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    Watch for Petsmart salt sale in store and online. You can get 35.00 for 200gal box and about 40.00 for RC Order online and choose pick up at store for free shipping It will break your back but will not break your bank :-)
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    Well its been over two years since I've had a true display! I'm beyond excited to say the least [emoji4] I moved into a house with three of my closest friends and they wanted a fish tank. Being the stand up guy I am, how could I deny them!?! So I picked up a 75 gallon from Greg and thus the build was born. The plan is to create a beautiful mixed reef with minimal maintenance (everyone has this goal haha). My goal with this thread is to document the equipment used so others may steal my ideas, and to see how my tank progresses [emoji4] I have spent the last few weeks planning out equipment and livestock. As of now, I only have the tank and some 2x4s! But I just placed an order for a bunch of stuff today. Three boxes totaling 100lb will be here on Thursday! Still need to place at least one two more orders to get all my stuff. For this build, I want everything to work good and to have zero issues [emoji4] Also I never buy myself new equipment so I'm treating myself a little. Here is what I've got planned for this build. Equipment: Lighting: Going with a T5/LED Hybrid. Either the AquaticLife hybrid fixture with two AI HD Primes or something similar. BRS put a video out about this setup and it would meet my needs/desire for the tank. Flow: Two MP-10QD (already have, just need to order new drivers since mine aren't working properly) OR one Gyre 230 if the MP-10s don't give me enough flow Skimmer: Simplicity 240 DC Protein Skimmer Return Pump: Simplicity DC 1000 Pump Overflow: Synergy Reef Shadow Overflow Rock: 70lb Tonga Branch (going for the floating overhang) Filtration: Pond Matrix and MarinePure block ATO: I'm still deciding but I'm leaning toward the new Apex ATK ATO or Tunze Osmolator 3155 Sump: Trigger Emerald 34 Heater: 200w Eheim Jager Stand: Custom made by yours truly [emoji4] Livestock: Fish: (Going for the Skittles look with lots of movement) Clownfish pair Blue Spot Jawfish Orchid Dottyback McCoskeri Flasher Male Brunneus Fairy Wrasse Male Lineatus Wrasse Male Ornate Leopard Wrasse Female Very small Purple Tang Flameback angel Midas blenny This fish list isn't final, just my thoughts thus far. I'm definitely open to other fish and ideas [emoji4] Inverts: 2-4 Cleaner shrimp 2 Blood shrimp Starfish eventually Urchin? Corals: Lots of Zoas and LPS with a few SPS. I'll list them all out as I add them to the tank. Here is how the tank sits right now. Wait....that wall doesn’t have a power outlet..... Up next: fix the no power issue!
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    Oh no, thanks though. I just think it is really cool that you were offering it up on here.
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    Fri and Sat 10am - 1pm, when I am in town. Be sure to check before come in.
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    Thought I might throw in an updated stocking list since it's been a while... Marine beta (Alphie) Desjardins tang (Saily) Magnificent/metallic fox face (new addition) Pink margin fairy wrasse (Mr. Pink) Ruby-headed fairy wrasse (rescued from overflow twice now) Blue star leopard (Larry) Green Coris wrasse Melanarus wrasse "Peacock" flasher wrasse (undetermined species, another newbie) Red possum wrasse ("little swimmer") Fang blennie (thanks Cherany!) Pearlescent jawfish Diamond Goby (Neil) Starry blend (Stella) Assorted inverts including cleaner and peppermint shrimp, emerald and hermit crabs, conchs, sand-sifting star, sea cucumbers and snails. and yes... I like my wrasses!
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    you mean coral pro AND bust Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Very excited to see everyone and chat reef!
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    Glad to see you working on a DT Cody! You should certainly have lots of vibrant specimens to load in there when you are ready! Can't wait to see this come together.
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    Oh man Rudy... that is just cruel man. Sooo many awesome frags. Don't you ever get tired of bringing the heat?
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    Wow Rudy, always bringing the heat! I really need to come in there soon and lighten your load a little bit.
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    Very interesting! Are there any pump curve charts available for this pumps?
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    Looking forward to seeing a lot of you tomorrow and what kind of goodies Garret brought in to stock the store! Last time we were there I saw all kinds of things I wanted to bring home...
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    A few new arrivals mixed in here, one could have your name on it..
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    Is that a tiny elegance? Very nice Bret!
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    Lots of sweet pieces there Bret!
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    Yes please! Nice looking pieces!
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    Nope, not at all! It's all in the sourcing... (It's Jeff).
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    Just wanted to give Taylor a quick shout out here. I usually try and do my own work as much as I can but ran into an issue with several failed sensors and no garage or dry space to work in so decided to call in the cavalry. Taylor took care of everything I needed and was a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend checking him out if you run into an issue and can't afford to pay current PDX/Salem shop rates for repairs. Thanks Taylor!