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    Merry Christmas from the ReefBox, wishing everyone a very merry day! May your belly’s be full, stockings filled to the top and your house filled with love!
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    If anyone is interested in a road. Come on up next Saturday.
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    After a 6 year hiatus from reefing, I'm jumping back into it. I've been waiting for the day my tiny house is "done" and I could setup a 20gal but at this point I just need a tank I can pick up and move around. So after being gifted a fluval spec V from my pops this Thanksgiving I decided its time. I've still got all my equipment from the 75g display days so I'm using an aquacontroller jr to control heat and an ice probe chiller. My house can fluctuate from 60-90 degrees in extreme weather so I'm overkilling the temp control. The bottom of the stand is cutout for air flow and will sit up an inch. I used a thin piece of rock to give myself some hiding space for those items, the ice probe is drilled into the bottom of the tank. A chaeto fuge will fill in the rest of the back corner. Im big on refugiums. I once went 6 months without feeding my fish in my 75g my pod production was so good. I did culture and feed phytoplankton. Anyhow, my goal for this tank is to have an easy to maintain, stable, compact, aesthetically pleasing package for zoas and sps that I can transport across the country, as-is in 2 years.
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    Hi, thanks for the add. My name is nick and I have been out of the hobby for about 7 years due to military moves and so on. I had a 90 deep reef tank with a 20l sump back in Virginia and it was painfull to tear down and I sold everything with no intentions of getting back into it. While I am currently in the process of standing up my new to me 60g cube with 24 gallon (I believe) sump. Just got done framing the stand today and have a long way to go but itll be worth it. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Awesome light for frags or a small SPS setup!
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    I'm not certain if this will work for everyone, but here's how I looked up my membership:
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    I have the perfect stand for this if anyone needs😁
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    If you don’t find anyone here with tanks for sale, check out Green Concepts in Gresham. They have a huge selection. See their ads on Craigslist: https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/bfd/d/portland-tank-super-store-full-line-of/7049805634.html
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    I can donate a couple large grape Montipora corals if you want them. They are very easy and can adapt to wide lighting conditions. They could be a good test before getting an anemone. Daniel Sent from my SM-N975U1 using Tapatalk
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    I ended up using some foam pipe insulation to place around the edges of the light openings. Previously I had just cut the slots to perfectly fit the light in them, but it was always unpleasant having to shove the lights into the wood, squeezing the frame of the unit. Even then, the lights wouldn't always stay completely level. To remedy this, I now have the lights sitting on top of the foam insulation where they aren't being squeezed and they remain completely level. I also did something else new this go around. I managed to store the drivers and cords all within the canopy so the only thing you see is one cord going to the surge protector, rather than 6 cords coming down. Because the thought of one of these units falling into the water is terrifying, I actually strung a metal cable through all of them so they can never fall if the canopy got bumped or something. Overall everything turned out just as desired. I'm not totally sold on the look of the foam insulation from beneath, but I don't really notice it.
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    Thanks, I ordered my 30 dollar power supply. Still waiting on it LOL. I am sure it will be a distant memory when the awesomeness of the trident is unleashed on me...
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    Happy Holidays to you as well !
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    I haven't tried this myself, but check out this 2 minute video with before & after views:
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    Very busy with the holidays. Christmas Day is my only day off for 2 weeks. I’ll get to it as soon as possible.
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    Is that a carpet anemone on the right side of the tank? I have seen them eat fish much larger than 8”...
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    Might want to post this in the classifieds thread. Might be why your not getting any inquiries.
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    Welcome Merkey! Always glad to have more participants from north of the river - glad you found us. We are actually having our next meeting in WA (granted farther south) but maybe you can make a field trip. If you take a look at the member map feature, you might find some other folk closer by as well. I did move this to the "Introduce Yourself" thread as it seemed more appropriate.
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    Poletti jawbreakers first sale Momma (NFS) has a ton of reds and even greens. It came from golden basket reef (you can see it in the top left corner and circled in red) 18 month old Babies (Circled in yellow) have some nice red streaks, some purple but no green yet. They are all grown up and about 2-2.5” in diameter when fully open $250 obo each also willing to trade (gold torch or OG bounce)
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    You guys continue to amaze me with all of this DIY 3d stuff. Nice work
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    Was it just me or was the guy making the video kind of obnoxious? I felt like he kept interrupting the guy and getting his own knowledge of the production out there whenever possible. I kept thinking, Hey man, that dude is the mastermind. Let him talk, not you. That's definitely a solid point. Although BRS sells their pumps for like $100, right? And those things seem to always be a go-to item. Dropping a little more flow to do everything these do doesn't seem that unreasonable if you're spending $100 on the BRS pumps. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Fantastic! Looks great, John. I love that little pink goni. I'm glad you have a piece of it. Thanks for the Shout Out.
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    Bump $900 must pick up this weekend or going to storage
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    Thank you SOOO MUCH! I would love to pick this up whenever is convenient for you!!!! I will message you. We would LOVE it!!! I will message you!
