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    Our new front counter system got a major upgrade. New 50 gallon innovative marine ext and 50-gallon innovative marine aio. Pretty slick. Can’t wait to stock them. Thanks, @Bubbles for building them! Got a built-in sound system as well. No need to rent speakers for the next party!
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    Finally setting up my system after a two year break 😃 I have a new red sea reefer 170 from cuttlefish and corals and am going crazy trying to get the rock work set up. I never had this much trouble with my big setups (at least that I can remember) Must be the smaller space Any ways just venting a little I'll start a build thread in a bit Here is what I have so far
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    I’ve got another batch of easy starter soft corals ready for sale. These are not fancy high end corals, just an affordable way to add a bunch of color and motion to your tank. I’m selling any 6 corals for $60 (shipped) or any 12 for $100 (shipped). Just pick any 6 or 12 corals from this list and message me with your list. I take payment by Paypal, and can ship anytime in the next couple weeks at your convenience. Because these are robust soft corals I am shipping priority mail USPS (~2-3 days). If you prefer, I am happy to ship overnight for additional shipping costs. (Message me and we can figure out the additional cost for your address). Alternatively, if you'd like to meet somewhere between Corvallis and Eugene to pick them up in person, we can subtract $20 from the listed price. Corals will be shipped in insulated packaging with heat packs to keep them warm and happy on the way. I’ll refund the cost of any corals that don’t make it, if something goes wrong. (As usual, I cannot refund the cost of shipping in those cases, only the DOA animals themselves). Here are the images – in some cases I include pics of the colony so you can see what it’ll grow into. ... and here is a key with some names. A. Zoanthids, 'eagle eyes'. An old standby, this grows like a weed. Develops bright colors in high light. B. Zoanthids, 'peanut butter cups'. Fast growing, unassuming by day but shows bright orange mouths under blue lights. C. Zoanthids, 'gobstoppers'. Eye catching colors from 10 feet away. D. Zoanthids, 'armor of god'. A true bright red. F. Zoanthids, 'mohawk'. Pink speckles fading to a yellow mouth. Needs high light for best colors. H. Zoanthids, 'micro kiwis'. TINY polyps, almost as yellow as King Midas under the blue lights. J. Zoanthids, 'flame skirt'. Super bright orange skirt with a bright yellow mouth and white speckles. For someone reason I can’t get photos to do this one justice. K. Palythoas, bright green. Super bright under blue lights. L. Palythoas, teal. No special fluorescence but a cool teal blue under white lights. M. Palythoas, white-faced. Initially this wild Paly looked like nothing special but turned out to show cool white markings on the face if grown under high light. N. Pulsing Xenia. Love it, hate it, this strain pulses constantly and grows as fast as you expect. O. Tubipora, light green. Highly underrated coral. The soft coral that thinks it’s a hard coral. Fast growing but does not spread. P. Green star polyps, branching. The brightest green I’ve seen in any coral, hands down. Fast growing, I suggest confining it to a rock island of its own. A branching variety. Q. Mushroom, green striped. Does well in low light. R. Mushroom, blue spotted. Likes moderate light to develop the bright blue spots. S. Mushroom, red spotted. Likes moderate to high light develop the bright red and cyan spots. Super fast growing. T. Mushroom, green hairy. Very bright green, likes to spread. U. Kenya tree. Fast growing, no special color but adds a lot of motion as it sways in the current. V. Neon green sinularia. Almost as bright green as GSP, a must have for any soft coral tank. [edit: updated to remove a couple that have sold out. everything shown is still available] [edit 2: updating whats left in stock] [edit 3: stock update]
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    Removing the first filter sock holder was a pain in the butt. Managed to cut myself twice but it was worth it still waiting for the new replacement side panel
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    Thanks EVERYONE for all your HELP and comments. John, The Manager of Neptune Apex Support called me at home this morning (Saturday) and helped me straighten out my system for 2 hrs and 10 min. He also said they would replace my WAVE which went bad even though it was out of warranty. I'm now good with Neptune Apex.
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    When i was doing my 170 I found I needed to break a few rocks and rebuild them with epoxy to get swimming space. Posting mine for inspiration That is lookin' great though as is, I see some corals growing out nicely from that!!!
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    Welcome back!! Looks like a great start
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    How long will the counter stay clutter free? I give it a week and you won’t be able to see the top 😂
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    Welcome back! Aquascape looks good. Try not to overthink it. Less is more... more room for grow out and open space Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have had a reef tank set up for the past 32 years and I am SO SICK of the Neptune Apex System. The %$&#@!!! thing NEVER works correctly. There is always something messed up or off-line or screwed up. Their support is only open M-F from 9-5 when all the people that have a real job and can afford a reef tank are at work and cant call for help. I think they planned that on purpose. One of my NEW Wave pumps quit working and they would not replace it so I bought a new one and for the last 3 months it wont work because is says MISSING on the Apex controller. The specific gravity prob is garbage, Half the time the control outlets don't work. Then you always have to put in some $#%@ pass code.........Why do I need a pass code? The Russians going to sneak my settings?. This whole piece of crap is going in the garbage, pumps and all. I want control back.
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    Have you considered a cube instead of a peninsula the dimensions of the short wall of the fish room, building out above the cube for a built in look... three viewing angles with the fourth side accessible from inside the room, and plenty of space to work above? Sort of like this but taller and deeper, while not as long, maybe in a finish that matches your walls instead of brown... If the dimension is closer to a cube you will not miss the seeing-the-whole-thing-from-both-sides portion as much. I believe Saxby has this same look. Either way looks great, let me know when you need some folks to come party at your place.
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    How big of booger? Lol I got some big ones
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    Hey i’ll take your garbage free of charge!!
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    Haha I don't know what this is but I like it! 💎
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    Ha! Speak for yourself! The rubber lattice will leave a nice pattern on my face when I'm passed out drunk on the floor of my fish room after enjoying too many drinks in my new in-home cocktail bar. 😵
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    Here's the view from the new addition, with the fish room behind the wall with the TV: Current exterior: New exterior:
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