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    Sorry about the delay in the post, just got my son moved into his dorm and got to spend yesterday having lunch, packing some of his things, and hanging out. Right after seeing him off, and eating dinner, I got to starting this thread. As you all know, or now will know, the September meeting at All Things Aquarium was a Hoot! The place was loaded with SPS, LPS, and softy corals not to mention fish of all sorts. Everything was nice and clean, several of the tanks looked amazing! spot on. Look at this frag forest! I missed out on a red/orange centered green yuma, we left a little early and I completely forgot to snag one! Bummed, guess I better sneak back to ATA. In between the store and the adjacent building there is a very nice courtyard area that facilitates gatherings like this splendidly. You might be able to see in the background there, Zoolander lent his skills to the grill and did a great job, thanks a ton man. And speaking of the grill man, here he is on the left, thinking ahead of time with those shades, it was such a beautiful day. And speaking of generous guys, Bicycle Bill here on the right came in handing out coral frags like it was trick or treat candy...He is such a nice person, generous with the corals and good advice, Bill is one of the good ones. Here is another of the good old boys. The main man at the ATA store, Erin. He opened up his store for all of us to come in and have our meeting, BBQ, and raffle at. He has a wealth of knowledge and seems to have a knack for the aquatics, I know I will be back to pick his brain and aquariums sooner than later. Thank you my friend. Two of our awesome sponsors here in one shot, Stylaster left and Mr Bret on the right. Both have contributed quite a bit of their time over the years both off and on the BOD and office, Cheers to you two...And Thanks a ton for the frags Roy, I will return the favor. Highschool Reefer, eyeballing the store goods no doubt. I forgot to mention I had a few things I could throw you for your new tank setup and a few pointers on keeping macro algae trimmed back. Maybe I will see you next month though. Jfry here. This guy is in my line of work, aquatics maintenance, and I love talking about others setups and tanks with this guy. He has some good stories and is getting seasoned thats for sure. You all know you have to come up with a lot of different solutions to strange problems in the reefing world. Kai made it out to another meet, very nice guy. Hope that zoanthid pack you won is doing well, there were some lookers in there, blues, reds, and a little yellow. Should ease into the new tank just fine. Gill&Fin center and DJ right. I meant to ask you on some QT questions Holly. Maybe I can still get some info out of you and see if you get file fish in frequently? And sorry I did not have time to swing by DJ, believe me I have plans on it in the near future. Youcallmenny on the left and Albertareef on the right. With the good people that will give you a hand with the move you should be just fine getting into your new place, sounded like you have it pretty well planned out now. Reefer Madness left and Daniel right. Daniel makes the Reefi lighting system and is a working on a couple other products as well. He also has a killer tank setup. Reefer Madness, let me know when your going on that crabbing trip, I love dungenous. And I will keep my eyes peeled for a cowrie. Lex inverts chatting with Mr Bret. I have always liked this guy, he tells it like it is...And Also has a few very nice setups. He bred some seahorses too not too long ago.Now that I think about it I think Bret has some baby seahorses right now. Whop whoop!!! I got this pic of Paul here winning the gift certificate to All Things Aquarium. He is totally stoked! I would be too, so much there to grab, I bet that certificate never left the store. Grand Prize Vortech went to Albertareef! Way to go man, nice score! I love these raffles that are equal tickets equal chances. Although I wouldn't mind buying more tickets on certain items, it is a refreshing change once in a while to just take a true shot at chance. A major highlight of this meet was the presentation given by Miles about fluorescent pigment proteins. He explained a number of things on the subject such as tracking/monitoring cell functions, mutations, calcium and photo reactions...It was wild. I can elaborate a little more when I get back from work but for now just enjoy these shots of Mils slides. He did a great job and was very informative, answering all of Andy's questions But really Miles, Thank You, it was awesome. A slide miles had showing the cell internal structure and Florescent Proteins that assist in research. Lined up were a number of people who wanted to get a more in depth knowledge of the mysterious GFPs. You can see all the way down on the left had side there is a junior member getting his first reef class sessions in. . OptimusPrime taking addvantage of the black light LED flashlight. I wish I could take those, inject them into my montis, and make a new variety of "tie dye" coral. OH and th e obligatory coral shots here and there. Miles brought some samples of the Florescent Proteins, both natural and man made. Not too sure where he gets all these but I wouldn't mind a few for this upcoming Halloween...How many corals would you say is in one of those little bottles Miles?
