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    Got a bunch of new corals and making the switch from Red Sea Coral Pro, to Fritz RPM salt. RS has been great, but really puts a dent in the wallet. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Sounds like a familiar trend... falling in head first. Please empty your bank account at the first opportunity What part of town are you in?
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    Time to retire another Piece of Live rock. It is covered in Pom Pom Zenia. Free , if you have another piece of live rock thats flatish to trade it would help. first to show up will be the winner. rock is about 9" around and flat. Text as I don't check my pms regularly. 503-7Two9-596Three. Jon
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    Here are just a few zoas that you can purchase lat road trip
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    Will be after July 4 weekend. Tanks will be cycling by this weekend and then head to Shasta for one last hoorah! Before stuff gets real
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    Hello everyone, I’m a new reef keeper from Portland. I’ve had my tank going for about four months and i’ve just started adding corals. It’s a ~73g display with a ~20g sump. I’m very excited about the hobby and pretty much fallen in head first. I’m looking forward to meeting y’all and connecting with other local folks in the PNW. I hope you’re all having a great day! Austin
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    Well, I wasn’t going to say anything but...
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    So far we have: gumby stylaster lewisriverfisherman optimusprime3605 jtarmitage jeremevans Youcallmenny
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    I am around the 6 month mark with my 60gal tank. This forum has been great for getting advise and I think you will find the people here very nice and helpful. we all want success in this hobby and the best way to do that is information sharing. Welcome..
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    Tell the truth Scott... its held together with JB weld. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Hi, Just wanted to take a minute and introduce myself and my tank. I’m relatively new to the hobby and I have a 120 gallon reef tank with a 30 gallon sump. I bought the system used and have had it up and running for about six months. I have a bunch of different types of corals, but I seem to be into sps the most. Looking to learn anything and everything I can! Thanx
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    Revised. Have you ever wanted to see some of our hobbyist from the Norths extraordinary tanks or buy corals from them? July 27th Saturday Roy(stylaster), myself(gumby), natalia(coraltopia) are setting up a RARE roadtrip up North near the Seattle area. We are planning on 10 cars to carpool up there. We will hit 7 houses. We will be traveling to Seattle, Everett, Renton etc. Natalia(Coraltopia, Paul Hamby, Mike Henham, Mike Phillip's(Shipwrecked Corals), Debrorah Glenn, Gene Friend(Unrivaled Reef), Caitlen Ong. Anyone who knows these people knows this is a great opportunity. These people do not open their doors to anyone. The cost will be $5 each that I will donate to the Tank for Teachers and also split gas cost with your driver. So save your money and send me a PM to save your spot. If you can drive or want to let me know.
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    I have a lightly used Marineland led light. It is for a 48-60inch long tank. 10.000 k. You can add more led pods to this , there are 30 white 100 k led pods with 4 leds on each pod. There are 6 moonlight pods and you can add up to 12 more pods. Was used for 5 months.works very good. There are optional timers that can be purchased ( in-line). Asking $60 obo. Brush Prairie.
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    Appreciate the offer, but I have no extra room. In fact, it's getting more and more difficult to advocate for keeping my current tank given my spacing predicament, but I just can't seem to be able to live reef free. At least not well. I have fans and AC, just need to find the proper balance. Also may need to clean aquarium heater and possibly re-install my 2nd heater that I've been using for the water changes. I had some nitrate and phosphate show up in the testing that might be the culprit. Did water change last night.
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    Sending you a pm......if you want to pop up Tv Hwy to Paradise Coral i can make those fish appear for ya
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    Oh thanks for the recommendation! World of wet pets is good but their fish are a smidge spendy sometimes. They're blue tails are like 8 bucks when most sell them for 4-5. These look nice though! Unless someone pulls through most likely will do an online order at saltwaterfish.com. $79 free shipping and my red Coris Wrasse, long nose butterfly, and 5 damsels will easily meet that amount
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    It will be a long day. I will get an exact later but leave 6-6:30am and last stop depends on what your group wants to do but prob leave by 5:30-6:00 pm
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    Worst part is let’s say we followed their line of thought, and climate change wasn’t a big problem... Wouldn’t having clean air be worth it? It’s not going to hurt us to have breathable air and to not have trash polluting all the water and land.
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    In other words, I'm turning my corals into delicate flowers that can't handle anything except the life of luxury!!! 🤣 If you read today's installment on Virtual Outputs in my Apex tutorial series, you'd see I get alerts when my 2-part containers are running low, so hopefully this won't happen.
