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    Set up this new Red Sea Reefer 750XXL on Jan 1, 2018. My last tank sprung a leak[emoji15]. I LOVE this tank! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    We managed to keep them alive and growing. They lived in a torch for a while but now prefer the bubble coral. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    List updated! Priced to sell. I will do the Utter Chaos, Raptor Rainbows, 1 Polyp of Rainbow infusion, the Mohawks and the Grandis Paly all for 60 dollars! What a deal!
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    When my old tank cracked I threw what survived it in my sump. I then re-routed the water supply line that went to my tank to the 1st stage of my sump and it kept running. When I set up my new Red Sea tank I just routed the supply back to my new tank. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sorry late to announce ! @Rbusta you are the winner !!
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    Ocean revive is probably one of the best economy fixtures around. Next would be any of the AI fixtures then Ecotech.
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    Had a couple of wrinkles to work through. First, the skimmer was sitting in too deep water to keep from overflowing. No amount of adjustment could keep it from overflowing, so I actually removed the 1st baffle to drop the water level in the sump, as well as build up a small stand for it. The problem is really that one of the holes in the bottom of the tank is right above the skimmer. So I've got an elbow and true union ball valve in the way, preventing the simple approach of simply raising the skimmer. I do wish this stand was taller lol. The 2nd challenge was that the sump setup just didn't have the remaining volume to handle a power outage without overflowing. That is also part of the decision to remove the baffle and drop the overall level of the sump by 2". Next, I had to add a pair of check valves to the return lines. I will never fully trust a check valve, but properly maintained they will prevent a few gallons of water from hitting the floor. I may add them to the overflow lines as well, but that is such a small volume of water that can drop into the sump, that it doesn't make much difference. Other than that, got some chaeto growing in the sump, a couple corals in the tank, and all of the fish are getting fat and looking good with the exception of the small flame angel that vanished after the 2nd day. I suppose the clean up crew has taken care of business, as I can't find any sign of him. I've got a care package coming in next week from a friend in California, so the tank will be prettier then. I also did modify the rock work a tad bit, and got the CL returns hidden a bit better.
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    Wilapa now has the USB meter. Was checked for function and deposit collected. Can arrange to collect from him when done.
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    The count is now up to 4. I'm guessing the are more yet to be spotted. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk