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    Hello fellow PNWMAS forum members and friends, I thought i would share my story on how Paradise Coral came to be. As many of you know i am a coral addict ( zoanthids top my list by far ) and have been collecting, hoarding and propagating zoanthids and other corals for many years. Over the years as i travel around and do sales estimates i always look at anything for rent and say, "This would make a nice spot for a reef shop," but always just a fantasy and always just out of reach for whatever the reason. Well, i have been saying and repeating that pattern for over 10 years at least. This last December my wife and I were trying to buy our girls teddy bears to go with the Giant ones we got them at costco. We went to old downtown Hillsboro as they have a cool toy store there. It was closed so we were out-of-luck on the extra teddy bears and started walking down the street. As we're about to pass the building a few doors down....my wife notices a for rent sign and we stare through the windows for a bit and i have the over 10-year fantasy of opening a reef store to go along with my passion for it. After looking and talking i start to continue walking down the street and immediately a bird flies into the back of my head. Shocked, i turn around to see the culprit.....and it was my wife, lol. She slapped me on the back of the head and said " What the hell are you doing.. ?? CALL the Number !! Hmm, ok fine...I've done this before, the rent will be way to high, or something. So i called and left a message. Ended up finding out, hmm....i think i could make that work. So we kept going through the hurdles, getting excited....then crushed. Got turned down when i told him what i wanted to do. Older landlord guy, i think when he heard fish tank he pictured an old fresh water place with green tanks, bubblers and dead fish or something, he didn't want to have anything to do with me for a few weeks. Very depressed, life over. Closest i have ever gotten to my never ending dream. Over the next 2 days my wife won't let up.." Hunny come on, you can't give up, I just feel it, I have never felt it before but you are going to find a way to make this happen. " So i started perking back up and told myself i will find a way. Basically started living on the street for 2 weeks and made friends with every other business owner and told them what i was going to do for the street once i get in there and got all of them to help me in ways. Got the landlord personal email and cell phone from 1 of the other businesses and basically said i would not leave him alone until he met me face too face and gave me the chance to explain my vision. After getting that meeting and showing him pictures of my corals and a brief business model he was, "Excited and welcomed the opportunity." We had basically decided that we would risk everything, lose the house, go bankrupt if that's what was meant to happen, but we only live once. Sold every toy i own, sold most of my collection, coins, stamps, more coins, maxed every credit card we own and Wow! A lot of money disappeared and we still don't have things the way we want, but since our door signage had finally been put up and the neon sign my wife designed was finished early figured might as well take the paper off the windows and we will just grow our way to where we want to have the place. But Hey! I think we put a pretty good initial offering out and we will only get better with time as we recover from dropping everything we have into this place. Let me also say and point out that none of this would be possible without my lovely wife Naomi. We both have been putting our everything into this, but particular credit goes too her for doing our website front to back, my contribution was the pictures. The sea horse neon sign is her handy work, the name Paradise Coral was her come up with, the graphic work that was done and designed on our logo, the door signs, the colors on the walls, most things in the place that make you go..."Wow...that's cool. Where did you get those?!?" I'll start doing some other post and show what we have here and tell more about what we carry and plan to carry. Hopefully we will see some of you out this way in the future and for the couple of people that came out too visit this past weekend.....Thank you very much! It made for a fun first day. Any questions or curious about anything out here just shout. I'm excited to share my passion for the reefing hobby and will be working to give you a fun and exciting store to come visit and relax in
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    What I love about our community is the willingness to give and teach. My daughter’s and grandkids tank needed a new light because theirs died last night. I texted a few people late last night and of course there were willing participants! Well then I messaged Jeff at Cuttlefish and he had the same light we had so we went in today and had lunch and chatted and well not only did we get a light to save the day... but now the kids have a much larger tank!! Whoa. From a 25 gallon to a 60 [emoji15][emoji2962][emoji848]. Needless to say I dropped it off and all the kids are super excited. Will be starting the cycle in about 2 weeks. Although seriously considering having someone drill it (ehhh hmmm Scott) so I can put in a sump [emoji2374] Thanks Jeff for making the kids day.... 2 of the 3 have birthdays coming up so this was perfect. We will have to come pick out some super amazing coral though... soooo much more room!!! New to us light to save the day on the old tank Temporary home on the garage till I can get some more sand and rock. So much room for a sump!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It has been a LONG HAUL with this build. I bought this tank about a year ago and spent forever refinishing the stand to match the trim in our house. The stand also needed some repairs as well. After all that time, I just had some movers bring it into the living room this morning. The scale of this puppy is pretty daunting now that I see it in its “final resting place”. It is a MarineLand 6x2x28” tank (210 gal I believe, which is ironically what I had a few years back just different dimensions). Hoping the setup doesn’t take another year 😂 HUGE shoutout to Confidence Moving Labor LLC for doing the move. It was surprisingly hard to find someone willing to do the move period. I felt their price was more than fair also (had some people quote me a “would be dumb not to do the job” price 🙄). Here it is!