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    Glad to see the tank is doing well and you were able to get the clown fish you were hoping for (and obviously a light). Hopefully someone has a spare bubble tip they could donate or, if not, maybe something could be worked out with one of our sponsors and TFT - they have been very supportive of the program in the past. I will ping our TFT coordinator here just to make sure she knows you are looking @Flashy Fins
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    I have two of these available. Each pack will get: 1 multi head green with purple tip torch 1 multi head hammer 1 blue stag acro 1 monti setosa 1 large Idaho grape monti frag I’ll toss in a free orange monti cap frag and grubes gorgonian frag First buyer will get to pick their frags! Located near n Mississippi ave. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You could add a little alk to your ATO to slowly bring up the alk in your tank. If your not dosing daily yet, and your tank is consuming alk you may want to add 2 dosing pumps and start dosing alk and cal. The kamoer dosing pumps are cheap and people seem to be liking them. Reef Builders actually just said they are in top 10 reefing products of 2019.
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    OME is looking healthy. It's been in my frag tank, and over the holidays I gave the tank target feedings almost every morning. I did glue it to a 2nd frag plug (but left the original plug on). So it's kind of double decker high right now. Plenty of room to grow and expand!
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    Hahaha, I love this! It's the story of my life... Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
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    There are several threads on XML in the Neptune Forums. I tinkered with it a year ago, but got frustrated and gave up on it. See: https://forum.neptunesystems.com/showthread.php?22148-Accessing-XML-datalog-amp-output-log-using-Microsoft-Office-365-Excel-on-a-Mac https://forum.neptunesystems.com/showthread.php?258-XML https://forum.neptunesystems.com/showthread.php?223-Quick-Apex-Graphs-using-Google-Chart&p=961
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    Let your friends know. December coral drawing for the Pnwmas saltwater club. Free sign up and post a intro post just to get to know on the site. You will be entered to win a frag of appleberry monti and pink boobies chalice. Pnwmas.org
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    Congrats to Nicknjo! Better start getting that tank wet!
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    Welcome to the group, if you want to get together and talk reefs im in the Longview/kelso area
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    About 25 lbs of brs reef saver, branch rock, and pukani. Nothing special, that’s why it’s free! 2 packages of red sea veggies. Accidentally received these while trying to order purple and my fish won’t touch it. Another incorrect order of Hanna ammonia reagent. All free!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is exactly what I plan to do. Keep things on stands, leave just enough room to get a towel under there if I have to, and keep good air flow.
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    Very cool. Best coral name ever. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Welcome Thomas. Best thing you is what you are doing research. Once you get set up and your tank is cycled and want to try some starter corals. I am sure there are a lot of people that can help you out. Keep us up to date on your search and feel free to ask questions.
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    Breaking down my 50g SCA and 20g Waterbox as part of our decision to consolidate and downsize a bit. Tanks are in good used condition, with normal wear and tear. Pictures may be viewed at https://photos.app.goo.gl/288NGg7Vwzmqnzmi6 There is one noteworthy scratch on the 50g (pictured). It is a well established tank, with green fuzzy mushrooms and GSP growing on the back, and tons of purple coralline algae. It does have a moderate amount of bubble algae on the rocks, which spent a few months unchecked after my emerald crabs were moved out. On the 20g, there is a small piece missing from plastic above the return (see picture) that does not affect function, and is not generally noticable. Prices as listed, or make offer on full setup (priority to full setup offers). Offers on coral and livestock will be considered. Motivated to sell quickly -- husband is encouraging me to consider take-all offers. 50g SCA cube + stand + sump - $350 Gyre 3k (only a few months old) - $125 AI Prime HD with metal L-mount (x2) - $300 Skimmer (x1.5/extra parts) - $50 20g Waterbox AIO + stand - $150 pending Current USA Marine IC Pro 18" + 2 eflux pumps + controller - $200 Mismatched clownfish - $20 Bonded yellow watchman goby and pistol shrimp - $30 Melanurus wrasse (injured eye) $20 Lawnmower blenny (handfed) - $10 Tiger pistol shrimp (unpaired) - $10 sold Tailspot Blenny ([language filter]) - $10 sold Free to good home with other purchase Regal demoiselle damselfish (x2, one confirmed female) Lemon damsel Blue/yellow-tailed damsel Coral/anemones/inverts Rainbow BTA - $45 Black Widow BTA - $150 Rock Flower Anemones (x3) - $80 on old rock with unknown zoas, red duster worms, and goodness knows what else. More Rock Flower Anemones, plus clam (x2) - these guys have made a home on the rock that my Crocea clam is on. $200 Live Rock - Open to offers **This rock does have some bubble algae on it, so introduce into your tank with caution. I did not add emerald crabs to address it, as I knew I would be reconfiguring tanks in the near future** Rock with God of War zoanthid colony Rock with Firework Cloves, Red Montipora, bleached Green montipora, red/green blastos, regular cloves, and hitchhiker bivalve Rock with Fire and Ice zoanthid colony Rock with green hairy rhodactis mushrooms Rock with green/tinged red discosoma mushrooms Rock with sea whip Rock with unknown zoanthid, partially bleached green pavona, purple/green rhodactis, baby orange/green rhodactis Rock covered in orange Ricordia Yuma mushrooms
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    You will want to put the bulkeads near the bottom. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Merry Christmas! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    40. GB Blood Drop Chalice, 1" Frag Plug, 35.00
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    6. 3 Polyps WWC Superstar, 3/4" Frag Plug, 75.00
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    Uhhh...to each his own🤣 Sent from Atlantis 🤙
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    That alone is reason enough in my book! Interesting about the differential sensitivity to acetic vs citric acid.
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    Daddy Long Legs are done. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
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