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    I had a great time today! Brian's tanks are beautiful. Even the snobbiest of saltwater aficionados were drooling over the cichlid tanks. Well at least I was. Brian was practically giving frags away--nice ones too. Not the kind you find at those tacky $10 frag sales. Brian was a fab host and there were a ton of friendly faces. I'm sure Bert will give us the recap. Bert brought some amazing frags as always, and I snuck away with one of his amazing frag packs that he donated for tank for teachers. Thanks Bert! Thanks to all of our officers and board members for another great meeting. I know a lot of work goes into it, and this one came off flawlessly. And a special shout-out to Brian for opening up his beautiful home for the meeting.
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    Sorry about the suspense people, after some communication and some coordination with our PNWMAS team, we have some great news! The 2019 March meeting will be held at one of our awesome sponsors, Paradise Corals in Hillsboro. Not only is he opening up the floor in his shop for us to come in to meet and greet, but our PNWMAS member WhatTheFrag will be giving a talk and demonstration on reef tank photography! This will be a great time to learn a few thing, aska c ouple questions, and maybe just fine tune some oh those photography skills of yours... I don't know about you, but I know I need all the help I can get. Where - Paradise Coral 229 E Main St, Hillsboro, OR 97123 When - 1:00 Saturday March 30th What - Bring your camera if you have one and get a few pointers from some of our photo experienced members...AND, Bring your coolers to keep some corals in cause Mr Bret has some very nice pieces in his shop. This is gonna be another fun one for sure, so save the date and don't miss out on this informative event. And as usual, stay tuned for more details about the upcoming shindig.
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    Thanks to @pdxmonkeyboy for an excellent frag swap/meeting. Awesome house and amazing tanks! And thanks for the "frammer" frag. Here are some of the photos I shot from your reef tank:
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    If you like that sort of thing, they will be arriving this Friday.
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    Hot Dam!!! The February meeting at PDXMonkeyboys house was a good one, Brian opened up his home to the club for one helluva PNWMAS gathering and Frag Swap. Brian and his wife have a beautiful home, some stellar fish tanks, and made for a knowledgeable and hilarious hosts. When I got to see the well thought of aquariums and life support systems I was very impressed, this guy has got his systems pretty dialed in. Here I included a picture of his vibrant African Cichlid tank, it was also a well put together biotope that made me reconsider getting back into that part of the hobby again....If I didn't already have south Americans I would be on the Lake Tanganyika fish hunt right now. Speaking of those South Americans! Jaggy here was the star fish in his own South American Cichlid tank. I had to squeeze a picture of this guy in because he had so much character. That's what I love about those cichlids, so much personality there. Speaking of personalities, here we have the host with the most, PDXMonkeyboy. So kind of you to have us all over, and thank yo so much for the frags! From what I heard you were cutting club members killer deals left and right just sharing the love. Not to mention you had quite a bit of insight on the salt water hobby. A shout out to our own OptimusPrime, this guy is a hoot! I am hoping next time I head north I can stop by your pad to say whats up, hang out, and see your setup man. You know I am always down to talk reef. And now look who we have here. Left we have BicycleBil, middle is Mark, and to the right enjoying the front row aquarium view is Albertareef. All these guys are seasoned and experienced reefers who are great to have a chat with and make for good company. In this picture we have starting clockwise from the left is, Gill&Fin talking with Willapa, PDXMonkeyboy, and SunCrestReef. Another circle of intelligent reef minded peoples, so many good conversations and so little time. This time we will start counter clock wise and go from Brian on the far right, middle is MarvkV again, center left is Our ex Prez Stylaster, and the far left is one of our BOD members Lewisfisherman. And we can't forget about another of our outstanding BOD Members Gumby center. A few folks made their way down from Washington for the event which I think is very cool, I know all about making a long drive just to hang out with other fellow hobbyist..Let me tell you, these two guys are worth a drive to hang out with. Gill&Fin and DarkAngel enjoying the meet and greet atmosphere, it is nice to see so many smiling friendly faces here. Scenes like this become almost contagious. Sharklover made an appearance as well, sounds like I need to head your way when I am in that neck of the woods again. Always seems like you have a cool project going on and I want to hear more about it. Meanwhile, in the basement.... Just look at this setup for his sump area! It is located bellow