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    Fellow fish lovers and coral enthusiasts, now is the time to clear the date on your calendar for February's PNWMAS meeting! February 10th at 2 pm Held in @stylaster's home in Kelso, Washington 244 Sparks Drive, Kelso WA 98626 Owner of Pacific Corals and keeper of a spectacular 312 gallon reef tank, Roy is one of the club's coolest! He's happy to have us all geek out with him this month with some coralicious activities, including an organized frag swap raffle (details below) and a fragging demonstration on an LPS chalice coral and an SPS acropora coral. Attendees will learn some tricks and walk away with a free frag! To participate in the frag swap raffle, just bring a labeled frag or two. All frags will be separated into one of three tiers: beginner, mid level, or high end. This primarily relates to the value, so we can keep things fair. You'll be given a raffle ticket per frag, and when your number is called, it's your turn to choose from the level matching what you brought. Be generous with your cuts, do your best to keep from bringing pests with you, and enjoy trading for something new! If you have more than 2 frags or other livestock you'd like to trade, prearranged trading/selling is always encouraged. Appetizers and beverages will be provided by our host, with all attending welcome to bring something to add to the mix. We'll also be raffling off gift certificates to the best shops around, so don't miss your chance to win! Paid members of the club receive one free raffle ticket just for showing up, and all attendees will have the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets. See you there!
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    This frags marching to Florida Frag Swap this weekend. Enjoy, don't drool on your keyboard
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    Hi all! This is going to be a big meeting i can feel it! I want to say thank you to Premium Aquarium for helping pick out two pieces for the frag demonstration and for the club for purchasing them! I have a tabling acropora to frag and a nice chalice! I will try and make each frag about 1 x 1" so there is enough to go around for everyone. To speed things up ill have about 3/4 of the corals already cut up and ready to go. Then i will do frag demonstrations on what is left. Ill be providing pop, water, and a few appetizers, you all are more then welcome to bring what ever you like to eat.
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    Oh man... you are killing me here Rudy. You have the most amazing millepora. Love all the wonderful sunset hues.
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    Set up this new Red Sea Reefer 750XXL on Jan 1, 2018. My last tank sprung a leak[emoji15]. I LOVE this tank! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Coral Name: Green Convict Chalice Size: 0.75" X 0.75" Frag Plug End Time: Wednesday 9pm PST, last valid bid at 8:59pm PST Start Price: 25.00 Bid Increment: 2.00 minimum Rule: 1. Place bid as comment 2. I use forum time stamp to decide winner 3. Do not delete comment / bid, if you want to back out pm seller 4. Do not bid if don't intend to follow through with purchase. 5. Need paypal email to send invoice 6. Shipping within OR & WA is 25.00 for FedEx Priority Overnight
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    Well I must say, the January 2018 meeting went great! A meet and greet at the Premium Aquarium made a splendid beginning of the year event. Tons of beverages, pizza, and sweets were provided by the club and Garret so no one was left hungry during their socializing or shopping, I mean who wants to raffle on an empty stomach? As always the shops tanks were packed and looked great! So many fish and corals, so little time, and so little tank space at home. I mean take a look at these crisp and clear displays, very nice. Even the rock work was not only well planned, it is well executed, made with the forethought of corals growing in. You can''t help but stop and take an extended look, every time it gets me salivating...And envious! I saw Chef Dave working at getting the tanks looking their best when I arrived, a having a prime reef tank is an endless task. As far as frags and colonies go there was a very nice blend of SPS, LPS, and soft corals that were available, whats that? You like that chunky teal frag in the middle? well its in my tank now, along with a few others. Had to replace my red dragon and Chris hooked it up with some insane prices. Good man that Chris, good man. And I know I usually open up with people but I want to throw one more up here and then I will move on from the non human life for a minute or two. Although there were many amazing fish and inverts int the store, I had to throw this pic up of Garret's anemone tank. It is simply spectacular, so many nice anemones it is slightly sickening...And I don't even like anemones that much, but these I had to give props to. And believe it or not this picture does not hold a candle to the colors I saw in person. It was a vibrant mix of reds, oranges, greens, and purples...Some having splotches inside or almost that glittery appearance. A couple had the "sheen" to them that makes them glow. looking into this tank and the clam tank would make any one want a lagoon on the side of their tank. And speaking of colorful vibrant specimens... Here we have Albertareef left and Flashyfins right. As usual they are laughing or giggling about something that I am clueless about. Alberta, I glued down that frag and put it in a tank in my kitchen so that I can keep a close eye on it, I think I can keep this guy going but we will see. And Cherany, Thank You very much for your assistance running the raffles, you and Shaun make a great team. Much appreciated. I also realized going through these pics that y'all have such good fashion sense at these meets, where is I have none. Hey! Now who is this that walked in the door!? Our wonderful president Emerald and first lady Sirena! I didn't get the goombas names but they are little cuties