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    You know it was a great day when you come home and your tank looks like this. I would just like to give a shout out and say thanks to all those that I saw today, Cody Ron and Taylor thanks for the good deals. I also stopped by TPA and All Things Aquarium and picked up a few frags. Lots of driving today but well worth it. Thanks parvo99 (i cant remember your name)for meeting me right off the freeway. Come on saltwater hurry and heat up so I can dip these corals!! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Just thought I'd put out there a great way to remotely monitor temp in the tank - only about $24 total! I picked up a Sonoff TH16 and Temp Prob and they work great! Features WIFI and Cloud Remotely monitor temp 16A Power outlet can be controlled by high and/or low temp thresholds Set time schedules for automatic control: It has single, repeating, and countdown timers. Works with Amazon alexa (i just have to say, alexa turn off "Aquarium Pumps". What you need. I ordered from China (https://www.itead.cc/sonoff-th.html). With shipping about $17. You can also get these from amazon but you'll pay about $10 more for them. Sonoff Temp Sensor-DS18B20, $3.50 Sonoff TH16, $8.50 You'll also need a small 3 pronged extension cord if you want to use the power. I bought one at fred meyer for $8. You'll have to cut each end of the extension cord off (i did about 6" for each side) and then wire the plugs into the Sonoff 16. It's very easy but you'll need wire cutters and strippers to do it clean. I currently have the pumps on my aquarium on the power outlet so I can turn them on/off via alexa when I feed the fish. I've also set the low temp threshold to 1 degree less than my normal temp, so if I forget to turn the pumps back on (i have kids, i get distracted A LOT), then it automatically turns the pumps back on for me when it see's the 1 degree temp drop. I plan on making a thermoelectric chiller for the summer here really soon and I'll use the sonoff to control the chiller instead vie the high and low threshold. My goal for the chiller is less than $30, I'll post that when I'm done as well.
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    I picked up a Reefer 350 today I’m reusing most of the equipment off of my old tank. Equipment- Tank- Red Sea Reefer 350 Return- Eheim COMPACTON 3000 Heater- 300W Eheim Jager Skimmer- Reef octopus classic 150int 6” Controller- Reef keeper light Lights- to be determined, I love my ATI but it’s only 24”. I really don’t want to drop the cash on a new fixture. so I was thinking about that in the center with a kessil a160 on each side... I would only have to get ahold of one kessil. Thought? Livestock - Fish - I don’t have a long list here. Purple tang Flame hawk Maybe a snowflake eel Some other stuff Coral Mostly going to be Zoas, Euphyllia and Some “easy” SPS. I’m thinking about going bare bottom. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I pulled out my Tubbs neon green with purple polyp birdsnest. Came in at 32" x 11" and a whopping 8 lbs. I have broken it down into several sized chunks. You can have any size you want just let me know if you want some. Can either meet me at my house or i can bring some to next club meeting. Thanks guys!
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    I've had a tricolor wrasse in my 116g tank for a year. Today, I purchased a second one which is a little larger. The original wrasse is pecking at the new one. Did I make a mistake?
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    It's just luring you into a false sense of security... until it's ready!
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    You are a brave man to put that thing in your tank!
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    I have a pair of IoT power plugs that I had intended to use for my return pump and maybe skimmer. I have set them up to turn on/off through Alexa but haven't actually put them in my reef. Having worked in IT and been a troubleshooter by trade I have an inherent distrust of all things wireless, voice-controlled and 'smart'. I'm sure it works perfectly and mine have. However, with three kids I just can't risk it. They'd hear me and then they would play with it the second I wasn't there. At any rate, cool to see things heading this way.
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    And she is officially cycling!! Added a bunch of pond matrix from my current frag system so hoping that helps speed up things. Also plan to add some Bacteria in a bottle later today. I am also recycling an old Ocean Revive LED for my refugium light. I’ll post more pics later when my other goodies arrive. I also plan to do some equipment reviews so stay tuned! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You got too much time on your hands, my friend 🤣🤣 Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Really looking forward to this. I’ll be there.
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    It sounds like Uronema which is common in Chromis and difficult to treat from what I have read.
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    As a Red Sea owner, I can verify that all of this is factually, objectively correct. Good write up on why you should go Red Sea! edit: red sea.