his display tank upstairs. Everything is in its right place and easily accessible. So Jealous of this efficient setup. I will have to take some notes for sure. And his frag tank...It was packed full of healthy colorful corals and I could't leave without snagging a couple frags to take home. Thank You sir may I have another!? Jeff from Cuttlefish and Corals on the left and Lewisfisherman on the right of the massive RODI and water mixing station. Snappy having a good time and picking up some nice coral frags. Thanks for the TFT purchases man, everything helps. Now here is a group of happy faces getting their frag on! Going clockwise again from far left we have our PNWMAS treasurer Jeremevans, BOD Albertareef, Brian, Willapa, BicycleBil, PDXMonkeyboy, and ZorroReef. In addition to the frag tank that PDXMonkeyboy had in his basement, he was kind enough to let the club use his coral QT for a Tanks For Teachers sale. We took donations from myself and other fellow hobbyists and sold them for proceeds to the TFT program! We pulled in a nice chunk of change thanks to the participants, you know who you are and we love you all. And we still have a number of pieces that we can work into a future TFT sale for sure. Finally, I would like to take a moment to thank all of those responsible for making the event a complete success! PDXMonkeyboy for being such a fantastic host and being generous with his time, corals, and knowledge. Our outstanding PNWMAS Board of Directors and Officers who work behind the scenes to bring you the forum and events that make us the reefing presence that we are. and lastly but not leastly, our PNWMAS club members as a whole...To whom without, there would not be the same local camaraderie that we get from sharing this group. Thank You All!!! Reef On!!! And PS, I was all over the place and was unable to get photos of everyone so all apologies if I missed your shot in the thread. If anyone has some pics to add to the this one that would be great. There was a good crowd for sure.
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    This cbd thing might be going a little far. Lol
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    This was an awesome meeting for sure! Brian's aquariums and home were stellar and he made an excellent host. I will finish up with the pictures I took at the event after I get out of work later today. For now I would like to say a big thank you to PDXmonkeyboy and his wife for letting us into their home, the clubs officers and BOD who make it all happen, people who donated to the TFT program and frag tank, and to the PNWMAS crew as a whole.
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    Doing water changes suck. So does constantly testing and replenishing additives. So whether you go Triton and no water changes or routine water changes, there's always work involved. Or in my case, the work doesn't get done and then there are consequences. Anyway, I really needed to get myself a water changing system that was quick and easy. Maybe one day I'll implement some kind of auto changing system that swaps just a little per day, but for now, this is what I got! It's basically an ability to change 50 gallons of water with nothing more than a switch and a handful of valves. The far right is obviously the 50 gallon containers. Fresh on top, salt on the bottom. The RODI pumps fresh water into the top and there is also a second line that runs under the house and comes up to my sump. I'm going to connect that line to a float valve in my ATO container. That way I have an always full ATO and an always full 50 gallon container. The waste line for the RODI is plumbed to outside the garage. It may look a little complicated, but I'll try and explain it. Basically, depending on the valves I have three main options: I can simply circulate the bottom container for when I add salt. I can pull water from my sump and send that water outside my house and down the downspout. I can pump salt water from the bottom container back into my sump. There is only one PVC line going from the pump to the sump, but it can either send water or pull water. At the sump, I've attached a hose so that I can suck out sediment during a water change. It's currently a ten foot hose, but I'll probably chop it down. I may even hard plumb all the way into the sump, still thinking that through. Unfortunately, the current sump size only allows for 20 gallon change without powering on the return pump, circulating the water, and then changing another 20.... If that makes sense. However, this whole setup is for the future tank and sump upgrade which is currently in the works. Just finished reinforcing my floor so stay tuned for that build thread. Still a few months out on that. There's a few things I would have done different as far as valve placement, but nothing of any real consequence. Anyway, just knocked out my first water change. The most difficult part was how fast it drained and filled up. I felt like I was running into the garage real quick. I think I'll get the timing down though. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Here are a few photos I took after lights out, but shining my UV flashlight on the corals. It gives a very different perspective than the daytime lighting.