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    After 74 long days... yes, I know, supposed to be 76 but I had a broken canister filter and my hippo got MHLLE and I just said I am done!! All my fish are back from QT and my fallow period is OVER!! yeah!!! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Special thanks to all the sponsors who have donated raffles! I personally take notice of companies so quick and willing to donate to a good cause ! All proceeds go to the Sexual Assault Resource Center (SARC) So even if you don’t win your money is going to a great cause to help victims and their families . Special thanks to Cuttlefish aka Jeff- not only has he been generous with his group buys . He is donating a gift certificate and reached out to all these companies Thanks to the following companies : Waterbox Sea Dwelling Aquatic Life Sera Dr. Tim’s Caribsea LRS Sea and Reef Aqua Illumination
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    I am excited to announce the June meeting will be in Salem at The Premium Aquarium! This is a great shop and Garrett always has great deals! We will have a frag swap as always! Garrett has a grill and the one and only first lady Sirena will be doing the grilling! You will be in for a treat as she makes her food with love and it is delicious! When: Saturday June 24 2 to 4pm Where: Premium Aquarium 1875 25th Street SE Salem, OR 97302 What: Frag swap and barbecue and deals on coral !! Keep posted as we will have some sweet raffle prizes!!!
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    In an effort to reduce a cluttered thread of various coral pictures I decided to start separate threads for particular subject matter. The topic I have at hand today is the amazing Mirulinidae coral genuses of Echinophyllia, Echinopora, Echinomorpha, Mycedium, Oxypora, Pectinia, Ect. I like the idea of having something to reference the coloration changes and growth patterns of various chalice corals over time. So I will be posting images of different specimens, some of the same genetic lineage but in different systems and some that are simply updates of a coral cutting but over a period of time. We feed the corals once to twice a week and all of these corals get a mix of various foods including, but not limited too, cyclopeeze, brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, coral gumbo, reef chili, and reef roids. These scleractinia, as with most LPS Stony corals, prefer consistent parameters.provided quality water and lighting you can shoot for a number between these general levels and keep it there. calcium of around 400-500 and alkalinity level of between 7-10. Mag as usual should be in ratio with your calcium at around 1100-1600 Many of these corals are tolerant of some nitrates .008-20PPM as well as temperature ranges from 72F-82F. I would say that many of these Chalice corals are not appreciative of high light or flow but there are some exceptions to this rule. As a rule of thumb I like to try out my chalices very low in the tank and move them up very slowly over time to allow for sufficient adjustment to the PAR levels of your lighting. Once you light "burn" a chalice it may take months to recover or instead it may just simply bleach, get infected, and perish...So take it slow. If you have questions regarding the corals presented in the thread you can ask me, I don't mind a Private Message now and then. Well then, lets get this started shall we? The first Chalice Coral up is Chalice # 1 OG Alien Eye Chalice Here is an in tank specimen with flash on. As you can see it generally takes on the standard plating shape. This one has medium sized mouths or "eye"s and does not mound up as much as some of the other chalices can. Tends to not have as long sweepers either but is a powerful contender when contact with another corals is made. Here is a picture taken outside under the full sun, gorgeous blue, grays, and green are vividly present. Same coral under actinics, this thing looks like it is radioactive and is going to burn through the Tupperware. This picture gives a "shining" example of the sheen than can be obtained in this coral provided it is healthy and shaded from direct bright lighting. Like many of its brother and sister chalices it does not like much light or flow. The original mother of this colony is well over 12 years old and came from MVP aquatics before they closed their doors so this one has been around a while. Next Up Chalice # 2 JNS Cotton Candy In this close up you can see some of the very small eyes and its almost "Oozing" growth structure. This piece shows the more plastic formation taken on under different lighting and flow patterns. Much like the previous chalice when this one is under good conditions and lower lighting it will develop a green under sheen to the flesh wich is most exquisite, something that looks better in person than camera as it is almost translucent. A side note about this coral is that similar to the Alien Eye or Water Mellon there are a number of chalices with the name Cotton Candy each with their own name brand attached. I wish they simply went a little more unique with the name, but as we all know there is no rule book on the old name game. Chalice # 3 Crimson Tide Bluish green base with bright red freckled peaks on the face of these coral with nice Orangish red little eyes across the surface. A very slow grower this one is, this little piece is about a year old. Even the little feeder/sweeper tentacles are a transparent orangish color wich is very cool, some intense color contrasting going on here. Here is a little frag side profile shot under actinic lighting demonstrating the shorter reach these guys have unlike some of the other Echinoporas out there. I have seen "stunners" with quite a bit more reach to them resulting in a bit more real estate taken up by those other chalices. I will "catch up" on this thread off and on so expect to see updates on some of the existing chalices here in the future and other chalices added to my list here as well. Just a personal reference thread so it will be a long work in progress.
