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    I'm not convinced it works. perhaps you can come over and demonstrate on the back wall of my tank? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Ah, thanks for reminding me. @badxgillen & @Jeremevans will be grilling up burgers for all to enjoy! We'll also have mac salad, potato salad, and veggies. Everyone is free to bring something to add if they'd like, but it's not required or expected.
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    Thank you for making the rest of us feel less guilty about how often we scrape the front of our tanks. I let mine go three days last week and felt back. With your inspiration I might let it go 4 days this week
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    I am bringing a bag of unopened Kalness media to the meeting. You name your price. Free if you want. I will be leaving early so look me up when you arrive. Light brown Tee, and jeans. Paul
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    Sorry to hear you guys won't be able to make it... we will do our best to represent without you but it won't be the same 😞
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    I can't make the meeting 😥 Me an you good sir need to get together soon though, I owe ya a Rock flower!..
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    I am thinking maintenance nightmare. my childhood was spent cleaning the DE filter on my dad's saltwater tank. It is super messy stuff. if you really want to polish your water, get a decent canister filter and stuff it full of polyfill. you can buy a HUGE bag of the stuff at Walmart for $10. for bacteria and ich I think UV is the way to go. just my 2 cents. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    hey Jeremy, what if you didn't print everything out of plastic and used rubber (which wont loose elasticity) for the spring? I was thinking a hinged clip that would stay closed due to a simple rubber bushing squeezed in a hole. Think a standard clothes pin with a rubber rubber grommet in between the handles that you pinch to open it when you want to open the clip you would be squeezing the grommet and deforming it but it would always bounce back into place. I hope this makes sense... Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    See you all tomorrow! Looking forward to checking out the stock at ATA again - lots of great fish and coral last time the club was down there so am guessing more of the same this time around. Plus raffle items and some tasty BBQ of course!
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    I'll see everyone tomorrow! It looks like it will be a nice day for a meeting.
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    You would think! It went really fast, so silly I let it go so long!
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    LOL, I hear ya. Finally traded in my zip ties. Will print you one tonight and try to get it in the mail. PM me your address, no charge, thanks for all you do for the club!
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    Its so cool how you can print a chain in place. Fun stuff!
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    Wish I would have been in position to take advantage of this... lots of things I would have liked to have scored. Maybe by the time I get my "tank of death" sorted out you will have grown more 😞 Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting regardless Andy!
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