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    Took a couple year break after the tank crashed. Back in the saddle again haha. Here is the new tank and everything you need or want to know. let me start off with a huge Thanks to Crystal Reef aquatics who built my dream tank. It’s a 230 gallon glass Peninsula the dimensions are 60”x36”x24” tall. It’s been 6 months from start to Finish. I’m now 12 weeks in since the tank got wet. I built the frame, wood skins and hood for the stand, all DIY. The stand is built out of 2x2 square tubing. It’s powder coated black. All the wood panels are wrapped in vinyl. With magnets glued to the back panel. To give that flush look. For sump and Equipment, I have 39 Trigger emerald sump with 2 10 gallon ATO extensions. This makes my sump 60 gallons over all. I have 55 watt UV Sterilizer that runs 24/7 on Mighty jet DC pump makes water crystal clear. For return pump I’m running a Jabeo 15000 lieter P/H pump. A reeftek Kalk reactor that is fed by My Apex ATK. The ATO tank is 20 gallons. I’m running the new REDSEA 600 skimmer that I love. For the fuge it has a Kessil H80 grow Light. The heart of the tank is the apex. right now I have 2 Eb832s the brain and FMM,ALD,ATK soon to add the DOS. For the lighting a 48” 8 bulb geissmann t5 matrix II fixture and 2 Orphek OR2 120 light bars. For powerheads In the tank I have 2 3K Gyres. Please feel free to ask questions Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Please also welcome another new comer to the Oct. 5th Frag Festival. Should be a Great addition! AquaBiomics is a local startup company offering a brand new service for the aquarium hobby: analysis of the microbial community (the microbiome) in your reef tank. Eli Meyer, the owner and developer of this company, will be attending the Frag Fest this year to promote and answer questions about this new service. We'll have AquaBiomics sampling kits available for purchase at a special discounted rate, and are contributing a free "Before & After" analysis to the raffle. We're also selling a variety of coral frags, including more than 20 varieties of Zoas and Palys and other assorted hard and soft corals.
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    Oh boy. Time to chase the Whitetail around....
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    I've been blessed with my corals, thus far, and I want to pass it on, 'cuz it only takes a spark! A frag of PC Rainbow is up for grabs! I will do the random drawing tomorrow night at 7pm. That's Friday the 23rd at 7pm! More LOVIN' to come... Good luck y'all! Sent from Atlantis 🤙
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    Got some new additions to my collection today! I placed them in my frag tank before rearranging my previous corals but still can't get them all to fit in my 50 gal cube LPS garden. When I decided to leave the aluminum film on the styrofoam underneath the tank, I figure it would be good to help light up underside of the frags. Now I see, it's a terrible idea for taking top down coral photos. haha I had to remove some previous favorites to another tank. I don't want to setup a 5th tank so maybe if I decide I can part with some, then I may bring some to coming NW frag fest.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Everyone should come out and show seahorse some love!! (and hear my spot on Terry impersonation).
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    Your light looks great on my tank, and I really appreciate the lack of glare when I’m sitting across the room. The Radion really spills light everywhere even with the diffuser, but yours just illuminates inside the tank: Anyone who wants to see this side-by-side comparison of the ReeFi Extreme and the Radion XR30 Pro should attend this Saturday’s meeting and BBQ at my house. Daniel will be demonstrating his light and control interface, and there will be raffle prizes! Please RSVP here.
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    Some of the original churches still remain. Most of the original buildings are no longer there, just rock foundations remain. There are countless graves of all who perished from the disease. There was a guy named Father Damien and a nun named Sister Mary Ann, who are the two most famous people who enacted the greatest change for all those who suffered in Kalaupapa. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Thank you John for hosting and letting me demo my light on your tank. You tank is pretty amazing, so neat and clean both inside and out!! Great seeing everyone after being out of town and missing last few monthly meetings!