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    This is the official post--all you need to know! ***You won't believe what Cuttle Fish has in store*** Amazing Raffles! Fantastic Food! Fish and Corals Galore! Group Buys! Hundreds of Holly's $10 frags! ALL RAFFLE PROCEEDS AND A PORTION OF FISH/CORAL SALES GO TO THE OREGON SEXUAL ASSAULT RESOURCE CENTER! Where? Cuttle Fish and Corals (duh) 6363 SW Capitol Hwy Portland, OR 97239 When? Sunday, May 5, 2019 (again, duh) 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Raffle Prizes include: Aquatic Life 24” hybrid light fixture Waterbox 20 gallon AIO aquarium Waterbox 4 gallon AIO aquarium Bucket of Red Sea Coral Pro salt Bucket of Red Sea salt Aqua Illumination Nero 5 Wave Maker Sera assorted saltwater package $250 gift card to Cuttle Fish and Corals High end SPS frag pack High end LPS frag pack High end zoa frag pack Aqua Illumination Hydra 26HD LOTS MORE TO COME! *Tickets will be $5 each or $20 for 5 tickets *You must be present to win, but we are having two drawing times--3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. All raffle proceeds will be benefiting the Sexual Assault Resource Center Food Sirena, Scott, and Jonas are preparing street tacos and all sorts of Mexican fare! Delicioso! Fish and Corals! Jeff is getting in an amazing shipment especially for the Celebration! Group Buys Jeff has some amazing pieces set aside, and Kim is organizing. More details to come! Holly's $10 frags Jeff is setting aside a whole frag tank for my Famous $10 corals. Everything from blastos to gonis, stylos to birdsnests, monti caps to digis, zoas to toadstools...and you know I always have some gems hidden in the mix. You'll find even more details about the event on the Cuttle Fish Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cuttlefishandcorals/ Hasta pronto mis amigos! Settings Holly Somers hollysomers@yahoo.com (503) 348-4333
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    The kids wanted to thank everyone for their tank and also for their tank they will be getting.
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    Well folks, it is getting closer to the end of the 2019 year and you know what that means for the PNWMAS club don't you!? The December Holiday Party!!! Where - Walery's Premium Pizza 1555 Edgewater St NW, Salem, OR 97304 When - December 14th Saturday from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM. What - Meet and Greet, Gift Exchange, Raffle, Food, and Fun! As usual, the club will order a few pizzas and pitchers to get the festivities started off with, but with the counter to the pizzeria just 15 feet away you should be able to get whatever you need conveniently. Being a pizza fan I like finding what a friend likes and going in on a pizza to share, variety is the spice of life right? And for those who are new to the annual event know that we will have a White elephant gift exchange to get in on! To participate we recommend bringing a wrapped item someone might appreciate of a $10-$15 value. We will draw numbers to dictate the order of handing out the gifts, and allow for one optional "theft" of a previous opened present per person. If you have not participated in a white elephant gift exchange before, this may all sound funny, but I assure you it is a riot of a game where everybody has a good time and walks away with something to remember. In addition to the gift exchange and all around festivities we will have some amazing prizes from our awesome sponsors and our PNWMAS club, you know we never disappoint. So make sure to grab some extra raffle tickets and win it big! Stay tuned for more updates and additions to the raffle prize roster, you all know the PNWMAS December party is always a Hoot!
