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    Hi Folks, Just wanted to introduce myself. Been out of reefing for almost 15 years but previously had a 125, 1.5 and 40 which I loved but since I was young, didn't own a home and grew tired of moving tanks, I eventually got rid of all my gear.. About 10 years ago, I found a TruVu 20g RR sitting next to a dumpster.. looked like it had been used as a FW tank in a school (water line well below overflow) and possibly in a store system as it was drilled for 2" overflow. It was extremely scratched but figured it would be a good project eventually. After recently purchasing a home in Longview I decided to finally bite the bullet and start looking into setting it up which was sped up by finding a great deal on some already cured and basically ready to go live rock! My goal with the tank is to focus on a clown/anemone and maybe grow out some SPS frags provided the anemone doesn't attack.
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    I have 2 single head frags of gold torch with neon tips. I had a few people inquire about this piece, so I’ve decided to release a limited number. Frags will be $100 each ......PM for fastest response.
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    the cultures have grown. Anyone want some?
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    Awesome reefing community right there!
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    If you have the truck space, I can help load maybe? I live close-ish by and ain't got much going on my time these days. Shoot me a PM if you need some assistance!
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    which one are we calling green torch because I see a lot of green hammer?
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    Just wanted to post a few photos.. as you can see, there are a lot of visible anemone's in the dt. They split from an unseen one as a hitchhiker from the LR Also some softies I'll have to manage later, probably be a bit of removal of what I don't want as well as some of the LR pieces. Tray up front with a few sps's and favia(favite). Been getting some growth while things are still settling in with the setup.
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    I am interested but need to find guys who move tanks, am on a weight lifting restriction. Sending pm.
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    Really need to get rid of the rocks before I can catch the fish with little stress, the clowns I can catch in the food cup when i feed as they jump in there to get the food first but the rest are on to me catching them from the first move lol
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    I have space for lots of fish. And will take and acans or torches.
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