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    Hello all: After being gone for two months, I need to clear some of the frags out of my tanks that turned into colonies over the summer. Many thanks to Badxgillen for taking care of everything for me while I was gone! I'll be at the upcoming meeting at All Things Aquarium and can bring frags there. Reef Gen Green Goniopora. You won't find a hardier or greener goniopora. I have to frag my mother colony up about twice per year to prevent them from overgrowing my tank. 25 bucks per mini-colony. One min-colony pending, 4 left. Favia mini colonies. This is one of my favorite favias. It is teal green with orange/pink mouths. This one grows fast for me. 25 bucks per min--colony One mini-colony pending, one left. Citrus Mistress encrusting Montipora. This is my favorite encrusting Monti. This one originally came from Cuttlefish and Corals. It is super bright orange with forest green polyps. It is makes a very nice contrast to sunset Montipora if you have them growing side by side. 15 bucks per chunky frag. 6 frags pending, 4 left Superman encrusting Montipora. This one is sweet. 15 bucks for this fully encrusted frag. Pending Rainbow encrusting Montipora. Another one of my favorites. 15 bucks for this sweet frag. Big frag of Blonde Haired Blue Eyed B&%$%s. 25 bucks. These zoas are really nice! Branching Apple Berry Monti. This one came from Stylaster originally. 15 bucks per frag. All 4 frags Pending. If anyone else would like a frag, I can make more! Duncanopsammia. Big fluffy Duncan frags. These guys are slow growing, but these frags are fully healed and really nice. 20 bucks each. Grubes Gorgonian mini-colony. This is the same strain of gorgonian that they have in the display tank at Upscales. This is a good starter Gorgonian if you haven't tried them before. Very hardy, pretty pink color, and adds lot of movement to the tank! 20 bucks for this huge frag! Pending to Zorroreef
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    Sounds like a song right? Bye bye miss american coralline... Just a random post to say, scrape your algae if you need to, it will feel allot better. I designed a part to 3d print and place in a kent scraper. Here are the before and after results. 15 minutes of scraping! BEFORE AFTER
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    If you have any left I’ll take a green Goni and a duncun frag Andy. But I just left for my honeymoon, literally sitting on the plane and won’t be back for two weeks. So I’ll see what you’ve got when I get back Sent while trying to get my next coral fix.....
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    Wow... guess @DarkAngel wasn't messing around!
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    You would think! It went really fast, so silly I let it go so long!
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    That's a mystic sunset Monti. I don't have enough of that yet to trade or sell. I should have more of it in a few months, though.
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    Sounds like you have everything under control, Key is that Rubbermaid you have running for the transition! Just a side note might want to keep a couple buckets of left over water change from the current setup to dump in the Rubbermaid. If you intend to keep the Live rock live, best to transport them up wet, and put them in the rubbermaid as well while the new tank is being setup and filled. That live rock will add to the beneficial bacteria in the meantime. I as well would toss the sand, nothing worth keeping with it, Always start out with new sand and give your filtration the upper hand from the get go. The last sentence is somewhat confusing to me "The idea would be to buy new sand and once it arrives, rescape and fill the tank back up with the live rock and just do water changes till it arrives." So I apologize if I'm misunderstanding something here, but I would start off by filling the tank first, match the parameters to the Rubbermaid, then when the sand arrives add it and make sure things are holding steady, When things match Add all the live rock over and then livestock. I would expect a 3 - 4 day transition from the Rubbermaid to the Tank. Good Luck! Let me know if you want more suggestions, I have done this many of times :)
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    That’s a great price on the Citrus Mistress and one of my favorite montis too!
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