was really nice watching someone else do the camera work in real life while seeing it blown up on the big screen at the same time. The end was a short walk through of some of the post editing software he likes to use and ways to make a photo to more closely resemble what our eyes have captured. Then is was onto many a questions, which I must say thank you again for answering. SuncrestReef on the right getting a head start on setup and execution, these two are much better camera men than I. I see quite a few members watching the talk on this side, Mrs.Bret,Kevin, ZorroReef, Gumby, Vance, Albertareef, and Kireek hiding off to the right. Clockwise in this frame we have NateDawg, Brian, and JTarmitage lending their ear to the speech. I didn't catch the name of the gentleman in the striped shirt though. Again screen names from left to right, Trailerman, Suellen?, SuncrestReef, And HigherThinking. This particular talk drew a number of people in and kept their attention there. Apparently there are a number of folks like me who wouldn't mind brushing up on their camera skills. Since it was a reef shop, and a photography talk, I figured a few gratuitous photos would not be too much to add into the mix.... Who doesn't like to see a Top Down shot? The store's collection was looking very nice and healthy. Taking home a few things today that's for sure. There were a few of the mini jellyfish aquariums on display showing off the color changing display and the delicate creatures within. Maybe I should have waited for W-T-F's talk before I took some of my photos and then I might have had a better representation of these little guys. They can be somewhat mesmerizing. As usual, the store had some amazing realistic paintings that really stood out. I am thinking I need to make sure I have a few extra dollars next time I come out this way so I can walk home with a nice piece of art as well. They cost as much as a couple frags really, and you don't have to find sponges to feed these nudibranchs. The corals probably still need good light to look their best though. Well folks, you know my usual wrap up here at the end of the meeting threads. I apologize if I didn't get your picture in here, even though I take a number of photos I can be in the wrong place at the wrong time as often as I am in the right one. If you all have some pictures to add of the things I missed that would be Great. And now a Big Thank you to MrBret, Mrs.Bret, and the Paradise Coral crew! You had a crisp and clean store, wonderful foods, great service and corals, and were excellent hosts. We loved the group buys too. Thank You W-T-F for coming out and being so generous with your time and knowledge, we really appreciate it. I took away quite a bit to help me hone my beginner photography skills. Thank You to the Officers and Board Of Directors that work behind the scenes making efforts to be of service to the club, bringing everything together. And last but not least I would like to thank the people of the club itself, to whom without, there would be no PNWMAS, Thank you all. REEF ON!!! Sorry, just had to end the thread with a shot of Mr.Bret's custom frag tank stand's angry octopus. Haven't seen that in action since the Frag Expo a while back. Very Cool indeed.
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    Good timing on the thread! I just found out that my blue Merle corgi was born just 2 days ago and will be getting her in May!!
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    Sent while trying to get my next coral fix.....
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    Vlamingii Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
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    The board and officers have been working really hard to bring you a frag show! I wanted to get the word out because you don't want to miss this! We will have several vendors with their choice corals to sell you! We will have a Macna level guest speaker that we will be flying out all the way from Australia to do a talk! You thought we had good raffles at our meeting , the raffles will be bigger and better! The show will be at the Boys and Girls Club in Vancouver Washington and the proceeds will go to Tanks for Teacher. We want to replace the tank they have and also get new livestock as they lost most of their coral and fish due to the school closing due to inclement weather! There will be food provided by the excellent culinary services known as Sirena. You had her ribs , you won't want to miss what she has in store for you! The DATE is Saturday October 14 !! Save the date! This will be a blast! This will be like a regular meeting on steroids! Some of the coolest corals I have had are from these type shows as the vendors bring their best! More details coming! Just wanted to get the word out so you can take the time from work , cancel your other vacation plans to come to this show!!
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    Big thank you to Jorge and MrBret yesterday. 235gal rimless came in yesterday, was a beast getting it flip on its back, out the van, up a couple steps, through the doors, flip back and finally on the stand! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using Tapatalk
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    ...and the winner is...Gil&Fin. Give her a'round of applause.
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    Just wanted to let everyone know, the total raised for Tanks for Teachers is $1,195.63 A big thanks to everyone who helped out.
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    And lets not forget the speaker Colby. He came out to spend a bit of his time educating the group about caring for seahorses, disease treatment and prevention as well as some of the finer details that only a breeder would be able to elaborate on. Right outside the TPA is a small courtyard perfect for good weather meets like this. I feel like this would make a good spot for some future gatherings on nice days. Colby really emphasized captive bred seahorses of good health being key to long term success with the little critters and the TPA here in Willsonville and the TPA in Salem always try and have the captive breds in stock. Another point he made was that it is not too big of a problem keeping the Erectus seahorses in a higher flow environment and it is certainly possible to keeping many varieties of corals provided they are not full of larger nemotocysts. Last but not least a BIG Thank You to our host Erin at The Premium Aquarium Willsonville, Thanks for having us out, it was Fun. Your store is looking great and so is the livestock, appreciate all your assistance and nice corals. I will be seeing you and your crew in the not too distant future I am sure.