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    Got some new additions to my collection today! I placed them in my frag tank before rearranging my previous corals but still can't get them all to fit in my 50 gal cube LPS garden. When I decided to leave the aluminum film on the styrofoam underneath the tank, I figure it would be good to help light up underside of the frags. Now I see, it's a terrible idea for taking top down coral photos. haha I had to remove some previous favorites to another tank. I don't want to setup a 5th tank so maybe if I decide I can part with some, then I may bring some to coming NW frag fest.
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    Here is my Loki when I brought her home at about three months old And here she is now at two years She is not only a great friend but came a long way to be with me. She was born in Israel to a Bedouin herder. When they have too many puppies the will turn the unwanted ones out into the desert to die. But this luck girl was picked up by an Israeli rescue group and flown all the to the St. Helens shelter where she met her forever family. I am so lucky to have her
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    Thanks to @pdxmonkeyboy for an excellent frag swap/meeting. Awesome house and amazing tanks! And thanks for the "frammer" frag. Here are some of the photos I shot from your reef tank:
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    My acan colony is doing really well, with great coloration and polyp extension. Take a look at how it moves in the water flow:
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    Yep--it's time for another $10 sale! Come by on Sunday, August 12, 2018, from 1 pm to 3:30 pm to join in the fun. Beer and soda are in the fridge and there are frags a-plenty--literally hundreds. I'm in Southwest Portland--PM me for the address. Can't wait to see you!
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    I just received the latest issue of Coral magazine and saw a picture of the gorgeous "CNC Splatterpaint Fungia". Awesome coral Jeff. Congratulations! Mark
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    Let's see a single, full tank shot. Here's mine: Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    It took 6 months but my clown fish finally realized that anemones are natural hosts for clown fish. I was so excited to see this as I have been pretty much telling him everyday and he finally listened. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Just wanted to show off my new declivis butterfly I picked up at Cuttlefish today. This is one of those apex fish for me- a fish I never wanted to consider owning because of price and rarity but always actually dreamed of having.
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    Why a bucket of rocks is so cool pukani for the new tank
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    I took over 300 pictures yesterday, got it down to around 100, been cropping the most relevant of the lot. Uploading to photobucket now, so should have some recap by later today. It was a wonderful time.
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    Please also welcome another new comer to the Oct. 5th Frag Festival. Should be a Great addition! AquaBiomics is a local startup company offering a brand new service for the aquarium hobby: analysis of the microbial community (the microbiome) in your reef tank. Eli Meyer, the owner and developer of this company, will be attending the Frag Fest this year to promote and answer questions about this new service. We'll have AquaBiomics sampling kits available for purchase at a special discounted rate, and are contributing a free "Before & After" analysis to the raffle. We're also selling a variety of coral frags, including more than 20 varieties of Zoas and Palys and other assorted hard and soft corals.
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    Oh boy. Time to chase the Whitetail around....
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    I've been blessed with my corals, thus far, and I want to pass it on, 'cuz it only takes a spark! A frag of PC Rainbow is up for grabs! I will do the random drawing tomorrow night at 7pm. That's Friday the 23rd at 7pm! More LOVIN' to come... Good luck y'all! Sent from Atlantis 🤙
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    One year ago today I joined PNWMAS. Since that time I have gained a lot of reefing knowledge thanks to many people here, and confidence that I’m doing the right things with my tank based on these obvious results: July 2018: July 2019: At 1544 posts, I’m only 9 years away from catching up to @Emerald525’s post count…provided I can block her from posting anything new! (now that I have Moderator rights, watch your back Kim!!!) I have also met a lot of great people here, and I’m really looking forward to the next year!
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    Even though I am unable to make it to most meetings, I am continually impressed by the investment of so many members of this community. Look at any one of the images posted here and you see the work that went into the food, the planning, the set up, the organization, the raffles, the community and professional relations, the clean up and the planning for the next meeting the following month. To those who work so hard to make these events and this community work so well and provide so much fun, you may occasionally think that no one notices all the planning and effort it takes to makes this stuff happen. However, I and most of the rest of us do and very much appreciate your investment in this community. To the officers and everyone else who plan, cook, organize, set up and implement these incredibly cool events, we thank and salute you! Next time you see one of these folks, thank them and buy them a drink. They've earned it. /Cheers, folks! 🍻
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    Thanks Kim. Here's a better pic.
