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    Just got a clean up crew order in the mail which included a cheapo pincushion urchin. It's nothing special but man it's fast!
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    A $30 orange clip-on filter will make a huge difference. Here’s an example from my iPhone with the filter:
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    Believe me he knows what he's talking about lol!! They absolutely work, after seeing his in action on my own phone I ordered one myself on Amazon, I've only used it couple times then my daughter "borrowed" it. It's in her room somewhere? Sent from my BLU R1 HD using Tapatalk
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    Since I'm clueless about all of this I'll just order the one you use, thanks Suncrest!
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    Yeah I had to snag one today. This fish is amazing, looks even better in person!
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    Oh they're great! Amazing prices too, a while back I got some snails. I didn't know they had those. I think I'll be going back on there to see what else they have Sent from my BLU R1 HD using Tapatalk
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    Reefcleaners.com It's my second clean up crew order from them and couldn't be happier. It was just hilarious watching him hitch a ride on the turbo snail.
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    I have a big clown that has been banished to my sump for abusive behavior... Not sure if it's what your looking for sure but it's good size and red and a clown...lol Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    I can take a pic of what you’d actually see/get don’t let that over saturated, unrealistic, never to look like that photo lull you in LOL I think it was around 350 a frag when I got mine- how bad do you want it
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    Those glasses are actually on my list of things to buy, I'll probably pick up some glasses and an orange filter. Great suggestions guys, thanks (I was nervous you would say to buy a $2000 camera or something)!
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    Try shooting through polarized sunglasses.
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    Thanks for the reply. Interesting, I've never seen anything like that before. I found this on Amazon for like $6, or can you send me an example of what you mean?
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    Check with Robert. I think he is closest to you
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    Woo Hoo! Party at Cuttlefish tomorrow!!! OK, @TaylorW I'll bring the biopellets and some stomatella snails for you. @pdxmonkeyboy I'll bring the porthole. Did you want to try before you buy? If so, maybe bring your camera and take a few shots in Jeff's frag tanks? @albertareef If Brian doesn't take the porthole, you're 2nd in line. Or you and Brian can play rock/paper/scissors to see who gets it. 🤣 @CuttleFishandCoral Jeff, I'll pick up my AI Hydra raffle prize. Whew! Hope I didn't forget anything.
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    What Is The Right PAR For Vibrant Coral Coloration and Growth?NEW VIDEO! Reef Aquarium Lighting Guide
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    I just went back through old photos and found one of the pocillopora I had. Side by side it looks like a match to me:
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    Ah Ha! I used to have a pocillopora but it died a couple months ago. During that time it did seem to have some polyp bailout taking place, so perhaps that's how these two showed up on other rocks?
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    Wow, I saw hundreds of babies about a 1/4" long or less in the tank last night. First time I've seen them after hatching. There were still a bunch this morning. Other fish/shrimp didn't pay them any attention. Now I feel bad for sending them to their filter sock death.
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