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    Yeah, Rumor on this forum has it that Red Sea Aquariums are constructed from only the finest No Iron Glass Available manufactured by Corning Inc. under a top secret project only known as Guerilla Glass X. Mixed Sand harvested in small quantities from the Robinsons own Private Island, and precious Limestone mined from the core of Mt Kilimanjaro using delicately elusive fracking procedure known by only the oldest Sage of Gandor. The true marvel of a red Sea tank though comes via the luxurious Weir exquisitely hand crafted by none other than Venice's own Barbini family whose legacy dates back to the XVI century. Primarily known for their mastery in Murano Glass, they make an exception for only Red Sea in providing master crafted acrylics sourcing only the finest Methyl methacrylate. This Acrylic's dye is mixed with fresh waters of Puerto Williams, southern Chile only the purest source known on earth. Combined with the same tannins used in Frances infamous Cabernet Sauvignon, This masterpiece weir is of only the truest black known to Man! Piecing it all together Red Sea spares no expense with exclusive manufacturing agreements with The Dow Chemical co. bringing us a new level of Silicone Sealants comprised of Limited Edition organic polymers that were said to have been used to construct the Hoover Dam! Though the most intriguing miracle of the Red Sea Aquarium is the clarity, when viewing a Red Sea next to any other Aquarium, you will immediately notice how competing Aquariums will appear to be constructed of Frosted, yellow tinted glass with almost no visibility of livestock, while the Red Sea Will appear as if the Water is floating Mid Air! Clearly (No Pun Intended) Red Sea is the Only Choice out there for someone who wants any measurable amount of Success in this Hobby! I would also suggest if you have any such intention of illuminating this God Sent Aquarium, you use only the most brilliant source of light constructed by man, known for being the only light available to a mere mortal capable of growing corals! Just stop by Nano-Reef.Com and ask them about the NanoBox!
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    Looks like a tiny feather duster, but that's just me guessing!
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    I will stop by tomorrow Roy
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    looks pretty healthy and deadly!
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    From what they were saying, it’s all about the light used to grow the stuff. I’ll let you know how it works Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I watched a video that BRS put out on refugiums and they talked a lot about how the algae needs high par to grow quick. So I figured that running my white/green/Red at 100% should put out nice par to grow algae lol. And it beats going out and buying a new macro light! I’m also gonna start running macros soon to let them get a foothold Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm going to order this. Following for the chiller as I don't know what I'm gonna do for summer yet.
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    Very cool! IOT is happening and putting healthy pressure on reef controllers to stay competitive. Love it, thanks for sharing! PS: I usually pull of the stainless steel jacket from the temp probe with a pair of pliers. For me it slips right off and there is just rubber underneath. It's one less possible source of contaminates in the tank.
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    My whole system was picked up. YAYYY
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    When your coral grows like a weed, you know you have arrived Nice work and thanks for the generous offer Roy!
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    Glad to help out a fellow reefer Joe!
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    The name’s Joe. It was nice meeting you and thank you for delivering from way down south!
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    Enjoy! Thanks for coming by today Brandon Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Interesting. Thanks. The new one is bigger. I didn't realize this type of fish can change genders.
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    Yeah, looks like uronema to me too.
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    I just added a second tricolor in with an established one. They've definitely been scrapping because they are establishing who gets to become the male. Mine have mostly sorted it out and the bigger one has already mostly changed. That said, they're both missing some scales. I think you're probably ok but they're going to be a little feisty for a few weeks until they sort it out.
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    Thanks, that's what I was thinking as well! I sure hope to control the humidity well. The FRP is cool too, but I am just looking for sufficiency, not necessarily awesomeness... At least on the walls, save that for the equipment and coral!
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    Just like a bathroom with a shower any gloss or semi-gloss interior enamel paint should do well at repelling moisture. Hopefully your reef room doesn't get that steamy! If you are really worried about moisture you can use a moisture resistant primer.
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    I don’t know that I have ever seen a cad light tank in person. Red Sea has always kinda been my goal. That being said I pick up a 350 from upscales tomorrow... build thread to come, I want to do this one right. Gonna need some advice! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I can upload more photos upon request. Whoever purchases the whole shebang is responsible for transporting and will come with a treasure trove of other goodies that I haven't even thought of listing and that are laying around. If delivery is a must there will be a hefty fee that will require a transport deposit and is subject to location. If this option is chosen the system must be paid for upfront and is non-refundable should the potential buyer decide to bail after the system is broken down.
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    I did make it to Holly’s meeting last year. Had a blast.
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