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    Hey all, here is my LONG build that I am just now sharing now the tank is finally going. Hope you enjoy! MarineLand 210 gal 6’x2’x28” Refinished MarineLand stand to match house trim/cabinets Lighting: 2x Viparspectra 300w + 2x Euroquatics blue pop 60” LED T5 bulbs Skimmer: RLSS R8i Return: Jebao DCP 10k Water movement: Gyre XF350 x2 Control: Apex full system with DOS, ATK, TRIDENT Sump: eShopps r300 Media: Marine pure block + spheres Running with sand (special grade) this time. Some rock will carry over from my cube plus some that I’ve had soaking in the garage. My cube only has 2 clowns that I’ve had for 10+ years. Looking forward to having some bigger fish again! early shot of the 45 cube Here was the tank when I brought it home (sadly in Nov 2018!). It sat in my garage as I planned and waiting to buy equipment for MONTHS. Slowly gathered some things over the months... In March 2019 I moved my 45 cube from its spot in our family room... To the dining room to free up the spot for the new tank The stand that came with the tank needed repair in a spot or two as well as paint. I wanted to match paint it to our house trim/cabinets. Tons of sanding/prep went into it for a month or so on and off. First spray by my brother in law ran really bad. I sanded it all off and did it myself with a rental from Home Depot. Came out overall pretty good and smooth as I was hoping. This was all done August 2019. Garage was full paint booth status for about a month 😂 Fast forward...now it’s October 2019. Finally bite the bullet and pick up an Apex! I have traditionally done Reefkeeper and even had a running Archon, but the company out of business has made it more of an underground following of keeping things going. Apex was the logical choice for the long run. Now I get around to painting the back of the tank black FINALLY in November 2019 I have movers bring the tank up from the garage into the house. It’s about 4 months later than I originally planned... Then the fun begins! Testing gear, plumbing, setting up my controller board, etc Just before Christmas, the tank begins to fill! Things get salty and I put in my rocks that have been marinating in unheated (whoops) saltwater for the last 6 months Now it’s time to fix my water station! Here it was before, lots of 5 gal jugs and a 55 gal barrel stuffed in there. Grabbed this beefcake 200 gal reservoir from Brian. My 4 year old for size reference Made a small stand to get things level and slightly elevated. Moved my RODI hodge podge out of the way of the big boy Got a 75 gal tank for my salt mix from Green Concepts Containers Plumbed things together and did some final clean up and organization. Before this all I ran a conduit from this up to my tank so my Apex Aquabus and top off water goes through and up to the tank (my house has the garage below the main floor).
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    We are now offering Free delivery to Hillsboro, Beaverton, Forest Grove and Gaston areas. We also offer curbside pickup! $20 minimum puchase. Call to schedule 503-828-6992
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    I use older 10k and 6kbtu window AC units and they barely touch my electric bill compared to heat in the winter. We only need them about 4 hours a day cause we're in the hills. Use 1/2" PEX for the refrigerator DIY. I wanna say it'll transfer 33 BTU per linear foot at 50 degrees difference. You really don't need a whole lot of flow. Our floor runs at 90gph and drops from 128 to 124 in about 150lf to give you an idea. One thing I hate about chillers though is that they heat up the space they are in. They are really no fun in a small room with a lot of water, they just fight themselves constantly. I think if the room is dominated by water you need to use an AC or the surface area of the tanks overall will transfer too much heat in a 90*+ room. I think using external return pumps as well also helps a lot. Those buggers really can put a ton of heat into a system.
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    Just out of curiosity, is there any reason a stand alone AC unit won’t work? Like a window or freestanding unit? I always ask people that, if you are going to chill your tank, why not get some of the AC benefits for yourself at the same time? Units are selling cheap now since it’s winter.
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    In hindsight, I should have made the holes bigger and it could double as a frag rack. Want me to drop this off at CNC?
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    I think the correct thing to do in this case is to start a thread on R2R flaming Koralia.
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    Yeah buddy, thanks for the deal! I love my new mixing station setup!
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    Newly acquired CSB. Would trade for 500 rolls of Charmin ultra strong ultra soft 2 ply toilet paper
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    Not that big of a deal, Just build a raised base for your bed and position it above the tank, think about it. Do you really use the empty space above your bed?
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    This is what I was thinking. I have been dreaming about a 200+ for years and swore I would get one when I bought a house. But, the house I bought is only 800 sf. Its no big deal for 1/3rd of my house to be reef tank right?
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    I really shouldn't be reading this thread 😍
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    About 4 months ago I got this nice purple/blue/green goniopora, but a week later something (likely my diamond goby) buried it and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Well today I noticed a frag plug sticking out of the sand, and to my amazement the goni is still alive! I’m not even sure how that’s possible.
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    May be a good thing or your nem would be in peices lol! They always seem to go for the pumps right?? I clean all my pumps in citric acid and RO water after seeing it on YouTube a while ago and I've noticed a lot more people using it as well. I cleaned my return pump over the weekend, took it completely apart scrubbed with toothbrush and ran in citric acid water for a few hours and it's like a brand new pump again, I actually ended up having to adjust the rest of the flow in the tank because the flow increased so much just by cleaning the return [emoji16] just try cleaning it! Hopefully your silly lawnmower blenny and nem will stay away from it lol. I love that grumpy face Sent from my moto g(7) using Tapatalk
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    THIS MEETING HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO A LATER DATE. The March meeting for PNWMAS is officially scheduled. It will be located at my house and I'll be giving a little presentation on Calcium Reactors. If you're interested in setting one up, learning to tune it better, or just see how they work, I hope you'll join us for this meeting. Last August I set up a 360 gallon tank that's plumbed to a closet across the living room. The tank setup should provide some good conversations with fellow reefers, whether it be PVC work, light canopies, or any other equipment. In addition, we're going to try a new style of frag swap that I don't think we've done before, certainly not anytime recently. We'll release more details soon, but the basic idea is that there'll be a few different price categories and you can bring corals, place them in the respective price categories, and then receive one of similar value. It will be a good way to quickly add some new pieces to your collection. As always, the club will provide food and drinks. Feel free to bring a side dish if you're up to it, but certainly not required. If you're interested in getting a preview of the tank before heading over, you can check out my build thread: http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/topic/45644-wife-okayed-a-new-tank-she-didnt-say-how-big/ What: March Frag Swap and CaRx Presentation When: March 28th, 1PM Where: My house! 52854 NE 2nd St. Scappoose, Oregon 97056 Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    I cant wait to get my big clam back. Until then, everyone can enjoy it at CF. It's in the first tank when you walk in the door. Soon...soo soon. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Upscales [emoji16] Sent from my moto g(7) using Tapatalk
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    Beautiful, where did you pick that up at?
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    I have been meaning to look into this phenomenon - curious if it’s dependent on material (glass, star fire glass, acrylic) that you are viewing through, angle, or some combination. I have used a glass lens top down and still seen good color but that was a high quality mag lens. It can be striking for sure.
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