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    Solar flare color wheel circus clowncar mindfreak
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    1. Toxic Starburst 2. Redhead Shrek 3. Princess Fiona (I had to look up Shrek's wife's name)
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    Beautiful. I think you should give one away for the contest ! This reminds me The Lion King with the bright orange skirt it looks like a mane or the sin so here are my ideas: The Circle of Life mushroom The Lion King mushroom Simba mushroom Sizzling Simba mushroom Hakuna Matata
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    wandered into the R2R forum and the cherry corals flash sale. It all went downhill fast after scoring a JF beach bum monti. It is a brillant business model that is for sure. It is absolutely staggering how many pieces they are moving. Anywho, scored some sweet pieces at good prices. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Make mushrooms great again mushroom
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    Hey there, I thought I would introduce myself since I am new here. My name is Carla Ehlers, and I live in NW Montana. First off, thank you for letting an out-of-stater in.......................lol. I am hoping to be able to post some pics of my tanks, so here goes :). These are all tied into one 100 gallon sump, along with a 75 gallon refugium and a skimmer that used to be on my 300. there are 2 40 gallon breeders and the 28 gallon cube.
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    Oh my nobody wants to even think about that !😀 That can mean something else ....🙄
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    While cleaning up the brown jelly syndrome on my corals today, I took time to view some samples under my microscope. It's really fascinating to watch these ciliates move. According to the research I've done, I believe these are Helicostoma nonatum. In this video, I start out at 80x, then increase the magnification to 200x and then 2000x. The video was shot with my iPhone attached to the microscope eyepiece.
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    Some more top downs are cool tho
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    Hey people, some end of the year top down pics and hope you all have a happy and safe New Years :). And one fts just for posterity sake :).
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    I can 3d print stuff if people are interested, mr bret can cover em
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Two month update.. things gave been doing well. Getting my ATO on Thursday! Here is a video. Sorry about quality.. :( https://youtu.be/7yDAhLqMgcI Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    I would agree on the lighting aspect. I have another variety of the SSC, but it is the "Kush". Both are in high light, + 350 PAR, so we will see what the other turns into when it grows up.
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    Reminds me of shag carpet. Call it "rad shag" Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Edited....my Rap name should remain secret, lol.
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    Another good one to look into is a Tunze 9004 if it will fit. I was pretty impressed with how well it worked when I had one. Nano skimmers are tricky, I’d always look at what pump they use and read reviews. The HOB aquamaxx might be a bit oversized for your tank, they do make an in tank one as well, the WS-1. Worth checking out too, they use Sicce pumps. Honestly, not sure on the icecap pumps and how they hold up and skim.
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    They were at bottom of tank and didnt like the shots. I'll move them and take some pics tomorrow and show ya.
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    This is quite an early product, and they are working on bugs, but I am still quite happy as they are actively solving problems.
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    You should get more shapes:
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    I still have some Prime stop dip if you want to give that a try. It’s the new dip that seems to be working pretty well. Worked better than bayer or coral rx for my issues with STN
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    Thanks for reminding me Andy! lots of good advice on here. I would also be concerned that the brown jelly could be symptomatic of a different stressor so would encourage the ICO test ASAP as well as some more aggressive water changes if you are equipped for that. As others have mentioned, the smaller daily changes are great for maintenance but if something is off (like a contaminant, toxin etc.) it won’t overcome that. If you have another tank setup for isolation/qt you could try removing and dipping the affected corals while you trouble shoot the main system. I wasn’t really able to do any of these counter measures when I started haveing issues (for various reasons) And basically lost everything - not to freak you out. 😳
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    Crazy cool Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    These pictures actually look like dinoflagellates. Didn’t we see that on a Monti in your tank a while back? Do you see bubbles in the strings of brown? If you do, I bet they are Dinos. If it is Dinos, you might try a UV sterilizer and frequently blowing them off of your corals with a turkey baster. In my experience, if I blew them off all surfaces several times per day and ran a UV sterilizer, they eventually went away.
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    Me too I love how everyone on the forum is really helpful and there was that thread going around a while ago of what people did for a living haha, lots of experience in different areas so its one of those have a question about ANYTHING (tank related or not) Im sure someone on here knows a thing or two about it haha.
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    Thanks for the ongoing interest in this. This month's photo had to be larger due to the growth, so I might need to come up with a different layout to show the side by side comparison. And here's a macro shot showing the polyp detail:
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    Looking good! I'm intrigued by the overflow design. Too bad the original sump didn't work out... looks like you put some time into it. Hate when you forget to measure something before building a stand (skimmer height comes to mind 😞)
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    That's why I posted this in the Show Off/Gallery forum! 😎
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    After over a year of love. My orange shoulder tang aka liana passed away. No sign of sickness. She was out eating yesterday swimming around normal. Today stuck to the power head. We will miss her so.
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