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    Holy Smokes! you all feel the same way about that last gathering as I do? That meeting was Amazing! It was probably the biggest and bestest shindig I have ever seen at Jeff's shop, wall to wall people, Boomin music, great corals, and really good food. Jeff and the PNWMAS Club really came through for this one folks. I am glad I did not miss out on this. Before even entering the building there were two tables of various side dishes and condiments provided along with a number of dishes brought by some of the members attending. There were also plenty of "Refreshments" on hand...I swear I saw a keg around there somewhere, but no jello shots like the party bus. We were all fortunate to have Chef Scott as our on hand grill man, working not one but two at a time! Thank you so much for coming in and manning those grills, you did it like a champ, and great food as always. Spectra is a man of many talents, so lets give him a mental applause for a moment. And as usual the store was looking good...And Packed. Packed with customers AND Corals! This was no joke! Whatever you needed they about had it, Acroporas CHECK, Zoanthids CHECK, Bomb Mushrooms CHECK! I think this gentleman and I had the same feeling, this is so feaking cool I have no idea where to begin. A cooler in hand is a good place to start though, I like that kind of thinking. As many of you know there were a few group buys for this meeting in particular and I think it all worked out rather well. Here we have PDXmonkey on the left scoping out a nice anemone to take home, which was hard because they were all very nice. Gill&Fin top middle was doing the wet work of getting those anemones bagged and handed out. And far right is Emerald being of assist in getting things in order, there were ALOT of participants on this one. Gumby on the left going in for a frag of that delicious looking CNC Acropora that is going up on another Grow Out contest.I believe that contest is being put together by the man to the right of Jim, ReefNJunkie. Eye on the prize, bragging rights and a very nice Acro. And then there was the happy recipients of the CNC Acans and the Zoanthid Grow Out contest frags. Fishoutofwater Let the games begin!!! So Many people and so little time, at every tank in the store was a friendly conversation going on about the salt water hobby. Optimus Prime, left, looking into what Stylaster, Right, is pointing at. A killer Acro no doubt, he has an eye for that reef candy and there is plenty of that here at CNC. The owner of Cuttlfish and Corals sees to it that there is no shortage of ocean goodness in stock, and speak of the devil. Here he is, the man himself. Thank You Jeff, for opening your store to us, helping out on the raffles, and for just being an all round cool guy. You and your crew did a bang up job, it was great and everything went like clock work, tell your staff that we appreciate them as well. Jorge right here working non stop while the meeting was rockin, he didn't skip a beat. Jack was also being put to the test with all the foot traffic in the shop but he was bagging livestock like it weren't no thing. At some points it was pretty intense but he kept his cool...Even when the sumps kept running low from all the bags of water taken out of it. Just watching him made me want to grab some coral of my own to take back home. Anyone need a frag!? Why yes Miles, Yes I do. MilesMiles here leading the way to a nice looking batch. Hope the move went alright my man, feel free to hit me up when things settle down and you are wanting a couple frags again. Paratore here, getting a complete photo bomb by Lewisfisherman. A couple of real Zoa nuts, I need to swing by both your places at some point to check out the systems and get a trade on. Kai here plotting the next course of action. Don't worry buddy, the crowds are thick but there tanks are full, plenty for all. One of my main homies from the West Side! HigherThinking came over and brought me a beautiful favia, just because he is a nice guy. I will return the favor Andrew, you can bet on that my friend. I usually see David on the other side of the table, with me buying coral frags, nice seeing you able to enjoy yourself man. ZoroReef, sounds like your new system is coming along just fine, and it sounds like you are being very selective on what is going in to the new tank. Just the most exquisite pieces yeah, the man knows what he wants. Trailerman getting his raffle on, he always seems to have a smile on his face, raffle or not, winning or not. And yet Another Sasquatch sighting, no doubt the party at Jeff's brought him out of hiding once again. And why are you not in the Zoa grow out!? Kasah Left, and Walt right, didn't get to chat with these gentlemen this time around but I do believe I will be competing in the Zoa GO against Kassah. Watch out man, these polyps are just getting ready to slip the jab. Rudy also came by and said whats up, The Golden Basket hanging in Cuttlefish and Corals, very cool. Rudy is opening up his place next month for the May meeting so be on the look out for more details on that. Danlu on the right having a good conversation with