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    There was the 280, the 180, and now meet the 90
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    New Red Sea peninsula is up and running at the shop. It's the p650 model. Can't wait to stock it. Loving it so far. Come by and take a look!
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    Been wanting to do a little fragging for a while. So, being that I was sooooo bored earlier today, I decided to do some cutting... Scrambled Eggs Space Monsters Rainbow Sakuras Purple Hornets Sent from my Man Cave while having a cold one! [emoji41]
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    Let the love begin [emoji177][emoji177]. And yes there is something in there for you Matt [emoji849] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Check out this bad Anemone! I wasn't sure what all the hype was about so I had to find out for myself. All I can say is WOW!! Blown away!! The color is unreal and it's incredibly bright, by far the brightest thing in my tanks! So glad I was able to snag these pieces. The nem collection has officially begun [emoji41] Thanks again Hieu for the awesome nems! *Phone pictures don't do them justice, but look how they compare to other BTAs!* More pics to come as they settle in.
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    How about another raffle item? There are going to be some amazing prizes !! Here is another !!!
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    Oh Man! You guys and gals, I don't know what to say here...I am getting all melty and mushy inside,. I just try and do what I can, when I can. I love reefing,, I love helping, and I love this community. Thank you all for making this club sch a wonderful place! I feel uplifted after seeing this, my night has become wonderfully topped off by the sentiments of my fellow reefer community. Love you all, Thank You So Much!
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    Thanks again vendors, volunteers, members!! You all made this event a success! Final tally going to Tanks for Teachers is 2963.62!! Sure we could have probably just gotten by with donations and raffles and no frag show but we wanted to do something fun, positive , and bring the community together! Thank you all who came and participated!! I will post up what we end up doing for The Boys and Girls Club! Below is the breakdown of costs and without donations of time, money and supplies it wouldn't be possible!!!
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    Huge, huge, huge thanks to those that volunteered so many hours of their valuable time. Truly grateful for all the hard work to make this possible. Heck, I was exhausted just being a visitor to the swap. It took a while to get all the spoils dipped and put away. And that's really nothing compared to what the volunteers did. Word was, many were up in the wee hours of the morning and stuck around pretty late to take it all down. THANK YOU!!!!!!! It was a special event in many ways. Most of us scored a ton of nice frags, made trades, good conversation, ate good food.... And learned allot more about sustainability. Which was awesome by the way. RESEPECT to the Aussie coral and fishery. Gonna go get me some scolies!!
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    Thanks everyone who came out we had nearly 200 people and made good money for Tanks For Teachers! As soon as Sirena and I catch up on sleep I will let you know how much !!! it was a blast !!!
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    Meeting was fun!! Thanks Miles for the informative talk! Thanks Holly for taking charge of this meeting and getting the food and drinks! Thanks Zoolander for manning the grill! Thanks Albertareef for hauling the projector and screen down for us to use! Thanks Bert for the coral donation! Thanks Erin from All Things Aquarium for hosting !! Thanks Kknight for the delicious beans and for others who brought things! I also want to thank the entire board and officers for coming early to meet!! Thanks all who came it's a great group!! People jumped in at the end to help with the set up and take down!! We have a great group here and always a pleasure to hang with all of you !
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    A special thanks to Roy Seine aka Stykaster of Pacific Corals and Jim Armstrong aka Gumby. Many of you know Roy he has been a passionate force in the hobby for decades and is an expert on clams. Jim maintains the Boys and Girls Club tank and has donated many hours and his own coral to the cause. I want to make a lot of money this Saturday to get a new tank for them and replace all the corals they lost this winter due to the inclement weather. These two will be doing much of the behind the scenes work in setting up the show. They are two of the most hardworking, dedicated and generous people you will ever meet! They will never sing their own praises but you can always count on them! Not only will Roy and Jim be up at 4 am (or earlier knowing Roy) getting ready for the show, but Roy is also donating a 100 dollar gift certificate!!
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    I wanted to give a special shout out to @Sirena I could not have pulled off this show without her. She worked all day and then had to make multiple trips to the grocery store. She was up late Thursday. She took the day off Friday and spent the entire day preparing the beef and chicken on the Traegar. If that wasn’t enough she also prepped and made dinner for all of the volunteers and some of the vendors. She was the smiling face that met you at the show when you were hungry and stood the entire time! I believe you can feel when Love ❤️ is put into food and she put lots of love into that food! We were up until past midnight shredding chicken and meat and then up at 430am to make it to the show. We came home didn’t unload the truck and she was so exhausted she slept from 7pm to 7am the next morning! She really is one of a kind!
