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    I'll play Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
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    Let's see a single, full tank shot. Here's mine: Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Still recovering from the move. Doing really well though!
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    I’ll Join the FTS club... In the Middle of some maintenance on both tanks...and pics not the best. But heres ours....
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    a little late to the game... but here you go!
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    Lights are off, so here are a couple from last month featuring the rare and uncollectible yellow tang!
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    Sorry to hear that one Holly that was a sweet nem! Lights are off a pic of mine tomorrow if I remember............... But here is my little IM14 peninsula
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    not much going on here other than some fish. got an algae scrubber and denitrator working and the nitrates are coming down so i hope to have corals again one day.
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    Green mushroom Ricordia purple pink and orange leather frags in Salem
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    Difficult to say to be honest, They range from a Light Pink on the Front to a Dark Purple and Yellow to White on the Back, though the Black Stripe Down the Middle will be there. It makes me wonder if these color ranges should be considered different genesis's, but apart from slight color variation they all look the same.
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    Fish nerd bells are ringing! @Exodus is correct, split-level hogfish (or Eclipse hogfish, as I know it; same creature). They’re not blue, as the lighting suggests, but burgundy and yellow. Gets huge and will eat your inverts, as well as smaller fish once it’s large enough, although the pointy little face of a juvie is hard to resist! Cuban hogfish is my fave, but the Eclipse is a good hog, too.
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    I am sorry to say that after having the privilege of displaying that anemone for more than 3 years, it has crossed the rainbow bridge. One of the heartbreaks at this hobby is losing animals without a discernible reason. My clownfish and anemone crab have now found a new home with this beautiful yellow anemone from Cuttle Fish. I reworked the aquascaping in the area and made an SPS garden--right next to the anemone. I like to live dangerously. RIP Big Blue Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
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    Split-level, Eclipse, and Coral hogfish are all the same fish. No end to common names, but I’ll take that over learning Latin. I can see how reef lighting would make the deep color look purple or blue, but it will change as it gets older, like Exodus showed. Liveaquaria also has a nice picture showing juvie and adult color forms.
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    It's a hog fish and he is now in my tank !!!
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    Major stalker, all the other fish go about their business. The Naso locks eyes with me any time I look over there. Truly a notch up on the IQ scale from the other fishes at least when it comes to food. Makes getting pics very tough!
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    You rock Kim! Thanks for your hard work.
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    Awwww, I'm sorry to hear that. You're right that life in the reef is fleeting. It's still a huge bummer when a cherished piece goes suddenly. I just lost my green and orange scoly I've had for several years. As I tell outsiders when talking about reefing, it's a grim hobby.
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    Clearing out some stuff! First up is the Revogi smart power strip. This is great for being able to turn off remotely. Price 30 dollars. Pending to R-3 This was 80 dollars new. I only used this about 2 months and still have the box and instructions. IM Desktop reactor these work well and fit in the back chamber of the Nuvos. I used a mixture of GFO and carbon. Price 50 dollars pending Also have BRS dosing pumps. One is brand new never used! These are reliable and work great for 2 part dosing. I will even include the 2 jugs for free which are 4 liters. Price 75 dollars for the pair!! Sold!!! I also have this Skimmer that came with my frag tank but I’m using the skimmer from my 60 gallon that I took down. It works! Price Free!!!
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    I think I might be more in love with some of these fish than my seahorses right now and that's saying a lot from me! Looooove these guys! There's some other awesome ones here too that I'm waiting for lights to come on to take pics of. Stop by and check them out. <3
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    Apparently, also known as Mesothorax hogfish. That sounds like a disease you’d hear late-night commercials about, telling you to call a lawyer now!
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    [language filter], how many names has this fish been given? Its in its juvenile stage as of now, when it grows and changes you will see why they call it a SplitLevel, but Coral Hogfish is also a name used for it too.
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    I have never seen one that color very cool!
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    Algae patch on the glass That is the giant Cnc Naso yes! He is quite the character!
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    SO now I have 3 which is cool but sure hope it doesn't do it again. Possibly it was a stress reaction because my Anenome Crab suddenly decided one day to ditch his BTA and crowd into the larger one with the clownfish. The other ibteresting thing is that i had flipped a rock around this morning and there are two large round ball looking egg sack things on it. No idea what they are but this morning there was a little tiny antenna sticking out of one! Any ideas? They are shown second photo. Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
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    I like the tang sneaking into that last one to eyeball you!
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    The prizes keep coming! We have 2 gift certificates to Upscales worth 100 dollars!! Upscales is one of the originals and has been around for a long time! Travis has an eye for sps! However there are also great deals to be had on zoas and mushrooms and he has a the biggest area I have seen for dry goods and tanks and equipment. There is a large reptile section! If you haven’t been there, definitely worth the trip!
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    Thanks Greg! I can’t take all of the credit! We have a good team of officers and board members!
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    Snagged one of these bad boys today! Already upgrading VERTEX OMEGA 180i
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    No problem Scott! Was pretty excited to see Jordan post too
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    Sorry to hear about the nem Holly @Gil&Fin that is very sad. I l knew he wasn’t doing great last time I was out there but was hoping he would bounce back. RIP big blue indeed. He was awesome.
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    I had to go look that up, that's my first time even hearing the name. Thanks for the info. GLWS!
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    I finally figured out how to post a picture just not a comment. lol
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    I will try. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    I agree where’s it at? Your tank looks naked!
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    I’ll message you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Was going to ask the same thing.
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    Vertex Omega skimmers are on sale at Premium Aquatics! Great deal on the 180i for $265! The others are on sale too https://premiumaquatics.com/products/vertex-omega-180-protein-skimmer.html
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    Thanks Ryan and this is ONLY the beginning. We have some high dollar items up for grabs and one of the best grand prizes I have seen!
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    Tank is all cleared up now. Was messing around before before and got a side view night shot
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    The new system I got that Scott build is a Herbie, give me a call & I'll explain it to you, otherwise we were supposed to get together this month sometimes, I'll bring the beer and chips this time
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    ryan, i strongly recommend you make your aquarium as simple as possible. if you dont mind me asking, why did you choose two filter socks? long term, do you really want to wash and replace two filter socks constantly? forgive me if you already know what a herbie style overflow is, but ill explain mine here: in the overflow for this aquarium, you have two holes. one hole will be your full drain, this pipe comes up just about 3/4 of the way of your overflow. put a cover of some sort over this, so that you dont impede waterflow, but prevent unwanted objects from being pulled down. the other hole will be your emergency drain. this extends barely above the water line of your overflow and below rim of your aquarium. cover this too! below the full drain, you have a gate valve, it has to be a gate valve. this goes into my (only) filter sock just below the water line of my sump. the emergency drain also connects to a pipe below the water line of my sump. it takes a bit to finesse the system, but once you dial it in, you get every gallon per hour of your return pump going down your full drain pipe. you want just a little trickle going down the emergency drain, as much as you can tolerate. this set up is SILENT in comparison to your durso. for me the hum of the sicce return was too much. no amount of rubber feet or suction cups could stop the resonation. the switch to a simplicity DC pump was amazing. i think i use a shark magnet, i had it laying around from the old days. scary powerful. i use that for as long as i can before i need to bust out my kent scraper for the coralline. hope this helps!
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    Jordan! How the heck are you doing? Are you back? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    hi ryan! i also have the marineland 150DD and i absolutely love it. although, now i secretly wish i would have gone with the 300DD! I like your open rockwork too. like you, im a fan of a few big rocks to set up the structure, and leave lots of empty space. here is my tank when i set it up last year (using rocks i bought at waves back in like...2007!) and here it is this year....way too filled with SPS