Gumby to the left. Looking forward to seeing some of the new advancements being made on the lighting frontier, keep us posted would you Daniel. And Jim, once I get my act together I will get you another little package going on of frags. Sharklover just chillin, once again we didn't get to talk much, but be sure there will be a next time. Lexinverts and Jeff having another in depth conversation. That Redsea reboot should be about past all its cycling stages and what not, I can get that slimer back to you when your ready. Well Jim here has been all over the place hasn't he? To the far left is KKnight our TFT coordinator. In the background you can kind of see R-3 and Paratore having a good old time...And obviously the man on the far right holding the fish food is Gumby. Look here, as cool as a cucumber it is our very own Albertareef! Always wiling to lend a helping hand, a stand up guy, and now I believe he is about to get those raffles going on. Willapa taking away the Molokos Certificate, get that panini while you snag a frag man. A win win in Portland. Exodus got the Avast certificate he wanted, although I am not too sure you really need anything else for your system. It is pretty solid right now as is. Kingifhser got hooked up with the Coral magazine subsciption, YES! SRRoberts on the left in disbelief of Spectra, middle left, winning double time on the CNC gift certificates. Yeah Buddy! SAY WHAT!!! Paratore in for the Win! Radion in the Bag! Congratulations man, it is a sweet prize for sure, put it to good use yeah. Another thing that was cool was there was a number of families that attended, it is always nice to see a reefer educating his children in the hobby and the club interactions we partake in. Keeping a reef together takes alot of knowledge so get em started early. Here are some nice looking families in the hobby. Ron coming in and just dominating the rock flower anemone buy...The little tyke just couldn't take it anymore and went down for a nap. But I bet once those anemones are all opened up in the same spot they just POP and this kid will dig the in tank fireworks. Here Jeremyevens was equipped with the front baby harness, so this kid could get the best view of the frag tanks. Very clever. DJ came over from West Linn, always nice chatting with you man, and good to see the fam. We all got to see Robyna and BlackIce with their new baby. Just look at this kid. And isn't this shirt just too much? Love It!!! Grow that one out for sure. There were plenty of familiar and unfamiliar faces at the meeting and I love that, just the right mix were people all feel welcome and just start opening up to one another. Here, Corals make everyone happy, its like a reefer ice breaker, just look at the smiles here...Genuine good times. And yet another cheerful hobbyist, Tesch with the contagious grin, the vibe in this room is so amazing. All the folks here are on the same wave length. Kevin just happy to be here it seems, and who wouldn't be in this kind of reefer party. It was about as good as anyone could hope for really. I have some more pictures that I can post up but I would also like to see some of the other pictures different people got of that day, you can only have so many vantage point by yourself yeah. I want to say a BIG Thank You to all those involved, you know who you are Holy, Albertareeff, FlahyFins,...Especially Emerald for getting this all together and to Jeff for puling a lot of strings for us. The club appreciates it. I had a great time and from what I can tell so dd everyone else, this was a Grand event. Love you all, Reef On my PNWMAS People! Be seeing you on the forum yeah....And at our next meet. Whoop Whoop!!!
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    New around here, have had a bio cube 29 going for quite awhile now upgrading to a new Redsea E-260 arriving here this week. Looking to mostly gain knowledge and experience here for a reef set up. I’m located in Springfield, Oregon. Thanks Dustin
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    Thanks everybody. I’ll post some pics on a build thread. It’ll take some time won’t be transferring much from my bio cube into new tank because of bubble algae and aptasia been battling forever. Tank should be here tomorrow pretty darn excited lol. Dustin
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    Welcome! Will be interested to see how your upgrade goes - sounds exciting. As others have noted, there are definitely some members in your area so hopefully you will get a chance to meet them at some point. I think we may still be planning on having a meeting in Tangent this summer so that might be a good chance to mingle with some of the reefers on here. Stay tuned!
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    Hi Dustin! Welcome to the club. I like the size you're upgrading to and the Max-E series are nice. Looking forward to the build thread!
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    Welcome to the forum. I know there are some members who live in your area. I love the biocubes they are a classic and it was one of my first tanks I started with. Redsea makes great tanks too. A very nice upgrade!