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    Hey everyone, My name is Zach Bogatz, and I was at the most recent PNWMAS frag show. Got to meet a lot of you nice people, it was a lot of fun and tiring ;). Dodge told me about your forums, and thought I would join in on the fun, and thank everyone for coming out to visit us at the show :). I will try to keep up on the forum but I am super bad about checking these things lol!
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    Awe wow! A gal goes to work and comes home to this. I seriously can not thank Scott and miles for all their help with food. And Jim’s son...so sorry I forgot his name but man he was a hard worker! I would do this every weekend for this group and for the tanks for teachers [emoji177] we have such an awesome group of people, cooking is the least I can do to help out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I also wanted to shout out to @spectra who had the most amazing beans. I hear the salsa was good too but I am one of those rare unfortunate freaks that Cilantro has a soapy taste for me.. Sirena was most impressed with your culinary skills and your take charge attitude. The two of you made a fabulous team. I know you don't like too much public accolade which is why I have not posted up your own thank you thread. Same goes for Jim Armstrong @Gumby. But both these guys have a heart of gold and are hard working and will never sing their own praises. Spectra as many of you know was also the reason I originally checked out this club and wanted to be a part of it... Please don't hold that against him!
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    I was also at yesterday's swap and had a wonderful time talking to venders and buying way too many corals. The prices were very reasonable so I couldn't resist. Got some corals high on my list like a space invader pectinia, purple hornet zoas and a bubblegum digi. Also got other beautiful sps. Laura Simmons from Cairns aquarium gave a great talk on sustainability in our hobby. I can't wait till next year. Thank you to all who put on such an awesome swap. Oh and the tacos were very tasty
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    Good to hear and well if and when the new tank shows I can help with delivery and set up if Jim ( think that's his name I suck with names ) doesn't have a way to get it there.......... Was a good time and cant wait for next year.............was a good time hanging out with the first lady...........
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    L 'eggo my eggo... 🤣 Sent from my Man Cave while having a cold one! [emoji41]
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    A amazing week of orders! This weekend we are doing a special on aquacultured Clams. $29 Maximas 1.5" - blue, golds, and black and whites! $29 Derasa's 2" Here is a few photos of some other new items! Huge shipment of killer high end aquacultured SPS.
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    Approximately 4 years old. Sent from the bottom of the sea.
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    thanks for the advice everyone. i think Im goinh to spend some time this weekend in the crawlspace and drilling peep holes in some drywall. i think there may be a way to plumb a basemeny sump. then i can buy a reeflo barracuda and finally become a real man oh yeah.. the 8' hap/peacock tank.. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Lots of good tidbits here, good read for experienced and those new: https://reefbuilders.com/2017/09/15/mistakes-newbies-make/ My mistake over the years that i have personally made is 'unproven fads'. Unproven Fads The last way that new hobbyists get into trouble by being impatient and rushing into things is by jumping into every new technique or idea as soon as it is talked about on the internet. There are an infinite number of ways to successfully do a tank with new ideas and new methodologies constantly being talked about and shown. When you are new, and even when you are have done this for a while, it can be very alluring to want to try and add or do these new things in your tank. As I stressed, keeping things stable will go a long way toward helping achieve long-term success.
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    I am excited to introduce you to our guest speaker Laura Simmons! We are flying her all the way out from Austrialia and it is an honor to have her here! She's a busy lady and did a talk at Macna in August and has recently returned after going on a VIP trip to Fiji with Mr. Saltwater. She is currently at MACA (the Australian version of Macna). Now is the chance to see a Macna level speaker right in your own back door! Laura is the Curator at Cairns Marine in Queensland, Australia. She spent her formative years in Gainesville, Florida where she gained her love for all things wild, wonderful and aquatic. She has a BS in Zoology from the University of Florida. Her aquarium career began with Anheuser-Busch. She worked for Sea World of Florida for nearly 10 years and moved on (across the street!) to open then manage Discovery Cove’s Aquarium Department for 6 years. From there Laura was hired by Landry’s Restaurants to establish the Life Sciences Department at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. During her 4 years with Landry’s she oversaw the development and opening of 2 large aquaria that are focal points of the hotel. I have seen them personally and they are amazing!! Cairns Marine recruited her to join their team in 2010 to oversee their facility and husbandry operations as well as be their point of contact for their public aquarium and research clientele. Her interest in fisheries management and sustainable animal sourcing made the position a perfect fit, despite being half the world away from family and friends. She now oversees a team of 35+ staff within the land-based facility and works closely with the company’s maritime operations to ensure excellence in collection, handling and supply for the 1200+ species Cairns Marine provides. Laura is passionate about all aspects of her work, admittedly an aquarium geek, but her other interests include travel (exploring), food (eating), music (especially live) and the aerial circus arts (silks). She’s convinced that she’s at her best when she’s either under water or in the air!
