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    Alrighty! I'm back (I posted about this in the general area). I've been collecting stuff here and there (HUGE thanks to some of you fine folks for priming my hobby pump) and I'm finally to a point where it's time to dump some coin and get my box of water. So.. I did it, I pulled the trigger on a WaterBox 180.5 - should be arriving some time this or next week. Also on the list is a Neptune Systems COR-20 pump. That should be enough to keep me busy during this whole shelter in place. I also have a quarantine system consisting of two 20 gallon tanks, some HOB stuff, etc. Going to get those cycled here shortly so I can at least get some fish in the QT while I set up the main tank. Special thanks to @Gil&Fin for the tanks, the old RODI systems and the other miscellaneous items. It's been a huge help. My goal for this build is a fully sterile aquarium. I've been pretty loose with my tanks in the past and I've always been that "Ich is everywhere, why bother trying" guy and this time I want to do it right. I'll be following the Humblefish/Elliot Lim quarantine method. I realize it's a lot of work, but I'm getting my garage all set up with the right stuff to make my life a little easier. I've ordered some replacement filters/DI resin/float valve/source water adapters/etc for the RODI system I'm making. They should be here shortly and I'll be able to fill this big boy water mixing station that I bought from @pdxmonkeyboy. Stay tuned, I'll be updating as I go and putting in lots of pictures.
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    Here's the water mixing station I got. It's not in it's final destination yet, and there are a few mods I'll be making prior to filling, but super stoked to have these things.
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    Bump I will include the light the bulbs and the backup current light plus one pair of nitrile gloves , a roll of toilet paper , Clorox wipes and a roll of paper towels all for the low price of 400 dollars ! disclaimer: I’m just kidding about the toilet paper the gloves the Clorox wipes but not the paper towels
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    Thanks. I'm a giant Apex nerd myself, but I'm sure I'll need some refreshers. Especially on things that are new since my last Apex.
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    Also, HUGE thanks to @CuttleFishandCoral for hooking me up with the tank order, pump and pretty much everything going forward. @CuttleFishandCoral is and has been instrumental to everything reef in my past, present and future. I'm happy to throw that business his way again. Especially during these weird times.
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    Equipment: 75 gallon tank under two Viparspectra 165w black box leds from Amazon. Two 2,100 gph Current eFlux pumps on wave mode facing each other plus one IceCap 3k gyre pump opposite of my return. Reef Crystals salt and I try to keep my temp at 78. Frag: My frag has three full heads and what appears to be two baby heads. It’s sitting on a frag rack about 4” off my sand bed.
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    Just a reminder to not ingest this stuff--It doesn't end well. https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/23/health/arizona-coronavirus-chloroquine-death/index.html
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    You would be just fine with a 100 gal tank and the vertex 180 skimmer. It is rated at 100 gal heavy demand. You would have to be fully stocked to be there. I think all your equipment would be just fine for another 48” tank. 90 gal are usually easy to come by and affordable. I personally always tell people that’s my favorite “beginner” size tank as they tend to have great stability and decent size overall for you to get going with some corals and medium sized fish. its all about what you want to do, you can scale things up over time as your tank grows out. Welcome to the site and good luck! You have any pics of your current setups to share?
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    It’s the Covid 19 social isolation special. Just slip the cash under the door and I pass the box to you with some masks and gloves 😆. Nobody gets hurt .. I will even include one roll of toilet paper! 🧻 😂
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    Honestly, the best time for this stuff is right after the economy takes a shiet. You would NOT believe how much cheaper contractors are when the work drys up. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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