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    Here’s the key phrase: ”mock-up before I glued“
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    I’d be happy to take a look. Here’s a mock-up before I glued the current manifold for my Reefer 425 XL:
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    I love autocorrect so much...
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    I have a couple of colonies of green birdsnest, each 6 to 8 in, and a rock of paly's, about 8 in, that I'm getting ready to toss. PM me if you are interested in giving them a good home. I'm in southwest Portland, near Washington Square.
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    New Red Sea skimmers are in! Come in and see one in action! Impressive product.
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    If that is the only mistake you made then you are golden. Something always goes wrong... or maybe that's just me. Note to Randall - don't let me do your plumbing!
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    That’s the only reason to use threaded stuff in my opinion. But gluing is much faster as long as you test fit everything and hope you pushed in far enough at mock up!! I find the colored stuff does not pull apart or push together as easy but def adds so flare to the finish
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    Those are some very interesting points. One thing that might be cool to have for beginners is to advertise an "intro to reef tanks" class or seminar. Just some 2 hour class to talk about what it takes, what all the equipment is, maintenance requirements. A reef tank is daunting... its even daunting at times to people with lots of knowledge. One only needs to look at the success of the 52-weeks or reefing series to know that there is an untapped market of people that are interested but have no idea where to begin. I mean.. if some newb heard me talking in a store he would hear something like "yeah, my millipora isn't doing so well, so I moved my maxspect 250 lower and programmed a new anti synced flow regime, I will probably just frag it to see if the RTN stops, at least until my GFO catches up with my phosphates" And then they would say "this is not for me"
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    That’s awesome! Once I get the tank and plumbing I will definitely get in touch! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    iirc Alk is not possible with an ICP, & Phos i believe is tested with ICP-AES opposed to "OES"
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    Say hello to Ghanima. My little mustache kitty.
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    Wow! You should just be the clubs resident plumber!
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    This awesome of you Holly!!
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    Dang! 2 weeks too soon! I’ll just come buy some stuff soon Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The discrepancies of our demographics to "like" a post is both present and hilarious. I think bringing @Jorge to the next event, might just please everyone.
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    The manual neck cleaner is a cool feature, especially for a “standard offering”. Will be nice to see others doing this too in the future (Deltec has one also). I will say, motorized neck cleaners are worth the money. I had one on my last system and only cleaned the cup/neck/swabbie every six months or more. Neck was always clean, just getting gunk off the actual blade. Several other members use them too on large scale systems with great results (almost too good, keeps the skimmers effeciency at max all the time basically). Im really impressed with the amazing body shapes all the skimmers are coming with these days! Must be some cool forming processes to make them!
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    I think it depends on the clientele you are hoping to have. Asking here, you are polling a self-selecting group of a lot of fairly hard-core reefers. I suspect many of us know exactly what we are interested in and would like the warehouse style shop with rows of frag tanks full of bright corals, and the basics for dry goods. Kinda like a gadget-oriented person who knows what they are looking for would prefer a Fry's Electronics over a Best Buy. But on the other hand, if I am divorced dad trying to bond with my child over her interest in Finding Nemo and want a reliable LFS so I can learn how to set up a saltwater tank together with my kid, perhaps getting bitten by the "upgrade" bug down the line... I might get intimidated by a warehouse-style place. It could feel like it was "pros-only"... I moved up here from Orange County California, where there were a ridiculous number of LFS around, and when I was a noob, I totally felt unwelcome at some of the fancy warehousey ones with their endless rows of frag tanks with pricey fuzzy sticks and $65+ per head polyp frags. The owners/workers were so busy and interested in hanging out and "talking reef" with their local regulars that they made newcomers feel they had no place there. Anyway, I'm not sure how to vote, so I will abstain. Right now I think I do prefer the idea of a warehouse setting, but me ten years ago would vote strip mall. Good luck with your venture, I hope it works out.
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    We have 12 arriving at the shop tomorrow. Excited to try them out. We are putting one in our p650 display.
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    I can be patient if it leads to the decimation of aptasia!
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    Hey Trevor - Copper and Zinc were both elevated along with tons of Lithium and Lanthanum. The last was secondary as a byproduct of trying to control phosphates as things crashed and burned. Assuming all of these were from the mineral chunk I was unknowingly dissolving in Ca reactor but don't know for sure. Did a couple rounds of Triton heavy metal detox followed by multiple water changes and things are looking up (had no where to go but up really).
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    As long as your store had coral. It could be miles down a dark dirt forest path and I will be there.
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