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    President - Emerald525 - Kim Vigil Vice President - badxgillen - Bert Gillen Secretary - milesmiles902 - Miles Taylor Treasurer - MrBret - Bret Ashley Vendor Relations - Mattv - Matt Van Devender Good luck to all. Nominations for Board of Directors will start today. Jay
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    Not the most recent but it'll have to do till I get around to snapping a new one.
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    I have to agree with everything that's already been said... I can break down my whole tank what I feed, when I feed it etc etc etc... Honestly it really means little to nothing because like most things in this hobby what works for me more than likely will not garner the same results for someone else. Everyone's tanks are different and we all have our individual husbandry styles, the things we all have in common is we stay within a range of acceptable water chemistry and we all try to keep things as stable as possible. Honestly I've seen tanks that look good with some of the most whacked out water chemistry and super dirty water ever... but one thing we all strive for is stability. I don't think that can't be stressed more. Chasing numbers will usually result in failure, everybody's tank will have a sweet spot and finding that sweet spot (the actual numbers) for one's individual tank is what you should strive for. As for my tank... I don't know all the numbers as far as water chemistry because I tweak my tank based on what I see it doing. (something you acquire when you've been doing this for like 20 some odd years lol). The only thing I test is my alk, cal and mag. I run an 8 bulb ATI powermodule for lighting, I'm fairly lazy when it comes to do any water changes and I run no GFO, 1 cup of carbon for 2-3 day every month or so the take any yellow out of the water passively in a bag. My tank is roughly 165 gallons of total water volume. I feed my fish Hakri Marine Plankton blend. My corals I feed the following twice per week. 10ml Oyster Feast 10ml Red Sea Reef Energy a&b 10ml Aquavitro Fuel I also add 12ml of Acro Power once per week, only at night. (I can explain this later if you're curious) I run filter socks I change once per week and I skim fairly heavy with a modified Reef Octopus XP-2000 with a DC pump and I have a Aquamaxx S-2 calcium reactor.
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    I have been checking out this site for a little while now after getting referred here by a guy I met. I am a rather shy person and don't tend to be very social which you might have noticed since we have only made one post since we signed up. To resolve any confusion my 11 year old son and I share this profile. But that post now has me reconsidering this club and looking for other options. We received a negative rep point for my post which I simply can't believe. I assume I know who it is as only one person made a semi-rude comment immediately after my post. I just find myself dumbfounded by the critical nature being displayed. I guess this is a pointless post but I thought it should be mentioned. It doesn't seem like a very family friendly place to be when an 11 year old gets dinged for asking a question. Maybe we should have posted an introduction thread before posting but I assure you he meant no harm. I apologize if this isn't the place for this thread or to be causing any problems. But can someone maybe refer me to a less critical forum for us beginners. I don't feel like being slammed everytime we ask a dumb question.
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    We just got done remodeling our house, which meant that we had to live in the garage and bedrooms for 6 weeks! That's a lot of microwaved meals... The happy end of this trying experience came when my wife said that the old tank look would look too small in reference to our now over-sized contemporary kitchen decor. Whoa, I thought, I'd better strike while the iron was hot and sent @CuttleFishandCoral a text message. A week later I was unwrapping this bad boy. Thanks Jeff!!! One thing that I have discovered about big tanks is that it does take forever to fill them..... Sheesh
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    Sorry about the delay in the post, just got my son moved into his dorm and got to spend yesterday having lunch, packing some of his things, and hanging out. Right after seeing him off, and eating dinner, I got to starting this thread. As you all know, or now will know, the September meeting at All Things Aquarium was a Hoot! The place was loaded with SPS, LPS, and softy corals not to mention fish of all sorts. Everything was nice and clean, several of the tanks looked amazing! spot on. Look at this frag forest! I missed out on a red/orange centered green yuma, we left a little early and I completely forgot to snag one! Bummed, guess I better sneak back to ATA. In between the store and the adjacent building there is a very nice courtyard area that facilitates gatherings like this splendidly. You might be able to see in the background there, Zoolander lent his skills to the grill and did a great job, thanks a ton man. And speaking of the grill man, here he is on the left, thinking ahead of time with those shades, it was such a beautiful day. And speaking of generous guys, Bicycle Bill here on the right came in handing out coral frags like it was trick or treat candy...He is such a nice person, generous with the corals and good advice, Bill is one of the good ones. Here is another of the good old boys. The main man at the ATA store, Erin. He opened up his store for all of us to come in and have our meeting, BBQ, and raffle at. He has a wealth of knowledge and seems to have a knack for the aquatics, I know I will be back to