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    Doing water changes suck. So does constantly testing and replenishing additives. So whether you go Triton and no water changes or routine water changes, there's always work involved. Or in my case, the work doesn't get done and then there are consequences. Anyway, I really needed to get myself a water changing system that was quick and easy. Maybe one day I'll implement some kind of auto changing system that swaps just a little per day, but for now, this is what I got! It's basically an ability to change 50 gallons of water with nothing more than a switch and a handful of valves. The far right is obviously the 50 gallon containers. Fresh on top, salt on the bottom. The RODI pumps fresh water into the top and there is also a second line that runs under the house and comes up to my sump. I'm going to connect that line to a float valve in my ATO container. That way I have an always full ATO and an always full 50 gallon container. The waste line for the RODI is plumbed to outside the garage. It may look a little complicated, but I'll try and explain it. Basically, depending on the valves I have three main options: I can simply circulate the bottom container for when I add salt. I can pull water from my sump and send that water outside my house and down the downspout. I can pump salt water from the bottom container back into my sump. There is only one PVC line going from the pump to the sump, but it can either send water or pull water. At the sump, I've attached a hose so that I can suck out sediment during a water change. It's currently a ten foot hose, but I'll probably chop it down. I may even hard plumb all the way into the sump, still thinking that through. Unfortunately, the current sump size only allows for 20 gallon change without powering on the return pump, circulating the water, and then changing another 20.... If that makes sense. However, this whole setup is for the future tank and sump upgrade which is currently in the works. Just finished reinforcing my floor so stay tuned for that build thread. Still a few months out on that. There's a few things I would have done different as far as valve placement, but nothing of any real consequence. Anyway, just knocked out my first water change. The most difficult part was how fast it drained and filled up. I felt like I was running into the garage real quick. I think I'll get the timing down though. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Get this clip on cell phone lens, https://www.amazon.com/Camera-Comsun-Universal-Smartphone-Fisheye/dp/B01B6JPAPS/ref=br_lf_m_fj4k35wvfdaq7q3_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&s=wireless and add this gradual tinted sunglasses lenses for filter, https://www.amazon.com/Fuse-Lenses-Oakley-Half-Jacket/dp/B077ZF9BY4/ref=sr_1_6?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1529505851&sr=1-6&nodeID=7141123011&psd=1&keywords=half%2Btint%2Bsunglasses&th=1
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    Good question. Those fishes and corals went to colleagues in Portland, Detroit and Shreveport. I never lost sight of the fact that many of those corals and a few of the fish came to us by donation and felt a deep sense of responsibility to ensure that they would continue to be looked after by pros that I know personally. After they pass quarantine in each of those facilities, they will be on exhibit again, delighting people from all over the world. The legacy of this organization's generosity from over five years ago lives on and the reach of it has expanded significantly. Props to you all!
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    Some Breaking news on the meeting! We have some killer raffle prizes being presented by the club for this months gathering. First off we have a delectable offering of Rod's Frozen foods.You can't go wrong with this high quality fish food, just ask your fish and inverts, they freaking LOVE it! We will have a nice frozen food pack available in the raffle for those of you who have never tried the brand before or for those who just need to restock the freezer door. I mean who doesn't need to feed the reef? And if keeping your fish's bellies full and keeping their colors vibrant isn't your thing, we have other items that will be in the mix. Such as the JBJ Auto Top Of unit! Wether you are gone for a long weekend, on a vacation, or just taking a break from constantly adding water to the sump, these handy dandy doodads got you covered. Come on out to the meet and drop a few tickets in to win one of these lifesavers. Saaay Whaaaat!? You already got an ATO? Well then, maybe you need some more variation in your life... Variation in flow patterns that is. An Echotech MP10 will remedy that in a jiffy! This pump will make a dandy prize for those needing to upgrade or to simply add another point of flow in the tank. And if for some reason you don't want more diverse or more powerful flow... I know from experience it never hurts to have a back up. So make sure to bring yourselves and a few dollars to participate in the raffles, $5 a ticket and $20 for 5! And don't forget folks, being a payed member to our PNWMAS club will also get you one Free ticket to put towards the raffles. Super Excited here!!! You all still stay tuned for even more updates.
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    Let the love begin [emoji177][emoji177]. And yes there is something in there for you Matt [emoji849] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Check out this bad Anemone! I wasn't sure what all the hype was about so I had to find out for myself. All I can say is WOW!! Blown away!! The color is unreal and it's incredibly bright, by far the brightest thing in my tanks! So glad I was able to snag these pieces. The nem collection has officially begun [emoji41] Thanks again Hieu for the awesome nems! *Phone pictures don't do them justice, but look how they compare to other BTAs!* More pics to come as they settle in.
