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    Just a few of the many corals and fish we got in our last shipment! Along with some Stunning Crocea, Maxima, and Squamosa Clams! Were open Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 11-5 come check them out!
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    I just picked up one of these for free off Craigslist. I don't have a plan yet, but ideas are starting to come. Stay tuned...
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    I would leave it be...you did not jump enough to worry about anything. Go grab a beer and watch tv. That’s my opinion
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    Looking even better. My dad has a big work bench in the garage thats on a simple pully system so he can easily lift it up vertically towards the ceilng to park a car underneath. Would be cool if you did something simular to your work bench over the sump, so it could go stright up a few feet towards the cieling in a uniform fashion so you can access the sump without moving anything / the table.
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    I can do all things through youtube! Hahaha... Well, it is the ideal place to practice. This is no Garage-ma-hal. Just a garage with some tanks and sumps in it. The drywall was pretty dinged up from being a work area. Just patching that up. Its quick and easy. If it looks like garbage the pros can fix it quickly right? Also, gotta say... the corners were taped poorly, got some work to do there. Good news though... Definitely not worried if the texture doesn't cover my amateur mistakes. My hope is the coral is decent enough no one will notice, right!!??
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    I agree with Flash and River City. It will be fine but make sure if you get a beer make sure microbrew. People here in Portland get really upset with you for some reason if you don’t drink a microbrew.🤔
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    Easy! Walt Disney Colony -> Bounce Shoom pile -> 5x yellow tangs ballin on a free tank budget!
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    Lol stay away from Craigslist . Some of my most expensive tanks were free!😀
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    The acan I’ve fallin in love with. It’s from indo not Aussie and never seen anything like it. 8” aquacultured squamosas are also sweet. Tank bred mandarins. 5 separate orders came in today along with one yesterday.
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    lol you and your projects
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    Wow another gold dwarf moray!! I love those !! Nice fish !! Nice clams!! Nice mushrooms too!! i want it all !!!
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    Same lol. Now I look at my stand and say to myself...”should have done better” [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Jeremy, is the sump just going to be open on the top? Have you thought about putting a high table/workbench over it? By the way, are you wearing a hoodie in your mock-up???
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    This was from my fish-only upstairs. I would never put an angel in a reef tank. Who would be silly enough to do that?!?
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    one of the greatest feelings in life is paying someone to mud your drywall. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Someone just volunteered for my next drywall project 😎
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    Looking at the betta falls tank today got me thinking. It could be fun to have a little contest to see who can set up the coolest pico tank on a budget. I've seen similar things done in other forums and it's always cool to see what people come up with. Here's what I'm thinking: -Water volume less than 5g -Budget of under 100$ for equipment. -Everybody has a month to gather equipment. Then three or so months to let the tanks grow in. -At the end, we put it up to vote and the crowd favorite wins. Anybody interested? Could be fun.
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    Clammity Jane (CJ for sort?) - will have to suggest that one to Darcy
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    Geez Jeff, what did my wallet ever do to you!?
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    You’re killing me smalls... I think I see one of those clams in my future Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Added table over sump for equipment, thanks @Gil&Fin Added 2 40b QT tanks under sump on right, thanks @Brian Tesch Added mini fridge. Added some cabinets on back wall (salvaged from garage tear down) Starting to think everything just might fit. Latest dream below...
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    Thanks, good thought. I am leaning towards open like Roy and JRs. It is so nice to have the space to work not crawling around. It's a good point though, more space! I would like to have CR, Kalk Reactor etc right over the sump in a shelf/ tray with a leak detector. That way if anything leaks I get notified, but also drains back into the sump instead of emptying the system.
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    Tomorrow 's the big day, it's going to be so much fun!! Hope to see some of you there! By the way if you see any frags of dendro there please message me and let me know. TIA
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    I’m sure everything will be fine. I’m not an sps nerd...just flip the lights off and stop staring at the tank.
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    Great name sorry to hear about Clamentine. Maybe you can replace her with Clammity Jane. Love mystery wrasses too but say goodbye to your ornamental shrimp.
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    Sweet! Lots of great looking stuff! Really loving the last batch of acans I got and it looks like you added some more winners... plus a mystery wrasse! May have to come check out the bivalves... still haven't replaced Clamentine
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    I don’t think you have much to worry about. Make your changes slow
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    Definitely check before big water changes, and always match the parameters of the new water before adding.
