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    Open House this weekend! Saturday, February 24, and Sunday, February 25, from 1 - 3:30 p.m. both days! Beer/soda's in the fridge and $10 frags galore. PM me for the address. Looking forward to seeing you!
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    I was going to check in and see if Holly needed help bagging but I'm thinking security might be a higher priority.
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    Just a quick note Jeff to thank you for actually checking and responding to the posts on your forum. It is definitely a bonus to have engaged and responsive sponsors so wanted to make sure you got a shout out for that.
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    Thank you for your kind words! This ages me a bit, but I've been working in e-commerce since 2002. Forums/message boards have always been an important tool for communicating with the people who are most passionate about whatever it was I was marketing at the time ... computer parts/electronics, vitamins/supplements, and now aquarium products (I've been with MD for 10 years now and have had an absolute blast working here). So believe me when I say we are always listening and lurking. LOL Unless it's the weekend, you can generally expect a reply same-day from us or at the very least within 24 hours if it's a more complex issue that requires some research. In any case, it is a real honor to be a sponsor here and we look forward to many more interactions with PNWMAS members in the future. Have an awesome Friday, Jeff @ Marine Depot
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    Sadly, i’m still in hawaii snorkeling and scuba diving through the weekend. Been seeing a lot of cool corals and tangs tho
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    Especially when it’s not your money
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    I want to show up early with some popcorn and see how the battle unfolds. hehe
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    I got this from Randall when he took his tank down. He was selling it for next to nothing because it was in less than perfect shape, and had a section of skeleton exposed. It was eating from day one in the tank, but didn't seem to be growing back over the bare spot. I looked a little closer and found a few vermatid snails on the skeleton. Since breaking them off a month ago, it's making a pretty quick recovery. The new growth is right above the mouth at the bottom of the V.
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    Thanks! I’m hoping all the fish poo is able to stay suspended with this rock structure [emoji4] Also finished up my ATO this evening. So here is the basics. I wanted to never ever have to fill up an ATO container or top off my tank. So I wanted the tank connected straight to my RODI unit. Yes, I know this is dangerous. But I’ve done it on my frag tank, and my dads 180 has been running like this for 10 years. Neither has ever had a problem. So I added as much redundancy as possible. A solenoid controls the flow of water into the tank. This solenoid is controlled by two float switches. One for low/normal level. And one high for an emergency back up. I’ll use the apex to only allow power to the solenoid/floats for about 25 minuets every day (depending on evaporation). And if all else, the water has to flow through a mechanical float valve. As I see it, there are four safety features to make sure the tank doesn’t over flow [emoji4] that is enough to let me sleep at night. Oh and I’ll also add a leak detector just in case to alarm me of an overflow. Anyway it’s hard to explain in text so here are a couple pics. Tomorrow the RODI unit gets hooked up and I start filling the tank! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well you may have to wrestle Scott for the beer @spectra - that is if he even shows up
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    Exodus has a really good point, but you are still lazy! lol Seriously though, acrylic is easy to work with but man oh man, it takes some SERIOUS work to get scratches out. I am still trying to give my son up for adoption after he went to town on the 120 I built for him. Tank was flawless. Was.... looks like a G.D. street cat fighting arena now. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Yeah I have heard of these forum.. I hear there are even people who spend all day talking about fish tanks ! On a serious note that’s some great insider information ! Way to be prepared!
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    Hey now................It starts Saturday you need to get in line and hope you get them............
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    I enjoy beer making and sailing as well. If you need crew I have offshore experience, sailed to Bermuda, Antigua to Grenada a few times and up and down the east coast and the Bahamasa hand full of times.
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    Holly! You’re supposed to save all the good stuff for the meeting [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The new stuff from Innovative Marine is slowly making its way onto the site now. https://www.marinedepot.com/SnappGrid_Interlocking_EggCrate_AUQA_Gadget_Innovative_Marine_Frag_Racks_and_Frag_Plugs-Innovative_Marine-0I10658-FIMTCM-vi.html https://www.marinedepot.com/SnappGrid_Interlocking_EggCrate_Stackable_Risers_(16_Pack)_AUQA_Gadget_Innovative_Marine_Frag_Racks_and_Frag_Plugs-Innovative_Marine-0I10659-FIMTCM-vi.html We intended to put them up yesterday but we had some issues with our item updater tool ... so they should all be up within a matter of hours now. We aren't accepting pre-orders quite yet since we don't know how many we've been allocated. Once we do, we'll flip the switch to make them orderable. We ordered a ton since we know the EXT tanks are going to be a hot commodity. Jeff @ Marine Depot
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    Are you ready for next level reef keeping? Do you want the best in security for your family and livesock? Let me ask you this.. how much is your piece of mind worth? Well, rest easy because you can grab one of these.. the ultralife relay float switch. This switch can pass through up to 8 amps of current and can be used for any number of applications. Just plug one end into the wall and your appliance into the other end and mount the float switch. Most use it for skimmers, return pumps, ATO etc. But you could use it to shut anything off in an emergency. https://www.marinedepot.com/Ultralife_Float_Switch_Auto_Top_Off_Units-Ultralife-UL1111-FIDPAT-vi.html?utm_source=mdcsegooglebase2&utm_medium=cse&utm_campaign=mdcsegooglebase2&utm_content=UL1111&gclid=Cj0KCQiAzrTUBRCnARIsAL0mqczoQYcdFZN2qf-Z0zpVn0VsAar6VKzH6uTAGWZvm2fI5PPvFtbQDlsaAsB8EALw_wcB They sell for around $70 which is pretty stupid. $30 cash. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    guys, guys ,guys, its not about making the plumbing look clean, its about wrecking your $160 jeans and carpeting. While I am sure a clear primer and glue combo could still wreck your clothing, you won't get the same DIY satisfaction that comes with going out to dinner with blue glue all over your hands. If they made a spill proof can of PVC... now that would be an improvement. Not that i have ever in my life spilled a whole can of pvc glue in my life. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Not sure if anyone noticed this or not but there was an announcement today regarding a new building planned for the Marine Studies Initiative center at the Hatfield location in Newport. Sounds like pretty exciting stuff so will be curious to hear more about the plans. http://www.oregonlive.com/education/index.ssf/2017/11/oregon_state_gives_first_glimp.html#incart_river_home