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    Pocilipora is one of the notorious in tank "spawners" that can just pop up in all the wrong places, like your circ pumps or overflows. I used to have a bunch that settled in a tanks skimmer out put... At first it was cool, until it started restricting flow, and other daughter colonies started competing for space and calcium.
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    Made 3D printed parts to mount ReeFi Duo Extreme on 2040 aluminum profile.
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    I had green spot puffers a long time ago that I transitioned to saltwater. Obviously not Reef safe (they eat everything...including fingers 😂) Also had some archer fish at one time. Cool fish except they squirt steams of water out of the tank trying to take down bugs. Mine always soaked a spot where the sun hit the wall 😦. I had lids but they found the gaps lol
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    Cool location. Reminds me I need to support Seahorse. The only thing in my current tank that I held over from my 2008 tank was the hundreds of pounds of beautiful live rock that Woody sold me. Some really epic specimens for sure. Woody helped give me this addiction that has proven difficult to shake. Can't say I would ever risk actual live rock ever again. On top of the ecological issues the darnedest things come along for the ride. Letting it sit in the sun for 8 years really does the trick though. None of the aiptasia survived.
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    Here are a few pictures I took with my phone that turned out pretty good.
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    Five gallon bucket of reef crystal salt on amazon.com right now is $19.99. it says $39 but when you go to check out and you put your payment information and it drops down to $19.99 which gives you $20 off. You can buy up to 3
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    Right! For example I have my apex connected to smart things, and this enables all kinds of integrations. So in theory a guy could also connect smartthings to mindstream/reefbot etc and trigger events against the APEX. We all benefit when the vendors play in the bigger IOT marketplace. The more devices talk, the more power (and potential screwups) exist. Also it reduces vendor lock, APEX plays in the space, the other devices can to. With IOT I could go and change my setpoints based on results from any solution. However, speaking of screwups, I much prefer a notification and manual intervention for something like this. Not likely that I will be automatically tweaking the CR, results will cause me to investigate, then decide what to do. But that is the thing, we all have different approaches. Flexibility is good!
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    I still have some corals I got from him at the most epic tank breakdown in history! A great guy, who will be sorely missed.
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    Hi everyone, In our first round I was really happy with almost every aspect of how the analysis behaved. My only concern is the low sensitivity for detection of biofilm bacteria that play important roles in nutrient processing. Nitrite oxidixing bacteria (NOB) showed up in the water samples, but at low levels... in some tanks they were not detectable (i.e., fewer than 1 in 10,000 cells came from these important families), despite known activity. Fortunately, samples from my experimental tanks confirmed that tanks with nitrite oxidizing activity can have undetectable NOB in the water but nice high abundance in the biofilm (sand, in this case). So its clear we can sample and detect them. The only challenge is how to sample the biofilm in a standardized way across different aquariums. See, I like water samples because every tank has water. Some tanks don't have sand. Or sumps. Or skimmers. etc. So we can't design anything aruond sampling those parts. But they all have a few things in common. And one of these is pipes. Everyone has pipes of some kind. We may have to get creative with little AIO nano systems, but the ones I've seen have something analogous to pipes. The literature shows NOB are well established in water pipe biofilms. So although I'm hesitant to modify things, it is too early in the development to dig my heels in. The evidence is clear that we need to include a biofilm sample for improved sensitivity. So I did a lot of thinking and reading and I will have new sampling kits ready to ship out this week. The new kit includes one additional step - swabbing a submerged, interior surface of one of your pipes with a sterile swab to sample the biofilm. ----- TLDR 1. If you participated in the first round of microbiome analysis, I would like to re-sample your tanks and this time include biofilm samples. This means @badxgillen , @Tampicocoralfarms , @Lexinverts , @youcallmenny , @SuncrestReef , @Knuckledragger , @SunCrestReef , @Tandor69 , @householdofpayne , @NateDawg , @daveo ... If you are interested, please message me for the new coupon code and you can place another free order on the website. (this ensure I can track the shipment and the sample) 2. If someone else is reading this, and wants to sample your tank, please message me. I've got room for samples from another 3 people in addition to the list above. So the first 3 who want in, send me a message. [No idea why that tagging thing doesnt seem to work!]