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    Zach, you joined! Awesome! You won't regret this great group of people. They're nothing short of awesomeness! You need to get your sidekick Gene or is it the other way around, on here, as well. I'm sure you guys made out pretty well at the fest, well, at least from me, haha. You and Gene had some really nice stuff! Can't wait to see you guys next year or maybe even sooner! Now fork out the $24 and become a supporting member, lol. [emoji12] Sent from my Man Cave while having a cold one! [emoji41]
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    a party is not a party without all of you members to support it. Fun time always when local reefers get together. Thank you to all that made it a success.
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    Special thanks to the following vendors: Barrier Reef Cy Forrell and Natalia Washington Captive Reef Paul Hamby and Ed Hahn Golden Basket Reef Rudy Batara Pacific Corals Roy Seine Stumptown Corals Matt Van Devender and David Arguello Tampico Corals Kyle Woekel The Photic Zone Colin Apt The Premium Aquarium Garrett Munoz Unrivaled Reefs Gene Friend Together with cash and donations they contributed over 3 grand !! Also thanks to Cuttle Fish and Coral and Jeff Slemp who could not attend but acquired 1000 dollars worth of donations. Special thanks to the SPCDA and their president Joanne Vega for your volunteers and technical support and guidance. Thanks also to Rudy Batara for all of his sage advice on how to make this show happen. We couldn't do this without all your support. Vendors and members alike!! Final tally is coming soon but please support these vendors. Much of the time they are lucky to break even at these shows but do it for the love of the community!!
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    Most awesome gathering I've been to in a while! Glad, I was able to help! [emoji91] [emoji106] Can't wait for the next one! Sent from my Man Cave while having a cold one! [emoji41]
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    That's so awesome!! Awesome work to everyone who was involved, cooking, setup, donations etc. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Was alot of fun and great to see some old faces! Thank you everyone that came out!
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    I'm the one with a human head.
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    Nwfragfest is coming in just a few weeks!! Nwfragfest.com You could win this MP10QD!! If you have an older MP10 trust me you will want to upgrade! These really are so quiet!! I have one in my tank in the bedroom and I don't hear it at all!!
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    We typically don't have a meeting in November, so you won't need any leftover money!
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    Special thanks to Jeff Slemp from Cuttle Fish and Corals! He was able to get us the following raffle items and swag! Aquatic life twist in 100 gpd rodi unit! This looks pretty simple to change out! And for those of you into sustainability Quality Marine is donating a tank bred flame angelfish and a blue streak pipefish!!
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    4 huge orders came in this week! Over 100 designer clownfish arrived. Tons of new corals! The shop is packed This weekend we are doing 20% off all fish! Here is a few corals that are looking good at the shop.
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    Time for another raffle prize or two actually! How about a Tunze ATO or if you have a smaller tank how about a Tunze nano?
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    That's Gil&Fin's Waffle Iron SPS. Goes for thousands on line. Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
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    Grassi and I finally have the frag tank up and running.. corals are all moved in from the quarantine and settling in. Someday we'll do a build thread about the in-wall display tank and the tank room we built in the garage, but for now we can focus where the goodies are Tank: 50 Gallon, glass (48″ x 24″ x 10″) Lights: Radion XR30 G3, working on a DIY hybrid with an ATI fixture And some of the livestock [emoji7] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Salt special this weekend. Kent 200 gallon box $35 no other purchase required limit two Fritz rpm 200 box $64. $54 with purchase(everyday price) Reef crystals $49. $39 with purchase(everyday price) Red Sea coral pro $69. $59 with purchase(everyday price) Limited to supply on hand! Lot of new livestock this week as well. Shop is looking great.
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    Happy Birthday Bert! How did I almost miss that it was your birthday? I hope you are having a great day and doing something for yourself today as you are always doing for others! To a generous guy who is always donating corals and his time to this club! You are a great VP and it has been a pleasure to know you and work with you! Thanks for being so awesome!
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    Yes I have a nuvo available! They come with a screen top. I'm sure we can get a volunteer to make a stand. lMK !!! I'll send you a email