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    What a weekend! I don't even know where to start so I guess I will start with Saturday morning and continue through tonight.....because the fun of the weekend is spilling over to into the work week OKAY let's be honest...I am now officially an addict . I have so many wonderful people to thank for this lets start with this gal right here..... Kim has been a wonderful teacher and has lead me to the forum and the amazing group that you all are....thank you Kim for letting me be a part of all of this! Now on to the goodies I brought home this weekend! At our first stop I quickly fell in love with this beauty! Thank you Upscales for having us an for the fantabulous deals!! Just got done feeding it...thanks Cherany for the tips...both my sun corals are eating like champs now Next off to Golden Basket...where Rudy is always so welcoming! I could spend an entire weekend there and still not really see everything!! but I saw some super awesome zoas (stupid Iphone couldn't take good pics) and this beauty...So far it is getting along fine with Fred and Ginger! Then off to Cuttlefish....where the fun just continued for hours =D (I may have had some sobering up to do As always I instantly fell in love with just about everything but came home with this amazing yuma (yes Karen I just had to do it!!) It has the most vivid green underbelly and turns up to show it off! I also came home with a few other mushrooms....goodness I need a real camera.....(Birthday gift honey??) oh but wait my weekend was just getting started....Sunday we went over to Tom's so he and Kim could do some trading.... and just hang out and a totally awesome mans house! And suddenly I've got stuff in the cooler too [emoji41] Don't be hatin! I think they are beautiful [emoji173]️[emoji173]️ Since we were on that side of town we stopped at Bret's new shop Paradise Coral. And what a paradise it is turning into! Oh aaaaand I came home with Cindy Lou! Who made it out of the rock today and was playing with the new family! Then to top off my love for everyone on the forum... tonight I scored 2 10 gallon tanks from Brian for the seahorse project. (Kim traded a coral.. so I won!!) he even whipped up some cool lids for me!! Thank you to all the amazing people on the forum who made this weekend possible. And my addiction to grow! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Great thread. You guys have covered most of what I would add to this discussion but having run my own business for five years (in another industry,) I would like to add to and reiterate what some of the others have said. 1. It's not enough to be a knowledgeable fish and invert person, you also have to have the discipline and business acumen to get the business built and open, resist the urge to keep flaky hours when you feel like taking a day off or sleeping in, plan a budget and stick with it, hire and manage knowledgeable employees who are also disciplined and honest, promote and advertise (although with social media this is much easier and less costly than it used to be,) and find reputable vendors who send you livestock that is healthy, well-cared-for and helps protect your bottom line. Running a business is not for the faint of heart but you sure do find out a lot about yourself in the process. 2. Deep enough pockets to open the store and keep the doors open. In addition to the significant expenses of finding a site, painting and building infrastructure, paying first and last (at least,) buying merch, livestock, tanks, pumps, lights etc., you also have many other expenses, such as an accountant, an attorney (at least in the beginning,) monthly and quarterly taxes (the quarterly payroll taxes are murder,) licensing, state permits, etc. You also need to have enough working capital to keep the joint open while you're building your business. Also, if you're not there, you have to pay someone to be there for you ,when you're open. 3.) No matter how well you run your business and how lucky you get with good staff to help you run it, you're never really off the clock. You're always thinking about how to build and promote your shop, sweating having enough cash to cover expenses and make loan payments, wondering why sales were down 18% last quarter and so on. All that said, you also have to have time away from the operation occasionally to maintain perspective and quality of life. The worst part of being burned out is everyone around you knows it long before you do. 4. You're the last one who gets paid. Everyone else has to get paid before you do. You can get by working seven days and making little or nothing for a while but you have to make enough to live eventually. 5. You must be lucky enough to have an engaged local community of hobbyists who like and believe in your business and will go a bit (or a lot) out of their way to buy locally and spent a bit more to make sure their local resources are there for them when they need it. PetCo, PetSmart, and others don't give a [language filter] about their regulars but I promise you that the vast majority of LFS owners do. The good ones have a vested interest in making sure that you're successful and make client education part of their business plan. So many factors come into play. You have to be very good and more than a little lucky to make it and it's a tricky confluence of factors to manage even if you are good and lucky. 'Nuff said.
