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    I am only collecting sps with AEFW on them. In a pinch i'll accept acros with only eggs. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! I will spare you the song as it scares Kim
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    Anyone here running radions with the SPS AB+ programming? Ive been going two weeks now and have noticed a few new colors popping out on some sps. Anyone that is running it have you made any changes to what colors are ran and what intensity?
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    Thank you for good advise. I want to see his tank too.
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    Hey Jeff! Did you do drawing for raffles already? I know we didn’t have to stay in the store, so not sure if it already happened.
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    Wanted to join the fun in the club scene I'm new to this hobby and this is my first tank I'm late to the party I started about two years ago and am still struggling lol! I will upload more pics and specs tomorrow
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    Happy Birthday again! I'm your biggest fan!
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    I don’t think scared is the right word for that....
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    Have you tried an aqualifter for your ATO?
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    Are the yellow rics for sale? I will take those? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I am trying to be more active in the reefing club so I decided to make a build thread for the tank I'm setting up. I set this tank up to prepare for college next year. I currently have a 60g reef that I'm begging to sell off and am hoping to stock this tank soon. Equipment -Aquamaxx 22g long -Oceanbox AIO conversion -Tunze 6040 powerhead -Santimonica filtration up flow drop 1.4 -Innovative marine ato system -Colbalt neotherm - 3 marine pure blocks from my other tank buried in the sand (that's why it looks so deep) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I told you that clarity would knock out almost any water born particle. Other products do not work on bacteria but Seachems does. I use it when doing tank transfers for some of my accounts. Generally it does the trick overnight and all you have to do is change the sock or filters. I imagine you have not gotten your other wave of diatoms yet? As Roy mentioned, when you got it all squared away give me a shout out and I will throw you some frags yeah. All that porous rock will be perfect to slide in some nice corals. Digging everything I am seeing so far man, keep the build thread coming, it's lookin good.
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    UPDATE- To deal with the bloom I added a little Seachem Clarity along with the Purigen and man I’m impressed with it. Water isn’t sparkling yet but looking reall good. Skimmate is dark and the socks are the socks needed changed daily with that stuff in the system. I upgraded a couple of my pumps too. I got a IceCap Gyre 3k! Silent and pushes some serious water. I Haven’t even played with all the modes but this thing is sweet. I love the motion that it creates within the tank. I have it sitting horizontally in the middle back of the tank. May add one on the right side vertically. But this one is doing the job for now. Also upgraded my “not so silent” Sicce Syncra 4.0 to a Jebao 6500 DCP Sine Wave pump. I know it’s a Jebao but this is the newest version and it is dead silent. I have it about 50% for now. I have to touch it to make sure it’s running. Hopefully it holds up overtime with regular cleanings. I have also decided I’m going to probably go with a 6 to 8 bulb T5 set up. I threw my four footer on today just to see and I just love the colors you get out of T5‘s. I possibly will accent it with one or two ReefBrite LED strips. also take a pic of my elephant ear green mushroom I got and trade recently. Lights just turned on so it’s a little shriveled up but it’s a sweet piece. I had it in a high flow area and I don’t think it liked that too much. Are we going to move it and In a lighter flow area.
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    Yep. They jump. Lost my Biota after a couple months of healthy growth. Made me so sad. Built a custom cover for my IM Dropoff tank then got another Biota because they are the best addition to my nano.
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    Found the little mandarin on the floor this morning. [language filter].. I didn't even know they jumped!