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    So a couple months ago I came across a smoking deal on a Red Sea Reefer 450. I had just setup a Marineland 150 but I kept looking at the 450 I had sitting in the garage. The plan was to part out the 450 to make some money on. So I quickly sold off a good chunk of the collector end livestock that came with the tank. After I recouped about 50% of my money back I decided to keep the 450 and set it up. I moved my gun safe in my office and opened up a nice 6' section of wall for the tank. I leak tested the tank for a couple weeks and finally filled it up with saltwater at the end of last week. I then added Carib Sea Seafloor Special live sand and the exisiting rock that came with the tank. I haven't decided if Im gonna keep the rockwork the way it is or change it up a bit. I might shrink up the left side possibly in the future. Here is the equipment that came with the tank and I am using - Red Sea Reefer 450 3 AI Prime HD's Simplicity 320 DC Skimmer Current Eflux 6009 return It also came with a pair of Koralias I am going to replace with my IceCap 3K Gyre. Im also on the fence about keeping the primes or running a few Hydra 26's. The Primes really do light up the tank surprisingly and everything looked awesome under those lights from the previous owner. I will be using a old school Digital Aquatics Reefkeeper to control my tank Livestock wise there will be a pair of snowflake clowns, 3 blue-green chromis, sixline wrasse and a purple firefish that will come from my 40 breeder frag tank into the display. Still deciding on what other fish I want to add. I will mainly be keeping a mix of LPS, zoas, a few montis and softies in this tank. Just added my Dr TIm's One and Only tonight so hopefully I can transfer everything over soon
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    Taste the rainbow... Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Looking forward to another great year. Its going to be tough to follow in Kims foot steps but ive done this once or twice so ill give it my best shot!
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    May 2018 meet was another over the top meeting for the PNWMAS. For those who could not make it you missed out on a great event. Rudy at The Golden Basket hosted the May gathering and did Great, his family works together seamlessly and handled the clubs needs without a hitch. And Kim, Siirena, Scott, and Saun did an amazing job of coordinating, cooking, and setting up all of this. Wonderful people right here! Kim an Sirena in this pic getting all the kinks worked out before anyone even got there, this is an amazing couple right here. Emerald is ready with tickets for raffles in hand and in the background Sirena is making sure the margarita machine is ready to go... And Yes, You heard that right, margarita MACHINE! One side was for the virgin blue raspberry slushy mix and the left was for the real deal margarita with tequila. This is the first "meeting" I have been to that had a margarita machine to dispense beverages. Chef Scott helped Sirena by making a few things at home and maning the grill like he does so well. That marinated skirt steak was tasty stuff, never would have guessed there was soy sauce involved. Albertareebt in and setup a whole sound system for music along with a mini amp for the speakers and raffles. As you all know Saun is a stand up guy, always willing to pitch in here and there. I had to include as much vertical as I could on a couple pictures here, not only to show off our OSU Beavers tent, but to take notice of the amazingly beautiful clear and sunny day we had. Several people had enough forethought to bring camping chairs to sit down outside and enjoy the sunny weather. Like Lewisfisherman here, polarized shades are not a bad idea today...You might still need them once you go inside and see some of the amazing corals. I know you found a few bright gems in Rudy's shop. Mark and Exodus having a conversation right before things got started, there were several early birds who were more than willing to be of assistance where needed like these two. Both are seasoned veterans in the salt water hobby. Eclipse on a sunny day!? Good to see you, glad you found a little time to come out and hang with the PNWMAS crew. As usual, once inside you see Rudy and his team just working away, move em in and move em out. These guys are either taking pictures or bagging corals, not a bad gig if you ask me. Pantherguy, stopping in for a little bit. This guy has some insanely colored corals if you ever get a chance to snag a frag from him I highly recommend it. BAAHHH!!! Its OptimusPrime rolling in with the cooler in hand, full of goodies no doubt. Sounds like you might need to setup an anemone containment tank, I have that other bubble tip for you next time we meet up. Maxicurls here is a guy I haven't seen for a while, maybe we should make one of those impromptu Molokos meets and see whats in the reef tanks by the bar, while eating my panini. PDXMnkey aand Albertareef talking about financial changes in the market and effects on consumers, alot has changed in the last few years that's for sure, I think it is great when things become more available and affordable. Win win for a guy like me. Did someone call for, the Zorro!? Whenever there is a reefer in trouble he is there, and whenever there is a must have high end Acro, he will have it. No trouble here,except trying to pick only ONE must have high end acros at Rudy's...I went with the Olympic Torch but really there is no wrong choice. Tesch here for another round of PNWMS meeting fun! We are one big coral reef family here at our Marine Aquarium Society with everyone on the same page of reefing. Hit me up sometimes if you want to do some trading man, I always have something that needs a trim. Youcallmenny conversing with PDXreefer front left, in the back ground we have Albertareef laughing on the left, FlashyFins and Princeton talking with the Sasquatch center background, and Ken on the right. Sharklover and DarkAngel didn't miss out on the festivities, so many cool corals and cool people this was certainly the happening place to be this last Saturday. Was nice to meet a couple folks I had not seen before. Thanks Saltedwaffles for the zoa frags, hope the chalice works out for you, just let me know if it gives you any trouble and I will see what I can do. Jeremevans and his future reef enthusiast. hope you two are ready for a talk, because the PNWMAS Board chose a few members to act as a panel to answer some SPS focused questions. We missed you Roy, but Rudy and I tried to manage without you, we covered a lot of ground in a short time so I hope some of the audience was able to use at least some of the information spoken. For those of you who missed it Roy answered a few questions right here. http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/topic/43136-what-sps-questions-do-you-have/?page=2 We even had Danlu speak about lighting wavelengths and LED diodes which can shed some "Light" on aspects of coral colors and growth. Recurrent flicker of %100 strength diodes to solve wavelength issues seems totally sound. If you want to talk about lights this guy knows a thing or two for