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    Just a reminder! Meeting is March 18! I’m excited to see Holly’s amazing fish room and hear Badxgillen’s (Bert) talk on hitchhikers and pests. Bert is a humble guy but he has been in the hobby for a long time! He knows a lot as those of us who took the advanced quiz at this past years holiday party can attest to! We also will have some great raffle prizes and Holly always has beer and as most of you know those amazing cookies Stay tuned for more amazing raffle items!
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    Just last week I made it snow with some kalkwasser In my tank. I felt a bit raunchier about it. More like the fish and corals were Canadian exotic dancers, getting change thrown at them.
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    Boom, Milwaukee support confirms it: @Lexinverts was the first, thanks all for the feedback!
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    I just refill the bottle they included with water from my RODI unit. Every 6 or so months I re check with a calibrated refractometer. Jeremy if you suspect issues with the Milwaukee, the 1st thing I suggest is changing the 9V battery, regardless of what it states is left. I found after almost a year and a half the thing started giving bad readings with 86% battery, with no other options I changed the battery and it fixed it.
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    I've always used calibration fluid from BRS. Costs about 5 bucks. I've probably used the first bottle for over two years. Bought another just because I was curious after all that time. It was spot on with the previous bottle. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Hey I see no hose and a meister brau...............................
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    I use steam distilled water from the grocery to zero it. That has always worked for me.
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    Yay! My wife has dubbed it 'Dr. Quinn'.
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    just means more $10 frags for all of us - everybody wins
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    I pulled out my Tubbs neon green with purple polyp birdsnest. Came in at 32" x 11" and a whopping 8 lbs. I have broken it down into several sized chunks. You can have any size you want just let me know if you want some. Can either meet me at my house or i can bring some to next club meeting. Thanks guys!
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    It's so magical, I am buying my fish matching scarves from Gap.
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    Where do you guys get yours? I tried RODI but it read 1.001 instead of 1.000. Would rather have something similar to what it first shipped with.
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    It's an awesome piece for sure! It very quickly replaced my Idaho grape cap. There's been so many awesome people on this forum that have helped me out with numerous different things, from equipment to livestock. I'm just trying to pay that courtesy forward wherever and whenever I can!
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    This is one of my favorite caps - very generous of you Taylor!
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    Been taking tips from Greg's son @youcallmenny? I kid, I kid...
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    That's odd. I've always just used my rodi water.
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    Those are so awesome congrats!
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    Also had some time to visit @MrBret while I was downtown getting my haircut and picked up a couple zoa frags. Speckled Krak is still doing good. Thanks again for the coffee cup!
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    nice ones brandon, i picked up a few goodies. The ones i was most excited about was jf TNT anacropora, sc orange passion, jf burning banana stylo
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    I couldn't resist the Oregon Tort for $30😁 Honestly I'm pushing the envelope of what should go in my tank right now as it's only 45 days old, but trying to keep my parameters as stable as I can.
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    "That there is an rrrrrrrrrrrrrvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Clark!" New hobby, man are they allot of work. My house does not have three sources of electricity! Allot of fun too. Just finished the tow bar mount, wiring in rv and jeep, and brake system setup for towing the jeep.
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    Congrats Reefland - nice pair of shrimp!
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    If seeing Holly’s fish room wasn’t enough we have some pretty amazing raffle prizes! For those of you getting into sps this has everything you need!! Thanks to Bulk Reef Supply! If you don’t know how to dose they have great videos that talk you through!