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    I prefer hardwood floors... [emoji6][emoji6][emoji6] Sent from Atlantis 🤙
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    2 scoops a day keeps the surgeonfish away
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    Mine are hosting the corner of my overflow as well! Not the smartest fish in the sea, that's for certain!🙄
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    Updates are in! New things: - got all the plumbing figured out and I'm going to have it sit on a small clear shelf taught next to my computer so I can distract myself even more while working haha. - I ended up wanting the ability to control the little pump I bought, so I designed and printed a flow controller for it that so far, works great! More to come!
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    I've had my eye on this beautiful lobo at @CuttleFishandCoral for quite a while. I had to bring it home today! It's still a little angry from being dipped, but it's puffing up nicely. Thanks Jeff!
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    So a friend of mine won the beautiful hybrid Scopas tang (someone gave them their tickets lol)... But since we only have a 25 lagoon we can’t keep it. 😬 All proceeds will go to the Sexual Assault Resource Center (SARC) so bid generously ! Auction will start tomorrow at 9 pm and end Monday night at 9 pm! This is a 200 to 300 dollars fish! Let’s see if we can make the final tally over the 5000 dollar mark !! PayPal is evry1has1@gmail.com enter this in manually now to your PayPal account. For some reason it won’t let you copy and paste. D35AF372-D964-4788-96BC-C9FAE60D2F91.MOV
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    That ain't no anemone! [emoji849] Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
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    Yep, the light is completely home built all the way down to the bare components. I was gunna just get a kessil a360x but it didn't have as much low spectrum output as I wanted so I just built one with the same power output with lower spectrum LEDs and saved like $430 dollars.
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    I'm thinking 2 or 3, probably a hippo tang and a gem tang to start 😂
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    Ha! My gyre power cord hosted my stupid clowns for 10 months until they finally discovered my anemone 2 weeks ago!
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    Hey, at least its something. You know what hosts my pair of clown fish? The corner of my overflow....
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    Another update! - got everything set up and water tested, had to restart about 3 times since there is a little bit of pressure in this system, almost every spot that could leak leaked... but, finally fixed all those, got the light working and water flowing! And I couldn't resist putting in the first frag! Good ol classic utter chaos. It opened up instantly which was a good sign.
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    Not sure where to find a big clear pipe though lol. Sent from my BLU R1 HD using Tapatalk
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    I must have just missed you! I was in there at like 1:30 and pretty sure I was checking this bad boy out also.
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    My clowns love this Duncan I got from the premium aquarium.
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    The one thing I'd be worried about is condensation on an led retrofit, and you would have to cut the hood so you could add a heat sink that will be able to get rid of heat coming off of high power LEDs as they don't like getting too hot. It's very possible but it would take alot of cutting of the original housing
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    Thanks but I'm not quite at that point yet lol! Just curious if anyone has tried it Sent from my BLU R1 HD using Tapatalk
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    Let me know if you gots some, 'cuz I gots to have some, too! TIA Sent from Atlantis 🤙
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    I would personally worry about forcing a clown in to a anemone without the "getting acquainted" period. Especially captive breed clowns. It looks cool though
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    Does anyone know if this is a magic carpet shroom? Picked it up at CNC
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    I bought a pipe to do this many months ago, but I wasn’t able to catch my clowns due to my rockscape so I never got to try it. Luckily they found the nem on their own eventually. You’re welcome to borrow it if you like.
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    I just did a tank transfer and I highly recommend getting new live sand and add everything in but wait a few days to add the fish. That’s what I did and I had no algae or anything Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    No pico is complete without a good tang collection 😁
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    I'm just so glad my clowns finally adopted the anemone as their new home after 10 months!
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    Yes, that's my current thinking. I have been targeting about 8.5 dKH for quite a while, but just surprised to realize that my actual level has been lower than I thought this whole time. I plan to slowly increase my dosing for the rest of this week, and then this weekend I plan to turn over control of my DOS to the Trident so it can micro-adjust it for the daytime and nighttime fluctuations.
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    At least its consistent in how far its off. Definitely points to the Hanna being off for sure.
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    After calibration my Trident readings are still lower than my manual test kits. Trident says my Alk is 7.8, but Hanna says it's 8.3, so a 0.5 dKH difference. I tested the leftover Trident calibration solution (labeled 8.4 dKH on the bottle) and the Hanna measured it as 8.9, so now I'm thinking my Hanna has been off by 0.5 this whole time. I might take a sample to CNC to get another reading.
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    I have no idea what the threshold is for "high end", but I do have a couple SPS that have finally grown enough that I'd be comfortable fragging them. I'd love to get my hands on a Walt Disney. WWC Yellow Tips: Unknown wild colony from CNC:
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    Looks great! How many tangs are you going to put in? 😂
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    They do amazing work. Their efficiency is their downfall as it is hard to keep them fed once they have cleared out an infestation. It’s s great feeling when they do. Laser wands , Joe’s juice , aiptasiax can’t compete with Mother Nature.
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    I was going too, but I have the rock and sand I'll be using in my main display sump and I'm going to take water directly from my main display and use that in the tank so if all goes well, there shouldn't need to be a real cycle before I can start putting live stock into it. I'm gunna try giving it about 5 days to settle and make sure all the equipment is working properly then start adding some little critters. 😁
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    Update photo! It’s filling in...
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    keep us updated. But i would change salt mixes. coral pro mixes at like 11.5-12 DKH and your tank is around 8.5. If you do a 20%.. or your super magical they never fail Neptune DOS pumps decide to do a massive water change you are going to spike alk and roast your corals. Just a something to consider is all.
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    Stray voltage will do this as well
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    Also check all the equipement. You could have something rusting in the sump
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