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    Successful day drilling tanks!! Thanks again Jeff at C&C for the Holesaw. 30 tanks drilled and not one broken tank!! That right there feels like success!!
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    Four months ago I added a RR Tropic Thunder Monti to my tank. Here's how it originally looked: And here's how it looks today, with a lot of new growth encrusting the rocks: Any idea why the original section changed from pink/orange to a dark purple? All the new growth appears to match how it looked when I got it. I wonder if the new growth will also darken to purple over time?
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    Check out this gorgonian from Rocknreefs we just bought! It's just beautiful. When I mentioned we were having a saltwater meeting soon at our store they sent us an extra gorgonian to giveaway during the meeting! ♡♡♡
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    So no one picked this up on the cheap so I tore the stand apart today and rebuilt it. Just need to build door and do final clean up of tank This will either be sold as a complete tank or go in the new shoo👍I haven’t quite decided yet
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    If anyone would like to give me two free frags, I will put one under LEDs and one under T5s and report back about how my two new frags are doing. This might be especially useful for those with high dollar, signature corals. I'm just here to help.😉
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    I have a metric craptonne of bambams if you are interested.
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    So the rumors are true and it appears that there will be a group buy on an amazing Symphillia coral. Once the logistics are worked out we will get that information to you all here. But in other news we have a nice batch of raffle prizes coming your way as well. Check out what you could Win at this months meet! The foundation multi test kit from Red Sea Maybe a Hanna Salinity and Temperature Tester Another chance to win a Gyre 1K flow pump for your aquarium... And a nice new Quiet Drive MP10 could be yours as well. All good stuff to be had, Bret also mentioned that he may be adding a Zoanthid frag pack to the raffle prizes which would be fantastic! I know I will be grabbing a few raffle tickets this time around.
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    Yes.....ideally i have slowly been cutting off pieces to make it into the shape of the Bat Symbol 😁
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    YES! This one is going to be fun and informative... We also have a rumor going around that Mr. Bret might be putting together a group buy of sorts. So Stay Tuned!
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    To help out bidding!!!
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    Here is a pic of before and after. The Walt Disney has been growing good over the last 8 months. I'm starting to add more lighting to help it color up.
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    Big thanks to @lewisriverfisherman for taking over the par meter duties.
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    If this meme had a tittle it would be cornbread corals. LOL
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    Side affects may include your fish making a midnight run for Tacobell
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    We snagged this from Paradise Corals and named it "Mr.Bret's Unicorn Poop chalice"
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    Thanks everyone for coming over! I had a really great time and it is always nice to share the stoke and spread some new pieces around. Everything went off without a hitch and the pictures are amazing... Your lens obviously has a much longer focal length than my macro 😞 I think even my jaguar cichlid was stoked...... well....maybe not.
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    Great time today at Brian’s. As expected, his DT looked awesome with a great collection of acros, zoas, acans, clams etc. as well as a sweet selection of tangs! As Holly mentioned there was also a beautiful assortment of African cichlids on display. Lots of quality time spent in the downstairs equipment/frag/qt room talking all things reef and selling frags for TFT. A special shout out to some super generous folk who donated so many nice pieces for the event - Bert @badxgillen, Jeremy @Jeremevans, Jim @Gumby and a few others I’m missing. Also a huge thank you to Brian @pdxmonkeyboy for being such a generous and accommodating host. All in all a really fun time and a success for TFT. Thanks everyone!
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    Talking to Bert yesterday, I think we are going to have a raffle where the winner gets to scrap coraline in my tank! buy lots of tickets!! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Sorry everyone something came up this week that has keep me very busy. A opportunity to do one of my favorite things. Look through lots of aquarium equipment. Long story and if I see you in person I can tell the tale. Lol im not always the beat with pics. Mostly because I suck at taking good one. Here is a couple from my current fishroom set up. It’s is going to be going through a overhaul in the next month. This is getting switched around to a frag trough 8ftx20”x12” tall. The 190 and glass frag tank are both splen for already. Constant flux around here. E6E5F598-2FCC-4DAC-BEAC-AB04503D1B8B.MOV
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    Maybe it’s a dude that’s playing a dude disguised as another dude.
