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    This guy decided to punch the side of a net and got his weapons caught in it. I have heard the stories of people getting their thumb nail cracked open by these with their anvil like hammers...didn't know they had a scorpion like needle at the end. Pics before I got the rest of the net off his anvils.
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    Oh man Danik if I didn’t already promise it to a 2 year old I would let you have it just to get you back into the hobby. I was just showing Sean the “smurf goblin” frag yesterday. Uh no , it’s definitely sold. Sirena is buying it for her grandkids! 😀 she’s already picking out Coral and I’m like honey it’s only a 10 gallon tank pace yourself a bit !
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    If you manage to take this home and your other half found out the cost, you will not get a kiss tonight
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    Sorry I should have updated it. It has sold to Kim Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Have a new project underway....😁 Decided while the current setup works well enough, it could be improved upon. So, we have this wonderful storage space located downstairs nearly right below the tank. Decided to use it and picked up a cheap 110g glass tank to use as a sump/fuge/frag tank. Needs a bit of work cleaning up the tank, removing some shelving, and building to suit. Will run the plumbing into the closet and down through the floor. As it happens, we already have a drain in the floor and a water line right where the tank is going. The water line has a shutoff valve for an exterior spigot with a leaking seal, so while we fix the leak, we are going to add another spigot to supply the RO/DI.
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    January - The winner is: Bubbles
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    Had a little time with my Canon 100mm f2.8 macro lens today. This will be a few posts :). Sorry for spamming.........................lol.
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    Thanks Brian. Still pondering how I'm gonna set it up and segment it. Hadn't planned on such a deep tank, but that's what was on the market for the right price when I was looking lol. It'll have at least 1 baffle, likely 1 on each end as water enters and exits the sump. I'll obviously have to elevate the skimmer and I'm thinking about doing away with the filter socks as the fudge is just a wee bit bigger...I'll add a bunch of live rock down low and create a bit of a cryptic zone, with the macro and frag rack up top. It'll be a bit before I add a frag setup as I'll need another light and have loads of space in the display, and the wallet needs a little recovery time 😂😂😂
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    Haha! Got to love the enthusiasm! Glad it will be going to a good home. That smurf goblin was super cool BTW 👌
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    Congrats! Sweet clam and nice pic. There were lots of great entries last month so good job all!
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    Your stand is coming together nicely. Looks like you got a thin wood project board over your main stand/ the wood corners/ are you planning on staining the stand or is that just to clean things up? Looks like you've got a lot of nice tonga pieces for your hardscape, and the LED fishing weight will make a perfect centerpiece. Glad someones working on their build I haven't had time to do anything to mine the past few weeks.
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    Giving away my RPS2000 recirc skimmer. FREE Will not ship 5415256197 Eugene OR
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    I am interested in the large or medium frag. I’ll text you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Small update. Installing the final trim on the stand and getting ready to paint. I’ve also been working on the plumbing. Trying to think of all the future upgrades so needless to say, I’ve been “plumbing” for 3 days haha. Tomorrow I will glue it all together and snap a pic for you guys! I decided to clean my Tonga branch using the bleach method shown on BRS. I placed all the rocks into a bin and mixed in enough bleach to make roughly a 10% solution. Let the rocks soak for 24 hours and then rinse. Set the rocks out for another 24 hours to dry. Then back into water with 250 ml of Prime to remove the chlorine (enough for 2500 gallons of water). In a couple days I will drain the water and repeat the last step again. Followed by one more bath and then a drying period to ensure all chlorine is gone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Is that a tort I see? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Wow sorry to hear about your experience. I have always had great luck with Tunze pumps. I have a Nano pump that I started on a nuvo and then use it for salt mixing and it just keeps going strong.
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    Wow! So vibrant...nice Sent from my man cave while drinking Coors light! [emoji481]
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    Oh didn't see that... sorry! Can't take the joy of the hobby from a child! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    nah...my pricing is down to earth so everybody can enjoy the hobby which is growing corals
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    I shut it off to do a water change and it wouldn’t turn back on afterwards. I opened it up and the plastic covering the impeller was all cracked with rust all over the impeller magnet. I’m convinced this is why I had recently lost a bunch of SPS. Only place I could get a replacement was from the Tunze USA rep, it actually cost more than what I got it for, but he gave me a deal. I probably have about 2 years of use on it, I bought it secondhand and it and box and everything looked brand new. The guy said he only used it for a couple months.