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    Is it ok to admit that I didnt really like the big lebowski? But I still use the line "it has electrolytes, it's what plants crave" Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    I wonder is this could eventually be a negative. Have you’re tank so stable for a long period of time and running out of some 2 part or something that drops your alk 1-2 points. Where normally this wouldn’t be a crazy big deal might turn into a big shock for the tank. Future reefcentral headlines. “Alk drops to 7.1 and wipes tank” 😂
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    Welcome to the forum Austin time for an upgrade !
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    Thursday's topic -- Virtual Outputs So far in this series we have focused a lot on programming outputs that turn on or turn off devices plugged into Energy Bars. These outputs are physical, tangible electrical outlets that have power cords plugged in. Virtual outputs are imaginary outputs that we can use to create more complex programming than would normally be available given the Apex programming limitations. Virtual outputs can be used for a variety of reasons: Providing a master On/Off switch to easily turn off a number of devices with a single click. Providing enhanced control of alarm programming. Determining if one condition AND another condition are true, then applying the result of that comparison in an IF command on a physical output programming. Automating Feed modes Customizing lighting schedules This is not an exhaustive list, as you can be creative with the use of virtual outputs. Creating a virtual output Virtual outputs are created from the Outputs screen: Click the Advanced (gear icon) at the top of the Fusion dashboard to expand the list of icons Click the Outputs icon Click the Add/Delete (gear icon) at the upper right, then click Add a virtual output Enter a descriptive name for the new output. You are limited to 12 characters, and the name must be unique within your list of outputs, inputs, and module names. Once the new output has been created, Fusion will indicate that a new tile is available. Click the padlock icon to access the Unused Tiles screen. Scroll right to left to get to the newly added output, then drag it to your dashboard, then click the padlock icon again to close the Unused Tiles screen. Click the gear icon above the new output to configure it. I always recommend enabling the Log checkbox so you’ll have a record of any time the output was turned on or off. New virtual outputs always default to a single line of code: Set OFF What you do with the output from here is totally up to you. I’ll provide a few examples of how I use them: Maintenance master On/Off switch When I conduct major maintenance in my sump, such as cleaning my return pump or emptying and cleaning out the sump, I normally turn off a number of devices: Return pump Skimmer Heaters (x2) Refugium pump ATO Dosing pumps (x2) Auto water change pumps (x2) Sump powerhead UV sterilizer Rather than clicking 12 separate output tiles on my dashboard, I just click my Maintenance output, and have programming on all the other devices to turn them off for me: Return Pump: Fallback ON Set 100 If LkCrpt CLOSED Then OFF If LkSump CLOSED Then OFF If SMP_Lo OPEN Then OFF If Output Maintenance = ON Then OFF If FeedA 000 Then 1 If FeedB 000 Then 1 Heaters: Fallback OFF If Tmp < 78.0 Then ON If Tmp > 78.0 Then OFF If Output Maintenance = ON Then OFF Defer 001:00 Then ON Defer 000:15 Then OFF and so on with the other devices. Just that single line of If Output Maintenance = ON Then OFF is all that’s needed. Remember to place that line below any line of code that may turn the device on because the code is processed from top to bottom, as covered in our Introduction tutorial. Since the Maintenance virtual output doesn’t actually run any program (other than its default Set OFF command), the only way to activate Maintenance mode is to manually move the slider to the ON position: When you complete your maintenance, move the slider to the OFF position: Since this output doesn’t have any programming, I prefer to always leave it in the manual OFF position rather than AUTO, even though in this particular example it doesn’t make a difference. My reasoning is that it’s easier to see at a glance when the slider is in the OFF position than seeing it in the AUTO position and then needing to look more closely above the slider to see if it says “On” or “Off” in a smaller font. This master On/Off switch is by far the simplest usage for virtual outputs. Next, let’s look at some examples that involve a bit more programming. Providing enhanced control of alarm programming Virtual outputs provide a way to trigger alerts for certain conditions beyond the simple “If this then ON” commands in the Email Alarm output. My favorite example is a warning if my ATO hasn’t run recently. Under normal circumstances my ATO runs every 30 minutes due to evaporation, or perhaps every 60 or 90 minutes if I happened to add a little excess water to my sump. But it should NEVER wait over 2 hours to run, so if it does I’d like to know. I