sure. After the presentation was done we moved onto the next event...The Raffles! Get Your Tickets!!! Just look at all these prizes! I don't know how we pull together so much good stuff for these raffles but alot of it has to do with our amazing group of officers and our generous sponsors, Thanks You Guys and Gals! Patiently waiting with tickets for the ensuing raffle. Back left R-3, front right ReefRun, and behind right we have Walt. Damien taking home one of the LED units, Whoop Whoop!!! Solid units right there man, nice score. FlashyFins taking home the Upscalees Certificate here. Show me the Money! Spectra coming in for the win! This guy most certainly deserves it, he has always been very generous as well as being a helpful hand when he can, Scotts a good man. Lora and SRoberts took home not only the other LED unit but also a pass to the upcoming MACNA event. Talk about a lucky day! At the end of it all we had all the helping hands we needed to take it down and wrap it up, you could call this team work or comradery , either way I love this crew. Sirena and Kim loading the truck to the brim Ike they have done this before, these two are real troopers, excellent job ladies, excellent job. So that was our Awesome May 2018 meeting. Another one for the records, a most outstanding meet if I do say so myself. The feeling of community was really there, the laughing, the trading, the conversing, and all round good times. Thank You GoldenBasket, Thank You Emerald, Thank You Sirena, Thank You Spectra, Thank You Albertareef. you ALL made this one special and one to remember. And thanks to our PNWMS Crew, you make this forum go round, keep it real y'all...See you next month at the MHSC yeah! Reef On!!!
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    Well only nem I have...................................
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    Boom. The acclimator 1000 Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    And look who shows up.........................BOOM
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    It's a lot of fun for me to host you guys! I'm very much looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and reconnecting with you all. I'll have some 'scopes set up and will be doing some kind of animal health procedure. Those that want to glove in and help out will have the opportunity to do so, as well. After the big Visitor's Center remodel recently, my lab is in a bit of a state of transition as well, with old systems coming down and new ones currently under development. Please come early and spend some time checking out the new VC, too! It was a major upgrade and I think it will meet with your approval. We're pretty stoked about it. I'm also looking forward to whatever culinary delights the gifted chefs in this outfit are planning for this meeting. As mentioned, there's a Weber grill available, along with ovens for reheating, fridges for storing and staging and a nice courtyard area. Who knows? I might have to throw down and bring something to contribute to the potluck as well. Might even be edible. See you soon! 🍺 Sid
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    Congratulations Roy - stylaster President Bert - badxgillen VP Cherany - Flashy Fins Secretary Jereme - jeremevans Treasurer Andy - Lexinverts Vendor Relations
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    Sent while trying to get my next coral fix.....
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    I have an old Eshopp large cone skimmer but the magnet part of the impeller have cracked. Replacement impeller was a bit pricey so this weekend I decided to upgraded it with my Jebao needle/mesh conversion kit. Bought a Jebao DCP-10000. Also made a custom bubble diffuser. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
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    I think there are two different things going on here. One is total post count - which impacts things like whether or not your post needs to be approved and whether or not you can post in the classified ads. Those limitations are in place to try and keep spamming down to a minimum (and it does work). The other is the "reputation" points which you accumulate when people react to your posts by liking them, finding them funny, etc. - reputation, as far as I know, does not affect any of the functions on the forum. Hope this helps.
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    Mine has exploded in the last week. Probably 60 heads now. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That's why mine is in the garage.............it just goes down hill and out the door I did put a float switch in my ATO container but do fill buckets every so often and that's when I get in trouble.......
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    Oh and yes I make a mess with rodi water to! GRRRRR!😡 Happy Saturday to you all!!!
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    I'd say it's more like asking 10 people, and getting 30 different answers.😂 As far as the original post goes, when I choose corals I really have a method for it. I go to the lfs, then go straight to their sps, namely acros, if I find one that seems interesting I ask about it, and usually buy it. Why do I go straight to the sps tanks? Because I enjoy the challenges that come with keeping sps, as well as I believe I can grow and color up sps quite well, and most sps corals are ridiculously easy to frag after they growout. From there I go to the meaty lps tanks. Mostly for acans/micromussa. Why? Again because they grow well, and show fantastic colors in my system. Then I give all the softies, and other lps a quick glance. Softies don't do the best in my system, so I tend to just stick with what I know does well. Occasionally I'll pickup a new coral I haven't tried or seen before, but I have a somewhat small space to work with, so I really go after the corals I personally want the most. If I do buy something and decide down the road that I'd rather use that space for something else, Ive rarely had an experience where I wasn't able to make my money back. I truly believe that anyone can keep any type of coral they want if they're willing to invest in the right equipment, and put in the extra few minutes of work. Reef keeping is about the furthest thing in the world from a black and white hobby. Just a whole lot of gray areas written by hobbyists like ourselves.
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    Just eye balling, the 2 largest one's growth rate seems to be slowing down. Got 2 more several months back which are starting to catch up to the big ones. For their size, they are surprisingly "gentle" when moving through my coral frags. I think it would be fun to do a growout competition on these guys. Hehe Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
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    Wait, what? Someone told me a reef tank was a great investment?? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    I’ve done that more than a few times even setting an alarm on my phone. (At my place and my lady’s place). Fortunately both setups have the barrels on the back porch. Just ends up watering the lawn.