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    Recently lost my favorite and most prized fish. A goby of all things. Jumped out of tank and right into freshwater topoff bucket. I'm getting some plexiglass and making a lid that goes all the way around the edge but only goes over the water an inch or couple. That way no jumpers and still allows all the light through. If anyone is interested in the project I can send pics as I go and if all goes well I'd be willing to make one for anyone.
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    He's getting ditched as soon as I can catch him. Doesn't eat the [language filter] algae I hoped he would eat. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    I got this before I took my bigger tank apart and never use it anymore. If anyone wants it, let me know. I'm in Vancouver, and I'm not going to make the meeting.
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    @CuttleFishandCoral Thanks Jeff! Got a screaming good deal and always happy to spend money at a great store. The picture shows where the tank is going to go. The desks will be pushed several feet further apart. It's all carpeted and the plan is to rip that out down the the wood and tile it with 12x12. Any suggestions for another kind of floor that isn't linoleum? Any suggestions specifically for tiling a floor that's going to hold a large aquarium? At the old place I tiled both bathrooms and the kitchen so I have a little bit of experience doing it and most importantly a decent wet-wheel tile cutter. I've not done tile to carpet transitions though. Should I use hardy board under and is there a specific transition strip for this? This is on the second floor (technically the main floor) over the garage. Am I insane for putting this large (~170g total volume) of a tank upstairs? There is definitely a floor joist directly center between those two windows, centered right where the tank is going. Is that enough? I'm doing a happy dance; internally. (Ignore the cables, still setting up and haven't gotten to the wife's desk yet.
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    I’m sure you could actually plug in an automatic feeder that portioned out food and snacks. I saw some sort of pet video camera that did something like that.😀
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    Very cool! Another “must have” raffle item to add to my list. BTW - Kim, you forgot to mention whether or not it will feed our cats... that is a big selling point in our household 😄
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    Meeting is tomorrow !! It is time to announce the grand prize !!! I am excited to announce we are raffling off the one the only Apex Gold!! These retail for 800 dollars!! You have already read some recent disasters prevented because their Apex alarm went off! I personally avoided a major flood and tank crash years ago because my controller alarmed me on vacation ! They are worth their weight in yeah I said it Gold!! The Apex Gold is a major upgrade ! This is the controller for you if you are not an IT expert!! Guess what it’s the controller for you if you ARE because it has upgraded capabilities!! It’s like trading in your Xbox for the Xbox one! What I love about it is firmware updates are all now through the WiFi!! If you have the classic Apex you can still use all your accessories including older energy bars!! I think it will also walk your dog , clean your house and compliment you every day on your good looks and charm. !! (Disclaimer it will NOT do that...) Shout out again to MrBret for getting us a good deal and for the officers and bod for splurging so you all have a chance at a really nice luxury item that also could end up saving you thousands of dollars on a prevented tank crash !!! Here’s some of the reviews!! Neptune has put together a package that included the salinity, temp, pH and ORP probes, along with WiFi connectivity all in a single package The Apex Controller has two different methods of control, through Fusion, the cloud based software, and through the dashboard. The dashboard lets you always have access to your Apex in any type of event, power outage, or if the internet is down though a local area network (LAN) unlike many other cloud based controllers. Built in reliable WiFi Now with built in WiFi, connecting your Apex system has never been easier. With the totally free Fusion cloud based software, getting connected, and controlling can be done within minutes. You can now do firmware updates through WiFi on your local network
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    That would be me at a job interview...Tank top, tie, khakis, and army boots.
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    @badxgillen I read that too fast and thought you said tie and tank top. Quite the mental picture!
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    well heading to the meeting hopefully........................fingers crossed...................well I have a few things I can either frag or just pull out of the tank. Branching GSP................ Forest Fire Digi.............. Random Zoas.............. A cap that I got from Reefnjunkie or how ever its said Lets just call him Brad................ Post up and if I show I will bring a piece or maybe even more.........
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    Yes, there is a guy up here with a Cnc and great 3d design skills. He built me a nice custom lid. I can get you his info @Snappy just shoot me a PM
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    [emoji848][emoji848][emoji848][emoji848][emoji848] Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    off-opic of post but nice to see another st. Helens reefer in here I think that makes 4 of us!
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    Tang police may be knocking Looks good so far though!
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    Yes, these are some good highlights here Albertareef...And no I don't mean the Bieber! I think some people will want to take a second glance at how much will be going on this Saturday so they can get their priorities straight and make sure they are at this meeting. And FlashyFins, you are always Festive! I might be just enough to wear a tie dye tank top but thats about it, no sweaters or Santa hats for me.
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    I usually use tupperware but this would let me do up to 14 frags at the same time! I am going to use this for my next shroom cutting and just go straight pizza pie on the little guy. Tanks for the share.
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    Things are looking real good Randall. Glad you got that rainbow monti from Kim... nice piece!
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    These shrooms are awesome! Tank is looking great!
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    You're very welcome that rainbow monti looks really good! I'm glad it went to a good home!
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    If your coming to the meeting I can trade you for that bad boy, if you know what your gettiing into I can get you plenty of xenia, along with some sort of favia frag perhaps.
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    Got my sequin sweater washed and ready! Shopping for white elephant gift tonight. READY TO PARTY!
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    Just giving this a pre-meeting bump and added info on raffle ticket prices. The date is fast approaching (this Saturday!) so hopefully you all have been able to clear your calendars for this event. Should be fun!