aren't they. All ready to do some aquarium window shopping and get an ear full about marine biology. We love our geek outs don't we, it always makes me happy to see children enjoying aquarium life, little minds are at work for sure. And did somebody say Geek Out? No offense meant guys but this... This is a geek out right here that I wanted to be part of. Garret of TPA and Gumby to the right are ogling a sweet piece of montipora Jim brought in to share. Garett thinks it very well could be a rare undata. You know I had to snag me a tiny piece to see what it may do in my tank. Thank You, Jim, your corals and assistance is really something. And Thank you Garret, for opening up your store to us, getting all that food setup and taken down, and all the killer deals and information you give us. You are one of the good ones my friend. Now here we have the rare Stylaster under actinic lighting, I like to keep him under AISol lighting instead of the radions...To get the colors to really just pop! But really folks, Roy here is another of the good ones I was talking about. Informative, generous, and kind make this someone you should always give a shout out to when you see him. I didn't get much face time at this meet but I am looking forward to next months meeting in Washington at which point I will be able to just talk his ear off. I saw those treasures you picked up at TPA, and I saw that lowboy thread you started. You know I will be needing some of that reef candy. Youcallmenny and son here brought some candy themselves, I see that cooler in hand man. And wouldn't you know it, he has a beautiful blastomussa frag for me, Thank You guys. It is going next to my TECO blasto frag...YES! Hope the acro frags work for you and if you want a few more I will get some cut for you. I have a killer blue that is pretty nice. And here are some more of the PNWMAS crew. Emerald smiling on the left and Fishoutofwater on the right.I feel like I was supposed to bring you a frag man, but I just cannot remember what it is that I had that you were interested in. Refresh my memory sometime and I will get you squared away yeah. Whats up Man! Higherthinking here and Lauren, on the right obviously. Getting ready to pounce on some of those killer clams TPA had in stock. A maxima and a derasa later and I bet you are feeling much better, get that salt water fix. I hope to see you both soon yeah, see what you have done with your place, and that big reef tank. Have not been out since the calcium reactor talk/meet. Bicyclebill and Mark are in the House! glad you made it out to another meeting. Always happy to see either of these two faces. Bill, as usual, was being generous and handing out monti frags like it aint no thing. OG coral gansta style, Insert low bass hiphop beat for a few seconds for bill here...Yeah Yeah. These next too can have a little theme music too but something softer. Gill&Fin on the left and Lexinverts to the right. Both a couple of awesome people who I always enjoy talking with. Holly, I wouldn't mind seeing your setups again soon, or maybe you will be having a meeting in your area sometime this year perhaps?..And Andy, I will drop you a line in the next few days and see if I can't come by and be of some assistance. I know that slimer colony has grown out the water and need to go under the saw...Not sure if bone cutters will cut that massive stalk. If your lucky folks I will take pictures when I get to that particular event. Danlu of Reefi left and Optimus Prime right. I like both of these guys. Daniel has a pretty nice setup going on and I hear Optimus does too, maybe I can sneak a peek some time? I love seeing other peoples setups no matter the size of complexity. Let me know if that Shazam gives you trouble and I will see what I can do. I will be cutting the chongs bongs soon if you want a frag of those. That goes for both of you. I love trading zoas. Its Ron! Scoping out some fish and torches no doubt. This guy has a collection going on that he needs to share with us...Relax Ron, I am talking about pictures, I would never want to hurt those scrumptious Glabrecens. I didn't get a chance to speak with everyone and Brandon here on the left was one whom I missed, sorry man, be assured I will be at another meet though. On the right is Paratore of WCC. Cody my man, my son is going to school out at Western which means that maybe I can come by your place and snag something here soon. Maybe get a trade going on. I know your zoa game is strong. JFry, glad you could make it man. We gota meet up outside a meeting or working, get to catch up on the business and life. I like talking maintenance, so many experiences, so many right and wrong ways to do things, and along with the other random events thrown in it never gets boring. PDXMonkeyboy. Awesome work on that PAR meter man, I saw you test it side by side the Apogee and it was so close it was almost sickening.. Those meters are Sooo much Money. Good work man, and thanks for sharing it with everyone. Colby here of PIA, coming in and swooping up a TTON of clown pairs for his massive breeding project in his Tangent facility. I mean it man, I am going to cruise out your way this next week and see whats up. Those systems should be rocking and rollin by now yeah. I be you have some wild stuff in. A last couple relevant pictures with Sharklover taking home the MP10 Circ pump. Happy day!!! Just a terrible photo on my part, so sorry, lots of motion. Eccotechs are some super nice pumps. And here we have Reefermadness taking home the ATO. Very cool man, I swear we were talking about one last month, now you can implement it into the reef tank. And let me know when you want some easy going acros. I got you covered there man, I owe you. And I guess I will finish this off with some nice Anthias that were at The Premium Aquarium. And my usual Big THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU to all the Officers, Board Of Directors, Sponsors, The Premium Aquarium Crew, and club members who make all this possible. I know you are all tired of me saying this but... You All ROCK!!! REEF ON!!!