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    i think that a shop vac with a floor water attachment would likely work better. The water bug isnt going to pick up anything shallower than about 3/4". We had one for awhile (we flood a lot of things) it is currently residing in the landfill. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    So I am working on this reef room, in the planning stage. The room is in the back of a tandem garage. I was thinking about cutting a hole in the slab and adding a sump pump basin for a drain. There is some slope towards the front of the garage. However, the thought of cutting concrete (again, did allot of it in the basement), is not appealing. So I ran across the waterbug. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B018LRUDUU/ref=asc_df_B018LRUDUU5380389/?tag=hyprod-20&creative=394997&creativeASIN=B018LRUDUU&linkCode=df0&hvadid=198097979185&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=1143113920406932196&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9033585&hvtargid=pla-350134889254 In the unlikely event I do get a flood, the walls and floor are already waterproof. The water would be contained. I could fire up the water bug at the low spot in the room, and clean mostly everything right up. Seems like a win right? No need to cut concrete... As much as I want a really cool room build, I don't want to spend 2 more years working on it Thoughts? Anyone ever use one of these?
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    I put waaaaay too many hours into the alpha/beta, finally managed to quit right after 1.0. I love this game. I also hate this game. A lot. This video missed the 4x1000m uzi headshots on you and your entire team that were in a car moving 100km/h all in less than a second. The rampant cheating really took the steam out of it for me. And the constant crashing. And the hilarious terrain collisions while driving. At least they finally fixed a lot of the UI issues with release. I'm a dork.
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    Dagnabit... maybe next time...have some Auctions, on the items that everyone wants? We would love to come...But, the on going Car Repairs to my V dub and Kate’s going under the needle 😀. Maybe ill I’ll see if we can squeeze it in Sunday.
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    I’m hoping all the redundancy means no problems[emoji51] don’t think the landlord would be too happy if the tank overflowed lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I LOVE CLASH ROYALE! I am into Fortnite atm, don't have a console. Look up "The Goblin Gang" in game. I'm the GM of this hella awesome clan in clash
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    exciting times. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Not sure that qualifies as a “sadly”... just saying 🙂
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    Everything looks great! I really the space in your rock work. Your corals will love it with all the water flow.
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    I understand, unfortunately I am pretty booked up this weekend. Maybe another time, thanks!
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    Thanks Jeremy. That is one I found. It’s a crazy rv forum world out there ! There is an entire forum dedicated to Forest River , Jayco you name it!
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    Thanks, yes, gravity will get the water to the front of the room (there will be a wall separating this room from the rest of garage). I would like to stop it at the room boundaries. And congrats on 14 cent goldfish, been there
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    Who has time for hobbies Well lets see I am a fabricator so had a few off road rigs over the years and sold them.......building them was more fun than out breaking them. I like things that go bang.......... Now what spare time I have I like to tinker on older motorcycles......have a thing for the old Yamaha XS models. I think I have 6 now......400s all the way up to the 1100. Oh and I have a boat but hell around here its only good for maybe 3 months.
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    Oh man! I am so there! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Woohoo! Holly's frag sales, as Sean mentioned, are always a blast! I'll be there mostly for the beer and maybe a frag...maybe[emoji16] Sent from my man cave while drinking Coors light! [emoji481]
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    Holly's frag sales are always a blast! Looks like a couple of Jason Fox pieces in there...
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    Gotta check that out! My only fun time game these days is Clash Royale. Figure it is good for the brain, like solitaire
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    Finding a buyer is not a bad idea... then you can give people a deadline on when livestock needs to go! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    I knew you were a closet canner!
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    We have a Catalina 320 sailboat and enjoy sailing on the Columbia River
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    Film photography, I have an M3, IIIf, R2M, two Bessa Ls, an F100, Yashica MAT124G, and a Rollei 2.8F. Shooting barebow recurve. I also like messing with cars, I’m in the middle of SASing an 86 Toyota.
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    Oh and my hobby is [language filter] talking on a fish forum. No other hobbies.
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    Wow that’s really cool! Skiing is one thing that looks like fun but I tried it once and just wasn’t for me. There are a lot of car guys on here.
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    If I’m not reefing I’m prolly bowling. Me and the wifey currently in the process of purchasing our own center. Bowling, pool, whisky/beer, reefing ,,,,,, All in one place. That’s the goal, then it won’t seem like work. Lol. A nice tank in a bowling alley is gonna be cool I think.
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    Anyone thinking of going to MACNA 2018 in Vegas?? Just wondering. Got a couple reefing buddies in the Las Vegas area And I think I’m gonna head down
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    I am definitely planning on going! I love Vegas! See you suckers in the poker room!
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    A tried and true method.
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    Meditation is the only other hobby I can afford..