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    Shout out to one of the greatest fish guys out there ! Happy Birthday Jeff! @CuttleFishandCoral You started out small and built your shop up to an incredible place to hang out and get good deals. Your shop reminds me of Cheers where you always see someone you know and it feels like you are coming over to a friend’s house ! Happy anniversary and happy birthday to one of the great ones!!
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    My Achilles. There is something special about that fish. He’s not aggressive but everyone knows he’s the boss
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    Love my leopard wrasse, tons of personality.
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    I love my kole tang. He suffered HLLE the first month I had him, but he’s recovered nicely with just a bit of scarring. Super peaceful, graceful, and majestic. What’s your current favorite?
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    If CnC served coffee and beer it would be the best place on earth
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    Happy birthday, my friend! I can not even list all you do for the reefing community, but here are a few that come to mind--generously donating to schools and the Tanks for Teachers program, education, providing a comfortable place to shop, ask questions, and congregate with fellow hobbyists, putting on amazing community events, supporting ethical practices in habitat preservation and livestock/coral harvesting, giving advice on just about anything saltwater-related, and so much more! And, last but not least, the best BFF I could hope for. Have an amazing day!
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    Well......................there all my favorite otherwise I would not have them in the tank................they all have a reason to be in there from the wrasses to the tangs................but if I had to say one well my little target mandarin thats maybe 1/8th the size of my achilles..............
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    Meh...I’ve seen better...said no one ever
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    Well unfortunately I did not have my camera with me as I rushed from my shop and had accidentally left it at home, hence the terrible cell phone shots I got here. That being said, it was a wonderful time! Amazing raffle prizes, Awesome people, Good food, and a fun gift exchange. It was a Hoot! Thank you all for those who made it possible, with a special thanks to Albertareef, Suncrestreef, JeremyEvans, and Gumby for helping out with the event. And another big thanks to all those who attended, it was another killer holiday meeting. The whole TPA crew made it out, Garrete was kind enough to shut down his shop so everyone there could attend. Lots of people getting their coral trade on, I know I left with a bunch of new frags. Paratore taking home some new coral frags to add to his collection. Thanks for bringing those goodies to trade, I can always make room for a few more polyps. Dominic sporting the festive sweater unwrapping a surprise package,with Albertareef to the right manning the gift exchange. Gumby losing his white elephant gift while OptumusPrime has a good laugh about it. This kid knew what was up with those delicious chocolates. Daniel of Reefi Labs brought over the latest light model he has created, the duo extreme! R-3, Roy, and WhatTheFrag waiting to see who will win in the raffle drawings. JereEvans taking home the Reefi LED light! Now we all wanted a new controller unit for our systems but your gonna have to just hand over the Apex AlbertaReef, Stylaster won fair and square with tickets in hand. After the festivities many of us made the trip over to the Premium Aquariums new location which has transitioned over very well.
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    Dusky Wrasse is one of my favorites that I currently have, picture below doesn't do the fish justice but its the best i have.
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    14 hours everything seems fine torches were a bit closed but that’s it still had polyp extension on SPS
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    Was able to snag a Jager 300w for $29.99 this evening so everything should be golden in the AM. Thanks everyone!
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    August: Nanoreefer - Acanthastrea
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    Also got a mostly bleached out (but still fairly healthy) magnifica anemone I’ll be nursing back to health. These are by far my favorite coral. Once they are established I find them to be super hardy also haha. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    More rock flowers being acclimated [emoji91] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Use siporax instead of marinepure block
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    Super nice! Those Orphek’s look sweet 🤤
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    Looking great! Really starting to come together.
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    Im liking the orange sneaking in on the black of the fins. Also decided on no floating net pen......they big enough to tease the tail spot blenny so, lol
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    Does anyone have a 300-400w heater on a controller I could buy,trade for or borrow? my tank has been at 68 since last night apparently
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