pick his brain and aquariums sooner than later. Thank you my friend. Two of our awesome sponsors here in one shot, Stylaster left and Mr Bret on the right. Both have contributed quite a bit of their time over the years both off and on the BOD and office, Cheers to you two...And Thanks a ton for the frags Roy, I will return the favor. Highschool Reefer, eyeballing the store goods no doubt. I forgot to mention I had a few things I could throw you for your new tank setup and a few pointers on keeping macro algae trimmed back. Maybe I will see you next month though. Jfry here. This guy is in my line of work, aquatics maintenance, and I love talking about others setups and tanks with this guy. He has some good stories and is getting seasoned thats for sure. You all know you have to come up with a lot of different solutions to strange problems in the reefing world. Kai made it out to another meet, very nice guy. Hope that zoanthid pack you won is doing well, there were some lookers in there, blues, reds, and a little yellow. Should ease into the new tank just fine. Gill&Fin center and DJ right. I meant to ask you on some QT questions Holly. Maybe I can still get some info out of you and see if you get file fish in frequently? And sorry I did not have time to swing by DJ, believe me I have plans on it in the near future. Youcallmenny on the left and Albertareef on the right. With the good people that will give you a hand with the move you should be just fine getting into your new place, sounded like you have it pretty well planned out now. Reefer Madness left and Daniel right. Daniel makes the Reefi lighting system and is a working on a couple other products as well. He also has a killer tank setup. Reefer Madness, let me know when your going on that crabbing trip, I love dungenous. And I will keep my eyes peeled for a cowrie. Lex inverts chatting with Mr Bret. I have always liked this guy, he tells it like it is...And Also has a few very nice setups. He bred some seahorses too not too long ago.Now that I think about it I think Bret has some baby seahorses right now. Whop whoop!!! I got this pic of Paul here winning the gift certificate to All Things Aquarium. He is totally stoked! I would be too, so much there to grab, I bet that certificate never left the store. Grand Prize Vortech went to Albertareef! Way to go man, nice score! I love these raffles that are equal tickets equal chances. Although I wouldn't mind buying more tickets on certain items, it is a refreshing change once in a while to just take a true shot at chance. A major highlight of this meet was the presentation given by Miles about fluorescent pigment proteins. He explained a number of things on the subject such as tracking/monitoring cell functions, mutations, calcium and photo reactions...It was wild. I can elaborate a little more when I get back from work but for now just enjoy these shots of Mils slides. He did a great job and was very informative, answering all of Andy's questions But really Miles, Thank You, it was awesome. A slide miles had showing the cell internal structure and Florescent Proteins that assist in research. Lined up were a number of people who wanted to get a more in depth knowledge of the mysterious GFPs. You can see all the way down on the left had side there is a junior member getting his first reef class sessions in. . OptimusPrime taking addvantage of the black light LED flashlight. I wish I could take those, inject them into my montis, and make a new variety of "tie dye" coral. OH and th e obligatory coral shots here and there. Miles brought some samples of the Florescent Proteins, both natural and man made. Not too sure where he gets all these but I wouldn't mind a few for this upcoming Halloween...How many corals would you say is in one of those little bottles Miles?
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    A friend of mine sent me this: Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
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    The Bob Moore Frag Swap was a blast! Next year you should all try to come it's worth the drive! Special shout out to a few very generous members who donated some higher end frags for the club!! Tom aka Caolewis ! Donated over 20 higher end frags we made a couple hundred dollars on his! Like Peter Pan! Wolverine! Rainbow in Spain! He owns UCHU restaraunt and has a 1000 gallon tank. You should check it out ! Thank you Holly aka Gil&Fin for getting Toms frags holding them and supplying the plugs!! Holly also bought food for all of our local sponsors and for us working the table! Most of you know Holly and her generosity but you don't know how much and how far it really goes! Scott aka spectra! Donated some higher end Zoas like hallucination and utter chaos! Scott I love you!! Always one of the first ones to step up and volunteer! MrBret for fragging these. Sorry you couldn't make it! All your treasurer skills are much appreciated! Dayze 9 aka Matt a new member donated an Oregon blue tort , frogskin and branching cyphastrea! It's truly amazing that a brand new member would donate so much! Badxgillen aka Bert also donated many frags and supplied some of the things we needed for the club tank! Sirena who helped set up and drove and stayed at the booth most of the day! Cuttlefish and coral aka Jeff also donated a few choice frags to the club even though he had his own booth! Jeff as you know has been a constant supporter of this club! Thanks to Karen aka kknight for manning the booth and the delicious cookies and the sps donations! Thanks to miles for manning the booth and forcing pnwmas fliers on everyone!! Thanks to you all!! It was a lot of fun and we made a lot of connections and met a lot of members and potential new members and sponsors!
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