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    After 74 long days... yes, I know, supposed to be 76 but I had a broken canister filter and my hippo got MHLLE and I just said I am done!! All my fish are back from QT and my fallow period is OVER!! yeah!!! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Many of you know Roy here on the forumn and how much of a stand up guy he is. Always willing to help a fellow reefer out and donate his time. Today he graciously held my raffle ticket stub as I had to go to work and said “yours will be in my left pocket” I get a text message at 3:08 says “dude you won the Apex”. He puked have easily kept it for himself and no one but him would ever know. This is the definition of INTEGRITY. ThAnks Toy for being such an awesome, honest and just plain good friend!!
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    Just Some bored Photography, lol Enjoy
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    I want to share my recent experience with Pan World because I think it is important we let each other know when things go well (or not so well). I recently broke a piece on my Pan World pump when I was moving my mixing station around. I snapped off the outlet on the front casing. I went to their website to get the part number and was happy to see that it was easy to find all the pump drawings--installation, construction, and 3D. I called them to see if they could ship out the part quickly. They took down my information and called me back in about an hour to let me know the part was in stock and they would ship it out that day, no charge. Yep, no charge. Not even for shipping. They said they just wanted me to get the pump back up and running, and appreciated my business. Obviously, this kind of customer service is hard to find online, so I wanted to share.
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    Bummed I’m missing out! But the Bahamas are pretty nice right now...
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    Been practicing all night
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    Huge thanks and a round of applause for our 2018 NW Frag Fest sponsors!
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    Also a shout out to Rods Food! Great food! Great guy too! He’s been a long term sponsor here and as busy as he is , I can always reach him by email and he’s always willing to donate !!
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    If you have a chance, head out to the Oregon coast in the next week while the weather is still nice and the fall colors are at their best. Had a great day today at Cape Falcon and Cannon Beach. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is going to be my first legit fragfest. Last year my tank wasn’t ready. What else should I bring? Would love to hear from the seasoned fragfest participants (if vendors take card, I’ll leave the cash at home lol)
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    If a random person came across this post and didn't know what reefing is, they'd assume you're on your way to a drug deal...
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    OK, here's the updated list: @pdxmonkeyboy - In @CrabbyCrabs - In @Jfruity24 - In @SuncrestReef - In @NateDawg - In @Gumby - In @sroberts - In @Jeremevans - In @lewisriverfisherman - possibly interested @Mchums - possibly interested @Ron - unclear @503reefland - unclear @youcallmenny - unclear
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    Stopped by CnC, there are lots of cool corals and fish. So hard to leave empty handed... Got a gorgeous parrotfish... Jeff didn't have to twist my arms too much. Haha Did my usual fish dip then into the social box. First 20mins or so my crosshatch triggers we're super curious. Now they're all calm but I suspect there'll be a short initial chase when I let it out in a few days. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
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    Full Tank Shot - Just need to get the frags off the sand bed lol
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    Last night the triggers were resting in their cave and all the tangs seem peaceful, I couldn't resist and released the parrot fish. As sunrise starts, triggers came out of their cave and parrot fish swam off the sandbed. Initial, only my Regal angel gave it the cold shoulder, but as the light intensity increased male trigger gave it a series of quick nudges. The tangs took turns to check it out. By mid morning, only the male trigger still showed some interest with short darts toward it. By noon, all seems well so I decided to clean the glass and get some pictures with my big DSLR.
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    Another great raffle prize! LRS food!
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    Owner: Garrett Munoz Store location: Salem, OR The Premium Aquarium is your Oregon fish store aquarium supply destination. We specialize in invertebrates, corals, macro algae, fish, freshwater plants, all of your dry goods needs, and special requests! If you are in need of a few coral frags for your tank, want to add a few fish, or perhaps would like to pick up a clean up crew, The Premium Aquarium fish store is here to help! We have a great selection of fish, corals, inverts, and dry goods and the best pricing in the industry! The Premium Aquarium started out as a hobbyist system. Soon business was being conducted out of the garage. Three garages later, a store in its own building was opened. The Premium Aquarium became very successful and was acquiring business from all over the northwest. Needing more space, the new store is around four times the size of the last and utilizes cutting edge technology in lighting, and water care. As one of the largest saltwater fish stores in the northwest The Premium Aquarium carries a great diversity of Fish, Coral, Live Rock, Dry Goods, and new and used tanks/equipment. After many requests, the store now has freshwater fish and supplies. Wholesale Facility Using our extensive network of exporters, we have introduced our wholesale distribution service for fish stores and maintenance contractors all across the United States. Contact us for more information on becoming a wholesale customer. Garrett, what or who got you first into get into the hobby? I’ve always had a fascination with the reef. I think it might have started with some coffee table books at Grandmas house. Lol. Started off with various aquariums as a kiddo. Got into reef keeping after visiting a Petco while in college to get the Wife a Betta. We both liked the look of saltwater fish far more and after talking to one of the employees, we decided to give it a go with a 29 gallon elclipse setup(horrible reef choice but taught me many lessons). What are your favorite corals? I am an SPS (acros get me excited) guy myself but we stock all the variety that we can at the shop. Garrett and his crew will be guaranteed to have a nice variety and selection at the NWFragfest.
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    Not going to make it................busy.............. And Manny its just coral buy it and take it home I have transported many a coral with no cooler.............I always get a kick out of all the coolers I see........its not a heart its just a coral they will survive..............
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    Should have room for as many people who are wanting in. Frags will be pretty decent size. $30 a frag
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    The Boys and Girls Club would to thank everyone who donated at the last Fragfest for their new aquarium. It is now located in their new Teen area. The kids are very excited to be able to vote on some of the fish. Right now it is cycling. They would love you to support this year's Fragfest also. Oct 27th.
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    Just curious if anyone knows what region the torches are from. Also interesting how differently they react. My purple one has just recently started opening up in the last month or so while my green one has tripled in size
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    I has a similar experience with Bubble Magus. One of their dosing heads wasn't spinning, it would just spin for like 0.00001 seconds. I sent them an email and told them the trouble shooting i did. moved heads around, tried reprogramming it, etc. They sent me a new mother board and pump motor absolutely free of charge. they didn't even ask me about where and when I bought it! bubble magus for life !
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    Loving these vendor profiles - great to get a bit more detail on the various participants before the hectic atmosphere of the show where you are just focused on which tempting piece to bring home with you. Thanks for putting these together @Gumby !
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    I will do it just like I do my kids. I will put the frag against the wall with a book on top of it make a mark on the wall. Then at the end of the competition I will make other mark on the wall and take a picture of the difference.