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    http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2006-06/rhf/index.php A quality read that helped me understand reef chemistry much much more. Up until about an hour ago my parameters were stable at: Alk-7.9 Cal-440-460 Mag-1280-1300 Current: Alk-8.3-8.4 Cal-480-500 Mag-1260
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    @lewisriverfisherman sorry I just now saw your post. I actually sold whole colony. Please close it down.
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    So it’s been awhile since this topic has come up, so I feel it’s time to clear the air about OBD. About three years ago I enlisted them to build my new tank. The tank was 60x30x24 and all starfire! Throughout the build process I was in constant communication with Mike, owner of OBD. The one thing that got over looked was the stand. While we did discuss I was building my own stand, it was lost in translation that I was building the base out of modular lumber (2x4) construction. Mike assumed it was plywood construction. As you can see there is a 3/4” difference in thickness here. So as Mike is busy doing his thing, ordering glass and building tank, I am building the new stand!! Fadt forward, before tank is done Mike and I are talking and it was learned I built out of 2x4 construction, he ordered glass with bulkhead holes drilled for 3/4” plywood thus now making a major dilemma; not enough clearance to put nuts on underside of bulkheads. $@&)(.... I panic and start thing how much money and time I invested and not willing to scrap tank. So I talk with Mike and decided to open the rear of the stand (box out) and leave voids in rear wall of stand to access bulkhead nuts!! Problem solved! The thought was to just use 2x4 or metal braces to support rear corners where I cut out!! The stand was very well supported!! Tank arrives and voilla looks beautiful and fits perfectly on my custom stand. Get it all hooked up and running like a dream!! Then as fate would have it, I go to Hawaii and the day I return, break my leg. I return from ER visit and discover water all over the fish room floor! As you can imagine I am not able to do much, leg in boot and on crutches. I discover rear corner vertical seem split and euro bracing separated from tank! Luckily a few of my reefer friends, Stylaster, Jorge, Gumby, Danik and Jeff sprung into action, removed all my livestock and emptied tank! This all took place within an hour of my call!! OBD steps up to plate and tells me don’t worry they will take care of it, meaning my tank. Months go by and just like he said, Mike built a new tank, had it delivered, removed old one and put new one on stand . It was actually the owner of Crystal Reef (Julian) who drove down and did the removal and set up. So what is the moral of this story? Well, it was originally thought the silicone they had changed to have out and cause the tank to fail. When Julian removed old tank he discovered something he felt caused the issue....foam! Or lack there of. When I boxed the stand out for corner overflows I also left the foam out in the corners (a 6”x6”) square on both corners. The old tank was returned the shop and taken apart. Mike found silicone on both sides of the seams indicating it was not an adhesion issue, but shear amount of pressure on the seam from lack of EVEN support where I had left the foam out. I refused to believe that was the issue and felt they were just trying to move the blame back to me. After all, I was hearing through the reef community that several of their tanks were failing, so how could it be my fault! At the end of the day, OBD AND Crystal Reefs replaced my tank, delivered it from Bellingham and stood behibd their product. So who’s fault is this? I would say the large majority lands on my plate for not supporting the tank with a full sheet of foam but I do fault them slightly for lack of communication in stand construction which I turn made me come up with a FIX as scrapping the stand was not an option. Moving forward I think communication is key and solves many issues. Talk a lot and talk often when building your new tank! Fast forward again to today. I have complete trust and faith in Mike’s tank builds and Julian’s business ethics. They are currently building my new tank for the new house and will continue to be the guys I use for my tanks for personal and business use. Not only do they give you a beautiful tank, great prices, lots of options, they have integrity and stand behind their product 100%. So if anyone has reservations about their tanks I hope this post eases your mind. Reef on! In closing, if you have questions or comments I am glad to answer but please be respectful.
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    Thanks! It probably looks cooler than it is in sketchup This won't be any Reef2Reef 100,000 dollar build or anything, just a functional utility room hopefully with room to grow whatever coral strikes a chord... That's a great idea for the QT! I was planning on using the area under them for storage. But I could easily get a mini fridge and a QT tank or two under there. Thanks!
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    SOOOOO rookie!! I figured its a good place to practice... back to the youtube.... This is a bunch or repair, as this was a garage workbench space before, if that helps?
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    Looks great so far but those mud marks.................................. rookie...............................
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    Yes, still have a few colonies and can cut frags.