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    Well - got the power back so hopefully no permanent damage. Generator lasted longer than I thought it would on a fill up... was only about 1/3 down when I shut it off (actually think it's an older Honda 2000 model as it turns out). Guess the good news is I now have an extra gas can full of gas 🤗
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    What water park? Im thinking club meeting in July? LOL
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    Bumping this back up for TFT!
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    Well here we go. This one lasted a year LOL. Getting ready to do a downstairs remodel and once it’s done I will be setting up my Peninsula 650 So I need to get this 450 out of my office! Tank is cleaned up and ready to go. Going to clean out the sump tonight. Comes with everything from the factory tank, stand, sump, and auto. Also included is a power strip and motion LED cabinet strips. All of the plumbing is included. New they go for $2200. Asking $1100 OBO. Heres a link from MD- https://www.marinedepot.com/Red_Sea_REEFER_450_Rimless_Reef_Ready_System_92_Gallon_Black_Medium_Large_Saltwater_Aquariums-Red_Sea-RS42141-FIAQML-vi.html?utm_source=mdcsegooglebase2&utm_medium=cse&utm_campaign=mdcsegooglebase2&utm_content=RS42141&gclid=CjwKCAiA_P3jBRAqEiwAZyWWaKHzY7mFVmvGD8I0-oSjyZtOid4U_JrGA5QY4LW2H4yHH_2Y5h9VUBoCHNwQAvD_BwE Here is a pic of the tank
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ok fine........................
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    Great topic! I liked the photos I shot at @pdxmonkeyboy's for the last meeting, but I'm always looking to improve my technique. I'll be there with my 200mm macro lens again.
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    After some interest from @PowderBlue and @albertareef I have decided to do a quick write up on my macro reactor. Please bare with me as this is my first ever write up. Material list: Media reactor (I chose a two little fishes 550 since I had it laying around) Means to provide flow ( I used a 130gph pump due to the small size to fit my aio) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072JC4XTT?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share Led light strip to light the macro algae. This is what I used. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NAC7ZOC?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share 1/2 vinyl tubing 2x 1/2" barbed ball valves Tie wraps and rubber bands Chaeto This is pretty basic unfortunately I did not take any pictures when I did this so will try and recreate it. After unpacking everything the first thing to do is remove the phosban sticker and wrap the lights I secured the power cord to the holding arm with a tie wrap and then began to wrap the lights around as tightly as I could. The lights have a silicone cover that somewhat adheres to the plastic so it will keep them wrapped tightly. After wrapping all the lights I evenly spaced the strips out to reach the bottom of the reactor. I used a rubber band to hold the bottom in place. (the 3m clips the light came with didn't seem to adhere well) they have kind of moved around since harvesting. The next step would be plumbing it into your system this is dependant on how you feed it. With my aio I used the small pump listed and 1/2 vinyl tubing with two ball valves for the inflow and outflow so you can easily remove the reactor for harvest and not make a mess!! The last step is to add the chaeto. I removed the sponges on my reactor to help increase flow through the chaeto and then spread the chaeto out thinly around the inlet tube to maximize the use of the light. I have been using this reactor for 2 weeks to the day. I have notice a drop in my phosphates from 0.1 to undetectable on my hanna checker. my nitrates have also dropped from about 20ppm to between 5-10 ppm. I run the lights 12 hours a day starting 1 hour before the tank lights shut off. one other benefit is I added about 1 gallon of water to my total volume which is substantial to the about 15 gallon volume I have. here is my just shy of two week harvest and I started with about a baseball sized clump
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    I'm usually posting coral photos, but here are a few of my other friends in the tank:
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    does this mean jamaican imports are going to open up again? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    I've added several new corals over the past month. Here's an updated full-tank video:
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    Was awesome meeting some more local peeps, and feeling like part of an enthusiast community again! Thank you @pdxmonkeyboy for hosting, and for some awesome frags! Was nice meeting you. @SuncrestReef it was a pleasure meeting you in person, in addition your shots are absolutely amazing. Good seeing you again @Optimusprime3605 gonna have to make it up your way soon. @lewisriverfisherman chatted a little about lights, hope to see ya at the next one! Also chatted with @Snappy and he talked me into the paid membership! Is it march meeting time yet? HAHA
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