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    Oh man... do I have to see this again! At least the Raiders are giving "the Boyz" a run for the drama queen award this year. Sigh.
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    I guess things are getting serious
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    Hey Holly - maybe you could use a spare tank? @Gil&Fin
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    If you still have him tomorrow I’ll take him
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    Well wish this would fit the new tank but it wont..............here is your chance for a sweet light that will grow anything and also bleach anything if not careful............. The goods started as a ATI Sunpower 8 bulb..........removed 2 bulbs so now 6 but replaced with 8 LED modules from Dave at nanobox..........light does everything from thunderstorms to clouds........but wait it gets better light is anodized black and looks sweet.............go big or go home light now has bulbs that are about 7 months old so life left in them............ Looking to get 750.00 out of it and well to build it your looking at about double the price..........LEDs are run off of wifi and used my apex to turn the T5s on and off...........we all know what a sunpower looks like but if you must have pics message me a number and can text them...........
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    I can bring mine.. John has one too. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
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    Neptune just announced today that they will begin shipping Trident reagent refills to online vendors such as BRS, and they will sell a 6-month pack for $99.99, so a big discount over the normal $44 2-month supply. See the announcement here at about 18 minutes into the live feed:
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    Love the raised flooring under the tank - that looks awesome! If you end up putting up some back panels it will seem like the whole tank is just floating there... really great look. Excited to see this in person. What are your overall stocking plans re coral and inverts now that you have that trigger in there? (he looks cool BTW)
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    Hey John Which ones are you looking for? I have spearmint, peppermint and the newly released fruity tutty! [emoji39][emoji6][emoji39][emoji6] Kidding aside, I do hope you find some before leaving town. Carry on... Sent from Atlantis 🤙
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    Given our proximity to the coast is anyone collecting seawater for use in their reef tanks? On my trip down the YouTube rabbit hole this morning I stumbled upon a few videos highlighting some stunning natural sea water reef tanks and my curiosity was peaked.
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    I got fed up with colors. Got a Hanna. But I'm just as accurate with redsea. So I guess I didn't need the Hanna but used it to double check I was reading the color correctly
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    Yes, this spot does have less flow than the mother colony. Makes sense.
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    I'd love to take you up on that.
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    Welcome to PNWMAS. Many long time reefers lurking here so you will be in good company. Also lots of us who have taken breaks over the years.- seems to be a common phenomenon. Hope we see it at one of our events in the future.
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    That reminds me that the original source of this knowledge was Rudy.
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    Congrats! Those are pretty sweet lights for sure. Envious...
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    Been getting in a lot of sweet stuff lately. Just sharing a few pics from around the shop this week.
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    When we went on our Search for Corals up North last month. Paul Hamby from Captive Reef Aquaculture was raising some baby clown fish. Looked pretty successful he had I believe 3 batches from different time frames. He will be at the Frag Fest Oct. 5th. If you wanted to talk shop.
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    Last week I discover a new colony of bird nest growing randomly on the back wall of my aquarium. , a few days afterwards I found another tiny colony growing on this rock. I thought it was interesting and wanted to share. All this time I was trying to get my rock flowers anemones to reproduce.
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    Share the love please.
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    Hey Daniel - welcome back! I could spare a handful at least but not sure I'm very close to you. Inner NE. I'm sure Holly might chime in here as well as she is usually very generous with her Cheato.
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    Well here’s some pics of my reef. All I can say is that it’s a start. Recently started getting into Acropora after seeing the display tank at premium aquatics. Most of the stuff I have is still frags, but hey you gotta start somewhere!
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    Here is an utterly dumb update. Wrong driver wrong motor wrong everything. Yet still I smile
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