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    I have these two corals I would like to share, if there is anyone new just starting out that would like them you are welcome to them. Only new folks please ???? I'm in the orchards area of Vancouver you would need to pick up. Thanks for looking, as I have more I will post up here. Please feel free to add your own contributions for those just starting to this thread!
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    This weekend we will be celebrating our fourth annual anniversary. This sale is a customer appreciation sale. We will have drinks and snacks and some amazing livestock on sale. Cant believe it has already been 4 years. Time flies. Here is a small sample of sale items: 10% off all fish, corals, inverts. $99 S/M Purple Tangs $29 2.5" Derasa Clams $49 Acan Section - these are all home grown acans that are some of the nicest in the industry. Some go for up $200 a head. $29 Bartlett Anthias $49 Ultra Uranium Bounce Mushrooms. These are amazing. Got a good deal on them and am passing the savings onto you guys. Never seen a bounce like this for less then $200. $59 Red Sea Coral Pro Salt 200 gallon sac w/purchase $40 kent reef salt box w/purchase We will be adding more thought the week so stay tuned. And thanks for the wonderful past 4 years! Cant wait to see what the future holds.
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    Something big is going on at Cuttlefish...Stay tuned!!!!
  43. 8 points
    We have donated two full conference passes to the raffle at the August event for you guys. Good luck to all!
  44. 8 points
    ATTENTION ALL. I got a lone from the bank of Loving Parents Financial and the tank is saved!!!
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    I just wanted to give another shout out to Jeff at Cuttlefish and Corals. I picked up my new MP10 Quiet drive for my new tank yesterday. I could have ordered it online. I could go to Petco for some of my saltwater needs but like most of you this is more than just a hobby. It's about that family feel. Usually when I'm there it always feels like an informal meeting. MrBret and Softy were in there and it was nice to see them. Then Holly came in a little bit later. (She's there a lot ) I didn't see Brad (Reefnjunkie) but he is usually there too! And of course always great to see Jeff a super great guy with a lot of passion. He's as excited about all these cool corals as we are! I usually end up getting something else and I saw this awesome little baby purple tang that I am going to put in my new tank as well as a mandarin that he has gotten to eat frozen. They are in my 20gallon nuvo now for quarantine but the tang went to town on my hair algae immediately after I put her in the tank. We are lucky to have all of our local sponsors. Be it Upscales, Cuttlefish, OIAB, Goldenbasket, Premium Aquarium, it is nice to walk in and see a friendly face who actually knows you and you will likely see other members you know as well. Great community we have!
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    When you bring in two cans of food you will receive 10% off all livestock purchases made in November. Not valid on other offers. Everytime the drum get filled up Cuttle Fish and Corals will donate $100 to the Oregon Food Bank. Lets fill this puppy up multiply times!
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    Who needs some monti undata? I need to break off several 2-3” pieces to be able to continue cleaning my glass. $10 each, with some freebie purple haze monti of you want it or some green cap of some sort. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Frag Farmers Snowcone Prostrata TBD TBD-2 Ultimate Frags Ultimate Tri Color Pro Corals Rainbow Delight Reef Ready Grape Juice More to come (just a few- )
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    Had a great time during the meet, stayed a little late to make sure things were cleaned up proper and the frag tank taken down. Afterwards Miles, Aquarium Master, and Higher Thinking met up with myself and Kireek at my house to finish up on some trading. We had a bit of a coral reef geek out and then everybody went on their way, it was dinner time anyways, that is after acclimating all those new corals.I snapped some AWESOME photos this time. Unfortunately I have a pond job I am leaving to do here shortly but when I get home all exhausted and slump down in my chair I will finish editing these shots and let you all see the great time we all had yesterday at the meeting. Also wanted to give a big Thank You to Colby and Crew, Thank you Kim, Sirena, Andy, Miles, and Bret for being great officers to the club. Thank you to our wonderful Board of Directors for keeping it Real! And thank you to all of our PNWMAS members for making this the best club out there. As always, it was a fantastic time. And those are some nice sea horses you got, all his stock looked to be pretty spot on.I bet they are some nice additions to your little horse corral. Will be looking out for that update...The 40 and all
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    Eekkk it's starting. I seriously could not wait till the weekend. First 2 buckets of water are in [emoji7][emoji7] I'm sure I can get away with both on the counter for a little while [emoji57][emoji849] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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