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    Over 250 new colonies came in this week to the shop! Some stunners!
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    Well...I turned over "the box" with the light in it. You didn't think I gave Liz the actual light, did you? Bwahahah! Thanks for the kudos Cherany, but most would have done the same, and a bit more graciously I'm sure. I almost punched Sean in the face for telling me Liz was back... Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
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    ich, brook, velvet... this guy is iron clad!! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    here is a tip.... take $5,000 out of your savings account and then pay some stranger for the rights to clean their windows once a week, scrub their toilets, and mop up water that they spill regularly. You can fall in love with their pets and then one day when you go over to scrape and wash the windows they will say "oh yeah, he died". What? How? "no idea he just died". there... same thing as reefing Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Just a quick shout out to Bert - our grill master yesterday. If you didn't happen to make it to the meeting you missed some tasty burgers and dogs done to perfection by our very own VP @badxgillen. Thanks again for putting your cooking talents on display... my taste buds were quite happy. Thanks to everyone who made the trip down despite the rather late announcement. It was good to catch up with folk and hear what people have been up to this summer. Sounds like a lot of you have been having some fun outdoors and traveling so glad you were able to take some time out to talk fish/coral for a bit. Hope to see you all (and more) at our next meeting.
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    I have moved this to the appropriate category (classifieds). And per forum rules you need to list a price for your corals when listing something for sale I would recommend just listing everything out and then asking people to PM for pics. I am interested to see what you’ve got and what you want for stuff. I’m always looking for a new soft coral! Sent while trying to get my next coral fix.....
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    More day/night comparison photos: Day: Night: Day: Night:
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    You know as you get older, time goes by so fast? I mean, what happened to summer? It just started like two weeks ago and now its September? Well, if you ever wanted to slow down things here is the way... Go fallow on your display tank!!! "Hey Brian, how long have you been fishless" " Hmm, its been like 3 weeks or something..let me check my notes... ummm, its been 10 days" "wow, those fish look neat, when do they go back in the aquarium?" "some time this month... its been like over a month, let me check again"... I have two more months. It as if time is standing still. SIghhhh 😞
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    I've been redesigning to make it more slim which require custom heatsink cooling solution. At the same time, hard to keep the cost down with custom parts. These couple months, I've been redesigning over and over again to keep cost down and keep the profile slim. I've gone through 5 completely different PCB designs and several heat solution designs. I think I'm getting close. What do you guys think of plastic enclosure with full glass bottom? This would be closest to MacBook/Surface Pro look with uni-body. I play with the idea of uni-body aluminum but the cost is way too prohibiting. Other option is to use metal enclosure but will have exposed screws and seams. Also, what are you guys take on light spillage? Personal, I hate light spillage but I also like to hang my lights high up for easier access to inside the tank. I've design a parabola lens for each individual LEDs but this will increase the overall height by 10-12mm. This is my latest mock up. Daniel
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    Little update! Got everything transferred over from my 40G frag tank into the RSR450. Everything has been pretty happy. Finally have my Simplicity 320 skimmer dialed in after never really finding the sweet spot. Even added a clean up crew from Cuttlesfish and a ReefGen Goniopora from Andy. Still need to get the final rockwork done and get some corals mounted. Probably wait till after Macna!!!
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    10 days away! Starting to get excited! Should be a great time
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    Sounds like a song right? Bye bye miss american coralline... Just a random post to say, scrape your algae if you need to, it will feel allot better. I designed a part to 3d print and place in a kent scraper. Here are the before and after results. 15 minutes of scraping! BEFORE AFTER
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    Thank you for making the rest of us feel less guilty about how often we scrape the front of our tanks. I let mine go three days last week and felt back. With your inspiration I might let it go 4 days this week
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    Big props to Roy. He drove down to my house after long day of work and helped me program the new radions!! And then helped me run 100’ of Ethernet cable (which is also supplied) under my house and Into the new fish den!! I did the crawl space work and we communicated via phone while trying to get the stupid wire through my built in cabinets and into crawl space. Thanks again for being such a stand up guy!
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    We just got back from Germany from a 18 day Trip. While we were gone Mark and His Wife looked over are tanks and home. Mark you did an outstanding job! Thanks Again.
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    I hear that their only natural predators are cats, dogs and kids. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Watch out for pyramid snails. They are very small and are white in color. They will eat you clam to death. That is how my clam died. I thought I gave my clam a good look over and found no snails. Months later my clam falls off it's rock. The next day my clam was died. I could not figured why till I saw a pyramid snail. Keep checking the clam for those snails.
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    I'm also looking forward to seeing pics! I know she'll blush, but I think a certain member deserves special recognition... When the raffle for the AI Prime was drawn, the winner was not present. Written on the back of the ticket was Liz [illegible last name], but with no forum username or other contact details, we had little choice but to redraw, with @Gil&Fin winning the second time around. Not long after, the mysterious Liz was back, having just stepped out of the meeting for a short time. Holly graciously handed over the prize, earning her unofficial status as PNWMAS MVP!
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    Yes, but the wife was napping lol [emoji23] Sent while trying to get my next coral fix.....
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    I'm not convinced it works. perhaps you can come over and demonstrate on the back wall of my tank? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Insane Clown Posse Analysis