use a virtual output named Alert_ATO to keep track of this for me: Set OFF If ATK_LO OPEN Then ON Defer 120:00 Then ON Then in my Email_Alarm output, I added this line: If Output Alert_ATO = ON Then ON If you recall from the ATK Troubleshooting tutorial, the lower optical sensor in my sump is named ATK_LO, and when it reports OPEN then the ATK_PMUP output is turned on to refill the sump. This Alert_ATO virtual output is instructed to turn ON when ATK_LO is OPEN, but the Defer 120:00 forces the virtual output to wait for 2 hours before finally changing state to ON, as discussed in the Timers tutorial. If during that 2 hour timer the sump is refilled and ATK_LO changes to CLOSED, then the Defer timer is reset. But if the pump doesn’t run and the 2 hour timer finally reaches zero, the Alert_ATO virtual output finally changes state to ON, and the Email_Alarm is then triggered. Pretty slick! Once the Email_Alert output is on, it will send text and email messages once per hour until the situation is corrected or the output is manually turned off. For critical alarms this is fine, but sometimes the alarms are not really critical and maybe you don’t want to get up at 2am for something trivial. In those situations, a virtual output can be used to trigger the alarm, but then turn itself off so the alarm doesn’t repeat every hour. (wow, I just got an alarm about my 2-part container being low…perfect timing to describe an example of a non-critical alarm that doesn’t need to nag me every hour) Here’s how to program a one-time alert using a virtual output named Alert_2Part: Set OFF If ALK_LO OPEN Then ON If CAL_LO OPEN Then ON If Time 23:00 To 07:00 Then OFF Defer 001:00 Then ON When On > 010:00 Then OFF This single virtual output is checking both my alkalinity container and calcium container. If either one is low, the output is triggered. This is an example of an OR comparison. In the next example I’ll show an AND comparison. Recalling from our Timers tutorial, the Defer timer is used to prevent false alarms due to ripples on the liquid surface inadvertently triggering the optical sensor (in my case, if I accidentally bump the container when it’s nearly low, but not quite at the sensor yet). Once the liquid is below the sensor for at least 1 continuous minute, the output finally changes state to ON, unless it's between 11pm - 7am when I'm sleeping. In my Email_Alarm output, I added this line: If Output Alert_2Part = ON Then ON This triggers the actual email and text message. However, instead of getting a repeated alert every hour, the When command on the virtual output turns the output OFF after 10 minutes, which cancels the Email_Alert. Remember the When command is a failsafe that moves the output tile slider to the manual OFF position, so it will no longer run the program until you move it back to AUTO: Once I finish typing up this tutorial, I’ll go refill my 2-part containers and then set the Alert_2Part virtual output back to AUTO. AND comparisons Sometimes you might want an output to turn on only if two or more conditions are true. This is considered an AND comparison. Here’s an example where I use a virtual output to determine if my Radion lights should simulate moon lighting, but only if the moon is visible, and only if my normal lighting schedule is off: Set OFF If Moon 000/000 Then ON If Time 07:00 to 21:00 Then OFF The Apex’s built in lunar schedule knows when the moon is above the horizon. Since moonrise varies day to day, sometimes it’s visible at night, but sometimes it’s during the day. In this example, the output register is set to ON if the moon is visible, but it’s turned OFF if the time is between 7am - 9pm. This is effectively saying “if the moon is up, AND the time is between 9pm to 7am, then turn ON”. On my Radion outputs, I just add a line to switch to the moon lighting: If Output vMoon = ON Then Moonlight I will cover this topic in more detail on Sunday with our Lunar Schedule and Lighting Profiles tutorial. Virtual outputs are really useful! Hopefully this will get you started with creating some convenient automation for your setup. Tomorrow I’ll go over Alarms in more detail. Stay tuned.
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    Orchards , right off 500 and 4th plain!!
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    Looking good Andrew, keep posting updates! And Excellent looking work as usual Scott!
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    I'll have a long list of equipment when I go through everything. I've got 6 or 7 mp10s as well as a dozen other random powerheads lol.
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    Little light at the end of tunnel
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    Beer night! Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    It was SERIOUSLY depressing. The amount of loss, its staggering. I remember being haunted by seeing reefs that were poisoned by the commercial aquarium fish divers in the philippines when I was there but man, this was just on another level. The before and after pictures... paradise to rubble. it was really really bad.
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