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    Dustin, Welcome to the forum. There are a lot of very knowledgeable people here that seem to always be willing to help out. Come to the monthly meeting if you can as they are a lot of fun and a good chance to meet people. I believe there are quite a few down in your area for example. The new tank should be a lot of fun to set up. Show us some pictures as you go.
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    Wow!! We are a lucky group to have the volunteers who put all this together and keep things active and fun. Thanks for making PNWMAS excellent! ♡
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    If you whip up some of your famous Asian BBQ sauce I will definitely make time for another meeting😬 Just keep me away from the cookies...
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    Picked up a frag tank. It had a leaky overflow box that was just a bit big to fit the space I had, so it was time to bust out the saw... Then a patch to close up the hole and a few hours of polishing, a new hole in the side for a drain, and voila.. And in place. Still need to plumb it and get a bit of foam under it just for peace of mind and to hide the plywood and give it a cleaner look.
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    Anyone else feel like they're in one of those Discover commercials with the "not you" lookalikes?
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    Nope. Weekends are too busy for me...
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    Thanks Robert for doing the write up. I know it takes alot of effort. We here at CNC couldn't have been happier to be the host of the meeting. We love being apart of the community. So many good people. Thanks to you all!
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    I see Steve Weast! Hi Steve! Anyone else see him? Where's Waldo?
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    I think Jorge would get along better with the kids Brad would probably start swearing or something worse..................
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    Zelda and Link Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Her name is Spot and Mr. Candy is in the background lol Need.....More......Corals!!!
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    Shout out to Mr. Bret! He dropped off this awesome IM 25 Lagoon with stand and got me an AI prime HD and the heater. I love this tank but this is going to the grandkids and I’m getting the Nuvo 10 in exchange ! The best part is I mostly traded zoas. You would think I got the better end of the deal but this little tiny bag is 1000 bucks worth if high end zoas! Jeff at Cuttlefish also gave me a bag of sand in trade too! Gotta love the liquid gold we all have on our tanks!! Bret is a sucker for high end zoas by the way and is an awesome guy to deal with.
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    Awesome! Yeah went to Bret’s shop this last weekend and met him for the first time. What a collection of zoas! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future
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    Stopped by Mr Bret’s place at 11 to check out his shop. Top Notch Service and a Great Guy! I picked up a few Zoas of Course and a free coffee mug! Thanks Again! I look forward to see you this Saturday.
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    Finishing up my latest build, Red Sea Reefer 750XXL with the remote sump and lots of extras plumed to my garage. We are planning to go more stony corals this round so it was time for a fresh start. It’s been up for about a week. (My prior marineland 200DD starphire setup is available, PM if interested) Build specs: Display Red Sea Reefer 750XXL Neptune Apex controller Lighting: Kessil 360WE x 4 programmed from my apex. Using kessil mounts and extension poles fixed to the cabinet. Flow: MP60QD, MP40QD currently running a tidal swell program. Rock: about 300lbs very large pieces of kaelini rock I've had for close to 15 years. Sump/filtration: Remote configuration. Plumbed into existing red sea display plumbing with metric to standard adapting schedule 80 unions made by spears. Vectra M1 dedicated display return. Vectra L1 powering a manifold for all filtration components and additional tanks. Emperor Aquatics 80W UV sterilizer MRC ORCA pro II skimmer MRC custom skimmer waste collector (arriving next week) MRC CR818 calcium reactor (arriving next week) Skimz reactors zeovit and media both rated at 2000L. I’m not currently running Zovit and am just using the reactor to house seachem matrix media to increase biofiltration. I am running GFO in the media reactor currently. 35 Gallon frag tank 20 gallon water change/emergency QT tank (I run two 80 gallon stock tanks with a big hydor canister filter when I need a full QT system) 35Gallon RODI top off tank Aqua FX octopus 100gpd RO/DI Kessil H150 purple grow light over refugium chamber Frag tank: 35 Gallon acrylic tank that is likely to be replaced with a 36 * 24 * 12 frag tank in the near future. Kessil 160we Flow MP10QD
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    Yeah the little buggers got 98% of mine too before they said screw this! Let's leave these last 5-6 and try out those tasty lookin things!
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