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    So, you buy yours already made from BRS, I see. Are there any differences in purchasing 'already made' as opposed to making your own? I, now agree, that stony corals are becoming more fun, especially when they are flourishing. Also, nice to hear that 2 part dosing is easy, as well. Thanks Sent from my man cave while drinking Coors light! [emoji481]
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    I picked up one of these the other day! Absolutely beautiful piece that has already opened up and gained color! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Hey everyone! Got some more corals to let go of! 1: green favia with pink mouths-$10 2: green speckled purple chalice-$15 3: red pavona-$10 4- Miyagi tort- sold. 5- mystery stag- sold.
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    Great job Cherany putting this together ! What an awesome meeting and a fun frag swap too!! Thanks Roy for hosting . He has one of the nicest tanks around with mature colonies and I got some really nice corals at a great price the last time out of his frag system !
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    I use thrive products alk and cal, and aquavitro mag with great results. Manually dose a few ml's of each every morning and every night to help minimize alk swings in particular. I do water changes whenever I feel like doing one😂
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    Florida already has all the good stuff. These frags need to stay in OR
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    Soda ash for alkalinity and calcium carbonate for calcium. Both of which I buy in bulk from BRS. Magnesium I test for once a month and adjust manually if needed, which it almost never is. I test for alkalinity 3-5 times a week when there has been any instability in my levels from whatever. Once my system is dialed in I test it once a week at it's most relaxed. No biggie, I love the red sea titration kits due to the speed and ease of use. Stony corals are super fun in my opinion and worth the trouble. As for why I use 2 part? It's easy and I don't really find it to be expensive at all while ordering in bulk.
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    Dam nice stuff! Looks back is that word ok to use?
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    Whats the 3rd one Rudy? Gb lipstick? It's amazing!
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    Keeping ALK stable is key. There is so much Mg and Ca compared to ALK that Mg/Ca drops a little while ALK takes a big hit. Good thing is ALK tests are quick and easy, probably take just 1-2min. I would recommend testing for ALK every 2 days till you get an idea how fast ALK is used up. I use baking soda to maintain my ALK and CaCl and MgCl for both Ca and Mg. So it's kinda like those DIY 2 part online. I also use kalkwasser in my ATO. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
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    Nooooo! Florida doesn't deserve that frag - it should stay in the PNW where it was raised
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    [language filter] Cherany, that is a spectacular picture you took! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Monday Smorgasbord: Coupons, Customer Favs, New Arrivals, & Top Sellers Here's what's new & what's happening @ MD!
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    That was a lot of fun! Can't believe Lauren hung out for three hours! She's a trooper. Yeah, I ended up with a blue, gold-rimmed Maxima and a gold, blue-rimmed deresa. Perfect combination! Also got a couple softies for my work tank. It was great chatting with everyone over there. And yes, Robert, you gotta get back up here! It's quite the journey, I know. Maybe it'll mean I gotta host another meeting to get you up here! After chatting with you I went ahead and tried that putty solution to arrest the little STN that began on my prized colony. Here it is when not on a chair getting putty all over it: Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Hey, don't talk about my friend Bert like that! Who remembers tie-dye badxgillen?