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    So we finally found a clam we couldn't resist at CnC last weekend. It is a good sized tricolor gold, purple and green and seems to be setting into it's new home. It already found a friend as our 8 inch sea cucumber decided to snuggle up to it all day to give it a squishy welcome. As per usual, shot through the glass doesn't due this clam justice. Shout out to Jeff for the awesome specimen @CuttleFishandCoral
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    After years of insane prices, the market is hopefully heading for a huge correction. Now that indo finally opened up, corals that were previously outrageously priced are now available to the average hobbyist. To celebrate the new “normal” that will hopefully go on for decades, we are doing indo gold torch heads for $50. We are limiting these to one per customer. Limited to the first 20 customers. Some might be two head frags This is a special we are only offering pnwmas. We don’t forget who has supported us over the years!
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    I had hundreds of aptasia. I had a pearlscale butterfly take care of everyone but draw is it liked tentacle of acans. So no acans for me. It was more than fair trade off.
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    It's all set up, and nothing leaks! I originally planned to hard plumb everything, all sorts of fancy valves and manifolds - but needing to get behind the tank to hook things up necessitated I keep some flexible tubing, and there just isn't much room in the sump area for lots of plumbing. The result is that the sump is much further away from the wall than I was hoping, and the whole system is much simpler than I was planning, but flow and serviceability are much better over the alternative...I would have had to use so many 90's to get everything to fit with pvc. Ended up only being able to install one return pump, so I'll be planning to upsize it soon.
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    Kalk paste is definately the cheapest option. Fwiw I owned an aiptasia eating filefish for 2 years and it never touched an aiptasia.
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    I’ve had peppermints work in the past. It always seemed like there was a threshold for them to work well, I usually hit about 5 or 6 and then all of a sudden the aptaisia would disappear. Another thing I’ve injected them with was the Alk solution from 2 part. Makes them harden up weird and usually die. Worth a try in small quantities, I always had larger tanks so it wouldn’t any significant swings injecting them. just be glad it’s Aptaisa, majanos are a billion times worse!
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    Peppermints only eat aptaisa when they’re hungry...
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    I struggle with this too. Hoping to find an inexpensive route as the Berghia might be a $50-100 fix for my little 29 gallon tank. I’ve had peppermint shrimp, but they seem to always go after the weakest corals and pick them apart. Currently I inject them with boiling water and turkey baste the carcass away as best as possible. It takes time and many rounds to make any real progress.
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    Yeeesh - tough crowd! Yes, I do still have my Nikon 800E and the 60mm macro I got from you as well as the Avast - what I don't have any of these days is time! In fact, my wife took that shot during the day while the lights were on and texted it to me so I could actually see the clam out - the lights are off by the time I get home. Might be able to get a real shot on Saturday but that's on the list with about 100 other things I have to do so no promises 🤗
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    You're killing me, I'd really like to see a better real color picture of this clam. How about: https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/clip-on-photo-lens-kit-icecap.html https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/coral-view-lens-v2-polyplab.html Turn on the white lights, and take a few new new picts? Or... Convince @SuncrestReef to bring over his camera and snap some shots to post?
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    I finally actually accomplished a tiny bit of progress on the new build.
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    There were some temping ones in there as well. Probably would have brought one of those home if not for this big guy 👍
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    Great work! I recently purchased a Custom Aquarium tank as well. As a new hobbyist, it looks like you've dove right in...lots of forethought into the planning and lots of quality equipment. Are you also running a gate valve at the tank in addition to the sump? Not totally sure the benefit of having one at the sump, but having one at the sump will make adjustments easier. Guess it all works either way though. What's your overflow? Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    I saw that clam (same time as I saw you, I guess!). It was definitely my pick of the litter between that one and it's cousin. Beautiful contrasts of colors. I went the cheap route and just bought one of the 3" ones [emoji6][emoji6] Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Small army of peppermint shrimp(3+ in your case) and don’t feed anything for a week. feed fish heavily for a few days prior and if they’re healthy, they’ll be fine without food for a week.
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    I have a Tahitian butterfly that ate all of mine quickly.
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    Understandable, only thing I see is the size of these are not of comparable size to mine. No worries at all. If the expected price is that low I'd prefer to keep it. Mods please close this thread. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Thanks! I will need to get a top down with the real camera so you can actually see the colors. Jeff had two nice ones on Sunday and some other folk in the shop bought the other as we were deciding on this one... close call!
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    That is awesome John and also well deserved. It is a very well thought out and presented series and glad we got to reveal it as part of PNWMAS before it hit R2R. Great to have such knowledgable and helpful members here.
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    My Apex tutorial series on Reef2Reef has now exceeded 20,000 views! Thanks to all of you at PNWMAS for the encouragement as I was writing the original articles here before R2R picked it up. As always, if any of you have Apex questions, don't hesitate to ask.
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